Is Spider Silk Stronger Than Steel? | MythBusters Jr.


In Spider Silk vs. Steel, Elijah, Cannan, and Allie test the age-old eight-legged myth that spider silk is stronger than steel.
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  • Tom Hsia

    Tom Hsia

    Day ago

    Imagine what the cycling industry will do! Spider silk wheel spokes for your ultra-lightweight needs.

  • Obviously


    2 days ago

    And they say Spiderman is based on pure fantasy

  • audrius milieska

    audrius milieska

    4 days ago

    fc you but that silk is more fucking bigger

  • nickdavidelijah


    4 days ago

    Kilos plz

  • Thomas Blackwell

    Thomas Blackwell

    5 days ago

    That is one reason they used to use spider silk in bomb sights during world war 2.

  • RickStar


    6 days ago

    I just watch this channel because Adam is in it, the kids looks like dead people, zero reactions... Adam Rules!!!!

  • Royal Music

    Royal Music

    7 days ago

    4:08 *26 PoUNDS!*

  • SvnthSun Gaming

    SvnthSun Gaming

    8 days ago

    Would twisting the spider silk enhance its weight-bearing capacity?

  • theparadoxdoge


    10 days ago

    The kids sound so un enethusiastic and scripted

  • Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday

    10 days ago

    Hey discovery. Bring back Kary, Grant and Tori if you want more mythbusters. Not these cringe worthy kids.

  • David Alejandro DeLosReyes Ostos

    David Alejandro DeLosReyes Ostos

    10 days ago

    So... if It's been proved that spider slik can proportionally be stronger than steel wire.... We can imagine bridges held by proportional sized spider silk wires!!!

  • #Andy SHDW

    #Andy SHDW

    11 days ago

    Is that boi in green a transgender.

  • Wraithstrike19


    12 days ago

    Now imagine if that was weaved...

  • shakir johnson

    shakir johnson

    13 days ago

    9 miles of spider silk vs a foot of a steel strand? Hmmmmmmmmm

  • Skyler Vue

    Skyler Vue

    14 days ago

    I mean if there were a steel wall and a silk wall I don’t think a silk wall would stop a bullet like a steel wall would

  • Mr. Snakey

    Mr. Snakey

    14 days ago

    By mass, yes. By volume, no. But keep in mind that this is only tensile strength.

  • nitza Gomej

    nitza Gomej

    16 days ago

    mother nature will be always more wise tan every scientist in the world:). did you know that mouse and rats teeths are forever Sharp? and yes there is a tecnology there

  • lord1c1s


    17 days ago

    That thing looks like he’s holding a used condom

  • VeniVdVici


    17 days ago

    I think if they wove the silk or braided it, they would have filled the bucket.

  • dutch van der meme

    dutch van der meme

    18 days ago

    So,it is but you need a 100 miles of spider silk

  • dutch van der meme

    dutch van der meme

    18 days ago

    Still pretty cool tho

  • lα૨α αɳɳ αƶεεƶ

    lα૨α αɳɳ αƶεεƶ

    18 days ago

    Now I'm gonna make *real* webshooters. Who's gonna join me??

  • 福Leehow94


    19 days ago

    Anyone else come here from a Snapple cap

  • Kevin Bowers

    Kevin Bowers

    21 day ago

    Why is a spider silk not wound.. like the steel is.. anyone know if it would be stronger if wound

  • Nate B

    Nate B

    23 days ago

    Cool now make body armor out of it

  • csknives2140


    23 days ago

    this is the epitome of useless science.

  • Ravi Shankar

    Ravi Shankar

    24 days ago

    That's why I would love to be Spiderman rather than ironman😁

  • RANT


    25 days ago

    what do you mean by 'stronger'? There's compressive strength, tensile and yield strength and also impact strength. if you think apider silk has a greater tensile strength than the highest grade of superalloy then you're wrong

  • Cryptic Knot

    Cryptic Knot

    25 days ago

    there was more spider silk than the steel?

  • Reverend Saltine

    Reverend Saltine

    25 days ago

    This guy is too old for this job-what is he on? Plus, I really don;t like this new crew. Pretty repulsive.

  • Daemon Redfield

    Daemon Redfield

    25 days ago

    Shouldn't they be wearing safety goggles? They playing with high tension steel.

  • Van WangYe

    Van WangYe

    26 days ago

    Interesting part. Golden orbs are native species of spiders here in southeast Asia. And no country here is using orb spider silk.

  • Ryan Luppino-Dawson

    Ryan Luppino-Dawson

    26 days ago

    Not all spider silk is built equally.

