Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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It's time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.
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  • Chair


    Hour ago

    If some one guifted me this id sell its automatic trash ass for even a fuckin modern Corolla. Kepp the cash for the TUNES

  • randsonic


    2 hours ago

    I could have posted a 5 second video which gets the point across; "The new Supra is really just a BMW" And now for the diatribe. 1. Toyota's legendary reliability comes from an era of days gone by. In the mid to late 1980's American car companies were producing chit...pure chit while Toyota and Honda were producing incredibly reliable cars...and the Honda's at least were pretty fun to drive. 2. That 1980s quality gap is gone, long gone and all that remains is the perception and the giddy American public that is only too willing to pay a premium for cars that are not a lot of fun to drive and behind the curve in many areas compared to other offerings. Koolaid drinkers will drink. 3. Toyota has been one of the most recalled cars in the US over the last 8 years or so. 4. Toyota had to buy back and/or fix over 1.8 million trucks due to rusted frame rails (which they kept pretty hush hush comparatively. And now we have the automotive world talking heads going bonkers over this glaringly lackluster effort by Toyota. When the US pulls this crap (Pontiac GTO aka Holden Monaro) they are strung up by the neck and whatever good things the car can actually do are killed by the negative buzz...because they as well drink the koolaid. This new Supra insults the intelligence of the car community at large and thumbs its nose at a grand history of Toyota's best offering in there US history. Supra enthusiast/faithful must really be embarrassed. The inline Toyota 6 is legendary...they mailed this one in like someones lazy alcoholic brother in law too drunk or stupid to get off their ass and actually do the work. This is a reskinned BMW, nothing more. Attempts by Toyota to make you believe otherwise are just stupid. Toyota has a great platform already in the 86 (FR-S)...Toyota already has a enormous history with the venerable inline 6 which "IS" Supra. They could have modified the 86 Chassis as they did with the Celica in 78 and 82, elongating it a bit to fit a small displacement turbo INLINE 6. THAT ^^^ Would be a Supra. Note to prospective Supra buyers: See BMW reliability/resale values before laying down your cash...on second thought, look at the new C8 Vette which can be BOUGHT for $55k. My thanks to those of you who actually read this.

  • Marked Zenuasia

    Marked Zenuasia

    3 hours ago

    ..yeah and yet the supra blew away the new z4...hahahah...

  • CMZ 1

    CMZ 1

    4 hours ago

    2020 Corvette > 1991 NSX > 2018 Civic SI > 2020 Supra

  • CMZ 1

    CMZ 1

    4 hours ago


  • CMZ 1

    CMZ 1

    4 hours ago


  • CMZ 1

    CMZ 1

    4 hours ago


  • CMZ 1

    CMZ 1

    4 hours ago

    I hope this car bombs

  • CMZ 1

    CMZ 1

    4 hours ago

    Ok.... the Supra is probably the most legendary car ever! Regardless of how good this car is, it is Not a supra. This is sad

  • CMZ 1

    CMZ 1

    4 hours ago

    What an absolute disappointment

  • myco tek

    myco tek

    5 hours ago

    The back end is killer. Looks like a Ferrari. The front end not so much. Looks like a Camry with that Toyota logo looking all plain. The power sucks. 336 hp? That’s lame. That care could be a bit quicker with more horses. I think having bmw help was smart and probably necessary. They aren’t set up to build sports cars at Toyota. Best off having the pros help.

  • Milan YinTan

    Milan YinTan

    7 hours ago

    BMW counter?

  • Wayne Drew

    Wayne Drew

    7 hours ago

    Dough is the type of guy to buy bottled water than set it free in the ocean

  • Justino Rupard

    Justino Rupard

    8 hours ago

    Doug, were both from San Diego. I’m glad you are representing our city greatly.

  • SteakieFrags


    8 hours ago

    26:50 is still my favorite part xddd

  • alex 57030

    alex 57030

    9 hours ago

    apparently the car has 370+hp to the wheels

  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein

    10 hours ago

    Doug is the type of guy to put dog meat in hot dogs

  • Shalins 141

    Shalins 141

    10 hours ago

    Is this a BMW or SUPRA?

