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  • Allison Toth

    Allison Toth

    14 minutes ago

    ‘I’m gonna see if I can find a cute little cafe to go into’ There is LITERALLY a cafe in the shot

  • Ava Kenyon

    Ava Kenyon

    34 minutes ago

    I just realized shes in her new apartment in the beginning

  • Laura C

    Laura C

    Hour ago

    When she was glammed, the wavy face filter actually looked so good 😂👌

  • Webwvwvwv Wvwbwbveveve

    Webwvwvwv Wvwbwbveveve

    Hour ago

    Omg didn’t the curelogy work?

  • Marinke Timmer

    Marinke Timmer

    Hour ago

    DuDe where is that sweater in the first shot from?!??!?!? so cool

  • Kathryn Davis

    Kathryn Davis

    Hour ago

    Is she sponsored by soul sycle

  • Kathryn Davis

    Kathryn Davis

    Hour ago

    When you invite a USdownloadr to your party and she doesn’t vlog

  • Sofia Cookiemonster

    Sofia Cookiemonster

    Hour ago

    cut your hair ! its gonna look really good

  • Jaiden Reid

    Jaiden Reid

    2 hours ago

    Emma being bougie for 19 minutes straight

  • Samira _May

    Samira _May

    2 hours ago

    I am screaming because I have the same Coffeemachine😭😭👌OMG😂😂😂😂😂😉

  • Valeria Lavayen

    Valeria Lavayen

    2 hours ago

    petition for emma to make a tik tok account

  • Ansley Bourgeois

    Ansley Bourgeois

    2 hours ago

    From diy Gucci shirt to Louis Vuitton inviting her to fashion week😆❤️💖

  • Madeline Gravitt

    Madeline Gravitt

    2 hours ago

    Emma has a dog!!!?

  • DIY Highlights - Its Not Only DIYS

    DIY Highlights - Its Not Only DIYS

    2 hours ago

    is it funny how this whole vlog she talks about her skin then I see an ad about some skin cair thingy with Emma Chamberlain saying it actually works now im confused but ok

  • Nohely


    3 hours ago

    surprised she actually showered

  • Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia

    4 hours ago

    3:20 Emma 11 - 8 is 3 ... not 2 😔

  • pandaqueen candy

    pandaqueen candy

    4 hours ago




    4 hours ago

    don’t get me wrong I love Emma. she is very open abt some stuff but like stuff she probably shouldn’t share 🤣 that’s okay though because she is extremely amazing and funny and any time I have a bad day I turn her on. but I don’t get why she hasn’t addressed her school situation again like is she in college or dropping out ? she never shares personal stories like smoking experiences drinking experiences just bad experiences or good experiences. Emma has a lot of mental issues and a lot of people do I don’t get why she doesn’t talk to her fans abt stuff to make her feel better instead she just pushes everything to the side when it comes to us and in tanas lie detector video on USdownload she says that there is tea between her and the Dolan twins and if there wasn’t any tea wouldn’t she address that by now?

  • Jacques Dixon

    Jacques Dixon

    4 hours ago

    I swear Morgan Adams has better fashion sense than Emma. Even Shane Dawson dresses better than her.

  • Lilianna Tomasi

    Lilianna Tomasi

    5 hours ago

    Why does she look like Ongina in that makeup?😂😂

  • Whitney Miller

    Whitney Miller

    5 hours ago

    Wow, it's amazing what make-up can do!!

  • Dr. Ackers

    Dr. Ackers

    5 hours ago

    Sister James should have Ben there to do her makeup

  • Michelle Rose

    Michelle Rose

    5 hours ago

    She has a basic ass style

  • Jessica Buijs

    Jessica Buijs

    5 hours ago

    im dying!!!!!!whyyy are u soooo freaking funny

  • David Chow

    David Chow

    5 hours ago

    Do watch her hanging with Karlie Kloss driving through Paris

  • Helmi


    6 hours ago

    "i was on a plain for 11 hours, i slept for 8 hours and was awake for the other 2" Okay good maths

  • Amara Jackman

    Amara Jackman

    6 hours ago

    i think the moment you get sponsored by LOUIS VUITTON you automatically become not relatable anymore

  • rakelg


    7 hours ago


  • rakelg


    7 hours ago

    your body is looking super snatched and toned whoa soul cycle working its magic

  • Brae Alamillo

    Brae Alamillo

    8 hours ago

    This is the type of life i wish I lived. Props bb you fucking slay

  • The Master

    The Master

    8 hours ago

    We NEED a sister squad video!!! Perhaps a camping trip...

