From Riverdale’s jingle jangle epidemic to familial relations on Game of Thrones, life would probably be weird if tv shows were real.
Courtney Miller (@co_mill)
Shayne Topp (@supershayne)
Keith Leak Jr. (@KeithLeakJr)
Ian Hecox (@smoshian)
Damien Haas (@damienhaas)
Olivia Sui (@oliviasui)
Director: Ryan Todd
Writers: Monica Vasandani, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Finnerty
Production Manager: Margo McHugh
DIT: Matt Duran
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  • xd Harveyj

    xd Harveyj

    37 seconds ago

    They coulda got Anthony back to play Jon snow

  • Zeki Alp Temizer

    Zeki Alp Temizer

    25 minutes ago

    Next video idea: COLLAB WITH ANTHONY

  • acer 1997

    acer 1997

    55 minutes ago

    I haven’t watched Smosh since early 2013. What has happened since then ?

  • Alvin Lee Junior

    Alvin Lee Junior

    Hour ago

    I miss Anthony.

  • Edmond Johnson

    Edmond Johnson

    3 hours ago

    What happened to the usual If [blank] Were Real theme?

  • Melissa Daniel

    Melissa Daniel

    3 hours ago

    Game of thrones btw

  • Melissa Daniel

    Melissa Daniel

    3 hours ago

    Alabama you can bang your sister

  • ICEGamer


    3 hours ago

    You shud make a every AI ever

  • Kristian Rasmussen

    Kristian Rasmussen

    3 hours ago

    Smosh on recommended... Wow i haven’t seen this fossil for a while!

  • ZombieHyena HD

    ZombieHyena HD

    4 hours ago

    Leave it to bieber show?

  • The L.J. Show

    The L.J. Show

    4 hours ago

    1:18 He doesn't know

  • Orvyz_ Wilbz

    Orvyz_ Wilbz

    4 hours ago

    Omfg I didn't know that shayne was in The Goldbergs.its generally my favourite TV show and your in it

  • M Zakrl

    M Zakrl

    6 hours ago

    Really is the only way on how you get money

  • emocrys678


    7 hours ago

    S/o to People eliminating nefariousness 15 in the town of Dixon, they make great cider none of the artificial crap.

  • Brooklyn T-Guy

    Brooklyn T-Guy

    10 hours ago

    Missing one thing.. *Ian asking Anthony on a couch*

  • PhoenixYt


    10 hours ago

    I like the old smosh better Too many people joined and smosh just died like that :(

  • carsnow2011


    10 hours ago


  • Redzy_ 218

    Redzy_ 218

    11 hours ago

    The Sabrina one was so funny

  • trashley


    12 hours ago

    you are very stupid and very hot

  • Ivy  Sarzuela

    Ivy Sarzuela

    12 hours ago

    I love riverdale like if u agree and game of thrones and sabrina

  • 0GamerUrufu0


    12 hours ago

    No 13 reasons why?

  • Naaz Farook

    Naaz Farook

    13 hours ago

    anyone still ship courtney and Shayne

  • Wannabe Me

    Wannabe Me

    13 hours ago

    If TV shows were real the bloopers would be in them

  • R4pt0r 0411

    R4pt0r 0411

    13 hours ago

    1:27 not really

  • Jack Wise

    Jack Wise

    13 hours ago

    Perfect impression of Matthew McConaughey

  • badcop gaming

    badcop gaming

    15 hours ago

    I miss the old smosh 😢

  • Itz- Chloe the hater

    Itz- Chloe the hater

    15 hours ago

    I miss the shut up intro

  • Alex Ladicos

    Alex Ladicos

    15 hours ago

    Yay Brooklyn nine nine it was amazing

  • SG Evan

    SG Evan

    15 hours ago

    Ian is really good at playing a washed up 30 year old

  • chewie lover

    chewie lover

    16 hours ago

    Can u do every tiktok ever

  • Monk Farmer

    Monk Farmer

    16 hours ago

    Winters never a good season. hahaha

  • Rookie 7650

    Rookie 7650

    18 hours ago

    Smosh died when Anthony left

  • NOEGAMING 1234

    NOEGAMING 1234

    18 hours ago

    Make every fortnite ever

  • Kevin He

    Kevin He

    18 hours ago

    New Smosh is trash

  • A guy Hi

    A guy Hi

    18 hours ago

    How did they get adds on this?

  • Aliko


    18 hours ago


  • Nba trick Shots

    Nba trick Shots

    19 hours ago

    What’s the name of the intro song

  • Cory Tyler

    Cory Tyler

    19 hours ago

    You should do Pokémon again

  • Samsung Guy

    Samsung Guy

    19 hours ago

    I miss old smosh

  • Bryan Song

    Bryan Song

    20 hours ago

    Where is Noah?

  • Cameron Carter

    Cameron Carter

    20 hours ago

    You are the baest

  • Cameron Carter

    Cameron Carter

    20 hours ago


  • Benny Nolastname

    Benny Nolastname

    20 hours ago

    Every time they changed their profile photo something bad happens

  • FaCE pALM

    FaCE pALM

    20 hours ago

    My dog just died and your videos make me laugh, it’s hard to get over it. Thank you

  • Suzie 55

    Suzie 55

    20 hours ago

    Lol is it just me or they added Jon snow just cuz everyone says Anthony look like Jon snoe xD



    20 hours ago


  • Emmanuel


    21 hour ago

    Someone speaks Spanish??

