Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares


"Tastes like a wet diaper"
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  • xLucidGaming


    2 minutes ago

    As a Mainer I don’t condemn the Maine lobster roll in this video.

  • crazy4cake1114


    12 minutes ago

    “It’s chewy and rich” yep that’s Mac n cheese dunno what u were expecting but that defines it to me

  • MyGuyKawhi6


    28 minutes ago

    Even just by reading the title of the video I knew Ramsay wouldn't be very happy with this LMAO

  • Lucia Quigley

    Lucia Quigley

    53 minutes ago

    *whAT A ShaME*

  • Official Thug Life

    Official Thug Life

    Hour ago


  • mia silvas

    mia silvas

    Hour ago

    Use me as your Steven like button

  • Elliot Urface

    Elliot Urface

    2 hours ago

    My name is Steven I can help you with anything😏😉

  • Landon


    2 hours ago

    Steven is so adorable and entertaining 😆🥰

  • Bao Liem

    Bao Liem

    2 hours ago

    {)_(} Bunny (0-0)

  • terrell t

    terrell t

    2 hours ago

    is he paying for it shidd gordon came to help yall yall need hip so why let that come out your mouth

  • Wild Borego

    Wild Borego

    3 hours ago

    David is a Huge Douche



    3 hours ago

    can gordon judge my school lunch

  • Mulltrain


    4 hours ago

    “It’s like eating a fucking wet diaper” 😂😭

  • Joshua Bjerksett

    Joshua Bjerksett

    4 hours ago

    Some people were born to fail in life

  • Subsequenc3


    4 hours ago

    Why isnt anyone talking about how cute steven is

  • Suro Gaming

    Suro Gaming

    4 hours ago

    Camera man is the best

  • Jackalofdeath


    4 hours ago

    passive aggressive gay guys, havent seen that before, oh wait, thats all of them, and a subservient position so all thjey can do is complain.

  • the doctor

    the doctor

    4 hours ago

    That waiter is ridiculously gay

  • ayy lmao

    ayy lmao

    5 hours ago


  • Tom O Mahony

    Tom O Mahony

    5 hours ago

    His name is Steven by the way

  • homestyle mike

    homestyle mike

    5 hours ago

    >Seemed a bit confrontational >Almost breaks his arm ripping his sunglasses off

  • Max Army

    Max Army

    5 hours ago

    It’s too spicy

  • Lite led

    Lite led

    5 hours ago

    0:21 *DO I HEAR BOSS MUSIC??*

  • Meon Krishnanan

    Meon Krishnanan

    6 hours ago

    One of the reasons I like Gordon Ramsey and can tell he's not a shithead is because he treats serving staff like humans with jobs. Not automatons. Many people are friggin sociopaths who are able to divorce serving staff from the fact that they're people.

  • Christian Ramirez

    Christian Ramirez

    6 hours ago

    Honestly I like how the owners didn’t start yelling

  • Harry Blum

    Harry Blum

    6 hours ago

    that david guy is a piece of shit

  • Crip


    7 hours ago

    Confrontational? Okay Mr Narcissistic, you’ve fooled us all! 😂😭

  • Briana Schmidt

    Briana Schmidt

    7 hours ago

    OMG Kitchen Nightmares runs into the Mob!

  • Caleb Morris

    Caleb Morris

    7 hours ago

    If I was served that food I would literally grab the dish and throw at the window and leave

  • Dexter Bunny

    Dexter Bunny

    7 hours ago

    every restaurant needs a Steven

  • wdym hoe

    wdym hoe

    7 hours ago

    The food looks amazing if I’m being honest

  • Alex Clark

    Alex Clark

    9 hours ago

    Wtf are these owners talking about, I have lived in Maine my whole life and EVERYBODY seasons there chowders and lobster rolls

  • DSRReacts


    9 hours ago

    i really like steven i aint homo though

  • Decius


    9 hours ago

    *Gordon Ramsay walks in* Restaurant owner: Why do I hear boss music?

  • Glitter


    10 hours ago

    Is this staged contrived show still on?

  • RobTheMusician1


    10 hours ago

    Which episode is this from. I really want to watch the entire thing.

  • tommyloika


    10 hours ago

    I’m never eating in a restaurant again

  • Elijah Lomotos

    Elijah Lomotos

    10 hours ago

    "You're a kidder"

  • GiggleBeard


    11 hours ago

    Steven wants Gordons dick.

  • Jims


    11 hours ago

    I think that waiter wanted Gordon's ram-seed, if you know what I mean...

  • Meme Man

    Meme Man

    11 hours ago

    I’ve watched so many episode and 11/12 of the time the food sucks!

  • Meme Man

    Meme Man

    11 hours ago

    Gordon is served water. Gordon: it’s wet, that’s disgusting🤮

  • Zyan Mulla

    Zyan Mulla

    12 hours ago

    I love steven

  • Hello World

    Hello World

    12 hours ago

    Steven is gay

  • Anym


    12 hours ago

    I love Steven

  • XxZombie GamersxX

    XxZombie GamersxX

    14 hours ago

    “My names Steven so if you need anything just let me know “ alright mate don’t lick his arse too much fuck me

  • thenerdnetwork


    14 hours ago

    All of these kids in the comment section are triggering me WhEn ThEy TaLk LiKe ThIs, WhY dO YoU tAlK lIkE tHis?

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez

    15 hours ago

    🤔 remember that owner that don't tip servers and don't let them use machine to put in order

  • Julie Trancy

    Julie Trancy

    15 hours ago

    steven should get promoted

  • CyanCyborg


    15 hours ago

    Steven's gay for Gordon.

