He Hid from his Boss All Day... AGAIN (You'll Never Guess How He Did It)


Danny's goal is to hide from Jamie for the entire day while remaining in plain sight. Can he do it?
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Danny and Jamie go head to head in another epic hide and seek game. Danny gets to hide at work for the entire day so long as Jamie does not discover him. Find out just how long Danny lasts.
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  • Vat19


    29 days ago

    Do you have a better suggestion for Danny's next hiding spot? See more pranks we've pulled on Jamie here: usdownload.net/item/video-V8ttvRGCEbs.html



    2 days ago

    Jamie's car

  • Ur Mom

    Ur Mom

    3 days ago

    The roof

  • RubyTheDragon


    3 days ago

    One day.. im gonna work there!

  • Nebula of stars

    Nebula of stars

    13 days ago

    I realized where Danny was hiding when you first went into the bathroom lol

  • Terry 20

    Terry 20

    17 days ago

    In Jamie's car

  • DesignFoxYT


    7 hours ago

    Oof even when you have to hide in an obvious spot A good spot will be behind a painting Minecraft hacksbxD

  • Taylor Nguyen

    Taylor Nguyen

    7 hours ago

    Do part3

  • Rxagan


    8 hours ago

    Jamie should hide from Danny! Mix it up! I feel like that would be cool.

  • one spicy boye

    one spicy boye

    9 hours ago

    Wow prop hunt looks good

  • Jack


    11 hours ago

    1:57 reminds me of sheldon from the Big Bang theory

  • Benjamin_Films 05

    Benjamin_Films 05

    13 hours ago

    Part 3!!!!

  • Ariana Maria Popsor

    Ariana Maria Popsor

    19 hours ago

    part 3,4,5,6........k

  • Aileen Jak

    Aileen Jak

    20 hours ago

    I feel like Jamie is the coolest Boss ever

  • Galaxy Lake

    Galaxy Lake

    21 hour ago

    Request: Can you do this again?

  • Worrying


    23 hours ago

    Do another one

  • 159677 Gaming

    159677 Gaming

    Day ago

    10:30 "BUY IT AT VAT19.COM" what do i buy?

  • Legendgame& FOOTBALL

    Legendgame& FOOTBALL

    Day ago

    On the roof

  • Siddiqua Lasker

    Siddiqua Lasker

    Day ago


  • Captain Unicorn

    Captain Unicorn

    Day ago

    Three plz

  • Jessica Fowler

    Jessica Fowler

    Day ago

    I literally guessed it with the liquid ass and shoes

  • Austin Lin

    Austin Lin

    2 days ago


  • Bruce Doyle

    Bruce Doyle

    2 days ago

    I would have leave the liquid ass and just use the recorded Voices. I mean If i had to spend hours in the Toilet, I wouldnt want it to smell as bad as it already does in a toilet.

  • Sarah Martin

    Sarah Martin

    2 days ago

    Yeah he’s lost his mind 😅

  • jocelyn kim

    jocelyn kim

    2 days ago

    I love this. Please more videos like this one!

  • Josh Bungo

    Josh Bungo

    2 days ago

    i could hide for a whole day

  • Cyrus the virus

    Cyrus the virus

    2 days ago

    Make part 3

  • SomeDudeOnVacation


    3 days ago

    I can hide

  • Wackie Peoplez

    Wackie Peoplez

    3 days ago

    Danny should try to find his boss next time...

  • TheFenderTelecaster


    3 days ago


  • TC NY

    TC NY

    4 days ago

    Cause Danny would fit in a coffee machine

  • Sam Hopkins

    Sam Hopkins

    4 days ago

    I can!!!!!!!!!

  • Ismaray Rodriguez

    Ismaray Rodriguez

    4 days ago

    you have been to all the boxes you f****** idiot

  • Ismaray Rodriguez

    Ismaray Rodriguez

    4 days ago

    You have been through all the f****** boxes you idiot he's in there

  • Wilmarie Maldonado

    Wilmarie Maldonado

    4 days ago

    Do a 3 time plz

  • Trevor Schlosser

    Trevor Schlosser

    5 days ago

    Do a three

  • Rebel Jonson

    Rebel Jonson

    5 days ago

    Best job ever!

