Is there ANY reason to buy Intel?

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Lisa Su is currently rolling in dolla dolla bills, y'all.
Ryzen 3000 AND Radeon 5000 seriesannouncement on June 10, set launch for July 7th
o @ 34:42 + @ 54:38
Nvidia “Super” tease on May 23rd
Nvidia Super release on July 2nd
o LTT Super review:
o Price changes: @ 0:32
Ryzen 3000 and Radeon 5000 launch on July 7th
o LTT Ryzen review:
o LTT Radeon review:
Ryzen - real star of the show
- Rare example of something actually living up to the hype
o People LINED UP
BIOS update shenanigans
Some people like Anandtech had BIOS that got them lower performance
BIOS didn’t properly enable boost
Some outlets that had ASUS Crosshair mobos might have higher perf - BIOS increased power limit
o XFR frequency shenanigans
Der8auer found that XFR frequencies are included in boost clocks
AMD says we’ll get more out of overclocking the ram / infinity fabric than the processor


  • Cookies4Wookiees


    24 minutes ago

    RX 5800 & RX 5900 is coming eventually. 😎

  • David Jones

    David Jones

    Hour ago

    Is there any reason to buy AMD? I mean Intel’s 10th Gen, 10nm Ice Lake CPUs are just around the corner and it seems to me if you want performance now then buy the cheaper i9 9900 over the Ryzen 3700X and you'll have better gaming performance and more capacity to overclock beyond 4.0 GHz. AMD chips do seem very good with multi core performance though which is great for productivity but they simply don't show in games.

  • JaniceHope


    2 hours ago

    derBauer = the Builder & the Farmer (Bauer has two meanings the most common is Farmer though in the PC building context Builder makes more sense, it's also used as a surename)

  • Hunglo90


    4 hours ago

    Thank you Anthony!

  • Player8930


    4 hours ago

    but intel gives me those extra 10 fps...

  • Pedro


    4 hours ago

    Intel > AMD

  • Gerry Crisostomo

    Gerry Crisostomo

    5 hours ago

    The answer to that question is NO. If you will insist on buying intel, you'll have to first consider these consequences: 1) It will cost you from 2x to 3x more just purchasing the processors alone. 2) You will have to replace a lot of hardware, especially the motherboard everytime you upgrade the system, making the overall cost freaking high. 3) There's no option for a good APU like AMD's Ryzen 5 3400 so you will have to buy another expensive hardware: The GPU cards. 4) Your system's performance is going to be lower than the comparable products from AMD. 5) And the worst: If you work as an I.T. personnel in a company, your boss who has knowledge in IT cutting edge technology might think you're an idiot. There might be more than what is in this list. If you have any idea, please feel free to post it in your reply.

  • Edwin Davies

    Edwin Davies

    6 hours ago

    Why is there so much toxicity over AMD and Intel? Its like ever since AMD started doing well, USdownload is flooded with "WOO!!!! AMD!!!!! OMG !! ANY INTEL/NVIDIA BENCHMARK WIN IS A LIE!!!" I honestly half expect someone to question the morality of Intel employees for working there. One year ago, I never thought I'd see a title such as this one on a video. Its irresponsible and just encourages the zealots. And yeah, yeah, I know, USdownload....

  • TheMudsy


    6 hours ago

    Why the elevator music? :O

  • DonMakaveli Thuglife

    DonMakaveli Thuglife

    10 hours ago

    Yes! Performance

  • rolf johansen

    rolf johansen

    11 hours ago

    the people demands more of Anthony!

  • Gianne Paulo Garcia

    Gianne Paulo Garcia

    11 hours ago

    intel: im 10fps more faster!!! beat that amd!!! hahahaha

  • Sylkis89


    11 hours ago

    So is the era of between AMD64 lauch till C2D launch happening again?

  • Avro Arrow

    Avro Arrow

    12 hours ago

    The answer is HELL NO!

  • wingedgecko


    12 hours ago

    Anthony...ALWAYS a pleasure to watch your craft!

  • All about Games

    All about Games

    12 hours ago

    7:49 it means actually "the farme".



