How This Flower Saved Me ( Babysitter Part 12 )

Flowers are the way to a woman's heart... or am I an idiot?
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  • Zen Playz

    Zen Playz

    Hour ago

    Obviously you broke up considering your dating Pam now

  • Pøtātò Kūń

    Pøtātò Kūń

    3 hours ago

    She eats you



    4 hours ago

    right thing

  • Tristan Smith

    Tristan Smith

    5 hours ago

    Can it be a one page comic alex

  • Elroy jr

    Elroy jr

    5 hours ago

    Yes you did the right thing family alex comes first

  • Fungirll Yandreyfan

    Fungirll Yandreyfan

    8 hours ago

    When alax says "this is not a cliff hanger " My iPad "hmmmmmm NOW IT IS >;)" Me REEEEEEEEEEEE MY IPAD DIED T^T

  • Playmobile 7

    Playmobile 7

    8 hours ago

    Greece 🇬🇷 love ❤️ you

  • Zechariah Ernie Barredo

    Zechariah Ernie Barredo

    10 hours ago

    yeyeah - - - -

  • Daredevil-Demon Two

    Daredevil-Demon Two

    10 hours ago

    420 years and 69 days later: Dating my Babysitter episode 666

  • Anderson Kucharski

    Anderson Kucharski

    10 hours ago

    6:24 I'm expecting a cliff hanger

  • Christopher Guevara

    Christopher Guevara

    11 hours ago

    That was the right thing to do!! The babysiter lied to you!!!

  • Comic Dubbed Voicer

    Comic Dubbed Voicer

    11 hours ago

    9:20 1) it'll be complicated and sad for the babysitter also Lil hint of anger and i think she scared to you how you would react dating her Ex-boyfriend 9:30 2) you did the the right think because family comes first and also she'd would be sad if u left early on her birthday 6:48 3) i would use this tablet for drawing, animating , draw comics or help your friends USdownload channel for funny or scary animating or story telling that's would i do if i win tablet

  • Mason G-XZ

    Mason G-XZ

    12 hours ago

    1 A universal sign is when you keep coming into coincidences of something someone told you 2 The babysitter will cheat on you

  • MongsuperKiller


    12 hours ago

    lol i like that he has a gf but he still talking about another girl

  • Emoji Lord

    Emoji Lord

    12 hours ago

    I hate flowers not because it's looks!because of...*inhale*POLIN SEASON

  • Tiago Barroso

    Tiago Barroso

    12 hours ago

    You did the right thing.

  • Zilchgameplays Trolls

    Zilchgameplays Trolls

    12 hours ago

    Y’all have anger sex

  • Jakeplayz games

    Jakeplayz games

    12 hours ago

    alex do a tour in delaware

  • Jojo Tapia

    Jojo Tapia

    13 hours ago

    Tou did the right thing family first

  • ASD _Expert

    ASD _Expert

    13 hours ago


  • Giannpierre Aquino

    Giannpierre Aquino

    13 hours ago

    Honestly I agree with you Alex. Flowers are truly the best way to a girls heart! Awesome video

  • SirDino


    13 hours ago

    When’s the roommate story!? >:V

  • CDRogers56


    14 hours ago

    Alex i just rewatched the entire thing instead of doing hw while eating pizza, and it was worth it.

  • RubyTheDragon


    15 hours ago


  • alex nunez

    alex nunez

    16 hours ago

    u having sex

  • Grupo dilema musical

    Grupo dilema musical

    17 hours ago

    4:50 -5:01 Boi that made me laugh

  • chips and salsa

    chips and salsa

    18 hours ago

    yyyyyeeeeaaaaa you probably break up with her bc wwweeellll..... Your married to someone else

  • Alexa Hernandez

    Alexa Hernandez

    18 hours ago

    they break up OF COURSE YOU DID THE RIGHT THING BY GIVING GRANDMA FLOWERS GRANDMAS ARE THE BEST (some) and she well most likely say something like "im sorry, please dont leave me" or "yea i was using you to make my ex jelly" thats what i think,

  • xx master

    xx master

    19 hours ago

    Signs of feelings and true love.....

