I’ve Escaped from Apple

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Dave2D setup for 2019. My everyday carry for tech finally has no more Apple hardware in the backpack. It's liberating!
Phone - amzn.to/2G6bwWx
Laptop - amzn.to/2xIpZDy
Mouse - amzn.to/2Xy1Oa2
Backpack - amzn.to/2XG5At4
Good icon pack - "Flight"
Lame icon pack - "Lines"
iPhone XI Leaks from: OnLeaks X Cashkaro

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Music Fili - Pressing Forward
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  • Dave Lee

    Dave Lee

    5 days ago

    I'm free

  • Timmy Chen

    Timmy Chen

    4 days ago

    Congrats I’m trying to break free too

  • CaptainFWR


    4 days ago

    Lol it’s just a phone

  • Taro


    4 days ago

    Where can I get you?

  • Luca Maddalena

    Luca Maddalena

    4 days ago

    Interesting the use of the "free" word related to the Apple ecosystem.

  • Calamardo Tentáculos

    Calamardo Tentáculos

    4 days ago


  • Kenroy Patterson

    Kenroy Patterson

    15 hours ago

    Just come of youtube already what are you saying why all the reamrks about Apple clearly you should have been called eve

  • Pill Bug

    Pill Bug

    15 hours ago

    I'm more shook that your wife just straight up took your phone. Am I being weird or is that just a tad bit rude..?

  • Nimbus The Dog - Piano Covers & More!

    Nimbus The Dog - Piano Covers & More!

    15 hours ago

    I'm free as well... my iPhone fell into a river, so I'm getting an Android phone soon. :)

  • Hrishikesh Gupta

    Hrishikesh Gupta

    15 hours ago

    When do we get to see the review of the New "DELL XPS 7590"?

  • Saran K R S

    Saran K R S

    16 hours ago

    Few moments later Title: Why I'm switching back to Apple🤘

  • elysiumcore


    16 hours ago

    Bought a wicked OnePlus 7 pro - I still love Osx on my MacBook pro ..I want a new laptop but if they fuck this up in the upcoming MacBook ( same shit keyboard ) I'm done

  • Double Dipper

    Double Dipper

    16 hours ago

    *"Better late than never I've always said."* I'm glad you made the switch to android.

  • Engineer That Plays Guitar

    Engineer That Plays Guitar

    16 hours ago

    What is that theme ?

  • anuj dahiya

    anuj dahiya

    16 hours ago

    HE HAS NOT ACHIVED ANTHING IN HIS LIFE AND NOW criticizing a trillion dollor company

  • Steve Lam

    Steve Lam

    16 hours ago

    Do you think your new phone is better than the new note 10 coming out? I need to pick one



    17 hours ago

    I am looking at the same direction as you. It's about time to ditch Apple.

  • Dmitry Plohish

    Dmitry Plohish

    17 hours ago

    try changing apple carplay to android auto, I tried and android auto is such a piece of crap, so that I can't switch from iphone

  • DunnsDay Dash

    DunnsDay Dash

    17 hours ago

    “Escaped” is a very strong word. If you actually believe that “escaping” from Apple is a thing, you’re pathetic.

  • JiTengful


    17 hours ago

    I been free since 2007 iphone 1 😁

  • Crow Migration

    Crow Migration

    17 hours ago

    Why does this have 2m views. Unscripted rant, has a razer laptop but doesn't acknowledge the razer phone's existance.

  • Creator_2003


    18 hours ago

    Welcome to the light Dave!

  • Janric Malate

    Janric Malate

    18 hours ago

    Never settle Edit: You should thank your wife

  • Matthew Morales

    Matthew Morales

    18 hours ago

    Anyone know what launcher he's using? I have a Google pixel 3xl and want those flight icons but don't know how to do it. Amy help anyone?