    13 hours ago

    I'm still a brown coat. AMD for a CPU and Nvidia for a GPU.

  • Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones

    13 hours ago

    I can game at 5.3Ghz all cores at 1.37v with memory at 4400mhz and i haven't even delidded and sanded the die yet, but i have insane water loop. For my case, since i'm willing to sand the die and go direct die cooling, overclocking a 9900k is still much more fun and clearly above any AMD options which cannot reach even 5Ghz all core with ambient cooling. I would be sad about not having PCI 4 for SLI GPUs but GPUs dont use enough bandwidth yet so.. phewf. For normal humans however i see no reason to purchase any intel CPU. PCI 4, finally usable memory speeds, price, AM4 socket not changing every year...

  • Iwe Naeem

    Iwe Naeem

    14 hours ago

    that laptop on the lap is quite irritating.. feels like may lap getting hot when watching it.. 😅

  • Massimo Has

    Massimo Has

    14 hours ago

    Going to the gym a very good healthy activity

  • phones email

    phones email

    14 hours ago

    I watch you only because I can't, and have never been able to stand Linus and his horrible puns, and rambling "reviews" that often provide little.

  • Christian Voigt

    Christian Voigt

    14 hours ago

    Love Anthony, but please give him solo segments. The other dude basically was just an interruption in THIS situation *g*

  • Vukašin Maslovarić

    Vukašin Maslovarić

    15 hours ago


  • chuckles barnett

    chuckles barnett

    15 hours ago

    like like like like like like like like like like like. This video would be shorter if you cut out all the "like" this and "like" that. Did you know it was girls who started out the whole "valley girl" crap.

  • MilkOperator


    19 hours ago

    Anthony is cool, but he's no Wendell.

  • Alex Marin

    Alex Marin

    20 hours ago

    Without Anthony LTT will suffer

  • Captian Morgan

    Captian Morgan

    20 hours ago

    Still liking the new format.

  • Brusli Sentiment

    Brusli Sentiment

    20 hours ago

    My 4790k @4.8 still rocks, i ll be back in 2 years

  • nice_q8t


    21 hour ago

    ( you shouldnt buy the reference design) visionary person great talker Anthony 16:19 ( it must be really suck to be a team blue engineer you are right spending so much time trying to get 10nm to go and its just fighting you at every step of the way and you spit delayed you for so long that amd has been aple to leap over .... ) Anthony 18:02

  • LordAzuRa


    21 hour ago

    Here's one reason, they are in stock and will remain so in the foreseable next 3 months.



    23 hours ago

    I haz hard one for lil boy socks and sandals with man earrings.



    23 hours ago

    been watching LTT for bout 4 to 5 years.



    23 hours ago

    I really like this. Just be more detailed. you say price drops but i needa know what cards by how much, and relative to Invidia price, whats better in that new price point. I AMD fanboy too!

  • Stavros Alfieris

    Stavros Alfieris

    Day ago

    I love this guys! There so cool and funny

  • RectalDiscourse


    Day ago

    Ryzen9 is the best all around CPU just like the Radeon 7 has the most VRAM of any video card.

  • E Montem Ros

    E Montem Ros

    Day ago

    "Toenails?" Foot fetish confirmed.

  • Gerald L

    Gerald L

    Day ago

    Anthony #1!

  • nfijef


    Day ago

    I love Ant. I worry a bit about his health, but maybe he is just a robust individual

  • Roach DoggJR

    Roach DoggJR

    Day ago


  • Roach DoggJR

    Roach DoggJR

    Day ago


  • Roach DoggJR

    Roach DoggJR

    Day ago


  • Victor Milan

    Victor Milan

    Day ago

    FFW to 17:00

  • Aidan Wiggins

    Aidan Wiggins

    Day ago


  • sopcannon


    Day ago

    so should i get a vega 64 or new radeon card?

  • Anton Nym

    Anton Nym

    Day ago

    These are exciting times AND Lisa Su deserves the money. She has done so much, so quickly. Fair to say she turned around the downward spiral AMD was in.

