I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!


The equation still astounds me... Love + Tequila = a Person. :-) Happy Bday, J-Diggy.
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  • IRG_Coqui


    9 hours ago


  • clvssymami


    9 hours ago


  • Chanel Young

    Chanel Young

    9 hours ago

    This family is full of so much love

  • محمد زبيري

    محمد زبيري

    9 hours ago

    Bad guy

  • Peter Trubetskoy

    Peter Trubetskoy

    9 hours ago

    i cant believe it either, your son dresses and acts like a 14 year old

  • RichPlayer17 RichPlayer17

    RichPlayer17 RichPlayer17

    9 hours ago

    If i had a rich mum and dad, i would be sepcial too! Jaden is an ordinary boy, not more!

  • Anas Hussein

    Anas Hussein

    9 hours ago

    Umg claimed this vid. Lol

  • Sneha Stalin

    Sneha Stalin

    9 hours ago

    I love Jaden😍😍

  • hans tonra

    hans tonra

    9 hours ago

    Why the emphasis on his twitching after he said "I'm not crazy."?

  • Marianaly Zea

    Marianaly Zea

    9 hours ago

    The bond that Will and Jaden have is amazing😭

  • Youth Voice

    Youth Voice

    9 hours ago

    Jaden looks like a drug dealer!

  • Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger

    9 hours ago

    Where is Alladin?

  • Anastasis Konstantakos

    Anastasis Konstantakos

    9 hours ago

    Happy birthday Jaden Will smith has a beautiful family cogratulations

  • Flamoonigirl Olivia

    Flamoonigirl Olivia

    9 hours ago

    🌞💎 4:13

  • OloYoloHUN -_-

    OloYoloHUN -_-

    9 hours ago

    looks like 12

  • 이승규


    9 hours ago


  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

    9 hours ago

    For whatever he is all of the credit goes to his FAther and his Mother. If they were what other parents are he wouldn't be what he is td. Str8 facts

  • aditfkryan 19

    aditfkryan 19

    9 hours ago

    U grow up so fckin fast

  • robyn brown

    robyn brown

    9 hours ago

    Sooooooooo cuteeeeeee!!!

  • MJ Griffin

    MJ Griffin

    9 hours ago

    Jaden has taught me you can't judge a book by its cover, so touched by his kindness and commitment to serving the underserved.

  • Lina Leeann

    Lina Leeann

    9 hours ago

    Wish Jaden was doing movies again♥️



    9 hours ago

    He's grateful for having those parents! Right??

  • J Co

    J Co

    9 hours ago

    I cant believe anyone cares

  • mariz galo

    mariz galo

    9 hours ago

    I used to really love him but im sorry i cant fully accept him now. Jaden with pink hair is traumatic. But his act towards envi is everything.

  • IfrostiHD


    9 hours ago

    J cole better colab with jaden

  • Tristianity


    9 hours ago

    I can't believe that's Jaden! lol

  • Kerem Sevinç

    Kerem Sevinç

    9 hours ago

    Nice video nigga amazing nice I liked video

  • koko doo

    koko doo

    9 hours ago

    I got the chillsss Will Smith being a proud dad is soooo cute

  • Big C

    Big C

    10 hours ago

    Will Smith should go back to "fresh prince of Bel Air" him and "Carlton" we're great together on that show they still play it on "MTV" and "VH1" and I still watch it I've watched it since I was about 3 and I about to turn 14 tomorrow!!!

  • Nữ tây bắc

    Nữ tây bắc

    10 hours ago

    Gì vậy hì hì 🔧👉📺💃🌷



    10 hours ago

    I was watching fresh prince of bel air oh so much memories will is the best no joke

  • aya taha

    aya taha

    10 hours ago

    I hope Jaden has a good life and I hope that you and Jada will always be proud of him:)

  • Marshall


    10 hours ago

    Its rewind time

  • Jaden Jones

    Jaden Jones

    10 hours ago

    My name is Jaden too

  • kely


    10 hours ago

    С ДР Джейсон))BD

  • Adam Vlogs

    Adam Vlogs

    10 hours ago

    You are the Prince of....... Bel air

  • Help Me Reach 1.000 subscribers With No Video

    Help Me Reach 1.000 subscribers With No Video

    10 hours ago

    Jaden at 21: Famous Me at 21: Mom we need milk

  • EL!ZE


    10 hours ago

    I can't believe you all didn't notice Jaden sexuality before

  • Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming

    10 hours ago

    AWww, black privilege is so, well, disgusting.

