If you haven't considered AMD's new GPUs... you should...

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Most people don't shop for $1200 video cards... that's why this competition taking place in the mid tier GPU market is great got consumers!
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  • Kim Faes F*Kim

    Kim Faes F*Kim

    21 minute ago

    Why isn't Ivan (navi) kicking in my door i want 1 😔

  • GreenMachine


    33 minutes ago

    I have been following you for some time now please stop doing pre-testing videos it is annoying and time-wasting I understand that they're paying you money to do this SHIT but please hopefully the sponsors can understand a message. STOP it!

  • TheGreatC81


    2 hours ago

    I'd love to see you guys add in a sim like iRacing or DCS in VR as one of your benchmarks. I think there's a constantly growing demographic that has somewhat different needs and those people would love to get more directly related data when researching things like CPU's and GPU's.

  • Michal Páleš

    Michal Páleš

    3 hours ago

    The sharpening(RIS) maybe makes the 5700XT usable in 4k also.

  • thechudoviste


    4 hours ago

    I've seen this was your wish for so long,and it finally came true.I must say,I belive that also was a wish of so manny of us.AMD finally delivered! Thank you for a good video,Jay.

  • Moraco Mole

    Moraco Mole

    6 hours ago

    i think we are less than 6 months away from seeing AMDs raytracing announced

  • Antoine Finch

    Antoine Finch

    7 hours ago

    So no more new under 300.00 video cards huh? In 5-10 yrs the budget CPU's and Gpu's will be $1000.00

  • iDenden


    8 hours ago

    I love to watch Jayz's videos because his eyes colors matched with his hair's.

  • Mikko Saarinen

    Mikko Saarinen

    9 hours ago

    I would really love to see them coming up with an RT 5800 card next with a price and performance to challenge the 2070 Super and Radeon VII

  • Peter Seven

    Peter Seven

    10 hours ago

    nVidia,amd and intel are a little psichotic with this war,rtx now super...and people goe after like dogs...

  • Stephen M

    Stephen M

    12 hours ago

    Do a blower mod - Use tape and cardboard to duct a 120mm fan (or two) into the cooler.

  • Thanny


    16 hours ago

    AMD has a long way to go with drivers? Can't say it's not a popular myth, but it has no basis in truth whatsoever. AMD is leagues ahead of nVidia with drivers, and has been for the vast majority of of nVidia's existence.

  • Darcy Callaghan

    Darcy Callaghan

    17 hours ago

    I will when third-parties ensure they don't set my house on fire.

  • Jose John

    Jose John

    17 hours ago

    2019 the rebirth of AMD

  • MrDman


    20 hours ago

    I got myself a Vega 56 MSI Air Boost OC., huge upgrade from a single 290x 8gb XFX (You remember those box by XFX? Those were smaller than the Super and XT). Can't see pass 70c running 4.62Ghz Fx 8350 to run my game no problem with a shock, this MicroBoard 34" 3440x1440 can virtual super resolution to 5130x2160 @60hz in 21:9, running Doom with this card is very solid under Vulkan and sort of it odd bug of the clock speed. It often goes to 4,500Mhz on the core clock speed in afterburner graph and AMD software graph when playing MTG Arena, some game pause menu or tab menu, random spot in the game, and Dead Space shown the same result of odd high Mhz clock speed to does not match up with my GPU Z meter. The Air Boost is no joke on the name, this card can suck air really hard inside the case to blow out faster thank to making only HDMI and Display Port with a larger window. This gpu is idling 34c as I'm typing with fan speed of 21%, my four 200m fan is louder. I'm very satisfies with my product to play game like never before and play old classic at 21:9 with virtual super resolution, double check with both of their sites to not shown any mention of being able to support Virtual Super Resolution of my monitor to gave a head up for those looking for upgrading their GPU to be capable of supporting Virtual Super Resolution.

  • yougotservedyo


    22 hours ago

    the microcenter deal makes it hard not to go full AMD these days

  • mictony


    Day ago

    Gets a Nvidia AD before a video on AMD Nvidia just doesn’t want amd to suceed

  • SmileforSomeChange


    Day ago

    @JayzTwoCents Wondering your thoughts on a high end 4k HTPC non gaming build

  • Dhruba Boruah

    Dhruba Boruah

    Day ago

    In Competitive Online games FPS Matters not Raytracing etc. So I would buy an AMD. at this price.

