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    8 days ago

    What did you think of Julian Williams' victory?

  • Md Mahasin

    Md Mahasin

    12 hours ago

    Love you brother William great from India.

  • Bobby Mahaffey

    Bobby Mahaffey

    16 hours ago

    It was a great performance for julian Williams i was surprised by hurd fighting in close but not looking at julian. It looked like it was all set up to be hurds big night but he blew it.

  • Spécial One

    Spécial One

    Day ago


  • Amin Hussein

    Amin Hussein

    Day ago


  • cah deso

    cah deso

    20 minutes ago

    Alhamdulilah amiin love from Indonesia ♥️

  • sirdani SFI

    sirdani SFI

    30 minutes ago

    Allhamdullilah 🇲🇨 allahuakbar

  • asif ali Sheikh

    asif ali Sheikh

    46 minutes ago


  • Vicente FLORES Jr

    Vicente FLORES Jr

    Hour ago

    with Lara will be good fight🥊face it

  • Kyle Young

    Kyle Young

    2 hours ago

    I'm glad somebody beat hurd, his style is ehhhh in all honesty he just wants to lay on you and throw haymakers on the break, definitely easy to get the blueprint for other fighters to dissect him every time now

  • Rangga mapin

    Rangga mapin

    2 hours ago


  • Mutrik ALkhtani

    Mutrik ALkhtani

    2 hours ago

    You desrve the win brother and you strong keep going. Good luck.

  • yousef LAKHLEDJ

    yousef LAKHLEDJ

    3 hours ago

    Ramadan Mobarak julian I'm so happy for you

  • Zachary Emir

    Zachary Emir

    3 hours ago

    Amazing fight brother. What a good Muslim, pray for your success in dunya & akhirat. Ramadhan Kareem from Malaysia.

  • Jay Dogg

    Jay Dogg

    3 hours ago

    Hurd gotta get a belt now if u wanna fight the champs LOL

  • Tremayne Crear

    Tremayne Crear

    3 hours ago

    The God of Israel was with this brother not Ishmael

  • Lindokuhle Shange

    Lindokuhle Shange

    4 hours ago

    Great upset win for Jay Rock but I would like to know how long has boxing been throwing shade? "Lives at home with parents" and " homeless since 13".... how long has this been going on for?

  • Syed Nasran Shamil Syed Din

    Syed Nasran Shamil Syed Din

    4 hours ago

    Don't team with Abu jahal and Abu lahab in hereafter.

  • Sorban Putih

    Sorban Putih

    4 hours ago

    I love julian williams im from indonesian

  • Abdul Rahman

    Abdul Rahman

    6 hours ago

    Alhamdulillah julian congratulation

  • Daymian Ortiz

    Daymian Ortiz

    8 hours ago

    Why does Hurd put his head down and take unnecessary punches?

  • Kevin steven Parkca

    Kevin steven Parkca

    9 hours ago


  • Rene Samano

    Rene Samano

    9 hours ago

    Tengo una pregunta el canelo no podrá peliar con esta clases de weyes creo que el canelo no aguanta andarse empujando así toda la pelea creo que este wey que se llama julian lo mata al canelo



    11 hours ago

    He hurd could not change. It took a lost to bring scenes to his game. He started looking for taking fighters in the late round. Its swift not superman. This might be the Avenue for Camelot etc. The wbo has fighters that used to be great or just starting out. JH has power and speed but he won't use it. J Rock was no joke.

  • Hartanto Dwi

    Hartanto Dwi

    11 hours ago


  • A.D. Rollo rich

    A.D. Rollo rich

    13 hours ago

    Two great warriors.. Respect

  • Junaiz Mercara

    Junaiz Mercara

    14 hours ago

    Well done brother... May Allah bless you always...

  • TheMysticas!


    16 hours ago

    Well done Julian strong man we are proud of you

  • A.Rhman Sher

    A.Rhman Sher

    16 hours ago

    Legend in a process

  • TheImperial333


    17 hours ago

    Alhamdulilah Al Islam Allah be with you well done!!

  • Lisin Sin

    Lisin Sin

    17 hours ago


  • Pedro Mendez

    Pedro Mendez

    17 hours ago

    This was the left over that Williams found after the hard fight Hurd had with Erislandy Lara, there, Hurd left his soul. He's just a shadow of his former self. Credit to Willams though, he is a true warrior.

  • Queen Raaya

    Queen Raaya

    18 hours ago

    If Allah is with you, you will never lose❤️

  • a v

    a v

    18 hours ago

    Good job Julian

  • J JP

    J JP

    18 hours ago

    Who came here from The Deen Show? :)

  • Norm Render

    Norm Render

    19 hours ago

    When your entrance is with a marching band your train had better get to London first. Great fight, young man put some squeeze after them punches. Watched the whole fight some that I haven't done in 30 years.

  • UK Superman

    UK Superman

    19 hours ago

    Great fight congratulations to Williams

  • Abduwahab Warsame

    Abduwahab Warsame

    20 hours ago

    Ramadaan kawaran juliam

  • Setyo Basuki

    Setyo Basuki

    20 hours ago


  • zamanuddin hussaini

    zamanuddin hussaini

    20 hours ago


  • Eno I14102010

    Eno I14102010

    21 hour ago

    Alllahuuuuuuu akbaaaaaar

  • abdu aziz abdu rahman

    abdu aziz abdu rahman

    21 hour ago

    He is the man REMATCH !

