Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon's Great Escape


As Gordon's trip in Malaysia comes towards an end, he enters a cooking competition to showcase whats he's learned.
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  • Rokhsona Nassiri

    Rokhsona Nassiri

    2 hours ago

    Gordon threatening to hang the waiter 😂

  • S S

    S S

    3 hours ago

    4:43 "lol what a loser"

  • yer mom

    yer mom

    4 hours ago

    You see those Indians and you see the white man

  • TheBrabon1


    11 hours ago

    he never used a rice cooker?

  • Jesse Trey

    Jesse Trey

    14 hours ago

    1:43 x,D dude the seeerious eye roll from the chef in the blue shirt. Hilarious

  • Dusty Barton

    Dusty Barton

    Day ago

    If you drop this plate I'll hang you upside down Damn Gordon 😂😂

  • edamame


    Day ago

    gordon first time using rice cooker 😂😂 i guess im more experienced than him using rice cooker

  • Blitz Gaming

    Blitz Gaming

    Day ago

    2:08 Gordon's face is like: Fuck I'm screwed.

  • Jay Emmanuel javier agcaoili

    Jay Emmanuel javier agcaoili

    Day ago

    Mothers knows best.... still good job gordon 👍

  • Bil Sky

    Bil Sky

    Day ago

    Come to Indonesia please :)

  • Rohidul Islam Maruf

    Rohidul Islam Maruf

    2 days ago


  • nash7448


    3 days ago

    Blame on rice steamer,... lol,... get porsche one much better then ferrari

  • Charlene Melendez

    Charlene Melendez

    3 days ago

    Where can I find the video where it shows a baby pig inside it's mother ?

  • NotBizzy


    3 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen Gordon nervous to cook.

  • Adam Kee

    Adam Kee

    3 days ago

    You're the greatest chef of this century. You can understand new things about food from other regions that you weren't familiar with very, very quickly. Hope you had an enjoyable experience in Malaysia.

  • Adam Kee

    Adam Kee

    3 days ago

    OMG! That's my home country! Welcome Chef Ramsay!

  • shieroc


    3 days ago

    Great episode.

  • Betsy Lopez

    Betsy Lopez

    4 days ago


  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    Guru Sandirasegaram

    4 days ago

    Malaysia strong Indian Tamils influence. I have visited Malaysia. Coconut rice not the best Rice cooker you can see the rice soggy I don’t blame Gordon

  • Ally cat

    Ally cat

    4 days ago

    I honestly want to try Gordon Ramsay's cooking of the ayam rendang

  • Asma Haque

    Asma Haque

    4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey: second? That's amazing! *Internally* wait till you come to my restaurant and call my dish second YOU FUCKING DONKEY! OFF YA GO FUCK YA

  • Asma Haque

    Asma Haque

    4 days ago

    That auntie laughing at Gordon's overcooked rice is mood

  • Exolette


    4 days ago

    I'm so confused rn... what is happening.

  • Jelshen F.V

    Jelshen F.V

    4 days ago


  • Mnoppee e

    Mnoppee e

    4 days ago

    nobody: gordon: 2:02

  • cy bay

    cy bay

    5 days ago

    I just realized that jake Paul is just trying to copy Gordon’s look

  • ShotTheShot


    5 days ago

    He's more like the 2nd best chef in the world

  • Laberne Carmona

    Laberne Carmona

    5 days ago

    damn shit chef judges, hahaha

  • Icecream_ Gaming

    Icecream_ Gaming

    7 days ago

    6:17 *Best part*

  • Deyes Dbones

    Deyes Dbones

    7 days ago

    Why should I hire u? Aunty : I won Gordon ramsey in a cooking contest.

  • knuckle brawler

    knuckle brawler

    7 days ago

    2nd placing to me is, 1st one to lose. Gordon still number 1 lol.

  • Kris Frederick

    Kris Frederick

    8 days ago

    If this man ever dies I will cry. Endlessly entertaining.

  • Demonic Darkness

    Demonic Darkness

    8 days ago

    A shokugeki?

  • Love Taehh

    Love Taehh

    8 days ago

    I have the same rice cooker as them

  • NaysM


    9 days ago

    Gordon: **enters cooking challenge** Other contestants: *guess I'll die*

  • adyy j

    adyy j

    7 days ago

    nah.. malaysian aunty aint afraid of gordon 😂

  • Ruth Crichton

    Ruth Crichton

    9 days ago

    Rice is on and I hope for the fucking best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Claire MY Lee

    Claire MY Lee

    9 days ago

    He should let the rice sit for awhile after it cooks.

