Hellboy - Movie Review


A film adaptation of the Hellboy comic book is once again made, this time starring David Harbour. But was it necessary, or even worth it? Here's my review of HELLBOY!


  • Dumont


    Hour ago

    I loved the 2 old pnes

  • Iserior


    3 hours ago

    Liked the first Hellboy, don´t care for Golden Army. I had a lot of fun with this one. Story and Characters are alright, nothing special but they have a certain B-Movie charme. the action is solid if you can tolerate some CGI hick-ups. The comedy is nothing really special, pretty much "to cool for school" attitude from some characters somtimes but it wont break the atmosphere of the scenes. Regarding the music, i cant complain, mostly Metal, some of it clearly inspired by DOOM. The biggest point of critique for me is the sometimes frantic cut and rushed story. The movie is very fast paced with very few calm moments and all events just stack up so fast you dont have much time to process it. Like i said, i had my fun and think that i got my moneys worth of entertainment. Also i would like to see a sequel.

  • Proxy Payload

    Proxy Payload

    4 hours ago

    Why is every sentence by this guy an attempted punchline? :s

  • Andrew Pearson

    Andrew Pearson

    4 hours ago

    But I honestly never thought the CGI was bad except when they showed hellboy being summoned or whatever as a baby

  • Andrew Pearson

    Andrew Pearson

    4 hours ago

    I went to see it twice and get why people disliked it but I still thought it was a really good action movie

  • Evan Font

    Evan Font

    6 hours ago

    Generally speaking, the original Hellboy doesn't hold up all that great. Mostly because of the human character guy who works with Hellboy is a complete tool and his whole subplot of trying to steal Selma Blair from Hellboy doesn't really work. But shit, and least it's still kinda fun and funny.

  • Reece Lively

    Reece Lively

    7 hours ago

    The giant fight was the best thing about the movie.

  • Wile.E Mario

    Wile.E Mario

    8 hours ago

    I liked the movie.

  • Westwood Da cat

    Westwood Da cat

    12 hours ago

    I thought it was a amazing

  • schubbel


    14 hours ago

    I think is succeded in the rare so bad it became good. I enjoyed it but recognize it as a terrible movie.

  • Skyler Anderson

    Skyler Anderson

    17 hours ago

    Oh man comparing this to fan4stic is savage

  • onika inyam

    onika inyam

    17 hours ago

    I'm a big fan of Guillermo Del Torro's Hellboy, but I would have to say that WE ACTUALLY ENJOYED THIS MOVIE! The scene with the Baba Yaga will haunt me forever!

  • Undead dissection

    Undead dissection

    17 hours ago

    My god why did they not just make hell boy 3 for fucksack

  • Thu Linh Nguyen

    Thu Linh Nguyen

    18 hours ago

    Cant get over David's dad bod 🙄

  • Neo Art School

    Neo Art School

    19 hours ago

    this whole time I was like he sounds like a Washington guy... you just move to seattle making that money or...

  • Robert Brewster

    Robert Brewster

    20 hours ago

    More than anything it felt like a tv show season condensed into a 2 hour film.

  • Robert Botello

    Robert Botello

    21 hour ago

    I seriously just walked out... I was in the scene where hellboy and the dad come back to mansion and everyone is dead. Gosh I was falling asleep. Horrible music choices, pace was way to fast. Dialogue was pointless. Gore was meaningless

  • Bob Bob

    Bob Bob

    Day ago

    I don't care if it is the worst written movie or the plot sucks. If it entertains me then I like it and will watch it again And this movie entertained me

  • josh lamb

    josh lamb

    Day ago

    I liked it. I thought it was better than captain Marvel.

  • Marlon Davis

    Marlon Davis

    Day ago

    Guillermo can still put out the 3rd Hellboy if he wants, I'll definitely buy a ticket for that.

  • johnulcer


    Day ago


  • Pat Green

    Pat Green

    Day ago

    I was going to click like but then you punched me in the FACE!

  • Automaton 42

    Automaton 42

    Day ago

    Best part was the last 20 mins seeing demons come out of the ground. Seeing hellboy on a dragon was badass and should of been longer scene. So many unanswered questions and plot holes .



    Day ago

    Saw this movie on a slow Tuesday... spent a lot of time thinking about my poor choices in life during the movie. On another note, the sound volume was so loud, it was impossible to fall asleep.

  • Ravendarke 777

    Ravendarke 777

    Day ago

    That's a shame for David Harbor, when will these studios learn?

