James Charles Surprise Room Makeover! | OMG We’re Coming Over!

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    Ching . Chong

    15 hours ago

    Nick the sound guy is my spirit animal

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    Addi’s Channel XD

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    Prince Drapeau

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  • Zada Toopi

    Zada Toopi

    Day ago

    Awww I loved it when Joey said for Kate to sit out and when she came up to help be said Kate sit down! He's a real gentlemen.

  • Liv Dominguez

    Liv Dominguez

    Day ago

    Is Kate pregnant 18:07

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    Demetra Deaton

    Day ago

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    Lily Paschall

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  • Iasifproductions


    2 days ago

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    manmeet K

    3 days ago

    LOL i just noticed at 4:41 james was standing in a cardboard box 😂😂

  • Eleiah McCaulley

    Eleiah McCaulley

    3 days ago

    James: “thank you I’m so talented” Me: “can’t relate”

  • Edits and Tutorials by Cadence

    Edits and Tutorials by Cadence

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    EvErything about Kashmir

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  • Jaclyn Pullen

    Jaclyn Pullen

    5 days ago

    James: hi sisters Kate: oh my gosh I think I just went into labor

  • Lele Fabes

    Lele Fabes

    5 days ago

    6:26 when your struggling so much to open a gatorade but then the person next to you opens it in a millisecond 😂😂

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  • Evie Jackson

    Evie Jackson

    6 days ago

    I LOVED james' reaction when Linda came in! it was so sweet

  • Graecee Melton

    Graecee Melton

    6 days ago

    32:30 I’m literally drinking a pink drink right now🤯🤗

  • Robin Upton

    Robin Upton

    7 days ago

    Omg love you James Charles and Mr Kate I have a Samsung phone it's pink and beautiful I'm a creative weirdo to hold desk full of my artwork

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    Samantha Bush

    7 days ago

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  • Sharon Ness

    Sharon Ness

    7 days ago

    How do we ask them yo come do our room

  • SweetSaturn


    7 days ago

    Ask James Charles how many siblings he has, He'll say "3.4 million sisters and one brother.". Lol.

  • Kîłłėr Qüêêñ

    Kîłłėr Qüêêñ

    8 days ago

    14:17 “Im a professional” *holds it up like a “professional”* lol 😂 this is why I love James

  • Anastasia Febiola

    Anastasia Febiola

    8 days ago

    what kind of lipstick is she wearingg...? the shade is so cute

  • Maida Affan

    Maida Affan

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    James's hands are goals!

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    XχUnicorn ClubxX

    8 days ago

    did sister names just said “love you daddy”

  • Maddy Hatter

    Maddy Hatter

    8 days ago

    I wonder if Sister James likes Hamilton "I'm only 19 but my mind is older" also "I want to be in the room where it happens"

  • Buttercup


    8 days ago

    Fabulous you two (baby makes 3). Love what you did with that blank room.

  • Unicorns are Awesome

    Unicorns are Awesome

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  • The Athletic Queen

    The Athletic Queen

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    Rumors have it that James is still in the box...

  • The Athletic Queen

    The Athletic Queen

    9 days ago

    Sam sung for us and droid ate an apple 1 like if u under stand what I'm sayin

  • Brenna Senger

    Brenna Senger

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    James: Hey Sisters! Kate: I think I just went in labor Me: WAIT......KATE IS PREGNANT!

  • abemamiranda


    9 days ago

    In every vid I can't help but think that when she gives birth, when her kid is like 4 or 5 maybe the kid will help

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    Roseline Dorvilus

    9 days ago

    Am I the only one who still doesn't know the gender of James Charles

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  • Unknown Lee

    Unknown Lee

    12 days ago

    You guy should help poor ppl like myself for makeover than those who already can afford designers.

  • Mad F

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    Slytherin Pasta

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    14 days ago

    that diy frame is so yuc. wtf

  • Devilishgirl482


    14 days ago

    Was it your decision to decorate James’s whole house or was it his idea? Btw love you and James

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    Louise Moran

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    Alicia Neill

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    Alicia Neill

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    anounomous anounmous

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    Haya Alkhulaifi

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    Abby Gaming

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    26:08 that high pitched voice tho XDDD

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    Rachel Lopez

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    Taylor Smith

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  • Holly Maas

    Holly Maas

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    Happy Catcus007

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    _melissa. anne

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    The fact that Kate and joey are transforming other people's homes to this ability whilst (Kate) being pregnant is so so humbling and inspiring. You guys will be so strong as a family. Love you, stay creative!

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    Nuala Carter

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    do emma chamberlain next she just moved into a new apartment!

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    Just a Little maya

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    23 days ago

    Joey- Naturally carries the famous James Charles down the stairs on his back Me- Drops him down the stairs , turns myself in the the police, never washes shirt

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