India Stunned By Boult & Henry | India vs New Zealand - Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019


Watch full highlights of the India vs New Zealand at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Game 46 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
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  • savideos & short films

    savideos & short films

    Hour ago

    India New Zealand looked like feature film. No Dialogs for India.Three Top order Batsman out for 1 Run each.Not Easy to Digest. Indian People Thinking whom to give Best actor award.

  • king Kohli

    king Kohli

    Hour ago

    Oldman Logan title should be change to Oldman DHONI. Dhoni and Jaddu were played for INDIA. Kohli was playing for his wife with overconfident. Rohit was playing for his captaincy. If kohli will captain for india then never ever india will won icc tournament. He have a bad luck thing also.

  • Kabir Ahamed

    Kabir Ahamed

    2 hours ago

    Gentleman's game won the gentleman

  • Kamil Ahamad

    Kamil Ahamad

    2 hours ago

    Nahru haradiya yaar

  • Hasan Masud

    Hasan Masud

    2 hours ago


  • Zahid Ahmad

    Zahid Ahmad

    3 hours ago

    No shami in this match that's why india lost.

  • Zahid Ahmad

    Zahid Ahmad

    3 hours ago

    Where is Bengal fast bowler mohammed shami

  • Rehan Shah

    Rehan Shah

    3 hours ago

    Attack with the bowl and take wickets of top quality batting side 👌😎😎

  • Prashant Rawal

    Prashant Rawal

    4 hours ago

    Kohli should leave captaincy and concentrate on Game.. Rohit is perfect for Captain

  • love laugh

    love laugh

    4 hours ago

    A divided team cannot lift the cup. It's a collective effort, not just a top order formula.

  • Husnain Mughal

    Husnain Mughal

    4 hours ago

    Mukka Mukka

  • Aleem Sheikh

    Aleem Sheikh

    4 hours ago

    All down vote is from indians

  • Muntaha Habiba

    Muntaha Habiba

    5 hours ago

    Who is best kohli/williamson?????????? 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Muhammad Hanzlah

    Muhammad Hanzlah

    6 hours ago

    Love From Pakistan for New Zealand....

  • Qatar Living

    Qatar Living

    6 hours ago

    Bahenchood idnia

  • crazy tubers

    crazy tubers

    6 hours ago

    Hit like if you supported newzland

  • Farhan Tahir

    Farhan Tahir

    6 hours ago

    I m in love for ANZ Team. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️

  • daLi demo

    daLi demo

    7 hours ago

    india fails in its game yes guys its india

  • lol 4lol

    lol 4lol

    8 hours ago

    I was really hoping for the kiwis to win this world cup.

  • i Joby

    i Joby

    8 hours ago

    Excellent NZ make India look like a Sunday team.

  • Jerry tv

    Jerry tv

    8 hours ago

    Jadeja gud Player bahut bahut he wadiya betting kiti so ehna nu jaroor moka milna chei da eh

  • Pahal Saud Chhetri

    Pahal Saud Chhetri

    9 hours ago

    I love you ms Dhoni vai

  • Ninja way

    Ninja way

    9 hours ago

    Virat:WE ARE GONNA WIN Guptill and bolt: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

  • Harikesh Shankar

    Harikesh Shankar

    10 hours ago

    Rohit, 1

  • Aniketh Anuraj

    Aniketh Anuraj

    10 hours ago


  • Galaxy A20

    Galaxy A20

    10 hours ago

    India is best

  • Ritik Reigns

    Ritik Reigns

    10 hours ago

    World cup should not played in England bcoz of rain . I saw very clearly when nz is batted their was no swing but at the next day their was lot of moisture and bowl is swing enough to dismiss any batsmen that is totally unfair with india

  • JM Production

    JM Production

    11 hours ago

  • prince of heart

    prince of heart

    12 hours ago

    Hahaha Pakistan dono sy jeeta hua hai aor India dono sy haara hai hahaah Lol

  • geetha madhuri

    geetha madhuri

    12 hours ago

    Maukaa Maukaa 😂😂😂 India 😂

  • The Parishram The Parisharm

    The Parishram The Parisharm

    12 hours ago

    😁😅🤓न्यूजीलैंड की conference और टीम इंडिया की over confidence ने मैच हारा है🥰🥰😇😇

  • Tamil Selvan

    Tamil Selvan

    12 hours ago

    Reason for Dhoni Out !. Due to Bhuvaneshwar's come for 2nd run 😩

  • Raghavendra R

    Raghavendra R

    13 hours ago

    *5:20** heart breaking moment for india😢😢😭😭*

  • Menka Singh

    Menka Singh

    13 hours ago

    Salo kalo kauvo har gaye england se

  • Abdullah Sohail

    Abdullah Sohail

    13 hours ago

    😂 Haha India said they will win the world cup but they lost by newzealand

  • king spartann

    king spartann

    13 hours ago

    pakistan is more than happy with indias performance.