  • Dhruba Boruah

    Dhruba Boruah

    10 hours ago

    @Михаил I have good monitor brother

  • Михаил


    14 hours ago

    Does it matter if you have 240fps if monitor HZ bottelneck you at 60\120?

  • Humberto Rojas

    Humberto Rojas

    Day ago

    Jay please watercool the 5700xt and test it with the power play mod, it's being said that it reaches 2.3ghz and can trade blows with the 2080... perhaps we can expect great things from the aib cards.

  • MTechBasics


    Day ago

    watch my test of rx 5700xt usdownload.net/item/video-ByYkP4hNUJ8.html Raijintek morpheus 2 yes or no?

  • luke oneill

    luke oneill

    Day ago

    Even the nvidia box is better

  • WiiNV


    Day ago

    Should Power Mod it! 🔌🚀

  • Virus Of Cyrus

    Virus Of Cyrus

    Day ago

    WTF! How Rich do you have to be to have ALL those top tier graphics cards sitting on your bench! Give me one of them PLEASE!! I promise I will put it to good use Every single day!!

  • Panda Digital Love

    Panda Digital Love

    Day ago

    Support AMD. Competition drives prices down, gamers benefit.

  • The CBD Jester

    The CBD Jester

    Day ago

    I'm looking to get a RX580 should I wait for these new cards to land first?

  • The CBD Jester

    The CBD Jester

    48 minutes ago

    @Михаил I'll be running it with an FX8350 with the intention to max out the capability of the CPU so I don't think a 5700 would pair well. Appreciate your comment. I'll be getting the 580 soon :)

  • Михаил


    14 hours ago

    RX 580 is pretty cheap right now. Somewhere around 160 euros. It's kinda nice card if you playing at 1080p60hz monitor. But you must undarstand that this isn't a performance longevity card. You can play modern games with high settings no problem (there will be drops below 60fps at some games which can be fixed with lower settings though), but i don't think that this card will be nice at 2021. But still it twice cheaper than RX 5700. RX 5700 is more futureproof especially for 1080p gaming, but it should be more than fine for 1440p too.

  • ojtothemax


    Day ago

    Hey Jay, would it be possible to try a Radeon 7 mgpu test? There is this German guy who actually setup a mgpu build with 2 radeon 7 but the review is not as good. Also could you also do cinema 4D benchmarking? Gaming is one point but it would also be great to know if these builds can be used for 3D modelling and rendering. Oh, this is the video, where the german guy uses 2x Radeon VII usdownload.net/item/video-NFoPwxr-75g.html

  • Sourabh Gaikwad

    Sourabh Gaikwad

    Day ago

    What abput their operating temperature, cause it is a conern in this continent.

  • Kawaii Hatsune

    Kawaii Hatsune

    Day ago

    Let's also not forget support is far worse from AMD most game devs optimize with Nvidia in mind. Additionally these new 5000 cards run at 90C plus and sound like a jet taking off

  • A-Flame


    17 hours ago

    It's still good to have the competition too our nvidia GPU's though. Had I known, I would have waited for my 2070 because it would have been a super instead at the same price.

  • briand01


    Day ago

    my first AMD GPU was the ATI Rage 128 1998 made in Canada

  • Herbert Holland

    Herbert Holland

    Day ago

    My first ATI card was the All in Wonder card. It had the 3d rage chipset, the precursor to the Original Radeon. It was the first card that I recall combing 2d and 3d graphics cards into a single card. It also had a TV capture card built into it. Prior to that I had An S3 Video card and a 3dfx voodoo 2 3d accelerator.

  • Die-Cast


    Day ago

    when looking at the Non-XT and XT benchmarks i have a feeling there is still more performance to gain just from drivers. The Non-XT is to close to the XT and i think that is because of immature drivers. I think in August or September with a more Mature Driver and AIB cards the XT will be as fast or faster than the RTX 2070 Super and the non-XT will be as fast or faster than the 2060 Super.

  • Albert Mas

    Albert Mas

    Day ago

    Sorry but this time you're liying. 5700XT's counterpart is not RTX2060Super. It's the RTX2070Super. By price but also because AMD's own advertising. And at that part 2060Super's price excess still makes it better in performance per dollar than its counterpart AMD5700. When comparing RTX2070Super and 5700XT they're much more even in performance/price. Nearly exactly the same price reductio AMD's card gets equals to its performance loss compared to 2070Super.