  • boiboiboi


    Day ago

    [ALERT] underage people who didn't watch the movie and denied good review is on comment section

  • The ghost 89

    The ghost 89

    Day ago

    The cgi wasn't bad at all lol

  • Jomas Mendoza

    Jomas Mendoza

    Day ago

    Review Love, Death + Robots pls, love your reviews btw

  • Jack Lang

    Jack Lang

    Day ago

    I loved it great fucking movie in my opinion they did there own thing they didn't just copy del Toro and it had more of a comic book Vibe the CGI no not the best but odly felt right for the movie

  • Justin Torrez

    Justin Torrez

    Day ago

    For everyone go watch the movie I really liked it and it was a ton of fun just saying dont let this review stop ya from watching it.

  • darkly


    Day ago

    You gave this a low score because of your anti british sentiment.

  • Waytotheland


    Day ago

    I LOVED the original 2, I was so disappointed when the third one was canned😔. I had hopes for this one but now I’m disappointed yet again😢

  • ghostwolf84


    Day ago

    answer to the Alice question. No, no she couldn't do any of that.

  • Jeff Busby

    Jeff Busby

    Day ago

    So sad to hear this movie sucked I had such high hopes Oh well at least avengers comes out soon… Let's just hope Captain Marvel doesn't fucking ruin it

  • Andy Bell

    Andy Bell

    Day ago

    SPOILERS: I would've liked this movie better than the first two combined if everything wasn't all over the placed. The scene locationings is pretty much like my dextop on my PC, completely unorganized filled with random files. What was the point of that other witch with the missing eye by the way that hellboy kissed by the way? Hellboy didn't even get her an eye it served no purpose. The only purpose that one eyed witch served was at the start with the Pig. See? I already forgot about that one eyed witch and I just came back from the cinemas watching it. All I could remember from her was that grotesque kiss that was just there for comedy scenes after and her and that pig.

  • jay folk

    jay folk

    Day ago

    more joy than cpt marvel but slogged down by too many characters, with no decent intro, setup, or payoff.

  • SonOfPsalms


    Day ago

    "I was more attached to the pig. Gimme the pig!"

  • J.R. M

    J.R. M

    Day ago

    The stuff coming out of the woman's mouth is called ectoplasma. I only know this because of that horrible movie The Haunting in Connecticut

  • toneoneonly


    Day ago

    This guy sucks. Nothing to do with the movie, he just sucks.

  • Peter


    Day ago

    Fan four stick 😂😂😂😂

  • Who needs profile Pictures Really?

    Who needs profile Pictures Really?

    Day ago

    I feel like this movie, and this story, should have been 2 different movies. Maybe 3. A TV show could do it justice too! But they just made it shitty.

  • Takoshi Hitsamaru

    Takoshi Hitsamaru

    Day ago

    Yep, this guy nailed exactly how I felt about this movie. I wasn't a huge fan of the Del Toro ones, but after seeing this, I long for a chance to watch those again. There is a scene where Hellboy and company go to some island and traverse a cliffside to get to this cave on the far side of the island. Then after they are like "oh shit, we gotta get back to London ASAP" and then cut, they're in London and not hours upon hours late like real-time would dictate)

  • Game boy

    Game boy

    Day ago

    For me, very many sensors, the last scene I thought would be exciting fighting with his demonic form, it turned out that it was just a boring ending

  • Drawing Conclusions

    Drawing Conclusions

    Day ago

    Gotta agree with this review overall. Also Hellboy looked so fake. So much worse than the Ron Perlman Hellboy. We didn't give it a good review either.

  • Ian Berghammer

    Ian Berghammer

    Day ago

    I actually really liked it, it was like hellboy done by a young Sam Raimi who was also really into metalocalypse.

  • Probonoman


    2 days ago

    i liked the OG, and after watching the 2019 remake i will be buying the blue-ray 4k. liked them both, no issues and hope they keep making more.

