Irish People Try Lindt Chocolate Truffles


Irish People slightly lose their minds over chocolate truffles...we think! MERCH MADNESS:
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Lindt are a particularly popular chocolate producer, and one of their best known items are their 'Lindor' chocolate truffles. We decided to see what our Irish People thought of a few different varieties of these lovely chocolate balls.
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  • Prime The God

    Prime The God

    2 hours ago

    I just wanna get high with Irish Jesus one time! 😂😂

  • vampjoseph11


    2 hours ago

    Ciara with that shaky voice....

  • 3COI


    4 hours ago

    I'm only here for Ciara. And chocolate.

  • Lynda Lee

    Lynda Lee

    4 hours ago

    The strawberry is awesome too

  • Sutharson Nagesu

    Sutharson Nagesu

    4 hours ago

    I love Ciara and her reactions!

  • Jonathan Martin

    Jonathan Martin

    6 hours ago

    I wish they got to try Godiva if they think this is good :P

  • Anonymash


    14 hours ago

    They would of had a bad time if you had them try the gingerbread Lindt truffles . . it's . . something . . .

  • Sariah Meyers

    Sariah Meyers

    17 hours ago

    LMFAO! Is Dermott rubbing his nipples as he eats the white chocolate? HAHAH

  • Doug Grun

    Doug Grun

    19 hours ago

    Ciara I love your Mad Season tee.

  • Rebeca Perez

    Rebeca Perez

    20 hours ago

    Reminds me of Christmas

  • Glenn Herron

    Glenn Herron

    21 hour ago

    Was Dermot actually rubbing his nipples at the 445 mark?

  • Scott Wheeler

    Scott Wheeler

    21 hour ago

    3:29 you can actually see Ciara start to slide off her chair

  • Matt Knale

    Matt Knale

    22 hours ago

    Surprised they didnt try the lemon truffle chocolate ones!

  • buffmaloney


    22 hours ago

    Irish Jesus needs to visit a Lindt store.

  • J C

    J C

    Day ago

    She's wearing a Mad Season shirt? I think I'm in love. RIP Layne.

  • Jay Young

    Jay Young

    Day ago

    Nope..Godiva, get some posers.

  • Heidi Hochberg

    Heidi Hochberg

    Day ago

    I am so jealous watch this I want some right now❤️❤️❤️I love them, my favorite is the white chocolate

  • doro626


    Day ago

    Dermott, I'll like White Chocolate ( sweetened cocoa butter) when you like Peanut butter.

  • Maeve Gallagher

    Maeve Gallagher

    Day ago

    this was a very wholesome video and grouping 10/10

  • DrMambo777


    Day ago

    They would love the icecream flavors of Lindt

  • that boi who plays videogames show

    that boi who plays videogames show

    Day ago

    Wheres nogla

  • Lysana McMillan

    Lysana McMillan

    Day ago

    This may be the happiest video you've ever done that didn't involve alcohol. Priceless.

  • Rebecca McDaniel

    Rebecca McDaniel

    Day ago

    If you know what's good for you, TRY THE HAZELNUT ONES OMG.

  • Chantelle Tennant

    Chantelle Tennant

    Day ago

    Licking the ball delicately? Nearly choked on my drink!

  • Happy Forlife

    Happy Forlife

    Day ago

    Uuuuuuugh.....I’m so not a fan of white chocolate....I’m dark fan tho....🤷🏽‍♀️😋

  • vm brister

    vm brister

    Day ago

    JESUS, Jesus! IJ been toking this morning, huh?

  • Chad Andrews

    Chad Andrews

    Day ago

    Two thoughts, 1. Ciara has virtually no reaction to the rocket fuel that was passed off as alcohol but chocolate sure does get a reaction from her. 2. Dermont hasn’t had peanut butter flavored anything in a while, I am not use to seeing him happy for an entire video, I am wondering when you are going to have an actual peanut butter taste test.

  • Mark Garin

    Mark Garin

    Day ago

    What's next... Irish people eating ants? Stoners eating taco Bell? I'm Irish and not watching this crap any more. Thanks

  • sammy reynolds

    sammy reynolds

    Day ago

    How about Irish People Try Godiva Chocolate

  • Victor Collins

    Victor Collins

    Day ago

    Dermott, Don't crinkle the wrapper near the mic. You're making me tingle in strange places.

  • Tim Stevens

    Tim Stevens

    Day ago

    Watching Dermot and Sean, wasn't sure if I was watching a TRY video, or a gay porn audition tape. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kelly Long

    Kelly Long

    Day ago

    Ciara is experiencing them like I do!😂 SO GOOD!

  • Timothy R. Curtis

    Timothy R. Curtis

    Day ago

    Ciara's face at 6:12......priceless

  • jeff pierce

    jeff pierce

    Day ago

    you guys kill me

  • tinadls74


    2 days ago

    OMG!!! Dermot’s tshirt!! I need it!!

  • Chelle D.

    Chelle D.

    2 days ago

    Dermot abhors peanut butter but loves white chocolate hmmmm ... and Ciera acts like a video of her moaning is a bad thing LOL Girl have you seen your fan base comments.

  • Juan 'Jampy Blackrose' Sotomayor

    Juan 'Jampy Blackrose' Sotomayor

    2 days ago

    I'm a simple man, I see Ciara I click.