  • Jacob Bulkoski

    Jacob Bulkoski

    21 hour ago

    I havent watched a single episode of a single show in here wtf happened to smosh

  • Rishabh Malhotra

    Rishabh Malhotra

    22 hours ago

    Please so every baskin Robbins ever

  • Redman and Golden Blend

    Redman and Golden Blend

    23 hours ago

    Wtf happened to this channel, I haven’t watched a smosh vid in 6 yrs

  • BiG GAME

    BiG GAME

    23 hours ago

    Kто русский? Ставьте лайк

  • Inayaa Iqbal

    Inayaa Iqbal

    Day ago

    Smosh needs to do every rich person ever Like if you agree ⏬

  • Johnny MaD2

    Johnny MaD2

    Day ago

    1969 VS 2019

  • Sanskaar Sharma

    Sanskaar Sharma

    Day ago

    The logo changed again

  • Hamed Abdullah

    Hamed Abdullah

    Day ago

    should have included blindspot

  • Osha Animates

    Osha Animates

    Day ago

    Are you dissin my stranger things? lol

  • Noob Stray

    Noob Stray

    Day ago

    Im miss Anthony ;-;

  • starboy_135 _246

    starboy_135 _246

    Day ago

    Can you do a if people were anime 3 please please

  • Sergeant Stingray

    Sergeant Stingray

    Day ago

    Man. You guy's have changed..

  • The Maxiness Clements

    The Maxiness Clements

    Day ago

    How dare u 1. How long did it take u to make a bb99 ep 2. Also how dare u make it bad

  • Deadshot Fan

    Deadshot Fan

    Day ago


  • Markymark


    Day ago

    how many times did Courtney break during the robot virgin part

  • Dhananjay Jadeja

    Dhananjay Jadeja

    Day ago

    I only comment for likes so please like 😁👍👍

  • Goosey Zero12

    Goosey Zero12

    Day ago

    49 the robot blink sorry this comment is bad

  • BimNoah TV!

    BimNoah TV!

    Day ago

    make a channel of anothony is back becuse it's not right with out him

  • Sofia Casurao

    Sofia Casurao

    Day ago


  • Kainenrox :: Sahbastion Hopson

    Kainenrox :: Sahbastion Hopson

    Day ago


  • LyricalGhost


    Day ago

    I miss the old smosh

  • krimit the frog

    krimit the frog

    Day ago

    What happened to the hot one

  • Gabriel Roi

    Gabriel Roi

    Day ago

    I miss Anthony

  • Inceptur rrr

    Inceptur rrr

    Day ago

    Every trend ever

  • Alexander Mihos

    Alexander Mihos

    Day ago

    What is the name of the cut music that goes like ba da ba da ba da

  • Jennilier Needs to fart

    Jennilier Needs to fart

    Day ago

    On my word Sabrina 💛

  • ZoneZ


    Day ago




    Day ago

    Jon snow looks like AntoPadilla

  • Rameez Shaikh

    Rameez Shaikh

    Day ago

    Miss Anthony

  • Linda bros

    Linda bros

    Day ago


  • T11V1


    Day ago

    Where's the old "If blank were real" song?

  • mr goat

    mr goat

    Day ago

    Whats the song between the clips

  • Kristian Garcia

    Kristian Garcia

    Day ago

    Who remembers when SMOSH was actually good 6 years ago

  • Jacob Barton

    Jacob Barton

    Day ago


  • Toast


    Day ago


  • Admiral Bones

    Admiral Bones

    Day ago

    What song did they use for chilling adventures of Sabrina ?

  • Joel _man

    Joel _man

    Day ago

    Cada *¡CALLATE!* de siempre :V

  • Brandy Leszega

    Brandy Leszega

    Day ago

    I know Andy's last name its Padilla

  • mr zombo

    mr zombo

    Day ago

    >:( I miss the if ___ were real with anthony

  • Lex 2E

    Lex 2E

    Day ago

    Welp, Iv'e finally grown up enough to realize how shitty smosh got. After 7 years of being subscribed, peace

  • Yyy Gaming

    Yyy Gaming

    Day ago

    Anthany left the smosh Channel

  • aaabr2004


    Day ago

    Every KFC Ever Anyone?

  • ROBLOX Gaming

    ROBLOX Gaming

    Day ago

    Every school day ever

  • Mimphle Rano

    Mimphle Rano

    Day ago

    Do tv shows kids actually know



    Day ago

    Where did the “SHUT UP!” Go?

  • Andy Ruiz

    Andy Ruiz

    Day ago

    Do every house ever or every police ever

  • Andy Ruiz

    Andy Ruiz

    Day ago


  • Andy Ruiz

    Andy Ruiz

    Day ago

    Guys do every gamer ever

  • Robert


    Day ago

    You guy's should do every dollar store ever.

  • Seth McFarlane

    Seth McFarlane

    Day ago

    There should be a shaynes workout routine in like a show with no name format

  • Ty_ fr__2003

    Ty_ fr__2003

    Day ago

    Do every middle school ever

  • Hunter The tomodachi life fan

    Hunter The tomodachi life fan

    Day ago

    Is Anthony coming back

  • Mr Bungle

    Mr Bungle

    Day ago

    Loved this channel back when it was just the two emo kids. "SHUT UP!!"

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