I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)


In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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    Heather Horton

    Minute ago

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    Minute ago

    I like the fact he doesn't try to keep the stuff, but he'll track down the owner. Awesome dude.👏👏👏

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    Liam Dulude

    5 minutes ago

    Oh come on that’s so mean he was so sad just let him have his momment

  • Dalton Mekis

    Dalton Mekis

    9 minutes ago

    Wow you were so kind to that guy and handled that so well. The world needs more nice ppl like you🙏🏼

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    Angel Harman

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    Mohammed A. Bass

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    Paisley Owen

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    Mewtube Love

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    Hericksson Batista

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    james lehman

    31 minute ago

    Dam dude I want to to do a tutorial video on the equipment your using ei: brand names and why they are so much better

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    Angel Harman

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    Loud Moan

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  • Annaleah vs Cats 🐈

    Annaleah vs Cats 🐈

    55 minutes ago

    Well, you did find real expensive rings. Better than mining. That was a lot gold! Ima do that when I grow up

  • Zoey K

    Zoey K

    58 minutes ago

    That's kind of sad that so many people have lost their jewelry there

  • Anthony 89

    Anthony 89

    58 minutes ago

    Brandon look like he died inside a little bit when you told him it's a prank lol 15:55

  • Austin Bartron

    Austin Bartron

    59 minutes ago

    Super humbling to see and hear someone answer their phone to find out their class ring was found and will be returned to them. Keep making videos like that man, the world needs more humans that genuine and generous. And congrats on the other finds as well.

  • Cassy AL

    Cassy AL

    Hour ago

    omg they found 1000000000 dollar earig that belongs to kim k

  • Taylor Boyse

    Taylor Boyse

    Hour ago

    The detection equipment you included in the video discerption does not include the other detector tool? Do you have a Link to the detector you use to do the final search of the area? Thanks hope to get a reply from someone!

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    Texting Stories

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    Lol at 6:26 There is a kid doing the orange justice

  • Truth


    Hour ago

    A great lesson. ALWAYS inscribe as much personal information as possible on expensive jewellery. I've had an itch to get a metal detector for years, but life has just kept getting in the way. It's good to see there's a set of efficient tech equipment to get the job done. I'll definitely be getting the same set. Great job!

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    Concepta Neal

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    Ann Toons

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    A very Un.original name

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