  • Andrew Brinkman

    Andrew Brinkman

    Day ago

    Glad I just bought 50 more shares of AMD stock 6 weeks ago.

  • Nikita Zaycev

    Nikita Zaycev

    2 days ago

    *** and that is a 12nm card being more energy efficient than a 7nm one.

  • Nikita Zaycev

    Nikita Zaycev

    2 days ago

    Shit, not only we are not getting an HD 7970-like card (as it was back in 2011), we are actually still stuck in that era when a 160W TDP nvidia card matches a 225W amd card. Shit that is both boring and disappointing. Great review tho, thumbs up for that

  • Nic_s


    2 days ago

    I bought a XFX RX590 and the AMD software is not great. Every time I restart my machine I have to open the software, reset the wattman settings to factory (I have a fairly aggressive custom fan curve), and then reload my profile. It's been this way with 3 different versions so far. One thing to keep in mind is that these new radeon cards pull a lot of power and so run pretty hot. I've had to learn the hard way about cards pulling a lot of power with my XFX rx590. XFX used steel to bridge the gap between the VRAM modules and actual cooler and so during mid summer here in Africa... where we generally can't afford nice air conditioning... the card would crash after more than an hour of gaming. After A LOT of testing, it is a heat issue even though the GPU never even thermal throttled and my bet is that it's the steel plate XFX for some reason thought would be a good idea. Raw frame rate and fancy features like ray tracing is not the only thing people should look at. Power draw and heat generation is just as important and people should keep in mind that most tech reviewers will have the room where they test nice and cool... and not in a room that is 30+ degrees Celsius (With 40c outside) like in Africa, middle east, India, Australia... basically there are a lot of places that get very hot in summer and the temps in most reviews will not reflect what these cards will run at in you country or climate. Wait for partner models which will have better cooling... don't buy a blower card. With the software issues and the steel plate XFX used in the construction of the card... it will take a lot to get me to buy Radeon again and even more to recommend it to anyone. BUT... there seems to be SOME promise here...

  • chris99103


    2 days ago

    AMD card = good ....but....NVIDIA´s cards have better driver support and can generally be operated with less hassle...heat is another advantage for NVIDIA

  • Elder Cristian

    Elder Cristian

    2 days ago

    Where are the guys who keep saying that JayZ gets paid by Nvidia and an Nvidia fanboy?

  • Peter


    2 days ago

    Too bad the AMD drivers are NOT of the same quality as Nvidia!

  • MTechBasics


    2 days ago

    nice video ! But the question is if you want ray tracing and stuff... can you RTXON with this mid tier cards and have good FPS? Or is it still overpriced bcs the fact that you cant RTXON and play smooth FPS in midtier?



    2 days ago

    AMD YES!

  • Yves Van Steen

    Yves Van Steen

    2 days ago

    Any scores for content creating application? adobe premiere, blender?

  • J O

    J O

    2 days ago

    I would love to buy the 5700 buuut I can't deal with a loud card, if they would do a partner card like msi cooling fans I would be all in.

  • Bill Oddy

    Bill Oddy

    2 days ago

    Wait till you see the 1080 Ti

  • dONALD42


    2 days ago

    8:14 No, games are not designed for nvidia rtx-shit, 99% of developers literally doesn't give a flying shit about rtx. Stop saying bullshit! What fucking dozens of titles? There are no dozens of titles. You can't name dozens, ten, or five titles even, because only THREE game is using that shit people payed the nvidia-tax for.

  • GRHmedia


    2 days ago

    I'll say it now as a developer I'm not supporting RTX. It's not an industry standard and unless Nvidia is going to pay me money to write additional code it isn't going to happen. I don't want to maintain that added code down the road when a real standard does come in.

  • Matt Brada

    Matt Brada

    2 days ago

    I have never bought an AMD or ATI product since my first build in 2003 but I'm finally ready for a new build and I'm thinking it will be the 3700X and the 5700. Very impressed with AMD. I think this will be their most historic moment since the Athlon. Great job AMD and great news for all of us consumers/enthusiasts.

  • nov8mber


    2 days ago

    5700XT or 2070 Super?