  • Prevenge IX

    Prevenge IX

    2 days ago

    is this a promotional video? seems like the most commercialized of the lot so far. everyone loves everything when normally there is at least some descension. I enjoy the mix and match of your reviewers but watching this video made me realize Ciara and Eadaoin could probably have their own show.

  • Joe Baumgart

    Joe Baumgart

    2 days ago

    Until Ciara I've never seen a girl literally orgasm from chocolate. I need to learn to be a chocolateer!

  • Joe Baumgart

    Joe Baumgart

    2 days ago

    White Chocolate was my nickname in Highschool!

  • pazz n

    pazz n

    2 days ago

    They make one that is milk chocolate around a white chocolate center and I would murder a bus full of nuns taking orphans to their new parents for them.

  • Karen Brown

    Karen Brown

    2 days ago

    Thank you for this. Now I know my money won't be wasted on the blueberry and white chocolate truffles. They should have sent you the key lime & white chocolate truffles; they're delicious too. And the white chocolate peppermint truffles at Christmas are the best.

  • Kelley Gallivan

    Kelley Gallivan

    2 days ago

    Just so you know, white chocolate isn't technically chocolate. I'm just saying.

  • Helzapoppin


    2 days ago

    They have so many flavors most people arent aware of. They do indeed make a peanut butter truffle. And Hazelnut, and Amaretto, and a holiday spice one which is to die for. And so many others.

  • El Pony Alfaro

    El Pony Alfaro

    2 days ago

    Yay Ciara!!

  • Stephen Moultrie

    Stephen Moultrie

    2 days ago

    Now I have to try the Berry flavor. Damn it. I'm supposed to be on a diet.

  • maria marie

    maria marie

    2 days ago

    Dont like lindt chocalates

  • roy_thegreat


    2 days ago

    Love their sense of humor 😂

  • ProBioMech


    2 days ago

    Ciara AND Eadaoin? Now THAT is a power couple

  • Chris N

    Chris N

    2 days ago

    I am not ashamed to admit that I've eaten my way through a big bag of the milk chocolate (red) ones. Like the bag that's like 20$? Yeah. 8 hours. I was sick after, but it was soooooo worth it.

  • Tantalight Wine

    Tantalight Wine

    2 days ago

    is Dermot single? im in love. He's adorable.

  • PwnishR


    2 days ago

    Today I tried Lindt Chocolate Truffles drizzled all over my bowl of Chex I can die happy!❤❤❤

  • Palantir


    2 days ago

    Godiva Chocolate better

  • Dustin Hartley

    Dustin Hartley

    2 days ago

    Love her Mad Season shirt 🤜🤛👌👍👍

  • Keith Ball

    Keith Ball

    2 days ago

    Milk chocolate is an abomination. Seriously. Don’t fuck with chocolate. And white chocolate is COCOA OIL.

  • Keith Ball

    Keith Ball

    2 days ago

    Thanks, Irish folk, for not saying KAR-mel. It’s CAR-A-MEL, Americans!

  • L4D2Ellis


    20 hours ago

    I'm an American who pronounces it "care-a-mel".

  • Aaron


    2 days ago

    That moment when your headphones unplug and your friends ask if you are watching porn. The only correct response is kinda.

  • Larissa Mowry

    Larissa Mowry

    2 days ago

    Congrats Dermont on not getting the peanut butter one! Lol they are also amazing btw!

  • lialos


    2 days ago

    I love Dermot’s “Steve” shirt!

  • Steven Pope

    Steven Pope

    2 days ago

    My absolute favorite chocolates! I have never even seen the blueberries and cream ones!

  • Monique Castelli

    Monique Castelli

    2 days ago

    I have eaten the whole bag before... I then laid on the floor because I had such a bad stomach ache.

  • TheTiki1111


    2 days ago

    White chocolate is NOT CHOCOLATE!!! It does not contain any CACAO (which is THE ingredient that makes up chocolate)!! White chocolate is just butter sugar and cream! Sooo, technically, literally, and universally,......IT IS NOT CHOCOLATE 🍫!!!!!!

  • HotaruZoku


    2 days ago

    Ciara couldn't be fucked ingesting 8 shots of progressively stronger liquor, but a so for chocolate candy put a tremor in her voice like she was witnessing the largest knob shed ever seen.

  • Jared DeMarzo

    Jared DeMarzo

    2 days ago

    When Ciara said "nipple" my testicles dropped.

  • Tipsy Gypsy

    Tipsy Gypsy

    2 days ago

    That's what she said.

  • moonlight123 moonlight123

    moonlight123 moonlight123

    2 days ago

    There is a P.B. Lindt truffle,but hard to find in stores. Very yummy and rich. If anyone finds it please let me know where!!

  • Qwase Zeb

    Qwase Zeb

    2 days ago

    no peanut butter truffle, you fail! :)

  • FeMale


    2 days ago

    "How can you be sad in life when these exist?" A. I'm allergic to chocolate LOL

  • Matthew Alter

    Matthew Alter

    3 days ago

    I've tried those blueberry ones and I have to say, they're absolutely disgusting. I love every other flavour, but those blueberry ones are just terrible.

  • Mauve Moth

    Mauve Moth

    3 days ago

    who gave Paul caffeine this episode

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