How Master Sushi Chef Seiji Kumagawa Uses Modern Technology to Upgrade his Hawai'i Omakase - Omakase

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Seiji Kumagawa has developed one of the most innovative omakase menus in Honolulu at his restaurant, Sasabune. By using local Hawai'i fish and produce, he has pioneered a uniquely experimental approach to sushi techniques and philosophies.
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  • Phuritat Somasri

    Phuritat Somasri

    Day ago

    "Fade away"? absolutely not master, What you leave behind is your technique, your teaching, and i'm sure there will be a lot of master in the future that still praise your name.

  • Sunikhil Nandan

    Sunikhil Nandan

    2 days ago

    Salute to innovative methods 👍👏👏👏

  • l kl

    l kl

    2 days ago

    Zen of Master Chef

  • chefaaron77


    4 days ago

    This genius just blew my mind

  • G.v.M


    4 days ago

    This Sushi looks sooo good, I would love to try it one day. If I ever go to Hawaii with my girlfriend.

  • STRETCH karapetyan

    STRETCH karapetyan

    5 days ago

    I wanna be this guys best friend

  • RuyBlas


    12 days ago

    2:22 when Plaza accord not only screws the Japanese economy but also cuisine abroad

  • Greg


    16 days ago

    I finally realized 10 minutes into the video that he was saying Hawaii fish, and not how are we fish.😂😂😂😂

  • Bluemilk92


    16 days ago

    For whatever reason, I've been fascinated by accents for a while now. This guy's has a pretty amazing English accent, especially compared to a lot of other native Japanese I've heard.

  • Ramiel XI

    Ramiel XI

    19 days ago

    You know you are a god when your fish can taste like a steak

  • John Vincent Pangilinan

    John Vincent Pangilinan

    19 days ago

    Im jealus about his garden :(

  • Source Pyre

    Source Pyre

    20 days ago

    Customer: how do you make the octopus so tender ? Chef: Vibrating butt plug

  • Mychal Guzman

    Mychal Guzman

    20 days ago

    First time seeing that peel method, I like it!

  • Nicholas Leung

    Nicholas Leung

    22 days ago

    what is the name of the song that plays at the end it sounded beautiful but also kind of sad

  • Jtrain Media

    Jtrain Media

    22 days ago

    Love this guy.

  • อรรถพล ทาแก้ว

    อรรถพล ทาแก้ว

    26 days ago


  • Ziyaad Ben Eydatoula

    Ziyaad Ben Eydatoula

    27 days ago

    Seiji Kumagawa, you are a fucking legend. I can assure you there are aspiring sushi chefs in this thread itself who are now inspired by you, simply because they now know there is a way to respect tradition AND also innovate. In the end, it is about making your customer happy, giving him/her atleast one memory that he/she will not forget. I can also promise, I at least will not forget you. Thank you. And thank you Eater for finding such gems!

  • Nina Gezellie

    Nina Gezellie

    27 days ago

    Amazing the love he has for for the whole process.

  • Mai Miura

    Mai Miura

    28 days ago

    I just ate here because of this video and it was amazing

  • Con’ De

    Con’ De

    29 days ago

    “Old soldiers never die. they just fade away. And it’s okay.” Damn!

  • Repeat_ Shalakany

    Repeat_ Shalakany

    29 days ago

    Where is that restaurant and what is its name

  • Josh Dobson

    Josh Dobson

    29 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant I wish I had one tenth of his ability

  • DagicCross


    Month ago

    Should be a role model of many others. Hands down

  • Oni B.Logna

    Oni B.Logna

    Month ago

    I like this Chef a lot

  • Milkman


    Month ago

    What an incredible guy. Truly a very enjoyable video.

  • koma koma

    koma koma

    Month ago


  • anir597


    Month ago

    Parasites good appetit

  • Kash Korazon

    Kash Korazon

    Month ago

    Anyone ever thought of separating the meat and grain or silver skin? Wow that was awesome. I bet not alot of sushi guys seen that, even he quoted that out..

  • Benni B

    Benni B

    Month ago

    I think gardening is your hobby...

  • Benni B

    Benni B

    Month ago

    I think gardening is your hobby...

  • beck


    Month ago

    4:44 ikan kembung

  • SoareYoùdeaD?


