Hiking Interactions

YES I posted this to twitter AND instagram but here it is again and I will not apologize !!!
(p.s. scarecrow guy?? exact re-enactment of the best hiking interaction of my life)


  • snapfinger


    15 days ago

    What happened to Kevin Nealon?

  • Boezied


    21 day ago

    This is so accurate it's scary. When's the documentary coming out?

  • Holly Shackzalez

    Holly Shackzalez

    22 days ago

    I got some medical ad that was just two minutes of explaining hemorrhoids

  • erockzz2010


    27 days ago

    I just got an ad for 🎵HEMORRHOIDS 🎵

  • ysvin K

    ysvin K

    28 days ago

    The hello at 30seconds made me feel some type of way... i said hello back

  • André Crema

    André Crema

    Month ago

    Jesus Fuck that was amazing

  • Can Kaygisiz

    Can Kaygisiz

    Month ago

    ¿Dónde está el 'hola'?

  • Mac But Not The Makeup Brand

    Mac But Not The Makeup Brand

    Month ago

    The ad Was longer than the vid

  • Sisi así es

    Sisi así es

    Month ago

    I'm going to copy strike your ass

  • Sisi así es

    Sisi así es

    Month ago

    dude wtf I uploaded the exctact same video over an year ago

  • Sam Bergus

    Sam Bergus

    Month ago

    I now want to tell jokes to everyone I pass while hiking. Thank you for this life changing moment.

  • Advanced Penguin

    Advanced Penguin

    Month ago

    you forgot the one where one person suddenly starts yodeling

  • Lil Wayne Jr

    Lil Wayne Jr

    Month ago

    I liked this

  • Corey Escobar

    Corey Escobar

    Month ago


  • Ayanna Arnold

    Ayanna Arnold

    Month ago

    I got excited cause I thought it was more Jeffery videos 😂

  • Byler Tlevins

    Byler Tlevins

    Month ago

    no one: 40 year old moms: ;)

  • CoolChannel Name

    CoolChannel Name

    Month ago

    quirky weird odd wife material

  • Ck T

    Ck T

    Month ago

    how about the people you say high to and they don't respond. creepy!

  • Claire Lefalala

    Claire Lefalala

    Month ago

    as someone who just spent spring break in the smokie mountains I can say this is true. my favorite interaction from the trip is when this nice old man passed my brother and said "boi howdy"

  • Bloodthirsty Vegan

    Bloodthirsty Vegan

    Month ago

    There's 40 seconds I'll never get back.

  • Hopeful Believer

    Hopeful Believer

    Month ago

    Lol, so true. You don't know whether to sy more than "hi" or "hello" because they might not like it, but then they might think the same as you thinking you think that and... Paradox!!! Lol

  • Denis


    Month ago

    Pardon me but do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?

  • Estevo Thomasio

    Estevo Thomasio

    Month ago

    Wear headphones and ignore.

  • zombie 112

    zombie 112

    Month ago

    I clicked on this and the ad was about hameroids

  • Collin Cook

    Collin Cook

    Month ago

    Always gettin the cold shoulder from Yuppies in their fancy hiking clothes.

  • Detgtyha 73

    Detgtyha 73

    Month ago

    Lmao for real. 😂🤣

  • NerdStorm A

    NerdStorm A

    Month ago

    "Just ask them out already, damn"

  • Irene


    Month ago

    Dear Recommend. Why is this on my Recommendations?

  • Lou Xavier

    Lou Xavier

    Month ago

    0:31 just .... yeah

  • i need meds k

    i need meds k

    Month ago

    This is amazing

  • JoyFull Cookie

    JoyFull Cookie

    Month ago

    The same clothing EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!

  • may day

    may day

    Month ago


  • Hold Democrats Accountable

    Hold Democrats Accountable

    Month ago


  • Jug


    Month ago

    Pls upload more, you're seriously underrated

  • MultiDimensional Barbarian

    MultiDimensional Barbarian

    Month ago

    You're pretty great..

  • Philip Andersson

    Philip Andersson

    Month ago

    That about covers it yea

  • Sean 2002

    Sean 2002

    Month ago

    Miel, you are a strange bird! However I enjoy your sense of humor! No I'm not hopelessly pining for your next one....

  • Zach Fox

    Zach Fox

    Month ago


  • Mister Christopher

    Mister Christopher

    Month ago

    Glasses are so deceiving. Faaahk.



    Month ago

    Well that was a complete waste of 39 seconds of my life I will never get back

  • KrizAkoni


    Month ago

    I think I have met all these people!

  • RageCage1701


    Month ago

    Would love to slip inside you. P.S. I'm a parasitic worm lurking beneath the surface of a seemingly clean body of water, ready to attach myself to a cup that you dip into the water for a cool, refreshing, parasite-infecting drink.

  • The Person

    The Person

    Month ago

    RageCage1701 wth

  • ManDogVlog


    Month ago

    I find it, amazing, that when I'm out hiking and pass people half of them try to act like they don't even see you passing by them. Humanity is, a letdown on this planet.

  • Tyler Telford

    Tyler Telford

    Month ago

    Okay then

  • dacary


    Month ago

    Pretty much exactly how it was on my hike yesterday (Aus)

  • Deanna Harvey

    Deanna Harvey

    Month ago

    Why her name mean honey in spanish doe?

  • JamaicanRain


    Month ago

    Because...it just does. :p

  • Phillip Jacobson

    Phillip Jacobson

    Month ago

    Yuck. You go on all those hikes in the same sweaty shirts. Yuck el stinko

  • GuitarGuy


    Month ago

    In America, we say hello if the trail doesnt have many people. If its fairly busy we say hello much less.

