How Safe Is A Duct Tape Ladder?

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Today we're seeing if a ladder made from duct tape is strong enough to help you climb out of a window.
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  • Tommy boy

    Tommy boy

    Day ago

    Well if I'm ever in that situation I hope my captors not only leave me a role of duct tape but leave me enough duct tape to make a ladder lol

  • I have wasted my life

    I have wasted my life

    Day ago

    Nate’s shirt says the same thing my parents said when I was born!

  • Gaming Sisters

    Gaming Sisters

    Day ago

    6:47... what do I say?...

  • Lecrd_Gamer


    Day ago

    Kidnapper see’s this and said to kid: oh and don’t forget never make a ladder with your gagger

  • Lulu


    Day ago

    the neighbors are probably going to be thinking: What in God's name are they doing?! Wait, at they robbers?? Oh wait, it's just our crazy neighbours again!

  • Jason Wong

    Jason Wong

    Day ago

    Tells us how to kidnap people but not telling us we should lol

  • Jessica Roses

    Jessica Roses

    2 days ago

    Imagine being that neighbor and looking out your window...

  • Osctrich


    2 days ago

    Ya but I’m like the clumsiest person on earth so I’d probably drop the duct tape before I made the ladder

  • Llamas


    2 days ago

    “I’m not telling you how you should kidnap people...but that’s how you should do it”

  • deathwind games

    deathwind games

    2 days ago

    I was actually duct tape gagged it was pretty useless

  • Satam Growtopia

    Satam Growtopia

    2 days ago

    You could just jump out from that height if u hang down, It's basically nothing

  • wombat stew

    wombat stew

    2 days ago

    That’s fabric tape not duct tape

  • Ashley Demons

    Ashley Demons

    2 days ago

    If that was the situation you wouldn’t have two people

  • Dëmoniç Arts

    Dëmoniç Arts

    2 days ago

    You have successfully helped teens sneak out there rooms :D

  • I’m Emo But in a Gerard Way

    I’m Emo But in a Gerard Way

    2 days ago

    Yay now I know how to escape a kidnapper!! 😂

  • Michael Pappas

    Michael Pappas

    3 days ago


  • Miko Wong

    Miko Wong

    3 days ago

    I feel like you can do the same thing you did then you guys made rope and twist it together and do something like that

  • Jamie and friends

    Jamie and friends

    3 days ago

    I knew there was something up with her!

  • Daring Dog

    Daring Dog

    3 days ago

    Couldn’t you theoretically just make a ten layer rope instead of a ladder?

  • MAYOH 2

    MAYOH 2

    3 days ago

    His shirt is perfect 👌🏼

  • Jarad Hudepohl

    Jarad Hudepohl

    3 days ago

    Why not use hurricane tape

  • Cain Lovy

    Cain Lovy

    3 days ago

    You only need two tools in life, duct tape and WD-40

  • Saniya shaikh

    Saniya shaikh

    5 days ago

    it is not going to work if you are really kidnapped as it takes a lot of time!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • SippyYT


    5 days ago

    Why didn’t you Just climb down a duct tape rope?

  • Elizabeth Rose Scalf

    Elizabeth Rose Scalf

    5 days ago

    the king of random i love your youtobe videos

  • JoeKillsYou


    5 days ago

    Just make 1 duck tape rope and absail

  • Ender Gaming

    Ender Gaming

    6 days ago

    That intro tho

  • Autumn kearns Barrera

    Autumn kearns Barrera

    6 days ago

    It works I didn’t because I want to go to a party at my mom said no but then my sister Sammie and now she is Batman lol

  • Sailor W

    Sailor W

    6 days ago

    How are sharpies flamble

  • Leaderbot_X400


    6 days ago

    The channle is grants

  • Mackenzie Crews

    Mackenzie Crews

    6 days ago

    When I clicked on the video for the first 10 seconds I thought it was a Brazzers Video lmao

  • Dartian


    6 days ago

    Dude, that’s like 15 ft. You could jump that. Did you really need the harness?

  • MeowicAngel


    6 days ago

    How much tape did you use?