    Month ago

    Lol I love the ronco 3000 set it and forget it throw back

  • Casper Aleksandersen

    Casper Aleksandersen

    Month ago

    Over expose your shots much? This is painful to watch

  • __ __

    __ __

    Month ago

    If you want real authentic sushi, you need to eat fish that was caught and hauled to shore unrefrigerated. After making it to shore it should have been "cleaned" by toothless starving peasants then either salted or fermented in a lacto brine.... You then work up your appetite by toiling away as a serf in a rice paddy for your overlords... While starving, battling dysentery, and various fevers... You then decide that your loosely attached dentition could probably handle the soft, rancid flesh of the mysterious fish in a clay sit down and take out the pot from the year before because well...gotta eat the old stuff first. If you dont eat year old rancid fish as a part of survival in your short sad life as a serf then you arent eating traditional sushi.

  • Puttipong Pothipruk

    Puttipong Pothipruk

    Month ago

    lovely master sushi.^_^

  • バケ


    Month ago




    Month ago

    Cooking was my dream....but i lost my dream....

  • Cj Naotda

    Cj Naotda

    Month ago

    This chef is a monster chef. Very talented.

  • いーさん / E3Gaming

    いーさん / E3Gaming

    Month ago

    I love this series. As a Japanese man who lives in the U.S, this series gives me the motivation to work hard and try something new. Also, it's amazing that we can learn their technique to improve my cooking skill. Music, the pacing, and the translations are unbelievably good.

  • Raven


    Month ago

    "Have a scotch and cigar maybe" man, does he accept apprenticeship?

  • macoy321


    Month ago


  • Luke Browm

    Luke Browm

    Month ago

    This dude is so wholesome, "I love a technology"

  • andrew bay

    andrew bay

    Month ago

    camera work needs help, shaky as heck

  • Laurz dB-]

    Laurz dB-]

    Month ago

    Truly beautiful. Made my heart melt...

  • wutgodretodd


    Month ago

    Sous vide ftw!



    Month ago

    Beautiful home, and great lifestyle

  • Solopara Latablet

    Solopara Latablet

    Month ago

    Pero, tio, para ablandar el pulpo basta con congelarlo.

  • Lam Ho

    Lam Ho

    Month ago

    We never die we just fade away! Love that!

  • Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

    Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

    Month ago

    Sushi lover here! 😄

  • Wongduan Nabamrung

    Wongduan Nabamrung

    Month ago

    Now I wish to win the lottery and go to eat there, and sad to know that the experience and perfection took so long to achieve and to accomplish to be faded away and yet more is to be done

  • Jonathan Marco

    Jonathan Marco

    Month ago

    The way he did the local fish creation with technology to match Japanese omakase experience was inspiring. if we can create tools to make Japanese style omakase experience more affordable, easier to recreate while maintaining the quality. I believe it is a great business opportunity. Since there's a huge variety of fish that haven't been made to sushi before but have great supply and potential, like the ones in Indonesia.

  • 薰衣草味肛汁男


    Month ago


  • Dr J P

    Dr J P

    Month ago

    Now we are talking, this is a true sushi master.

  • John No Mo Doe

    John No Mo Doe

    Month ago

    I grew one pineapple plant and thought I accomplished something, watch this and feel like I wasted my life hahaha

  • Ahmed Okinawa

    Ahmed Okinawa

    Month ago

    Anything Japanese is always perfect

  • Nick Star

    Nick Star

    Month ago

    such a great man like you!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Ehsan Hashim

    Ehsan Hashim

    Month ago

    Thank you. Sure i will appereciate sushi more after this

  • Hentai Samurai

    Hentai Samurai

    Month ago

    8 x 45 is 360 min man. This dude isnt Asian.

  • Charles Tupper

    Charles Tupper

    Month ago

    I would love to work for this chef

  • ᴀ ʙ ᴀ ɴ ɢ

    ᴀ ʙ ᴀ ɴ ɢ

    Month ago

    So much efforts 👏

  • older than you Cali

    older than you Cali

    Month ago

    A friend worked as a waitress in a sushi restaurant, after about a year or so she left for a new job, she, for reasons that aren't relative to the story, decided to do a colon cleanse, she had worms in her digestive tract, raw fish have worms, it can happen to you. She never had them before or since.

  • Roy aragon

    Roy aragon

    Month ago

    He is so genuine and graceful with his demeanor on his expression for his love of his craft! Thats awesome.

  • Jarad Reiser

    Jarad Reiser

    Month ago

    I love this guy. Such good vibes!

  • Darryl D

    Darryl D

    Month ago

    I would love to have you prepare sushi for me. Is there a way for a private dining event with my wife?

  • Morgan Olson

    Morgan Olson

    Month ago


  • AFK07


    Month ago

    Omg is this sasabune!?

  • Senfnippel Quadrat69Hodentombula

    Senfnippel Quadrat69Hodentombula

    Month ago

    @MarkWiens if ure in Hawaii, visit that man!

  • kloud kev

    kloud kev

    Month ago

    A master of raw fish???...ignorant how maggots have become...

