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  • Rebecca Moncayo

    Rebecca Moncayo

    26 seconds ago

    14:45 - 14:51 had me dead 😂

  • M B

    M B

    58 minutes ago

    Is it just me or does Emma look bald

  • Isabel Dolan

    Isabel Dolan

    Hour ago

    me: *thinks* emma’s in paris ... the dolan twins are in paris ... 🤔 also me: ETHMA CONFIRMED !!! (please dont hate on me it was just a joke😅)

  • Lovisa Thelin

    Lovisa Thelin

    2 hours ago

    Paris will always hold a special place in my heart... went there with my mom for when I turned 18. It was amazing

  • Neidin Kelly

    Neidin Kelly

    6 hours ago

    0:41 IM FROM IRELAND 🇮🇪

  • Alo Wilson

    Alo Wilson

    7 hours ago

    NoW I Am EaStEr eGg NoW

  • Maddie Kelly

    Maddie Kelly

    8 hours ago

    Emma wasn’t even born in 99 lol

  • Kira Lawton

    Kira Lawton

    9 hours ago

    oml outfit 3 was ethans pants from coachella

  • Betsy Watts

    Betsy Watts

    11 hours ago

    Wait what

  • Vishaka Visky

    Vishaka Visky

    12 hours ago

    Anyone after dolan twins fashion week vid?

  • Olka wpierdolka

    Olka wpierdolka

    15 hours ago

    15:35 I need that shoes 😍 Where can i buy these?

  • Reese Urquhart

    Reese Urquhart

    20 hours ago

    Anyone else want to know where her sweater from the beginning is from ???

  • MissAquaGamer


    20 hours ago

    The fact that I’d totally wear the dress Emma’s wearing but that I’ll never be able to afford it is such a bad mood 😂

  • Brandy Moreno

    Brandy Moreno

    20 hours ago

    Ok I came here after the twins went to fashion week. Idk it just made me wanna watch this again so yeah

  • Gabrielle Lajoie

    Gabrielle Lajoie

    21 hour ago

    I love how Emma is always her self

  • Aubrie Fishburn

    Aubrie Fishburn

    23 hours ago

    15:36. Emma looks like Payton List

  • Isabelle Cadman

    Isabelle Cadman

    Day ago

    It's France you can't jay walkkkkkkkkk

  • Isabelle Cadman

    Isabelle Cadman

    Day ago

    Dude lil moop's changed

  • KiwiGamingWorld


    Day ago

    *me watching the video* Emma: I just took a shower Me: YOU TOOK A SHOWER!?!?!

  • sam leedle

    sam leedle

    Day ago

    Which arrondissement did you stay in ?

  • Vickster


    Day ago

    It might just me but when Emma has all that make up on she kinda looked like Maddie Ziegler

  • Penelope Garth

    Penelope Garth

    Day ago

    At 6:00 Talks about the shower but still points with the hairbrush away from the shower

  • Penelope Garth

    Penelope Garth

    Day ago

    Beanie left the chat

  • Isabelle von Perfall

    Isabelle von Perfall

    Day ago

    Emma, this IS a TV show of you in Paris by yourself.... 😂

  • Isabelle von Perfall

    Isabelle von Perfall

    Day ago

    Who else has seen this video approximately 7 times

  • It's GachaSarah

    It's GachaSarah

    Day ago

    I can't get jeans that fit me perfectly since I grow so fucken fast so I always have to get a size bigger which is sooo annoying😫

  • Ming Lee

    Ming Lee

    Day ago

    e m m a : yes I am wearing men’s underwear and yes I bought them. a k a : my boyfriend Ethan’s underwear.

  • Abril Gomez

    Abril Gomez

    Day ago

    shut up instead

  • Claire Ellbourn

    Claire Ellbourn

    Day ago

    what app do u use for editing? And for the intro and thumbnail?

  • Soraya Goeson-Pickett

    Soraya Goeson-Pickett

    2 days ago

    Do not cut your hair Emma

  • Marcelo Prado

    Marcelo Prado

    2 days ago


  • wearenow Melika Svenja

    wearenow Melika Svenja

    2 days ago

    u r an angel!!!