  • eZeroz


    19 hours ago

    Yeeee more 6 months to the next video yeeeeee I just kidding love you videos

  • Michelle Cabral

    Michelle Cabral

    21 hour ago

    It goes to THE ENDGAME

  • Плохая озвучка

    Плохая озвучка

    21 hour ago


  • Trenise Hogg

    Trenise Hogg

    21 hour ago

    You did the right thing dude. Family always come first. No matter what



    22 hours ago

    The only thing that made me laugh was the brothers voice 🤣😂😂😂

  • Mai Chan

    Mai Chan

    23 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that you and the babysitter break up. That's all I'm saying

  • YouTuberkid 10123

    YouTuberkid 10123

    23 hours ago

    I would call it a suspicious

  • YouTuberkid 10123

    YouTuberkid 10123

    23 hours ago

    Or suspicion

  • Lyriix


    23 hours ago

    Middle School, anyone?

  • Emma prretzel animations

    Emma prretzel animations

    23 hours ago

    Alex baby sitter episode 10000000 Or in other words Jdnsndnwjjwjsndn

  • Omega Omni

    Omega Omni

    Day ago

    Clark:DOSE IT MAKE ME A BAD PERSON, DOSE IT?! ME:Yes, yes it dose spend time with yo fam

  • nice song

    nice song

    Day ago

    you really did the right thing ^^



    Day ago

    Maybe babysitter will cry when you tell her the truth

  • infinityfaith


    Day ago

    i actually don’t like flowers. they give me anxiety. i mean you have to put them in water and make sure they don’t die too quickly, then i feel awful to throw them away... also i’m allergic :/

  • Kajus Gaming

    Kajus Gaming

    Day ago


  • giwrgos kollaros

    giwrgos kollaros

    Day ago

    Song name?

  • Nerf Noah

    Nerf Noah

    Day ago

    You are going to Break up

  • Hulkbj Mike

    Hulkbj Mike

    Day ago


  • Julie Hansen

    Julie Hansen

    Day ago

    Well you said that you brake up Eventually at the beginning of the series so even though I don’t want it to be true.. I think This is The End.

  • CYCLOPS7852


    Day ago

    Just end the flipping series uHhHhHhHhHhhHhH

  • RapKing


    Day ago

    She doesn't mind and you reschedule the date.

  • Shadow Killer

    Shadow Killer

    Day ago

    Yep u did the right thing by staying

  • The Studios

    The Studios

    Day ago

    I think you murdered him , Yeah!!!

  • Celestino Analco

    Celestino Analco

    Day ago

    I mean alex you did the right thing. Staying with your gramma. Like you could have never knew if it was maybe the last time you know? And if you went to your babysitter then it wouldn't be worth your time. As time passes you would realize that yiu should have stayed with you grandmother instead. P.s I wish I could enter the conntest but I cant. .__________.

  • Eric Woodruff

    Eric Woodruff

    Day ago

    To show you something

  • Emma Putnam

    Emma Putnam

    Day ago

    Family is the most imporant thing because you can never replace it no matter how hard you try

  • brady robinson

    brady robinson

    Day ago

    a sign: When something happens as if the universe is telling you something

  • Abigail Campbell

    Abigail Campbell

    Day ago

    u dump her because she is shady and mean some times and hides stuff and scarry

  • Cross Lock Daniel

    Cross Lock Daniel

    Day ago

    I thought the guy she was hanging out with was Bobby under cover

  • Ashley Goddard

    Ashley Goddard

    Day ago

    Alex you did the right think 👍👍

  • The Plush Toy Charmander

    The Plush Toy Charmander

    Day ago

    I think alex will break up with the babysitter and he starts dating that art high school girl

  • My ears Hurts

    My ears Hurts

    Day ago

    i just got mad

  • ItsBeen Drawn2Life

    ItsBeen Drawn2Life

    Day ago


  • Korbendixide KO2

    Korbendixide KO2

    Day ago


  • Mo Bamba

    Mo Bamba

    Day ago

    I though there was gonna be no cliff hanger

  • asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm


    Day ago

    Date your grandma! Alabama intensifies

  • Paw


    Day ago

    alex it's been a year this needs to stop

  • Cruz AnimationsYt

    Cruz AnimationsYt

    Day ago

    Break up With your baby sitter

  • 13u9 B0i: MOVIES

    13u9 B0i: MOVIES

    Day ago

    Song at 8:12 ? Here's some advice for people who want to start USdownload, put the songs that you use IN THE DESCRIPTION!!! [Love you really Alex]

  • Josiah Miller

    Josiah Miller

    Day ago

    I'm drawing a flower and I want the tablet so I can watch more Alex Clark.