  • Enjoy YR

    Enjoy YR

    13 hours ago watch top tiktok videos on world cup today

  • Sadia Jan

    Sadia Jan

    13 hours ago

    I love u new zealand

  • Abdullah Abbas

    Abdullah Abbas

    14 hours ago

    Hame to apno ne loota ghairo me kaha dam tha Ham bhi semi final khelte bas run rate thora kam tha

  • Felix jackson

    Felix jackson

    14 hours ago

    See When pakistan Supports any team that team will deffinately loses eg. India lost from england Nz lost from england Bangladesh lost from india Sri lanka lost from india Tip - DO NOT TAKE PAK'S SUPPORT IT IS A MESSAGE OF GOD THAT YOU ARE GOIN' TO LOSE 🌬️😂😂😂

  • Rajan Yadav

    Rajan Yadav

    14 hours ago

    Mahi. Bhai out Nahi. The umpire Kutta. Tha

  • Annesha Nandi

    Annesha Nandi

    14 hours ago

    I do not love winning team INDIA ...I love my dear team INDIA.i will support my nation till my last day...

  • rahat ali

    rahat ali

    14 hours ago


  • Impossible D.

    Impossible D.

    14 hours ago

    Madarchod new Zealand

  • Naveed Qadri

    Naveed Qadri

    12 hours ago


  • Muskan Fatima

    Muskan Fatima

    15 hours ago

    Jo doosron k liye ghalat or ghatiya Sochta h na phir vohi Allah Pask uske sath karta h Allah se or apne ghatiya words se apni ghatiya soch se daro

  • Aditya Shrotriya

    Aditya Shrotriya

    15 hours ago

    India is becoming a choker of these tournament.

  • Susan Wells

    Susan Wells

    15 hours ago

    Footballers get me wet easily 😍😍😍💗💗💗💗👍🏼👍🏼💗

  • PC gone mad 3142536

    PC gone mad 3142536

    16 hours ago

    Unfortunately I now have the Karachi squirts!!

  • Magical Master

    Magical Master

    16 hours ago

    I don’t get it...

  • Sam Scott

    Sam Scott

    16 hours ago

    The way Guptil fell out in superover was enough to justify karma, kiwis should feel the Indian pain of losing by inches f**k of Black caps,f**k ur dream of lifting World Cup

  • Sachan Kumar

    Sachan Kumar

    16 hours ago

    Everyone talking about Newzeland wins but what about Pakistan win against Newzeland and England?



    16 hours ago

    the performance quality of indian cricket team has really gone down in this world cup the consistency , determination and the responsibilty of every team member which New zealand and England teams had indian team lacked it, indian team had only on 2 to 3 members on which the whole team was dependent

  • Irshad Deshmuk

    Irshad Deshmuk

    17 hours ago

    phele to Virat ko captaiship malum hi nahi ager Dhoni nahi hote to semi finalme bhi nahi aate

  • M 16

    M 16

    17 hours ago

    Pride hath a fall

  • GeogeGoku SonGoku

    GeogeGoku SonGoku

    17 hours ago

    Greatest Cricket Final in History

  • sunkari mallesh

    sunkari mallesh

    18 hours ago

    Jadeja great

  • koolwhat


    18 hours ago

    5:16 Only reason I would watch cricket.... What a fuking throw...!

  • jack masters

    jack masters

    18 hours ago

    there should of been a second super over, what a fucking joke, this was a draw,

  • Dakota’s here

    Dakota’s here

    18 hours ago

    Only people from nz can like this

  • hyena131


    14 hours ago

    Dakota’s here Not at all. Don't be ridiculous. The truth is only foot stamping, thumb sucking, overly nationalistic salty Indians who can't appreciate cricket as the big picture can not like this. Grow up and stop whining and crying. Nobody gives a crap. It's cricket and the best team won.

  • surya cheetri

    surya cheetri

    18 hours ago

    India think they are king of cricket. Bugger of .new Zealand .England are king of. Cricket.

  • jaisai sankar

    jaisai sankar

    18 hours ago

    Iam here after England lift the cup...

  • International Khiladi

    International Khiladi

    19 hours ago

    Indian dogs go back

  • Shadowhunter


    19 hours ago

    5:19 My goodness, that was a good throw

  • Md maruf

    Md maruf

    19 hours ago

    ভারত হারলে জিতে যায় বাংলাদেশ

  • AK terminater

    AK terminater

    19 hours ago

    who came here after the finals 😢😢😢😭😭

  • Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep Singh

    20 hours ago

    Hahahah fix cup

  • r_m io

    r_m io

    20 hours ago

    Who is here after England won the cwc19?

  • Atiya Firdous

    Atiya Firdous

    20 hours ago

    Well the world cup 2019 goes to...for the very first time ENGLAND🎉🎉🏏🏏🏆🏆...well playes NEW ZEALAND as well...Archer , Stokes , Williamson ....all of u really made this world cup remarkable..✨✨🎊🎉🏆🏆🏆

  • anthony 1965

    anthony 1965

    21 hour ago

    Sorrry , but cricket is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring , it has to be the most most most boring sport in da world, Glad they won though , all the best 😘

  • Liu Antonio

    Liu Antonio

    22 hours ago

    India was too busy trying to beat pewdiepie that they forgot about lil old New Zealand

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