  • brendan waas

    brendan waas

    7 days ago

    The opening scene of her duct taping him was actually the beginning of there home porno7

  • Andrew Menteer

    Andrew Menteer

    7 days ago

    We have an open second story window oh oh ohhhhhh *falls out window* lol jk

  • Edgar Bustos

    Edgar Bustos

    7 days ago

    Duck tape isnt elastic bro why would it strecth

  • Not The Boop

    Not The Boop

    7 days ago

    8:45 It sounds like "Baldi's ruler slap"

  • Kookii


    8 days ago

    I was watching William Osborn and thought this was still him. I was surprised to see the intro



    8 days ago

    You said don’t try this at home but you’re at home and why are you want to do it

  • Black galaxy

    Black galaxy

    8 days ago

    And their neighbors watching them do that on my Lord that's funny that would be really weird to

  • dean O

    dean O

    10 days ago

    Could you make a rope to hold you using dental floss?

  • Random things happen here

    Random things happen here

    10 days ago

    5:20 who is that. Wild stranger appeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beverly Wagnee

    Beverly Wagnee

    10 days ago

    You are crazy

  • Oliver Stub

    Oliver Stub

    11 days ago

    Just make a rope!

  • Master Xavier

    Master Xavier

    12 days ago

    Question, how many roles a duck tape did you use?

  • Aesthetic Sounds

    Aesthetic Sounds

    12 days ago

    Lmao imaging what their neighbors think when they see them doing stuff like this 😂😂

  • blake underwood

    blake underwood

    13 days ago

    Jojo meme: Stand user: 『Nate』 Stand name: 『DUCT TAPE』

  • Zion Joy

    Zion Joy

    13 days ago

    Nate's shirt says it all

  • alastaire vlogs & gaming

    alastaire vlogs & gaming

    14 days ago

    You made a rope latter

  • arshan jamil

    arshan jamil

    15 days ago

    can you spray your self in never wet and go to a swimming pool.

  • potato girl

    potato girl

    17 days ago

    That begging doe😬😬😅😅

  • Frost Paws

    Frost Paws

    18 days ago

    "How strong is duct tape?" Me: Is this an insult to *Flex Tape*

  • Lauren Grace

    Lauren Grace

    18 days ago

    How to sneak out 101

  • Justin Armour

    Justin Armour

    20 days ago

    Have yall ever broken bones on this chanel

  • feds54


    20 days ago

    Why not just watch the Mythbusters duct tape special episodes, showing you all the things you can do with duct tape.

  • Foxy Gamez

    Foxy Gamez

    21 day ago

    I used that kinda rock climbing belt for abseiling

  • -idiosyncratic-


    21 day ago

    Just apparate out

  • Nova_Star Gacha_Queen

    Nova_Star Gacha_Queen

    21 day ago

    I kinda wonder what their neighbors are thinking like are they just used to it or are they confused, like a duct tape latter. I’m used they are confused

  • Beast _21

    Beast _21

    21 day ago


  • Alan Dearman

    Alan Dearman

    22 days ago

    if you still have all the shells of empty silly puddy you could make homemade fire works for the forth of july

  • Sarah Peterson

    Sarah Peterson

    22 days ago

    That would be so cool to see a floating mattress with someone laying on it. :-)

  • Shyene Lainhart

    Shyene Lainhart

    22 days ago

    Can you make a air mattress from plastic wrap?

  • Shelbs XD

    Shelbs XD

    23 days ago

    I'm that one kid you don't want to tell not to something it's best to tell me I can

  • Aurora 131313

    Aurora 131313

    23 days ago

    I love seeing him act like a kid

  • Dustin Johnson

    Dustin Johnson

    23 days ago

    Not to burst a bubble.... But you only need to go down not up..... Why not just make a rope with knots to climb down (I. E. the bed sheet escape method haha)

  • csx dash 8 productions

    csx dash 8 productions

    25 days ago

    I meant 1:18

  • csx dash 8 productions

    csx dash 8 productions

    25 days ago

    I feel bad at 1:19

  • Alex Wolfe

    Alex Wolfe

    25 days ago

    You wouldn't need a ladder, it would be like a 8-10 foot drop if you dangled yourself from the window

  • Jace Edmonds

    Jace Edmonds

    25 days ago

    This man is vascular

  • Cyndi Nguyen

    Cyndi Nguyen

    25 days ago

    🧐 🙏

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