  • Emily Barrantes

    Emily Barrantes

    2 days ago


  • Florencia Lee

    Florencia Lee

    3 days ago

    emma’s earrings that she wore for her show looked like 100 pounds

  • Nikita Miller

    Nikita Miller

    3 days ago

    WE ALL YOU INSIDE AND OUT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Stephanie Yu

    Stephanie Yu

    3 days ago

    Wait a second. On the card whyd they write madame emma chamberlain. Madame means mrs. They shouldve done madamoiselle

  • Ju' Ju'

    Ju' Ju'

    3 days ago

    The boots of the fashion show day are UNDERRATED

  • Keira Brandon

    Keira Brandon

    3 days ago

    your so pretty cant relate

  • Xyla May

    Xyla May

    3 days ago


  • Lindsay Sines

    Lindsay Sines

    4 days ago

    Does anyone know what the red Zara turtle neck is called?

  • Q Q

    Q Q

    4 days ago

    Without makeup you look even better

  • K G

    K G

    4 days ago

    At like 18:11 that camera man looks kinda lije a mix of ed sheeran and paymewubby

  • Annie the Weird

    Annie the Weird

    4 days ago

    Omg this would be a dream come TrUe

  • Kate Tingey

    Kate Tingey

    4 days ago

    For some dumb reason I thought that Paris was in New York😂🤣

  • Jayda Cassanova

    Jayda Cassanova

    4 days ago

    You’re so amazing

  • Evie Exline

    Evie Exline

    4 days ago

    Emma said she slept for 8 hours and watched beautiful boy for 2 hours 8+2=10 She said 11 hour plane ride

  • nathan


    5 days ago

    it's so funny seeing my country filmed and experienced by a foreign eye.... the way she was excited over french coffee was so cute!!! i didn't think i'd enjoy her content this much but this vlog was rlly cool!! come back to france sometime!!

  • Sarah C

    Sarah C

    5 days ago

    WHICH saeco coffemachine is it? XXXX

  • Katelin Bailey

    Katelin Bailey

    5 days ago

    5:56: proof that Emma showers

  • Tabitha Sofi

    Tabitha Sofi

    5 days ago

    emma: "I'm gonna see if i could find a cute little cafe" emma: *Walks literally right past a cafe*

  • Tabitha Sofi

    Tabitha Sofi

    4 days ago

    miki minach probably

  • miki minach

    miki minach

    4 days ago

    guess it wasn’t cute enough

  • Libby Ahern

    Libby Ahern

    5 days ago

    the way she said ireland hurt my heart bro...

  • Twilight Eclipse

    Twilight Eclipse

    5 days ago

    Emma at 17 modeling for Louis vituon Me at 17 : cant even decide what to do in life 🤣😂😂

  • Ava Schakel

    Ava Schakel

    5 days ago

    8 plus 2 equals 10 not 11

  • Fabi Barry

    Fabi Barry

    5 days ago

    Who speaks French here😏😏😏😏😋😋😊😊😄😄

  • Queen Of all bitches

    Queen Of all bitches

    6 days ago


  • Destiny Marie

    Destiny Marie

    6 days ago

    Girl you want some coffe with that almond milk 😂😂😂

  • angelica J

    angelica J

    6 days ago

    Such a dream

  • nora aule

    nora aule

    6 days ago

    if you are going to paris you need to have french manicure girrrlllllllllll

  • Ruisi Han

    Ruisi Han

    6 days ago

    *sees picture of Emma as a 10 year old* Woah she didn't swear back then! (I'm not trying to say that swearing makes her a bad person I just can't picture her not swearing lol)

  • orange cow

    orange cow

    6 days ago

    15:36 we already saw you outfit on the thumbnail

  • Emily Prus

    Emily Prus

    6 days ago

    *i had no idea it was going to rain* *and i was right*

  • jasmine sksk

    jasmine sksk

    6 days ago

    luv how all the catwalk models are thinner than my little finger :3

  • chloe gallivan

    chloe gallivan

    6 days ago


  • Jamie 14

    Jamie 14

    6 days ago

    Emma went to Ireland 😮🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪☘️☘️ like if you’re Irish

  • Emmie Morals

    Emmie Morals

    7 days ago

    2:25 her doggo just minding his business

  • humptyxo


    7 days ago

    and now the twins are going to paris! setting trends emmaaaaa

  • n.tubeHD


    7 days ago

    I would believe you if you told me you’re a model😂😂😂💗💗💗

  • ᑎ30ᑎ ᗰᑌSIᑕ

    ᑎ30ᑎ ᗰᑌSIᑕ

    7 days ago

    12:45 id say neither dont shut up dont cut your hair, your hair is perfect the way it is bitch

  • Galaxy Queen

    Galaxy Queen

    7 days ago

    Emma: “these 2 photos should sum up what happened at the party *shows a mini burger and a knocked over candle*

  • maki theso

    maki theso

    7 days ago

    Omfg Emma!! I haven't known any other girl who wears men's briefs for comfort!! Sooooo good! 100% recommend!