  • Chameleon1446


    5 days ago

    Wanna work at vat19 soon lol

  • Larissa 1155

    Larissa 1155

    5 days ago

    Omg I was thinking he was in the bathroom and he was spraying fart spray

  • Eclįšpe Edîtś

    Eclįšpe Edîtś

    5 days ago

    Plz sub to me now

  • Edgar Castellanos

    Edgar Castellanos

    5 days ago

    Not only did David come out in this

  • Drake Paul

    Drake Paul

    5 days ago

    Since that’s a bunch of stuff that never gets used can you give me the iMac 🖥

  • Poppy Elizabeth

    Poppy Elizabeth

    5 days ago


  • Charity Bollinger

    Charity Bollinger

    6 days ago

    I do

  • Francine Buker

    Francine Buker

    6 days ago

    The girls bathroom

  • Francine Buker

    Francine Buker

    6 days ago

    Do another one

  • Audrey Pope

    Audrey Pope

    6 days ago

    Do number three! Plz!

  • GracieKAT9000


    6 days ago

    I love these😂

  • Henry Lin

    Henry Lin

    6 days ago

    Part 3!

  • Alyssa Loves Softball

    Alyssa Loves Softball

    6 days ago

    “Like what the H?” -Jamie 2019

  • Amy Bell

    Amy Bell

    6 days ago

    You could’ve called him, then listened for the phone!

  • Beth DaKittyCat

    Beth DaKittyCat

    7 days ago

    But can you hide in plain sight for a day?

  • Allisha Enger

    Allisha Enger

    7 days ago

    Good hiding spot

  • Ieva Stankuviene

    Ieva Stankuviene

    7 days ago

    I knew it was liquid ass

  • Gracie Stayton

    Gracie Stayton

    7 days ago

    Part three plsss😬😬😬

  • Kyan McComiskey

    Kyan McComiskey

    7 days ago

    This was a funny 😄 video

  • H4MM0ND 08

    H4MM0ND 08

    7 days ago

    Nice Video

  • frincaweigl


    7 days ago

    Danny should've hid in the Womens bathroom😂😂

  • Hazel Anne Pula

    Hazel Anne Pula

    8 days ago

    I knew danny used luquid A$$ spray💩! And he changes clothes and shoes, HAHA I'M A GENIUS!!!😂😂😂and he hides in the bathroom!!!😂😂😂

  • Andrew Conklin

    Andrew Conklin

    8 days ago

    Now reverse the roles. That'll be a twist

  • Big Chungus

    Big Chungus

    8 days ago


  • annaoquinnhutchison


    8 days ago

    HEY! I BOUGHT SOMETHING FROM YOUR STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daydream Clod

    Daydream Clod

    8 days ago

    Yes I think I could hide from you

  • reubenrod


    8 days ago

    Abducted in plain sight refrence???

  • keensdee roseme

    keensdee roseme

    9 days ago

    yes i could defiantly hide from you for a day

  • Mahdi Hamade

    Mahdi Hamade

    9 days ago

    I could hide for a few days

  • Cats and stuff

    Cats and stuff

    9 days ago

    Once he started talking about how bad It smelled I knew it

  • [IGSN] iDrowsy

    [IGSN] iDrowsy

    9 days ago

    Danny thought it out so much I was sure it was someone else too



    9 days ago

    I could hide from him with ease. 🔽make this blue if you like youtube

  • Eden Young

    Eden Young

    9 days ago

    This is like extreme hide and seek XD

  • Cameron Friedrich

    Cameron Friedrich

    9 days ago

    I love how Jamie has to spell out "dump" like a middle schooler who's not allowed to swear, but he has NO problems just saying that word Ass. XD

  • nobody k440

    nobody k440

    9 days ago

    Number 3 plz

  • Unicorn Richard10

    Unicorn Richard10

    9 days ago

    Can you do a part 3??