  • David Horowitz

    David Horowitz

    Month ago


  • ZoomeR


    2 months ago

    I'm the one at 12sec for sure!!

  • Slug Paste

    Slug Paste

    2 months ago

    I like the scarecrow joke.

  • Scott Mccullough

    Scott Mccullough

    2 months ago

    I was tripping my balls off hiking one time and i kept saying howdy lol i never say that normally

  • Nococonuts Games

    Nococonuts Games

    2 months ago

    who goes hiking tho

  • driveman


    2 months ago

    One way to test the other hiker's speed and agility is to scream *BEAR!!* while running the other way. Once they're gone, the trail is all yours 🐻

  • Psychedelic Love

    Psychedelic Love

    2 months ago

    So happy I found this

  • Blue Pencil

    Blue Pencil

    2 months ago

    *Leaps bellow* "Hello there" :D

  • Matthew Ziegler

    Matthew Ziegler

    2 months ago

    Save My Life watching this

  • king bibibear

    king bibibear

    2 months ago

    Haha, in love this!

  • Internet 411

    Internet 411

    2 months ago

    Whys ur name in spanish. Culture stealer

  • JamaicanRain


    Month ago

    But, miel is also French.

  • mitch lit

    mitch lit

    2 months ago


  • Toothbrush


    2 months ago

    this shit is so good

  • Chillyist 917

    Chillyist 917

    2 months ago

    I don’t get it

  • James Bond

    James Bond

    2 months ago

    lol awesome

  • TBTB 5050

    TBTB 5050

    2 months ago

    hahaha omg you are so funny !

  • suil tasnana

    suil tasnana

    2 months ago


  • Shannon Lonokapu

    Shannon Lonokapu

    2 months ago


  • Myplay Phone

    Myplay Phone

    2 months ago


  • Grungey Chris

    Grungey Chris

    2 months ago

    Hemorrhoid advertisements? Anyone?

  • matt rettew

    matt rettew

    2 months ago

    I dont get it

  • Wallabee Beatles

    Wallabee Beatles

    2 months ago

    Marry her.

  • Zetan circle of iron

    Zetan circle of iron

    2 months ago

    Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? *Because she was outstanding in her field* took my longer to type this than it did to watch the replay.

  • Rydell Jr

    Rydell Jr

    2 months ago

    Wow lol, never been hiking... But in two months I'll be working in and visiting a national park for the first time and now I can't wait to experience this first hand and laugh hysterically in private. Thanks!

  • Drizno


    2 months ago

    "Hi" "okeh"

  • John Allen Lauridsen Jr.

    John Allen Lauridsen Jr.

    2 months ago

    Someone buy that broad a change of clothes

  • Ninooo Skates

    Ninooo Skates

    2 months ago

    Hahahaha so true 😂

  • T V

    T V

    2 months ago


  • Wilburbean games

    Wilburbean games

    2 months ago

    sounds about right

  • T R U T H

    T R U T H

    2 months ago

    This is 100% accurate.

  • Wyatt Nolen

    Wyatt Nolen

    2 months ago

    I had a lady take a swig of water and spit on my dog... I didn't see that one represented. Good Vid though!

  • Rashid Ahmed

    Rashid Ahmed

    2 months ago

    kate mckinnon wannabe lol I’m jk I love you miel you’re really cute

  • LibertyOrBust


    2 months ago

    "Is it worth it?"

  • TheChach


    2 months ago

    I got an ad for some hemorrhoid medication on this. Wtf youtube.

  • welfare police

    welfare police

    2 months ago

    No bra......luv it

  • Emily Medina

    Emily Medina

    2 months ago

    Omg, I missed you so much!!!!!

  • Robert feost

    Robert feost

    2 months ago


  • Herman Edmond

    Herman Edmond

    2 months ago

    This is absolutely dumb, who cares and actually who's thinking or caring about a reaction of someone else?

  • LibertyOrBust


    2 months ago


  • OG Zephyr

    OG Zephyr

    2 months ago

    As an trailblazer in Arizona, I can confirm... especially with the snowbirds

  • cyphre


    2 months ago

    This trail looks really familiar...

  • Young Goodman Brown

    Young Goodman Brown

    2 months ago


  • Tom Wolf

    Tom Wolf

    2 months ago

    Im confused on the meaning of this..???

  • Molly Wop

    Molly Wop

    2 months ago

    I wish I went outside more often so I could relate

  • Gregory Jackson

    Gregory Jackson

    2 months ago

    Ne er been hiking in my life but I can tell this was super fucking accurate. This was funny ASF💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Quintus Aurelius

    Quintus Aurelius

    2 months ago


  • manic mechanic

    manic mechanic

    2 months ago

    I want my 39 seconds back.

  • Edward M. Oliver Jr.

    Edward M. Oliver Jr.

    2 months ago


  • Excalibur624


    2 months ago


  • Mark Black

    Mark Black

    2 months ago

    Is this all it takes to entertain you people ?

  • NerdStorm A

    NerdStorm A

    2 months ago


  • femalehero420


    2 months ago

    I just nod and say ma’am, with an uptick like I’m asking question or making a statement it usually keeps people at arms length

  • femalehero420


    2 months ago

    I just nod and say ma’am, with an uptick like I’m asking question or making a statement it usually keeps people at arms length

  • RainbowCanyons


    2 months ago

    This is REAL

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