How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd

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Ok Dukeys, this piece took sooo much work, but it was worth it. In this video I show you how to carve a super realistic Japanese Rhinoceros beetle out of different species of wewd. Let me know what you think of it in the comments and subscribe if you haven't already. Yay! Love you guys.
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Music: "Eternal youth" by RŮDE
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All other music was from audioblocks and epidemic sound


  • Treyvon Diggs

    Treyvon Diggs

    4 hours ago

    the dog almost killed me

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    Buggy 26

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    Luis Enrique Silva

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    Disintegrates into binary

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    Lanna Hubenthal

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  • VivLovesKpop


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  • Wolfgang Meißner

    Wolfgang Meißner

    4 hours ago

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  • Mint Wolf

    Mint Wolf

    4 hours ago

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  • Aodhan_playz


    5 hours ago

    You should go to Japan and and put it near another rhino beetle and see what happends

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    Patricia Jones

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    Shannon Rae

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    Sunz Verk

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    bn ezabela

    7 hours ago

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    David Dharam

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    Don’t worry I’m just a regular guy

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    Purple Heart is very pretty, but I was reading that it will fade to brown over the years.

  • theGhostWolfe


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    P.S. this is gorgeous, the wings especially. It’s so delicate. The wing covers are lovely with that wood pattern.

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