  • Zach feder

    Zach feder

    Month ago

    @kloud kev I'm honestly pretty confused by what you mean by that

  • bpower2009


    Month ago

    I love this guy so much. Want him to teach me lifr

  • Ashton Keolani Kahuakai

    Ashton Keolani Kahuakai

    Month ago

    Name of restaurant please i very much want to try I live in hilo I fly to Honolulu every two weeks thanks Aloha

  • Bon Jude

    Bon Jude

    Month ago

    Sasebune on King St

  • Anas Mousa

    Anas Mousa

    Month ago

    This guy needs to start training new Sushi Chefs to make the most out of local fish instead of depleting favored species of the oceans. His techniques not only improve taste, they are innovative and reduce costs.

  • bbyskittles91


    Month ago

    I love everything about this video. I could watch and listen to him all day. He is just amazing in every way.

  • bbyskittles91


    Month ago

    I love how he found new ways to speed up production, but was careful not to compromise the traditional taste/texture.

  • Anthony Playa

    Anthony Playa

    Month ago

    very expensive but you throw 50% in the trash 🤦🏻‍♂️ no comment 😡

  • Cole Lough

    Cole Lough

    Month ago

    Anthony Playa what

  • 48162342


    Month ago

    I can't be the only one who gets very happy every time there is an omakase video on eater.

  • to rocha

    to rocha

    Month ago

    Inspiration, all video transpires inspiration.

  • ZenoDiac


    Month ago

    I like this man. He isnt subborn to use technology to his advantage. And he understands that each fish has a different flavour; one fish isn't "better" than the other.

  • Joey Rodriguez

    Joey Rodriguez

    Month ago

    what a life to live..

  • Hank Mccoy

    Hank Mccoy

    Month ago

    He kinda talks like jar jar binks. Awesome food though.

  • Jalita


    Month ago

    This is totally like Food Wars 😂😂😂

  • TroyZS


    Month ago

    They use vibrators in food too :O

  • Larissa Lim

    Larissa Lim

    Month ago

    "set it and then forget it" 😂

  • Rijal Haidar

    Rijal Haidar

    Month ago

    sangar kowe pak

  • socoro1234


    Month ago

    just love monday experiment to keep develop for better, also with the attitude toward his job (how can I enjoy working like him - -)

  • Muhammad Lisanudeen

    Muhammad Lisanudeen

    Month ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought to myself "poor squidward"

  • Jacy LB

    Jacy LB

    Month ago

    I really appreciate this episode because I'm born and raised in Hawaii. I truly appreciate when were recognized for our food and culture. It's humbling and we have so many places here that should be recognized and so many hard workers that do so well in their craft. You should do more episodes in Hawaii!

  • Ma La

    Ma La

    Month ago

    I was born and raised in Honolulu and passed that unassuming "trust me" sushi place on King St. near Ke'eaumoku a billion times. Not much to see from the outside as there are no windows and just a traditional Japanese door; I had no idea that was what's inside! Next time I'm home for a visit I'll definitely have to splurge and go to this place!

  • Clint Grantham

    Clint Grantham

    Month ago

    I'd love to meet this chef

  • Tommyisking06


    Month ago

    And this is my weed tree you high long time

  • VIKAS palani

    VIKAS palani

    Month ago


  • Oppressed Kekistani

    Oppressed Kekistani

    Month ago

    This dude is really cool and so knowledgeable

  • Tsai Jason

    Tsai Jason

    Month ago

    Never fate away, I think his legacy will be pick up by his apprentice

  • F.B.I


    Month ago

    He made me shed a tear when he said the soldiers part.....

  • brittany brinker

    brittany brinker

    Month ago

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a more interesting video on yt. I'm officially planning a trip to go to this restaurant.

  • Joseph M.

    Joseph M.

    Month ago

    Omg why didn't you start it with him saying thw Japanese word like the others. You ruined it

  • I Tried But Failed

    I Tried But Failed

    Month ago

    One of the best places to eat! If you're ever on Oahu, go there! Sit at the bar and watch The chefs and co make magic. Watching them is both mesmerizing and inspiring! miss going :(

  • Mohi Pa

    Mohi Pa

    Month ago

    I love his philosophy towards life which you can see in his style of sushi making

  • Marko Lukic

    Marko Lukic

    Month ago

    wow, respect lvl 10

  • Leo Salcedo

    Leo Salcedo

    Month ago

    The chefs mindset is awesome! Food looks delish!

  • Jack Wyatt

    Jack Wyatt

    Month ago


  • Allen X

    Allen X

    Month ago

    This guy has found the true meaning of life. Sushi

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