  • G Stizzaff

    G Stizzaff

    2 days ago

    First time buying radeon. I have been buying nvidia graphics cards since my first 8600GTS. Tired of evga's software limiting their awesome hardware and tired of nvidia's wild spectrum of overpriced cards. Looking forward to taming this volcano.

  • Rambito


    2 days ago

    usdownload.net/item/video-7MLr1nijHIo.html Radeon Image Sharping is a more practical tech all gamers can use.

  • Maxim Au

    Maxim Au

    2 days ago

    When the mainstream card is now over $350, that is clear a problem.

  • JOJO fan

    JOJO fan

    2 days ago

    They overheat so much evennif you have 6 fans it still overheads its fucking weird

  • Phillip Truong

    Phillip Truong

    2 days ago

    Can you try to SLI the 5700 and the 5700xt? No one has really done that.

  • Nibblesnarf Games

    Nibblesnarf Games

    2 days ago

    lmao the monitor place says " Derrr we only show prices to memberz hur durrr!" like i can't google it? it's 800 dollard + btw

  • JoshKeatonFan


    2 days ago

    6:13 Why can't you just benchmark FarCry: New Dawn? FarCry 5 was last year's game! You are living in the past Jay! I hope you were able to pick up FarCry: New Dawn from the Steam Summer Sale

  • Midnight Mechanic

    Midnight Mechanic

    2 days ago

    Intel is that brand that makes those onboard graphics chipsets that ain't worth a damn, so Intel has indeed been in the graphics industry for a while. Unfortunately the gaming market is turning more towards Nvidia since all the high quality engines vastly support it over the AMD or Intel graphics cards/chipsets, so there's gonna have to be some publishers that are willing to basically recode the entire game to optimize itself for both sets of hardware, and maybe some workarounds to still have those nice raytracing features. Also consider how stable the framerate is when streaming, since that's pretty much the only reason modern gamers even spend $350+ for a good video card. Some streamers limit their bitrates to make it easier to stream, so viewers are still not getting the full experience, since bandwidth is a concern at 4K@60fps, to try to get that 1:1 look at the game.

  • Roy marr

    Roy marr

    2 days ago

    For us price that's ok bud for us Canadians the Amd rx 5700 is worth $454 compared to us $350 the Amd rx 5700 in Canada is going for $519 compared to us is $399 so again i would not pay anymore then $250 to $350 that's with tax and shipping lets say, i still think there way over priced along with Nvidia cards for us Canadians we are screwed and forced to pay atleast 400 plus to get a good graphics that's just crazy

  • druxfilms


    3 days ago

    Jesus christ; Way to deliver that daily dose of death metal. Keep doing this...

  • kesselrunner


    3 days ago

    I'm looking at a 5600 XT @ $299. Whenever they decide to resealse it.

  • Lankyspy


    3 days ago

    5700 XT isn't bad at all!! gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2070-Super-vs-AMD-RX-5700-XT/4048vs4045 gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2080-vs-AMD-RX-5700-XT/4026vs4045

  • Kanonenfutter's music videos

    Kanonenfutter's music videos

    3 days ago

    RX 470 and 570 have always dominated the price/performance battle...heck, even the RX 560 has been better value than a gtx 1050. Overall polaris has had the best value we've seen in years

  • palarious


    3 days ago

    Well, with the RX 570 &580 dominating the entry market, all they have to do is solidify gains and mindshare. My RX480 is strolling along just fine, playing all the games beautifully.

  • Dimon Stolyarov

    Dimon Stolyarov

    3 days ago

    strange design amd created, like card was melted by heat))

  • Kwoky


    3 days ago

    3:00 - People are buying cheaper cards. That's why the most used card on Steam is 1050 Ti. Nowhere near $279.

  • Euro Crusader

    Euro Crusader

    3 days ago

    I smell a NVIDIA shill here.

  • Secretcodrin


    3 days ago

    they completely won the cpu side but there is that small something that makes me go for the rtx. minecraft rtx shaders.

  • Daniel Sayles

    Daniel Sayles

    3 days ago

    What have AMD got on the 2080ti level?

  • Need Some Musics

    Need Some Musics

    3 days ago

    AMD like Nvidia comment

  • Lews Therin

    Lews Therin

    3 days ago

    Jay with all these mid tier GPUs and their competition, is SLI/Cross Fire even a thing anymore? Or is just for high-end cards???

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