  • Ruby Mceneff

    Ruby Mceneff

    8 hours ago

    i live in ireland isnt thr weather just gorgeous

  • Carla Brady

    Carla Brady

    9 hours ago

    Lol 0:49

  • Teresa Olondo Junca

    Teresa Olondo Junca

    9 hours ago

    Lil Emma is *so cute*

  • Iris Batenburg

    Iris Batenburg

    9 hours ago

    I became so excited! Your so cute you deserve so much❤️

  • Bethannie Minatozaki

    Bethannie Minatozaki

    10 hours ago

    I think u should just shut up instead Hahhaha Lols... I like your long hair... love u



    11 hours ago

    Lovely eyes

  • Supreme KING

    Supreme KING

    11 hours ago

    WOW! It must be such an honor to be invited by Louis Vuitton. Did they pay for the hotel? This is the kind of lifestyle I'd love to have.

  • NARMY 나르미

    NARMY 나르미

    13 hours ago

    14:26 I was l literally said "why not?" soulmates

  • mattsonja


    13 hours ago

    100% the best vid of yours

  • Lorena M.

    Lorena M.

    13 hours ago

    She looked gorg

  • Emma Sacks

    Emma Sacks

    13 hours ago

    Petition for the sister squad to make a camping video

  • Azalea Jamie

    Azalea Jamie

    14 hours ago

    Cool ! I'd like to try that someday

  • RutabagaRuby


    14 hours ago

    15:52 where’s Emma’s hairline??

  • Breanna Macgregor

    Breanna Macgregor

    14 hours ago

    okay i really don’t like emma chamberlain but for some reason i always watch her videos. FOR SOME REASON my bitchy ass self dislikes everyone of her videos before i even watch it. oops

  • E u p h o r i a

    E u p h o r i a

    16 hours ago

    I hope you showered for it

  • J4gger kloSS

    J4gger kloSS

    16 hours ago

    Adoro i tuoi video 💙

  • It's Mya's Life

    It's Mya's Life

    17 hours ago

    Awww Emma your so freakin gorgeous💕😫

  • It's Mya's Life

    It's Mya's Life

    17 hours ago

    Emma u literally look like Harriet the spy in that yellow raincoat 👏🏽😫😂

  • this girl purple you

    this girl purple you

    17 hours ago

    im binge watching while waiting for you to post the vlog you have with Bryant

  • Lina Fries

    Lina Fries

    17 hours ago

    But where can i get those jeans?????

  • Chloe Soleil Roleplays

    Chloe Soleil Roleplays

    17 hours ago

    11:00 YESSS QUEEN

  • avaaa aubrie29

    avaaa aubrie29

    18 hours ago

    the notification to this just came out:(

  • Sajel Stewart-Verna

    Sajel Stewart-Verna

    18 hours ago

    omg emma!!!! i went there andme and my friend almost fell in the founten

  • awienill a

    awienill a

    18 hours ago

    I luv u 💕💕💕💕💕

  • awienill a

    awienill a

    18 hours ago

    Emma!! U eat Eggs but u say ur a vegan!

  • Tara McNally

    Tara McNally

    18 hours ago

    With her hair half up she looked like Brooklyn from cute girls hairstyles

  • Maayan ohana

    Maayan ohana

    19 hours ago

    Not gonna lie.. kinda upset.. the fact that Louis Vuitton got a girl with no style (in my opinion by her outfits on her Instagram) or any kind of fashion background (if you considered spending money in urban outfitters fashion then go read a book) To present their clothes.. is just sad. Louis Vuitton is such a big brand and have such a big impact right now in the fast fashion culture and seeing this just makes me want to throw up on her dress because... do I even need to say how ugly that dress is???

  • Margaret Jones

    Margaret Jones

    19 hours ago

    Did you go to paris and not hit up the pharmacies?????????

  • Charlotte Keeler

    Charlotte Keeler

    19 hours ago

    eats a kiwi EWW IMA PIG



    19 hours ago

    Wow u so pretty!!

  • Beth Stone

    Beth Stone

    19 hours ago

    The effort in the intro…

  • boo o

    boo o

    19 hours ago

    Aren’t you supposed to be in school??