  • Tim Jones

    Tim Jones

    Day ago


  • Timur Zavidov

    Timur Zavidov

    Day ago

    Better question: Is there reason to buy Ryzen Zen 2 in comparing to 9900k? While motherboard for Ryzen Zen 2 are more expensive versus z390 boards for Intel. Ryzen Zen 2 3900 is more expensive for lower FPS performance in comparing to 9900k, and $10 more expensive. Rendering is better because of 4 more cores on Ryzen. ? This is the most stupid discussion I heard in years. Ryzen didn't flat out beat Intel 9900k, matter of fact it lost mostly according to benchmarks, and it's more expensive. Did hell freeze over? Or are people delusional this time around. Lisa Sue has fucking mind control over the sheep

  • T Bone

    T Bone

    Day ago

    I love this nerd

  • Jawolf


    Day ago

    Loved Anthony! Great addition, very knowledgeable and great understanding of where things sit within AMD products. Thank you for being there.

  • Kaloyan Karadzhunov

    Kaloyan Karadzhunov

    Day ago

    The big guy knows how to talk and I love listening to him.

  • Tumalya •

    Tumalya •

    Day ago

    Antony looks like Gabe Newell without glasses.

  • TheyCallMeTenshi


    Day ago

    I have an Intel processor and I can't really complain about the price tbh... I dunno, maybe I just got lucky xD

  • Honk Honkler

    Honk Honkler

    Day ago

    AMD CPU finewine coming up!

  • Nicolas Chaput

    Nicolas Chaput

    Day ago

    I was able to build a custom computer for half the price with AMD only hardware and am very pleased with performance ;-)

  • Lyrical Soda

    Lyrical Soda

    Day ago

    I remember this guy playing his ukulele and singing the over the rainbow song.. aaah those were the days

  • Sickbrain


    Day ago

    AMD can't really be king of the hill if they don't beat Nvidia at the top of their game. AMD is a king of a mound.

  • Nya Stclair

    Nya Stclair

    Day ago

    Time for all these young pc gamers to find out how good AMD can be. I backed them the whole time. AMD cares about it's user base more than Intel ever has.

  • Majjespecter


    Day ago

    Except me D:

  • roger douglas

    roger douglas

    Day ago

    if this guy says mmm or right one more time

  • Robert Roberts

    Robert Roberts

    Day ago

    Love the set. Thanks for the talk.

  • BurntFaceMan


    Day ago

    Intel winning CPU market, AMD struggling. AMD did Ryzen, youtubers wet themselves in hype, end product is good, but not great. Intel make more cores to match Ryzens "more core" solution to poor clock speeds. AMD did 7nano. Intel struggle to get to 10 nano and may eventually move to 7... (measured differently from AMD but meh). My predictions: Wait til Intel does finally make a 7 nano.. it will be like a 7ghz cpu, pulling less power or something crazy and all the hype Around AMD will just get shat on. Then AMD will retaliate with some new 100core processor and it will be slightly faster. You tubers will still hype train the whole shebang. In the meantime however all we really wanted to see was Intel make a GPU better than NVidia, and lower prices on the core i9 series. Just saying. =P

  • Ethan French

    Ethan French

    Day ago

    toenails. oh god

  • fataxel


    Day ago

    very cool une, dudes ! love ya both

  • Ultimate Warrior X2

    Ultimate Warrior X2

    Day ago

    no.., he's right and honest, there is no reason to go NVidia nor Intel. Price per performance value is on AMD side when we speak for the average to even gaming, artist etc.... + They'll re balance everything that isn't already.

  • srujan kumar

    srujan kumar

    Day ago

    Is there any reason to buy Intel. Answer: yes it’s Intel

  • srujan kumar

    srujan kumar

    Day ago

    Is there any reason to buy Intel. Answer: yes it’s Intel

  • JustFabulous


    Day ago

    Der Bauer means the peasant. Not joking

  • TDS


    Day ago

    Is there any reason? - Yes, performance. Still better than AMD for gaming, by quite a margin, and no compatability/memory issues. But AMD are doing well, sure. But the question posed is redundant

  • xbox627


    Day ago

    I like young current favorite of the team...

  • Skidrow


    Day ago

    Sound out off sync.

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