  • Jadhav Nishant

    Jadhav Nishant

    27 days ago

    Compare the strength of same volume of two

  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson

    27 days ago

    That's a result!!

  • under rated

    under rated

    29 days ago

    Unity is strength dts oll...

  • TheStonedJesus


    Month ago

    Wait wait wait is that 25000 strands of spider silk the same weight as that small ass piece of steel cuz if not this whole bitch is out the window.

  • Linda Pollard

    Linda Pollard

    Month ago

    I think if you used more steel string it would have worked

  • Dominic Murphy

    Dominic Murphy

    Month ago

    you can strech eney thing too 9 miles

  • Arfwid


    Month ago

    Why test it by weight? Why not by surface area like we meassure strength in design usually?

  • Rufus of UFOMG!

    Rufus of UFOMG!

    Month ago

    I'll take an Adam Savage over a Bill Nye any day of the week.

  • sejje


    Month ago

    Those spiders are golden silk orb-weavers, in case anyone cares. Very common where I grew up in central florida.

  • Nahin Ahad

    Nahin Ahad

    Month ago

    I mean were are loads of spider silk strands used to be stronger than steel. I'm pretty sure if you used wool or cotton strands I'm sure they would beat the spider silk and steel.

  • Diego de la Llata

    Diego de la Llata

    Month ago

    No metric sistem? It would be much simpler when using water because 1 lt. of h2o = 1 kg. But well even NASA sometimes uses imperial

  • Camulus777


    Month ago

    Weave it and see how much more strength you get.

  • Bela Alvares.

    Bela Alvares.

    Month ago

    Man: THANK YOU SPIDER!!!!!!!!!! Kids: thaaaaaannk you spider.

  • Nil Gacha Cookie

    Nil Gacha Cookie

    Month ago


  • Mai Jaspal Da Papa Gurinder

    Mai Jaspal Da Papa Gurinder

    Month ago

    Bring jamie back

  • xScopeLess


    Month ago

    2:51 imagine if this kid in green pulled out scissors and cut it

  • Thot Police

    Thot Police

    Month ago

    I miss Jamie

  • R Truth

    R Truth

    Month ago

    Lmao all they needed was one golden weaver spider and a couple of threads.

  • Web Cityx

    Web Cityx

    Month ago

    How do you gather spider silk?

  • austin bevis

    austin bevis

    Month ago

    Was that golden orb weaver silk though? That’s pretty important because they have the strongest silk I believe.

  • aceman1126


    Month ago

    God is pretty awesome

  • irsr05


    Month ago

    It took 5 weeks for that little bit of spider silk? And here Spider-Man is, just shooting it around all willy-nilly. Like, lend a hand bro.

  • Hannah R.

    Hannah R.

    Month ago

    It’s not the same amount of mass being used because the steel was wrapped around the pipe whilst the web was clipped onto it. Sure the mass in total may have been the same but over half the steel was just being used to wrap around the pipe. Steel probably would have won if it had been set up properly

  • James grey wolf cole

    James grey wolf cole

    Month ago

    I wish the real mythbusters came back this shit isnt nearly as good but good try

  • II I

    II I

    Month ago

    I'm I the only one that can't tell if it's a guy or girl

  • Tikboy08 azodnem

    Tikboy08 azodnem

    Month ago

    R.I.P spider ass.

  • Hugo Lopez

    Hugo Lopez

    Month ago

    *THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has left the chat*

  • Heisted XE

    Heisted XE

    Month ago

    If I saw a spider I would have freaked out

  • Kendrick Donnelly

    Kendrick Donnelly

    Month ago

    Weak steel though

  • Marc Arriaga

    Marc Arriaga

    Month ago

    But the spider silk didnt hold together as one so if it was twined together an all strands were holding alm at once it might of held more

  • David Gingerich

    David Gingerich

    Month ago

    So we got a white kid, a black kid, and some sort of Asian-looking kid. I wonder if they picked those kids for particular qualities...

  • Flight Commander Lime

    Flight Commander Lime

    Month ago

    Confirmed? Well i don't think so. Do another test, but this time. The silk has to be as thick as the actual steel wire. Because in this video, they clearly used a very thin steel wire and a really thick amount of silk.

  • FlyByN1te


    Month ago

    Do Superman strand of hair next😜

  • Tony Gingrich

    Tony Gingrich

    Month ago

    Does the strength differ between species of spiders? I noticed the web in this video appeared to be from the Golden Orb Weaver.

  • Totally Rad MAD LIBS

    Totally Rad MAD LIBS

    Month ago

    From Factoid to Fact! Awesome!