  • Worldman


    10 hours ago

    Another kid with the Little Emperor syndrome. XD

  • Diksha Dhiman

    Diksha Dhiman

    10 hours ago

    Man will smith is my new favourite vlogger for lifeeeeeeee ❤️💦

  • brothers 4 life

    brothers 4 life

    10 hours ago

    I thought I watched this 2 weeks ago wtf

  • Tom Gurung

    Tom Gurung

    10 hours ago

    This guy is so talented !👏👏👍

  • Сэмпай Тян

    Сэмпай Тян

    10 hours ago

    "I can’t believe Jaden is fagot :(("

  • Vânia Luz Crespo Black

    Vânia Luz Crespo Black

    10 hours ago

    Eis que o pirralho fez 21 anos.

  • Abhishek Nautiyal

    Abhishek Nautiyal

    10 hours ago

    I am very very inspired one day I am going meet this man called jade love u man . Truly u are living fearless and very kind hearted man truly amazing one day maybe can talk to such an amazing man u both are awasome

  • Princy Rawat

    Princy Rawat

    10 hours ago

    I really like that water filtration thing.

  • E Ozage

    E Ozage

    10 hours ago

    My cousin is 3 days younger than your son, I'm 2 months in a half to be 21 that old meme

  • metzzz jh

    metzzz jh

    10 hours ago

    really he was such a handsome boy but because of drugs and all that he knew how to change and he was my favorite actor but here he spoils everything really am very very disappointed in you Jaden Smith

  • CoverSun Kochi

    CoverSun Kochi

    10 hours ago

    We get it. He is from 2070

  • Redpill boii

    Redpill boii

    10 hours ago

    can mirrors be 21 if mirrors break

  • Mok@_1 Eatz

    Mok@_1 Eatz

    10 hours ago

    Such a great kid with an amazing heart. I just love him and I didnt know what a Tesla was until he got one.



    10 hours ago

    Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно

  • Deep hug

    Deep hug

    10 hours ago

    fake likes?

  • Sound Wala Master

    Sound Wala Master

    10 hours ago

    Happy birthday buddy god bless you have great future ur dad's fan blessing always with you

  • TomaReacts.


    10 hours ago

    Awww hah hah Yaaaah

  • funeral


    10 hours ago

    Must be nice man

  • Deep hug

    Deep hug

    10 hours ago

    fake likes?

  • Robert Frapples

    Robert Frapples

    10 hours ago

    Jaden has blossomed into quite a young um.... man?

  • NOPE.


    10 hours ago

    You Cant Belive it?! Well then Clear your mind,Belive

  • Ales Nimes

    Ales Nimes

    10 hours ago

    I can't believe it too

  • Jc Mantala

    Jc Mantala

    10 hours ago


  • SkbeatzTV & COMEDY

    SkbeatzTV & COMEDY

    10 hours ago

    wooooooowwww this this is beautiful

  • Xero


    10 hours ago

    The dad looks just like will smith!!!!

  • SNZ Studio

    SNZ Studio

    10 hours ago

    4:44 thumb

  • LUCAzz 08

    LUCAzz 08

    10 hours ago

    Jaden is cool man and he’s dad is cool too.i love you

  • Maxtilik


    10 hours ago

    but he looks like 16 years old

  • Play Point

    Play Point

    10 hours ago

    My birth day same date and year 8 july 1998 😄

  • Adam Muran

    Adam Muran

    10 hours ago

    You guys need to accept Jesus Christ and be born again. He is the only way. Dont be deceived by the devil. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12

  • -xX666Archain666Xx- I Approved by China 1927-1949

    -xX666Archain666Xx- I Approved by China 1927-1949

    10 hours ago

    can't believe it either, will. he sure sounds like he's 14 still

  • Warning Signs

    Warning Signs

    10 hours ago

    oh my - why did you color his hair blonde? It is said that the MKUltra souls to the devil hair is bleached blonde as a rite - some of the helly wierd cut the womans hair as a ritual - demi moore - goldie hawn, anne hathaway, as a sign they are bought and paid for by helly wierd - what some souls will do for a temporary 10 minutes of fame

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