  • Kvamus


    9 days ago

    I didn't realize Malaysian's thought anything could be too spicy. Years ago I went to a Malaysian restaurant with an Indian friend who loved spicy foods (the hotter the better). We ordered a soup and it was accompanied by a very small bowl with a mystery liquid in it. Not knowing what it was for we observed the Malaysians around us eating and we noticed they were drinking it like a tequila shot. So my friend dipped her finger in it and tasted it. I found out in that moment that even really dark skinned Indians can turn red in the face; she found out that she's not the queen of spicy like she thought. If she were a cartoon, she'd have steam whistling out of her ears.

  • unclewilliamderek


    9 days ago

    why is gordon nervous when he can just shit on them all at cooking?

  • unclewilliamderek


    9 days ago

    the La Ferrari of rice cookers lul

  • ltrey33


    9 days ago

    Judges: 2nd place. Gordon: I’m about to ruin this woman’s whole career.

  • Erik Kantor

    Erik Kantor

    9 days ago

    Rules for rice cooker: 1. Wash the rice. 2. No more liquid than a fingernail. =. Perfect rice every time.

  • Woah Its Shock

    Woah Its Shock

    9 days ago

    *imagine destroying feminism*

  • Hello Kittay Bites

    Hello Kittay Bites

    10 days ago

    Never open rice cooker until time up lol

  • Meira Glacé

    Meira Glacé

    10 days ago

    It annoys me how Gordon pronounces rendang(ren-da-ng) as rendang (ren-dAAng)

  • Without being Mean

    Without being Mean

    11 days ago

    You know your an awesome chef when you go to another country and compete with their dishes, aunties and grandmas, and get second place.

  • Without being Mean

    Without being Mean

    Day ago

    @ShadowBandit39 Very true but being the foreigner does put you at a disadvantage for a culture made dish, and this man still comes in the top 3. That's what I think makes him awesome.

  • ShadowBandit39


    2 days ago

    there also racism factor in there probably. Let the foreigner get up high but never let him win. Being Filipino, I can sense that from my mother's ancestor land.

  • Rip Me

    Rip Me

    11 days ago

    If you drop this tray ill hang you upside down by your balls from the petronas towers lmao

  • apfel


    12 days ago

    They prb liked gordons more but they cant give a foreigner first 1 place

  • along campak

    along campak

    12 days ago

    If you live in malaysian , you will be fat so fast in just 2 month



    13 days ago

    "Second? ..." Thought bubble: "I wanna kill everybody and make them eat their own deep fried legs." "That's amazing!"

  • Serba Bisa

    Serba Bisa

    14 days ago

    Gordon : cook malaysian dishes Chef wan : hold my rendang

  • NL3044


    14 days ago

    Does he realise you're not suppose to open the rice cooker and stir the rice lol, it cooks itself and you need to keep the steam inside otherwise you lose all the temperature and you have partially cooked rice.......

  • Jeremy Mechen

    Jeremy Mechen

    14 days ago

    so wholesome

  • Drekex


    15 days ago

    Gordon: THE RICE IS RAW ! Rice cooker: no u

  • Mark Pereira

    Mark Pereira

    16 days ago

    "Second? That's Amazing" *I could smell his disappointment*

  • biscuit


    16 days ago

    It's funny because if someone tried to blame the rice cooker on hell's kitchen he'd lose his shit

  • Trish


    16 days ago

    You drop this tray I'll hang you By your balls upside down from the Petronas Towers 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Trish


    16 days ago

    May the best AUNTY win😂❤

  • Trish


    16 days ago

    1:40 That ladies face tho😂😂😂

  • SouJo Kensai

    SouJo Kensai

    16 days ago

    Ему нужно челендж давыдыча выполнить

  • Rounak Singh

    Rounak Singh

    17 days ago

    6:43 When you realize Gordon can cook better Malaysian food than experienced Malaysian chefs....

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    16 days ago

    Except for one

  • deny r

    deny r

    17 days ago

    *Rendang is Indonesian

  • combatgreensoup 123

    combatgreensoup 123

    17 days ago

    Its funny how gordon is new to rice cookers and we asians always use rice cookers and do all the riçe work

  • Twilight


    17 days ago

    7:58 Gordon's mind: bullshite

  • TheCoolProfessor


    17 days ago

    1:41 "Fucking weirdo get away from me!" 2:48 "Fuck you." 4:41 "Stupid westerner!" 6:20 "White prick." 7:54 "Beat you asshole!" 8:14 "I'll shove my crown up your ass!"