  • Justin Cheong

    Justin Cheong

    18 hours ago

    Thank you. Apple is just.... i don’t know. It died with STeve job. Just as I’m typing with my iPad Pro. I Don’t understand why they took away split keyboard. They are just dumb

  • Raviraj Lonarkar

    Raviraj Lonarkar

    18 hours ago

    iphone x is far better than one plus 7

  • Raviraj Lonarkar

    Raviraj Lonarkar

    18 hours ago

    You should Play pubg mobile in both..iphone 7 and the one plus7..and then u realise why iphone is best forever 😊

  • Andrés Jiménez

    Andrés Jiménez

    18 hours ago

    But you are not free from your wife

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    18 hours ago

    SO cute...I love it! Perfection!

  • Ben Miller

    Ben Miller

    19 hours ago

    He should escape reddit light theme next

  • Archman.E


    19 hours ago

    Hey Dave, is there any airdrop alternative for non-apple products? That's one thing I missed alot since I m out of the ecosystem...

  • micah Kiker

    micah Kiker

    19 hours ago

    Glad you are free I hate iPhones and driving Uber has made me hate them even more becuase of its location for pickups being messed up as well as how dumb iphone users are.

  • Michael Morales Parris

    Michael Morales Parris

    19 hours ago

    Love the lights in the corner

  • Robogoku


    20 hours ago

    I switched from apple with the OnePlus 5T

  • Death Scythe

    Death Scythe

    20 hours ago

    people dont realise that they only pay for the stupid ass apple brand fuck that APPLE SHIT

  • Adrien Samuel Raj

    Adrien Samuel Raj

    21 hour ago


  • zakaria sekkati

    zakaria sekkati

    21 hour ago

    When I’m buying Apple’s products specially iPhone, I’m buying the iOS not the hardware

  • superguyps3


    21 hour ago

    I escaped from apple too

  • Jaskaran Singh

    Jaskaran Singh

    21 hour ago

    i use same blade 15 1060 maxq- mate black with op 6t

  • LezzSamurai


    21 hour ago

    @Dave Lee you should have gotten a Note 9 for $400 I got a Note 8 for $300

  • Maurice I.

    Maurice I.

    22 hours ago

    wow this one plus looks huuuuuuuge

  • Diego Mello de Souza

    Diego Mello de Souza

    22 hours ago

    for the mouse, go with the atheris (bluetooth and wireless), one of the best i ever had... Have a setup with surface pro at my home, with the dock and the usb receiver and a wireless keyboard. When I leave, take the surface and the mouse (on bluetooth). For not gaming, its great.

  • FPC-Virtual


    22 hours ago

    I escaped like 5 years ago :) but need to get captured again. As the iPhone X has that depth camera I need today for 3D animation. Just waiting for the price to drop a tad bit more.

  • theres another way but some people wont seek it

    theres another way but some people wont seek it

    22 hours ago

    Apple suckx that's y

  • Cajun Rider

    Cajun Rider

    22 hours ago

    NO REASON Apple can't give us no notch, a very small bezel like the Galaxy s8/s9. Expandable memory. Real water proofing IP68 or better. Headphone jack, the reason for getting rid of it is a F***king lie. More freedom to customize. The best Super Amoled display on the market like the Galaxy phone. Oh and a usb-c connector.

  • jerolvilladolid


    23 hours ago

    This guy sounds like a reasonable minimalist. I'll buy the same Laptop and Oneplus phone he has, I currently have a macbook and an iPhone and am about to transition off both of them.

  • eric golden

    eric golden

    Day ago

    An iPhone is not $750. Between trade ins and discounts/promotions the iPhone is about $300-$400

  • Timothy Howard

    Timothy Howard

    Day ago

    There are no discounts on the iPhone lol. And trade in values are a joke. You can sell your phone privately for much more money. You are basically giving your phone away for free if you're trading it in to Apple

  • Bourne Degeneracy

    Bourne Degeneracy

    Day ago

    I use Lines icon pack, uses minimum battery.

  • kasoivasoy


    Day ago


  • Night Rider

    Night Rider

    Day ago

    Two things you deff cant go wrong with: Logitech mouse and a nice Android phone. Everything else is sub par to me.