  • kaylee swencki

    kaylee swencki

    7 days ago

    Bruh every time I watch Emma Chamberlain the Annabelle ad comes up and I get super scared but I can’t stop watching the video.

  • Sophiaaa


    7 days ago

    Does anyone know what the sweater she is wearing in the very beginning of the vid is?

  • Jasmine Reviews

    Jasmine Reviews

    7 days ago

    15:06 she looks like Peyton list

  • Ortiz girlz Roblox and more

    Ortiz girlz Roblox and more

    7 days ago

    In my school gym I was yelling that I wanted to drink coffee with Emma.Why.

  • bakk w

    bakk w

    7 days ago

    u're amazing love u

  • Chutu Squishy

    Chutu Squishy

    7 days ago

    Omg did anyone else come here cause of miraculous?

  • Ciara Casey

    Ciara Casey

    8 days ago

    Ur eyebrows look better then mine cause I have like no eyebrows sooo...

  • Eh Eh

    Eh Eh

    8 days ago

    I went to Paris on vacation last year it was fun Emma your soo fun and cool and like a role model

  • Aryssa Kingsborough

    Aryssa Kingsborough

    8 days ago

    Emma: has a super stuffed suitcase Also Emma: buys more clothes to put in a suitcase

  • Hina Tomoi

    Hina Tomoi

    8 days ago

    10 years old Emma is the cutest😍😍😍

  • lizzie lizard

    lizzie lizard

    8 days ago

    15:34 who else thinks she looks like Peyton list ⬇️ Only me ok 😫

  • feeb28


    8 days ago

    Can anyone ID the jeans and mustard pants emma got in paris?

  • John Young

    John Young

    8 days ago

    What's the music when she shows pictures of her Ireland trip? It sounds like Kevin Macleod but I can't find it anywhere lmao

  • Whendy Ojeda

    Whendy Ojeda

    8 days ago

    When Emma bleeped out curse words

  • gl01able


    8 days ago

    why am i enjoying this?

  • Lauren Gardiner

    Lauren Gardiner

    8 days ago

    hehehe dwight

  • Anmol Arora

    Anmol Arora

    9 days ago

    Thoroughly impressed. She is 17 and walked the Paris fashion week with Louis Vuitton. AT 17!!!!!! WTF

  • ClassicCupOfTea


    9 days ago

    Now I'm hungry....

  • Cliona Dalton

    Cliona Dalton

    9 days ago

    Bro I live in Ireland 😏😏😏😏😏

  • TatianaAintUrrz AintUrrz

    TatianaAintUrrz AintUrrz

    9 days ago

    Loved that

  • Chim Chimmy

    Chim Chimmy

    9 days ago

    I’m just going to be the Kpop loving weirdo I am and say Holland was at the fashion week

  • RegularEgg


    9 days ago

    Apparently they think she’s an older/married woman bc usually got someone her age they’d say mademoiselle

  • Severus Lovegood

    Severus Lovegood

    9 days ago

    Aaaah Emma looks so FuCkInG good like omg. I loved the shoulder pad one tho but stilllll she looked amazing

  • Sia Jin

    Sia Jin

    9 days ago

    You so prettyyyyyyyy The Louvre is so nice I went there in 2017



    9 days ago

    11 hour flight ,8 hours of sleep ,2 hours movie 8+2=10 ,10 hours 🤨

  • •Ⲙ α l α y s i α •

    •Ⲙ α l α y s i α •

    9 days ago

    4:21 - 4:29 *Me when I see food*

  • bubble butt

    bubble butt

    10 days ago

    *_i just love re-watching this from us to paris, first class hotel, food,coffee,her lv outfit, that lv ufo bag & her personality i just loved this video!_* 🛸🛸🛸

  • Jasmine Parenteau

    Jasmine Parenteau

    10 days ago

    You would look great with a short hair ...

  • Aiden Marsh

    Aiden Marsh

    10 days ago

    me trying to stuff a body in a suitcase 2:27

  • Nourah Alfarraj

    Nourah Alfarraj

    10 days ago

    When you wear your outfit you look like JoJo siwa

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