  • Ymerej - san

    Ymerej - san

    Month ago

    Ages of wars be like : Steel string : *Alone, We survive* *"Cobweb has joined the duscussion :"* Spider silk : ( smacks the meeting table ) *But together, We win* Water be like : *You sure bout that? Kids, hold my beer, looks like i have to teach dem raw materials some lessons of physics* And again : Gravity : *Freaking kids nowadays, give this kids some oof* Srry, again USdownload recommendation : *lemme sponsor this*

  • Suhya


    Month ago

    Is this guy like a newer bill nye

  • Totally Rad MAD LIBS

    Totally Rad MAD LIBS

    Month ago

    Bill Nye is a miserable rag.

  • Rhix


    Month ago

    The real question is: can jet fuel melt silk beams?

  • Gekko Gear Gaming

    Gekko Gear Gaming

    Month ago

    Spider poop stronger than steel. Gotcha

  • Rohaf Rayhan

    Rohaf Rayhan

    Month ago

    Amazing 😍

  • Phantom Orbit

    Phantom Orbit

    Month ago

    Wait, so you’re telling me that myth busters is still a show?

  • Potato Face

    Potato Face

    Month ago

    I would love to see that wrapped up into a rope and then see how much it can hold!!!

  • Nur Muhammad Sirat

    Nur Muhammad Sirat

    Month ago

    Everyone:😃 Me:🤯

  • Rabbi Hasan

    Rabbi Hasan

    Month ago

    Woh many silk in there..?

  • rob


    Month ago

    😂😂😂Adams hair looks just like the spider silk

  • Robert Suldan

    Robert Suldan

    Month ago

    Well. She’s no Kary Biron

  • Cakinator 112

    Cakinator 112

    Month ago

    Jamie got Thanos snapped.

  • Ken


    Month ago

    Dang, Adam looks like Colonel Sanders

  • Plaasjapie Boshoff

    Plaasjapie Boshoff

    Month ago

    Now imagine if it is weaved into a rope!

  • Masahiro Sakurai

    Masahiro Sakurai

    Month ago

    Stronger than steel? No steel is stronger by structure But spider silk may be stronger by pulling and holding things better than steel. It depends on what you are asking about the two. They both do different functions based on where the atoms have been placed. Steel has atoms that can take hits, and dent, but it can break. Spider silk is able to hold heavy objects, but not able to take a hit at the same time. Does that kind of make sense?

  • David Benner

    David Benner

    Month ago

    Pity the spider with hemorrhoids: nine miles of silk! Ouch!

  • Mushromboe Invading

    Mushromboe Invading

    Month ago

    I wanna see something created using spider silk instead of steel. Like what can spider silk be used to create in a real environment?

  • Mushromboe Invading

    Mushromboe Invading

    Month ago

    I’m so glad I never watched mythbusters junior. I like watching Adam but.... the kids make it seem so boring and their comments just make it seem more like a game than actually mythbusting

  • Green Gino

    Green Gino

    Month ago

    should have weved the spider silk

  • Notchinham


    Month ago

    Colonel Sanders sure loves spiders

  • Azareal Bheri

    Azareal Bheri

    Month ago

    Well atleast there was some logic behind making of the spiderman

  • jorge adrian gamiz Ibarra

    jorge adrian gamiz Ibarra

    Month ago

    Wow amazing... Thanks Guys for other demostration.

  • Johann Fer

    Johann Fer

    Month ago

    Love these kids.. Allie, Rachel, Valerie, Jesse, Cannan, Elijah.. so creative, smart, innovative , fascinating..

  • TheAsianSensation


    Month ago

    i dont see how this compares with one thin ass piece of steel

  • Amine Cerneaux

    Amine Cerneaux

    Month ago

    Surely the metal ends of the spider silk would've affected the results

  • Gary W

    Gary W

    Month ago

    In the engineering world, strength is based on load divided by cross sectional area (psi). Not sure if the demonstrations result would hold up. Fun though.

  • Kasa Jizo

    Kasa Jizo

    Month ago

    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams But it can melt spider silk.

  • Nerdy Rodent

    Nerdy Rodent

    Month ago

    Sweet! Spider power 😀

  • WildEJWest


    Month ago

    Spider-Man wins against Thanos

  • Rich Weschitz

    Rich Weschitz

    Month ago

    Get these kids out of here bro.

  • JustAnotherPerson


    Month ago

    You need to compensate for internal friction in the cobweb "wire" that you amplify by attaching caps on the ends of it. I bet coiled steel cable of the same mass capped on each side would do far better than just a straight wire.

  • Aztec TooDope

    Aztec TooDope

    Month ago

    For a scientist this guy isn't observant

  • Wyatt Richmond

    Wyatt Richmond

    Month ago

    Y’all need better child actors.

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