  • TN Korn

    TN Korn

    15 hours ago

    I'm Thai and Bangkok curry probably not gonna be good with muscles or seafood except Tom yum or some other



    15 hours ago

    Hi my names Steven Gordon: sorry what was your name micheal

  • Knowone.


    16 hours ago

    You'd think, that after a couple seasonal shows and self made restaurants, people would have heard about Gordon Ramsay, but nah, these mf's think he's some British Wanker🤣 PSYCHE!!🔥🔥

  • Knowone.


    16 hours ago

    Lmao not even a week and almost 3 million views. Everyone knows this show is a straight up roast session.🙏🏾🔥

  • Mordred 『Alter』

    Mordred 『Alter』

    16 hours ago

    I'm Steven by the way, if you need anything just let me know.

  • Matas Vilinauskas

    Matas Vilinauskas

    16 hours ago

    Stephen seems nice like Ur funny uncle

  • AvanteRobot


    17 hours ago

    Oh Steven

  • Ash Chand

    Ash Chand

    18 hours ago

    Okay not everybody thinks he's an evil devil where did you come up with that

  • Vail


    18 hours ago

    The Chef is so Bad he was Cut in the middle of his sentence

  • Vail


    18 hours ago

    Who Owns the Place if it has 3 Owners?

  • Skkrrr Skkrrr

    Skkrrr Skkrrr

    19 hours ago

    That Mac and cheese looked bomb asf🙌

  • dezzy valentine

    dezzy valentine

    19 hours ago

    What episode Is this?

  • Steve Holmgren

    Steve Holmgren

    19 hours ago

    Gordan loves the gays, because they *get it* As a small restaurant owner myself hiring gay men and women are crucial to initial success. Steven is a real MVP for us.

  • Aj Paulson

    Aj Paulson

    20 hours ago

    Is he gay or striaght I mean the waitress Don’t hate

  • Lopsided Bear

    Lopsided Bear

    20 hours ago

    My name is Stephen and if you need anything let me know.

  • Mya


    20 hours ago

    Steven was cool

  • kristhoper luke mcfadden

    kristhoper luke mcfadden

    20 hours ago

    Steven is gay porn actor now.

  • whyamidoingthis -

    whyamidoingthis -

    22 hours ago

    The waiters are always so much better than everyone else

  • bishobear


    22 hours ago

    "What's up?" "Well he likes Steven."

  • Kennedy Brooks

    Kennedy Brooks

    3 hours ago

    I think we all like Steven

  • Sandra Boves

    Sandra Boves

    22 hours ago


  • Leslie Martin

    Leslie Martin

    22 hours ago

    The owners: this is NOT gonna be a good thing Me: ya think???? Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • doctor who

    doctor who

    22 hours ago

    Aww we love Steven

  • Stormy cat

    Stormy cat

    23 hours ago

    What an insult to Connecticut. This restaurant has no place preparing lobster.

  • matt morrison

    matt morrison

    23 hours ago

    0:22 when he walks in, so much god damn swag

  • Mike Symmonds

    Mike Symmonds

    Day ago


  • Bryan Pensyl

    Bryan Pensyl

    Day ago

    what episode is this an season

  • Blargo


    Day ago

    Say "chowdah"!



    Day ago

    “He doesn’t like much”. “What do you mean?” “Food wise” No he didn’t like the nonchalant decor. Because that’s the most important thing in a restaurant. Fucking idiots. Gonna bet my dinner they aren’t open. Update 2 minutes later: Looks like I’m having dinner.

  • William P

    William P

    Day ago

    I hope Gordon got Steven a job at one of his restaurants after this one folded

  • Miranda Fitch

    Miranda Fitch

    Day ago

    My name is Stephen btw

  • Ellie Waring

    Ellie Waring

    Day ago

    What made that interaction "unpleasant?"

  • NinjaaBrian21


    Day ago

    He likes steven GAY

  • Felix Liang

    Felix Liang

    Day ago

    Steven definitely wanted to fuck gordon

  • LittleGameDev


    Day ago

    What episode and season of kitchen nighmares is this?

  • JJSkEERt


    Day ago

    this dude lisp is mad annoying

  • Spedo spedo

    Spedo spedo

    Day ago

    Anyone else notice his name is David Leonard like that on episode from the amazing world of gumball

  • kevin yang

    kevin yang

    Day ago


  • D. Thompson

    D. Thompson

    Day ago

    "You're a kidder." 😂😂

  • Nathan Wright

    Nathan Wright

    Day ago

    “My name is Stephen if you need anything just give me a call...”

  • Nathan Hamberg

    Nathan Hamberg

    Day ago

    what's confrontational Gordon came up to shake your hand how's it that confrontational

  • datsierratho


    Day ago

    I love steven😍😭he’s my fav server so far

  • Sapphire Animations

    Sapphire Animations

    Day ago

    If your gonna let gordan eat your food you have to expect criticism that's the problem with these owners they just seem so entitled

  • Blick Winkel

    Blick Winkel

    Day ago

    my name is steven. steven.

  • Damien Quintana

    Damien Quintana

    Day ago

    What’s up? Well, he likes Steven.

  • Janos Sario

    Janos Sario

    Day ago

    That waiter is a moron!

  • FahimPlayZ


    Day ago

    Every bad restaurant has good waiters and waitresses

  • Alexis Tosta

    Alexis Tosta

    Day ago

    The typical human being atitude (not every body of course). A person that knows more tries to teach and help but pride is too much cuz you think you know it all.

  • Fish Sauce

    Fish Sauce

    Day ago

    The waiter is 100% gay

  • Le bandz’

    Le bandz’

    Day ago

    my name is steven if you need anything just lmk

  • Arctic Wolf Official

    Arctic Wolf Official

    Day ago

    1:13 Lmfao was that necessary??

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