  • Ghost


    11 hours ago

    Hello, I’m just getting started and need a few starting subscribers. Thx

  • David Diaz

    David Diaz

    11 hours ago

    This car just makes me nauseous... especially around the 4 minute mark

  • Bajro Rizvanovic

    Bajro Rizvanovic

    12 hours ago

    Looks like crap

  • K20civicsirturbo


    14 hours ago

    8:50 " these days you need a partner to make a sports car the brz/frs the miata/fiat and now this" 2017 Honda Civic Type R: Am I a joke to you?

  • Joshua Daceus

    Joshua Daceus

    15 hours ago

    Who else can’t afford the car but still mad what they did to it?

  • Mark Leiter

    Mark Leiter

    16 hours ago

    the 2020 C8 killed any chance this car being a success.

  • nateross14


    19 hours ago

    Why did they give it the hideous Dodge Viper looking roof, and what's up with the ghastly nose shape?? And made in Austria with a BMW engine?? The engine is BMW, the interior is BMW, it's made in Austria.... it's a BMW Supra, not a Toyota Supra. It will feel like your driving a BMW..... it will be interesting to see how Toyota handles all the warranty issues. I think this car is going to have the stigma of BMW being a warranty car, one to get rid of as soon as the warranty expires.

  • Nismo 370z.

    Nismo 370z.

    19 hours ago

    since when ???? is a problem since your buying a car from the brand you support and love and they give you this shit. A bmw car branded with toyota. (because toyota couldn't or didn't want to mess up the most iconic car in the toyota line up the most toyota car you can buy from them and they give this piece of crap i would say that's a fucking huge problem not just any problem . i know i shouldn't compare a lambo to this car but if you go back in time and tuned a supra to the top you could easily outperform a lambo or a ferrari in that regards and they used all toyota parts from that era only thing they were upgraded with aftermarket parts so if you apply the same rule to this car this car has bmw parts everywhere you look even if you put aftermarket parts on this car this car is gona still be a bmw in disguise,so basically is a bmw car that they put the name supra what a fucking joke of car because i love the old supra it was the reason i got into cars that and a r32 gtr where my main heroes

  • S. Gilbert Dyer

    S. Gilbert Dyer

    20 hours ago

    BMW parts concerns me bc I am familiar with BMW's quality control... 😒

  • The Real Cigar Jefe

    The Real Cigar Jefe

    21 hour ago

    Every Supra allocation was cancelled as soon as folks saw the C8.

  • Just4Fun


    23 hours ago

    BMW 335i engine. Did Toyota even try to give us a real supra? Sad for Toyota doing this to their customers. Z4. But Toyota will make a profit ripping off their customers.

  • Mikey Money

    Mikey Money

    Day ago

    I’ll take the 2020 vette

  • Aaron Costello

    Aaron Costello

    Day ago

    Wow. This is the laziest 'halo' sports car in the history of the automotive world.

  • MBZ


    Day ago

    Do you get a fart can exhaust with it or do you have to buy your own at Autozone?

  • MBZ


    Day ago

    Tuner = Ricer. Buy this if you want to look like a ricer still living with mommy and daddy.

  • MBZ


    Day ago

    Rice. Period.

  • MBZ


    Day ago

    Looks like a 2002.

  • whoever whatever

    whoever whatever

    Day ago

    A bmw junk engine in a jelly bean I would pay $8700 not a penny more as will be junk in 3 years

  • John West

    John West

    Day ago

    This shit won’t sell thanks to the c8 vette lol

  • Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan

    Day ago

    Looks like a chick car.

  • wrecklesss


    Day ago

    When did Quentin Tarantino start doing car reviews?

  • mr. ihavenolife

    mr. ihavenolife

    Day ago

    BMW:So how many parts do you need? Toyota:Yes.