  • Nella. Banking

    Nella. Banking

    20 hours ago

    And I freak out when I have 1 pimple and a few bumps😂😂😂😂😂

  • lil mee

    lil mee

    20 hours ago

    Anybody ladybug and cat noir fans

  • Sarah Anderson

    Sarah Anderson

    20 hours ago


  • its is Twinklevanessa :D !

    its is Twinklevanessa :D !

    20 hours ago

    17:25 wait for it

  • Grace Oof

    Grace Oof

    20 hours ago

    The only reason I would go to a dif country is for the food.

  • Colette Adams

    Colette Adams

    20 hours ago

    so proud of you Emma! well done! ❤️

  • Lime Light

    Lime Light

    20 hours ago

    3:25 MATH WITH EMMA: *sleeps for 8* *watches something and cries for 2* 8 + 2 = 11???

  • Sara Khan

    Sara Khan

    21 hour ago

    She said she was vegetarian but ordered boiled eggs 😂

  • Pass The bleach

    Pass The bleach

    13 hours ago

    Vegetarian is where u can eat Meat but can eat animal products like milk, dairy, eggs. Vegan is where u can eat anything that comes from an animal

  • Lola Boice

    Lola Boice

    22 hours ago

    Subscribe to my USdownload channel beeches

  • Kunt Phucker

    Kunt Phucker

    22 hours ago

    I'd like to pop all your pimples

  • Kunt Phucker

    Kunt Phucker

    22 hours ago

    aren't you the cats meow

  • teresa brandtner

    teresa brandtner

    22 hours ago

    What brand are the Jeans? 😍

  • Grace McMillen

    Grace McMillen

    23 hours ago

    All I can say is “damn”

  • Jill Buckley

    Jill Buckley

    23 hours ago

    I’m from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Mariam's Lifestyle

    Mariam's Lifestyle

    23 hours ago

    That dress ❤️so pretty

  • 20millionsteps


    23 hours ago

    It's like watching Home Alone when Kevin orders a ton of food from room service 😂😂

  • kerry fournillier

    kerry fournillier

    23 hours ago

    Wow...don't know this person..but makeup is really deceptive!!!

  • Kabehn Kpason

    Kabehn Kpason

    Day ago

    I wrote a freaking French on this. Thanks for saving my grades 😛

  • Amanda Dischler

    Amanda Dischler

    Day ago

    Ok but how does Emma make the weirdest ugliest dress look so FUCKING GOOOD THAT IT HURTTTTSSSS

  • Patricia sarkkinen

    Patricia sarkkinen

    Day ago

    Thats a lot of dislikes. Why? Im laughing my Ass off

  • itz hrisi

    itz hrisi

    Day ago


  • tiffany autumn

    tiffany autumn

    Day ago

    i'm a new channel and people say my vids are like emma's so i'd appreciate if you check it out thanks :P

  • indie rose

    indie rose

    Day ago

    don’t cut ur hair but dye it blonde then do a pastel color like pink or something YES QUEEN

  • Maria Faber Wanvik

    Maria Faber Wanvik

    Day ago

    Does anyone know which model the men’s underwear She is wearing is? I NEED IT!

  • Alyssa Paige Godwin

    Alyssa Paige Godwin

    Day ago

    Mens briefs are HELLA COMFORTABLE. My boyfriend bought some that were too small for him so now they're mine and I fucking loveeee them. Also, you look fuckin bomb. 😍

  • beth ridley

    beth ridley

    Day ago

    Where are the jeans from????

  • Alyssa Duty

    Alyssa Duty

    Day ago

    OMG, this is so amazing.

  • Vanessa Hills

    Vanessa Hills

    Day ago


  • TurtleVoyage


    Day ago

    That hair cut is the move

  • diego medina

    diego medina

    Day ago

    she looks she doesn’t shower at all

  • Lisa Souvannasy

    Lisa Souvannasy

    Day ago

    Wait.. do vegetarians eat eggs???

  • Olivia Wilson

    Olivia Wilson

    Day ago

    Is she a woman or a WOMAN

  • harley wadson wadson

    harley wadson wadson

    Day ago

    i love this

  • bubble butt

    bubble butt

    Day ago

    *_from DIY GUCCI to INVITED for PFW WOW! that’s a level-up tho i’m deceased!_* 🌈💋💕💯🎨🌊💎✨

  • Sam Peltz

    Sam Peltz

    Day ago

    I cant. sos.

  • Sam Peltz

    Sam Peltz

    Day ago

    Dead ass, the milk stashes are unreal.

  • İrem Aras

    İrem Aras

    Day ago


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