  • Tajuana Hardaway

    Tajuana Hardaway

    2 days ago

    It was okay for what they were able to do I saw the originals so I'm a little bias but there were some good parts in the movie problem is that there were a few too many parts that made you wonder was this really what they wanted to do half the time I was like wow that's kind of cool and then the other half was like wow why did they do this just saying it was okay but it wasn't where it should have been for reboot of such a good movie

  • Tvennet


    2 days ago

    Yeah well, no wonder it’s a fail. Milla Jovovitch is in it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Tender Defender Farms

    Tender Defender Farms

    2 days ago

    Not allowed to see the new one but the originals were awesome

  • Jey Tee

    Jey Tee

    2 days ago

    1:47 - 1:55 Cartoons and animations *are the exact. same. thing.* They literally have interchangeable definitions. Differing art styles doesn’t isolate them into their own 100% different category; if it’s drawn (hand, computer, or otherwise) and uses a sequence of frames to “bring it to life”, it’s a cartoon AND an anime, cuz it’s animation either way.

  • sangreiti


    2 days ago

    I shit you not. I totally thought that was liv Tyler!!!

  • Lee Joyner

    Lee Joyner

    2 days ago

    When critics become cry babies

  • Johnny Cotton

    Johnny Cotton

    2 days ago

    It's not avengers infinity war good but its not RIPD awful I had a good time with it and will probably buy it on blueray

  • Ivan Hairnandez

    Ivan Hairnandez

    2 days ago


  • Nicholas Fraedrich

    Nicholas Fraedrich

    2 days ago

    The violence would have been way more impactful without the music. Plus it seemed Hellboy was invincible so there’s that.

  • Mr Power

    Mr Power

    2 days ago


  • Lord Zuko

    Lord Zuko

    2 days ago

    They should have let Ron and Del Toro finish their trilogy. The Golden army was great and they should have let them finish it.

  • Dianna Rockymore

    Dianna Rockymore

    2 days ago

    Omg I loved the first two Hellboy, was awesome and was looking forward to this but idk now if I will go pay 12+ to see it might wait until it comes to a redbox

  • Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson

    2 days ago

    You cunts are so picky this was prity entertaining in parts. The monsters were awesome

  • Ron Petersen

    Ron Petersen

    2 days ago

    I just came out of watching it a few hours ago. I liked it, it was a fun film. It does go darker and bloodier than the original. I had no problem following it. I would totally be down for a sequel. I think it needs a fair shake. Though. This was a bad time to release it because everyone is saving their money to watch End Game 52 times.

  • Andres Landaeta

    Andres Landaeta

    2 days ago

    The new hellboy was a horrible remake, I wish I could get my two hours back.

  • Riculf Riculfson

    Riculf Riculfson

    2 days ago

    I enjoyed it. Felt like an RPG with episodic story telling.

  • Human Google

    Human Google

    2 days ago

    holy shit timmy turner makes movie reviews???!

  • Xavier Perez

    Xavier Perez

    2 days ago

    At least the CGI was better than that aquaboy movie

  • Richard San

    Richard San

    2 days ago

    Hmmm, giving Castlevania its place. I caught that!

  • C John

    C John

    2 days ago

    Liked it,the guy is good as hellboy , its purely the direction is missing, but its fun ,worth seeing

  • Mar10


    2 days ago

    Say it ain't so Jeremy, say it ain't so.

  • Gage


    2 days ago

    Bad cgi doesn’t mean bad movie. But bad cgi does mean bad movie.

  • Oliver O

    Oliver O

    2 days ago

    Ron Perlman will always be Hellboy

  • x-menfilms.com


    2 days ago

    I liked it for the most part, but can understand the criticism. Harbour was great in the role at least.

  • Hovik T. Atreides

    Hovik T. Atreides

    2 days ago

    Saw it, but prefer the old movies and funny enough. You made a lot of similar points that I made. Yes, I liked the humanoid warthog too. Probably the best character in the whole film and he's a henchmen... a "HENCHMEN."

  • calcifer643


    2 days ago

    I finally figured out how to watch this channel without blowing my fucking brains out. You just have to slow it down to .75 speed. Then he isn't overly energetic and annoying he is just drunk. Which works well with his weird hand movements.

  • Prof Chemistee

    Prof Chemistee

    2 days ago

    Thanks for the review. I wasnt planning on seeing this movie anyways. Im sick of Hollywood being uncreative and lazy and remaking everything. I still watch Guillermo's Hellboy and Hellboy Golden Army on the movie channels. This movie didnt need to be remade. It's like these producers and directors are just lazy. Bring back the original actors and director for a trilogy and then it'll be worth watching

  • DJ Disko

    DJ Disko

    2 days ago

    I loved it 😈 giant scene badass

  • Crimson Lance Guy

    Crimson Lance Guy

    2 days ago

    Good cgi, bad movie = hellboy 2019 Bad cgi, good movie = star wars 3 Dont ask me

  • Oasis


    2 days ago

    I liked the movie don't care what people say loved the old ones to this wasn't the best but the constant bitching about blood just quit being soft

  • Oasis


    Day ago

    +Jordan Jolivette true but still complaining about blood in a rated R movie is dumb

  • Jordan Jolivette

    Jordan Jolivette

    Day ago

    Oasis or maybe they just don’t like it



    2 days ago

    i had fun, but it misses the tone of the comic so hard. the del toro films did too, but not to this extent.