  • Theodore Tessensohn

    Theodore Tessensohn

    19 days ago

    Gordon should have met Chef Wan hahaha

  • Lightening Thunder

    Lightening Thunder

    20 days ago

    It's over cooked because you poured excess water idiot Ramsey.......u expect every one is fool......double idiot

  • Saso Asna

    Saso Asna

    20 days ago

    Rendang is from Indonesia

  • ozeir suhaimi

    ozeir suhaimi

    22 days ago

    Malaysian style of food is very different to western style and it's hard to please Malaysian taste

  • Craigslist Reply

    Craigslist Reply

    23 days ago

    Gordon lowkey hurt he didnt get first but love how humble he is

  • keffasteffa


    23 days ago

    Just beautiful. Why can't more people be at this stage of conscience.

  • hi there

    hi there

    24 days ago

    Nobody: : 6:15

  • Ignatius Agape

    Ignatius Agape

    24 days ago

    Rendang is traditional food of Indonesia, not Malaysia

  • Chino Rojas

    Chino Rojas

    24 days ago

    I think that was a lot of sysos

  • Dj Thakral

    Dj Thakral

    24 days ago

    The judges don't know shit we all know gordon should have won 1st lmao

  • Parhelion


    25 days ago

    5 cooks specializing in different things. Its like shokugeki no soma :DD

  • Deidara Senpai

    Deidara Senpai

    25 days ago

    And we knows that gordon ramsay dunno how to use rice cooker 😊

  • Bintang Diqie

    Bintang Diqie

    25 days ago

    Rendang is fuckin malaysian????

  • Bernard Wong

    Bernard Wong

    26 days ago

    Gordon I am Malaysian the Malay people don’t usually use English when communicate with other people

  • Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    26 days ago

    Damn yo he scared the shit outta the kid lmao

  • Steve Kitner

    Steve Kitner

    26 days ago

    I wish I could smell that kitchen....must be awesome with all those dishes.

  • Leena Loshini

    Leena Loshini

    26 days ago

    that short haired woman known as Ibu at sheraton kl.. yucks I ate her food at the cafe and I knew why she lost..

  • jak2016


    26 days ago


  • Gurinder pal singh

    Gurinder pal singh

    26 days ago

    Ramsey was like '' wow 2nd wow amazing'' but inside he was fuck you

  • khazler The great

    khazler The great

    26 days ago

    Rice is probably one of the easiest food to cook.

  • Theron Green

    Theron Green

    26 days ago

    It’s crazy how they’re so opposed to anything that’s not exactly like what they’ve been eating their whole life. But he’s more than willing to try new things, and new flavors, with no judgement. The same thing happened when he cooked for the Vietnamese. The only thing they were concerned with is’ “why is this not like everything else I’ve ever tasted”?!?.

  • Muhammad Novriansyah

    Muhammad Novriansyah

    26 days ago

    On traditional Malaysian slow cooked beef rendang ? Come on it’s from my country Indonesia :(



    26 days ago

    I've never seen Ramsay on edge while cooking like this before. He's the under dog this time and he knew it. Love how he doesn't underestimate anyone. We all know he can cook but the coolest thing about this guy is his character. He's so kind and geuine yet one of the most stern and tough person out there in the food industry.

  • D- ChAmPeNE

    D- ChAmPeNE

    26 days ago

    Malaysia is not a country....swarming with indians and chinese...i dont see any malaysian their?

  • sick girl

    sick girl

    26 days ago

    She had an instant ingredient from market lolol

  • WoTheGreat


    27 days ago

    I love Ms Lin

  • Andrew Cornier

    Andrew Cornier

    27 days ago

    Gordon: I’ll be watching you very closely. Woman @ 1:41 : oh yes. 😳

  • Tom Ritucci

    Tom Ritucci

    27 days ago

    6:13 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nicholas Lim

    Nicholas Lim

    27 days ago

    many will disagree that Singaporean food is better.

  • korre83


    27 days ago

    1:25 "head to head against 5 of the countries best female cooks", 7:58, "I'm a housewife, I always cook for my family" hahaha Gordon lost against a homecook but made it sound like he was up against some of the countries best cooks :DDD

  • Izzuddin Baihaqi

    Izzuddin Baihaqi

    28 days ago

    No gordon, you will never the aunties

  • Sup Dawgy

    Sup Dawgy

    28 days ago

    The #1 ingredient in all cooking is love

  • Jeff


    28 days ago

    He's never used a rice cooker before? LOL. Bullshit.

  • Luwangamba Thounaojam

    Luwangamba Thounaojam

    28 days ago

    Too much water..for the ricr

  • Game Freak

    Game Freak

    28 days ago

    It's a SHOKUGEKI

  • Josh Patterson

    Josh Patterson

    28 days ago

    4:50 health code violation?

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