  • Athena Playz

    Athena Playz

    9 days ago

    I can.

  • Peacheyz z

    Peacheyz z

    9 days ago

    I knew it was him in the stall, the girl gave you a hint and the cameraman too. He had a speaker for the voice.

  • MB Loves Pandas

    MB Loves Pandas

    9 days ago

    Hello? *occupied*

  • Cortez Claude 24

    Cortez Claude 24

    9 days ago

    Another one please!

  • Lps Starry eyes

    Lps Starry eyes

    9 days ago

    Who else is scrolling through the comments trying to find out where Danny is hiding? 😂

  • Redshadow11015


    9 days ago

    I think this will be done in like 10 minutes. Famous Last Words

  • youssef gaming

    youssef gaming

    9 days ago

    I knew it

  • Kailee Kalus

    Kailee Kalus

    10 days ago

    Do more

  • Parker Matherly

    Parker Matherly

    10 days ago

    I was really worried about that couch cushion

  • Victoria Gunstanson

    Victoria Gunstanson

    10 days ago

    I wish all bosses were that chill 😂😘😫😩

  • Dee Dee Splittgerber

    Dee Dee Splittgerber

    10 days ago


  • 100k Subscribers Without Any Videos

    100k Subscribers Without Any Videos

    10 days ago


  • Nikola Lenart

    Nikola Lenart

    10 days ago

    7:19 oh my god I was right I’m a genius I promise I did not cheat (it was kinda obvious anyways!!bad smell=fart spray thing, different shoes=he changing them)

  • Nikola Lenart

    Nikola Lenart

    10 days ago

    5:58 I thing he’s in the stall but just changing his shoes and spraying like that fart spray

  • Camiah Anderson

    Camiah Anderson

    10 days ago

    I saw him and you missed him you passed him like 10

  • Leen Attia

    Leen Attia

    10 days ago


  • Adriana Molina

    Adriana Molina

    10 days ago

    me! I'm a 9 year old trickster

  • Pixel Gacha

    Pixel Gacha

    10 days ago

    3:26 Did Jamie just say that Danny might hide in a coffee machine? 😂

  • TotalDramaIdiots _Official

    TotalDramaIdiots _Official

    8 days ago


  • Pixel Gacha

    Pixel Gacha

    9 days ago

    TotalDramaIdiots _Official sorta? I heard it in the vid first but then I saw a comment saying that sooooo idk

  • TotalDramaIdiots _Official

    TotalDramaIdiots _Official

    9 days ago

    Pixel Gacha copy I think

  • Deborah Collins

    Deborah Collins

    10 days ago


  • ItzMegey Unicorns

    ItzMegey Unicorns

    10 days ago

    JAMIE you are the BEST BOSS EVER

  • Unknown Demon

    Unknown Demon

    10 days ago

    #SelfPromo lol

  • Lusa Does Stuff

    Lusa Does Stuff

    11 days ago

    The office if it was a USdownload channel

  • thesilentFox27 ZZ

    thesilentFox27 ZZ

    11 days ago

    Can you please do a part 3??????



    11 days ago

    If I had a dollar that I lost something and tried to find it for a whole day and in the end it was in plain sight... argh. 😤

  • Isaac Lewis

    Isaac Lewis

    11 days ago

    “What the H” *Proceeds to drop an F bomb

  • Besty’s Club

    Besty’s Club

    11 days ago


  • Yuyang Cao

    Yuyang Cao

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  • LydsterLange


    11 days ago

    plz make more of this

  • Victor Rivera

    Victor Rivera

    11 days ago

    Go for part 3

  • Reese Wichie

    Reese Wichie

    11 days ago

    ill bet you 50 bucks to try and find me >:3

  • Richard Stibbon

    Richard Stibbon

    11 days ago

    I could..

  • Besan Hassan

    Besan Hassan

    12 days ago


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