  • Audrey Isensee

    Audrey Isensee

    Day ago

    2:05 Signs like a sixth sense maybe? 3:17 No... I don't think so... maybe? Alex: 3:49 Music: Bum Bum Bum! These flowers are literally spying on you. And your grandma seems just as evil as your sister, maybe that's where your sis gets her evilness from... CONSPIRACY THEORY!

  • Daniel McAlerney

    Daniel McAlerney

    Day ago

    I have a new iPad

  • Chris Perez

    Chris Perez

    Day ago

    That was good what you did family is first 👍

  • _makeupbyfaithie _

    _makeupbyfaithie _

    Day ago

    You’re going to comfort her and then tell her things aren’t going to work out. Simple as that

  • Jack Clark Vlogs

    Jack Clark Vlogs

    Day ago

    At the end of this series, Alex needs to put all the stories together into a huge Babysitter Marathon/movie/story thing

  • XxBeast ModexX

    XxBeast ModexX

    Day ago

    When you realize that he is milking it

  • Hyper Perfect Cell

    Hyper Perfect Cell

    Day ago

    Science is basi- OH SIGNS! I get it.

  • DOJO Studios

    DOJO Studios

    Day ago

    I entered the contest! As @Dubem_Ibeh! Anyone else enter the contest? (Like if you did)

  • Adriana Bourliot

    Adriana Bourliot

    Day ago


  • the immortal

    the immortal

    2 days ago

    That was sweet

  • Dana Bazert

    Dana Bazert

    2 days ago

    Grandma was the right choice

  • EmeraldMinecart /EM Malaysia

    EmeraldMinecart /EM Malaysia

    2 days ago


  • EmeraldMinecart /EM Malaysia

    EmeraldMinecart /EM Malaysia

    2 days ago

    Can you make me a character for a vodeo

  • Timmy Stitch

    Timmy Stitch

    2 days ago

    Yes you did the right thing by staying with grandma

  • Miles Neuman

    Miles Neuman

    2 days ago

    You did do the right thing

  • GGguy


    2 days ago

    Ah milking the baby sitter story’s

  • Tracy Anderson

    Tracy Anderson

    2 days ago

    I Just fingkc at you should ask her what is happening



    2 days ago

    4:48 it said Subscriber

  • Zed Games

    Zed Games

    2 days ago

    He is coming to my city OMG

  • YellowJello •

    YellowJello •

    2 days ago

    The fact you are willing to risk your relationship to talk about your EX really grinds my gears

  • Dorgo Doodles

    Dorgo Doodles

    2 days ago

    Is this a story or a film? Am i the only one confused Like if you are confused too

  • Rocky Agupanchara

    Rocky Agupanchara

    2 days ago

    How romantic....

  • P P

    P P

    2 days ago

    Yes, you did the right thing

  • The Deadeye Murad

    The Deadeye Murad

    2 days ago

    Alex will become john wick and beat up the two brothers or babysitters brother will be a hero and save the day xD

  • Luke Keller

    Luke Keller

    2 days ago

    Does anyone else think he's dragging this out?

  • Fluffy hufflepuff

    Fluffy hufflepuff

    2 days ago

    I don't get it... Why should i love flowers? 😅😅

  • Reece Roche

    Reece Roche

    2 days ago

    When is episode 13 coming out

  • Rebwar Aziz

    Rebwar Aziz

    2 days ago

    Is this story real

  • Bianca


    2 days ago

    I don't know what is gonna happen in the next episode, but i want to say that giving your grandma that flower was the best thing you could do.

  • Plushie House

    Plushie House

    2 days ago

    100 years later ep 100,000,000,000,000 babysitter

  • Nathan Schaefer

    Nathan Schaefer

    2 days ago

    You could say omen instead of sign

  • Jeronimo Bosch

    Jeronimo Bosch

    2 days ago

    Man that's a cool grandma

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