  • Esbamken


    Day ago

    Dave: no you didn't switch your wife jailbreak you now you're free

  • Joseph Fajardo

    Joseph Fajardo

    Day ago

    Still at the end of the year APPLE will always beat the best smartphone every year. My own opinion

  • luke reid

    luke reid

    Day ago

    iMessage is the main reason people stick with an iPhone over an Android. In terms of Laptops, Windows is garbage OS unfortunately.

  • Pirate Modz

    Pirate Modz

    20 hours ago

    Hmm.... I don't agree with your second opinion.

  • JP Huwaè

    JP Huwaè

    Day ago

    Wallpaper ??

  • bobbycone2


    Day ago

    Iphones suck

  • Flierman


    Day ago

    Great, welcome to freedom and not being robbed and boring

  • Oso 11

    Oso 11

    Day ago

    no love for HTC, LG, or sony android phones ?

  • Hozay Rala

    Hozay Rala

    Day ago

    You will regret Ma Guy

  • Abhay Singh

    Abhay Singh

    Day ago

    What's the name of launcher you are using?

  • Emad Ahmed

    Emad Ahmed

    Day ago

    So switching from Apple to the Android/Windows combo, how are you dealing with the lack of integration between your phone and laptop? I don't care about iMessage and FaceTime, but phone-laptop integration and syncing of data between them is big for me.

  • oliver Lison

    oliver Lison

    Day ago

    I switched to Apple this year. It is the best phone business-wise ever. Period. I could have had a Samsung S10 and what not. However, I deliberately chose the Apple XR for its battery life.

  • Capella Qwerty

    Capella Qwerty

    Day ago

    Apple: we will keep paying you thousands as always. Oneplus: we will pay you tens of thousands as no one ever. Dave: I was born for oneplus

  • chiku Kum

    chiku Kum

    Day ago

    With heavy heart you replaced iPhone

  • Grand Slam

    Grand Slam

    Day ago

    you said you miss iMessage from your iPhone but I just don't see what's so interesting about a messaging service they all do the same thing is there something that I don't know about iMessage on iPhones that is super exciting that Android doesn't have

  • Unnikrishnan Sudhakaran

    Unnikrishnan Sudhakaran

    Day ago

    Pls share the one plus 7 wallpaper

  • First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    Day ago

    Dave what icon pack are you using in the pic

  • Ahmad Nazir Afiq

    Ahmad Nazir Afiq

    Day ago

    He’ll be back.

  • Mohammad Danish

    Mohammad Danish

    Day ago

    Apple is dead just like Steve Jobs

  • 10,000 subscribers no videos

    10,000 subscribers no videos

    Day ago

    I’ve Escaped from Apple *next video* Let’s Look At The iPhone 11

  • Ben Y.

    Ben Y.

    Day ago

    Yea fuck apple

  • 1977NOBODY


    Day ago

    I guarantee you’ll be back on Apple IPhones😂I’ve tried to leave and I’m back on IPhone....They make good Android phones,But I have too many issues with them not doing what I need them to do. Apple works flawlessly and it’s so easy to get my daily stuff done on it. I literally missed Apple when I was away,Not even joking it felt like I was not ever happy on Android phones.

  • Bright Ikenna

    Bright Ikenna

    Day ago

    Pls, i like your intro music of this video, could u help me with it?

  • Johnny Landmann

    Johnny Landmann

    Day ago

    Hi Dave, just a short question: from where is you background design? Thx, Johnny

  • carlos53


    Day ago

    When the note 9 came out, I out aside my S8 plus. My wife's iPhone broke and I have her the S8 plus. She complained for a week and a half and she got the hang of it. She loves her phone, specially with the customization, tweaks and freedom over iPhone.

  • L.B. Cilocilo

    L.B. Cilocilo

    Day ago

    What's the name of that UI Skin on the OP 7T?...

  • aes records

    aes records

    Day ago

    Bro use some make up on ur mustache ✌

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