  • Mondo Sleazo

    Mondo Sleazo

    2 days ago

    I liked it.

  • labyfan1313


    2 days ago

    Loved the original 2 and loved Ron Perlman. I really wished they could have finished the trilogy.

  • TJ K

    TJ K

    2 days ago

    Just saw it sober. Mistake.

  • Michael Choueiri

    Michael Choueiri

    3 days ago

    I had fun with it I’ll get it on blu ray i liked the previous ones more but this was a fun action monster movie

  • Randy L Ellis

    Randy L Ellis

    3 days ago

    What's with you bearded twits and thinking you're experts at film making. What the fuck have you ever done? Sit in your mom's basement and make videos with your dumbass opinions. Shave that bacteria infested beard, get a job , and get a fucking life.

  • Osvaldo_Tuga _

    Osvaldo_Tuga _

    3 days ago

    It's not the most amazing movie ever but it's definitely entertaining and the violence is really good, I actually enjoyed it

  • zack randolph

    zack randolph

    Day ago

    Osvaldo_Tuga _ I loved it for the violent action/horror genre blend it was hellboy in the comics is even graphic and bloody and has humor I saw all of those things sure there are bad things about the movie. It’s still fun to watch though. I think a sequel with better editing would be what it really needs.

  • carlj12


    3 days ago

    If ADHD was a movie, it would have been this one

  • Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank

    3 days ago

    I actually really enjoyed this movie

  • andre somerville

    andre somerville

    3 days ago

    Is Hellboy a better or worse supernatural detective the Constantine???

  • Noah Davis

    Noah Davis

    3 days ago

    “Give me the pig”- Jeremy Jahns 2019

  • Jlopez240 Gaming

    Jlopez240 Gaming

    3 days ago

    Hey maybe this was meant to fail so we can get a hellboy 3 :3

  • Michael Ellis

    Michael Ellis

    3 days ago

    I walked out halfway through yesterday. This movie is just fucking awful. I should have know that a movie mila was in would completely suck. The supporting characters reminded me of blade trinity but this movie didn't have Wesley Snipes to carry it.

  • fury625


    3 days ago

    This review is so real. I so feel the same. I did have some fun, but character development and story sucked.

  • Deadpoop XI

    Deadpoop XI

    3 days ago

    I would have love to see James Wan/Gunn direct Hellboy.

  • Trevor Flaim

    Trevor Flaim

    3 days ago

    Seeing that neck button hover over the button itself during every video is driving me mad Jahns. Button it just once in the intro of a review or something and make my year

  • Roman Tuatagaloa

    Roman Tuatagaloa

    3 days ago

    Shazam was a fun movie

  • Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson

    3 days ago

    I thought it was alright but agree they put in blood and violence just for the sake of violence that was the biggest problem i had. It was like watching a dead space movie with hellboy in it

  • Dionysus DeVille

    Dionysus DeVille

    3 days ago

    The movie lacked a consistent tone and was all over the place. Tbh, the r rating didnt even seem warranted for what was happening. I did enjoy Harbours performance, im not as stuck on Nostalgia as others so maybe thats why. Baba Yaga was another good character. Other than that, meh

  • Oz349


    3 days ago

    I love Jeremy, I think he's great and hilarious and he's good at what he does. I will always be a fan of him. But not that fucking hair 😝😂

  • kevin cahill

    kevin cahill

    3 days ago

    Original is best ..wish it was a continuation story of original

  • ShogunBean


    3 days ago

    Ounce again Hollywood takes a perfect IP guaranteed to make them a shit ton of money and they go and Fucks it all up...why am I not surprised.

  • Mohd Khalid Mohd Yusop

    Mohd Khalid Mohd Yusop

    3 days ago

    It was quite good

  • Erik Williams

    Erik Williams

    3 days ago

    Wait? Milla’s in it?!? Dammit now I gotta watch it

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