  • Ramoun


    21 hour ago

    Bro stop copying other people’s comments. Weirdo

  • VICTOR Rippe

    VICTOR Rippe

    Day ago

    This car is a disgrace

  • Life Of Lucifer

    Life Of Lucifer

    Day ago

    2020 Toyota Supra Axis TRD (Third Reich Development) Doug: the type of guy allowed to review the most anticipated boomer car in history since its' release in 1979 and gives it a "meh" Toyota Japan: *secretly reactivates Unit 731 just for Demuro* Toyota Austria: *stares intensely in Bavarian* Also Toyota: *releases 1200hp 2021 Toyota Supra FS (Final Solution)*

  • 2easymode


    Day ago

    That shifter is soo ugly. It's like a high end smart car. Not sport car

  • Qays Uchiha

    Qays Uchiha

    Day ago

    2020 corvette c8 😯

  • EvanH


    Day ago

    Tuning companies and bmw are the most used words in this video

  • Angelo Vitalino

    Angelo Vitalino

    Day ago

    The back of supra reminds me of an alfa romeo for some reason

  • pokk 700

    pokk 700

    Day ago

    Not a single positive comment about this car. The car community can be pretty toxic sometimes

  • Reability


    Day ago

    9:50 go chase that beast down

  • TehSnipedown


    Day ago

    Despite the alleged power difference, the Supra smoked the Z4 in multiple drag races.

  • Pjijn


    Day ago

    Toyota gonna make their own dlc lmao

  • Tim Van der Voorn

    Tim Van der Voorn

    Day ago

    Supra is faster!

  • GadgetPimp


    Day ago

    Well there goes our JD Power award for 2020. At least for those who want both a BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra can get both for the price of one.

  • Sartheris Stormhammer

    Sartheris Stormhammer

    Day ago

    Back when Toyota and BMW announced they would partner up, I never expected it go to THIS far

  • MultiGhost119


    Day ago

    Wtf it doesn’t even have a dual clutch lol for 53k big pass now that the new corvette is coming out, or a preowned gtr or m4.

  • U’re /sweet/ Like coco

    U’re /sweet/ Like coco

    Day ago

    You remember the dodge stealth yeah I got deja vu

  • Skore13


    Day ago

    Great drinking game idea..Take a shot each time he says "Tuning Companies"

  • Dominic V

    Dominic V

    Day ago

    This car is like putting a corvette motor in a Datsun and saying u have the fastest Datsun by the time you change the motor, the heart of a car, it becomes the manufacturer of the motor.

  • DR. Mighty Quinn

    DR. Mighty Quinn

    Day ago


  • Penguin 471

    Penguin 471

    Day ago

    Newest tuning company: 2020 Toyota Supra only

  • hasan masood

    hasan masood

    Day ago

    So will they honor the warranty when people start adding “tuning” parts. This car is jut the price realms of the gt350 and corvette but is more of a competition for the 370z nismo

  • Torozon


    2 days ago

    I did not like it til I saw one in person it looks waaay better for real

  • IMythic


    2 days ago

    The reason why everyones annoyed about it having a bmw engine is because bmw is known for engine problems, coming from a bmw owner

  • Anders Eriksson

    Anders Eriksson

    2 days ago

    I'd buy it for 25k..

  • Jack of all Denton

    Jack of all Denton

    2 days ago

    I feel as if Doug has a lot of biased in his scores

  • Jarrett Embry

    Jarrett Embry

    2 days ago

    You gotta wonder how car companies can be so stupid sometimes. Knowing the legacy of the Mk4 Supra they bought it back... ONLY IN AUTOMATIC? Know your audience, Toyota!

  • TheFrench Hornist

    TheFrench Hornist

    2 days ago

    You: hey where's the car battery? Toyota: we will leave that to the tuning companies

  • Denver Valentine

    Denver Valentine

    2 days ago

    Big fan of the old school Supra, this 2020 is disappointing.

  • Terry J - London Ontario Canada

    Terry J - London Ontario Canada

    2 days ago

    Who are we to under estimate Toyota logic in their engineering and design of this car? Give these cars a couple of years and watch what the tuners do with it...

  • EAL


    2 days ago

    Basically, it is a fake Supera!

  • gonzalo hernandez

    gonzalo hernandez

    2 days ago

    Supra 58k out the door. Mid engine corvette under 60k 0-60 in 3sec then supercharged the damn thing to preferred horsepower goal

  • schlingel


    22 hours ago

    No more to say. 🖒

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