  • Sonny Marten

    Sonny Marten

    21 hour ago

    Proud of you william..Assalamualaikum from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Death Sentence 1888

    Death Sentence 1888

    21 hour ago

    la illaha illa Allah Muhammed rasul Allah

  • jàí Ho

    jàí Ho

    22 hours ago

    Alahamdulilah!! Ramdan Mubarak to you brother.. My Allah bless you more and more #ameen... I'm from assam India Muslim love you and respect You and proud of you.. ❤❤

  • Ali Mohamed Ali Said

    Ali Mohamed Ali Said

    22 hours ago

    Masahallh my brother Allah give you good life ameen thuma ameen

  • Zayyid Ali

    Zayyid Ali

    22 hours ago


  • Maisam AbdulZaher

    Maisam AbdulZaher

    Day ago

    MashAllah bro all the best

  • the baros

    the baros

    Day ago

    Allahu akbar



    Day ago

    masya ALLAH



    Day ago

    great champ ramadan mobarak

  • Suparno parno

    Suparno parno

    Day ago

    Alhamdulilah..........menag, Allahhuakbarrr............

  • Straßen Musik EU

    Straßen Musik EU

    Day ago

    رمضان مبارک

  • hazazi jazmi

    hazazi jazmi

    Day ago


  • mhamed elkashf

    mhamed elkashf

    Day ago

    الله اكبر والحمدلله كثيرا اهنئك اخى الكريم على هذا الفوز الكبير وشهر رمضان الكريم وكل عام وانتم بخير اعاده الله علينا وعليكم وعلى امة محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم اخوك فى الله من مصر

  • abdul smith

    abdul smith

    Day ago

    Julian Williams got a new fan Mashallah Ramadan Mubarak!!!!!

  • Al hadji Hamed

    Al hadji Hamed

    Day ago

    Alhamdulilliah Allah Kareem.... Mabourk maboruok... Ramadan kareem

  • Amin Hussein

    Amin Hussein

    Day ago

    alhamdulillah, Ramsdan mubarak

  • Karl Kindle

    Karl Kindle

    Day ago

    j rock fought the fight of his life. what a performance! i love hurd but i love rooting for underdogs.

  • A A

    A A

    Day ago


  • 2 1

    2 1

    Day ago

    Islam has no color, Islam is for black, white, brown and yellow..all races

  • 2 1

    2 1

    Day ago

    Ramadan Mubarak brother Williams

  • 2 1

    2 1

    Day ago

    Alhamdulilah well done brother

  • 2 1

    2 1

    Day ago

    Well done bro fantastic fight by both fighters

  • Feruza Baratova

    Feruza Baratova

    Day ago

    Ramadan Mubarak brother Julian

  • Mohammad Rakeeb

    Mohammad Rakeeb

    Day ago

    Mashallah love from India

  • al macca

    al macca

    Day ago

    I love it and congrats.

  • Ali Ahmed

    Ali Ahmed

    Day ago

    Allah ho Akbar. Long live islam. ♥ 😘 From Pakistan 🇵🇰 ♥ 😘 💪. Ramadan Mubarak

  • michael morrison

    michael morrison

    Day ago

    Alhamdulillah i love you bro Ma Sha Allah

  • md s alam

    md s alam

    Day ago

    Very happy wining this month love you

  • abdirahman yaya

    abdirahman yaya

    Day ago

    Al Hamdulilah for everything congratulations brother Willy

  • Misbah Khan

    Misbah Khan

    Day ago

    Allah hu Akber

  • Firoz Akhtar

    Firoz Akhtar

    Day ago

    Congratulations from india .ramadan mubarak brother and sister

  • Shiro Venom

    Shiro Venom

    Day ago

    Im a proud to my brother muslim 😉 may Allah keep guide all muslim brother around the world

  • Bellamy The Hyena

    Bellamy The Hyena

    Day ago

    16:31 ALLAHUAKBAR..!!!

  • FIYU production

    FIYU production

    Day ago


  • Gamer Guy

    Gamer Guy

    Day ago

    Congratulations on your succes and GOD gifted you this success by fasting.

  • Luis Escobar

    Luis Escobar

    Day ago

    No rematch Williams clearly won the fight

  • sapta adi handoko

    sapta adi handoko

    Day ago

    ♥️♥️♥️u so much J M . Allahu Akbar 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • erwanto dinusantara

    erwanto dinusantara

    Day ago


  • septian donie khairanie

    septian donie khairanie

    Day ago

    Terharu krna saya ga ngerti dia ngomong apa.. Alhamdulillah

  • Ford AFG

    Ford AFG

    Day ago

    Proud of you brother. Your a strong and kind person. Allah be always with you. Ramadhan Mubarak 🇦🇫🙏

  • Alvin Hood

    Alvin Hood

    Day ago


  • Essa Khan

    Essa Khan

    Day ago

    Allahuakbar.mashallah Congratulation my brother. 👍

  • Hashir Alam

    Hashir Alam

    Day ago

    Ramadan mubarak all of uhh from Indian

  • Mohammad Jahidul Alam

    Mohammad Jahidul Alam

    Day ago

    Allah Akbar

  • moussa guefarou sinte

    moussa guefarou sinte

    Day ago

    Maa Shaa Allah,Allaahu Akbar blessed

  • Omar Shafi

    Omar Shafi

    Day ago

    Fairfax Virginia over here, Alhumdulilah! God bless you and Ramadan Mubarik my brother!

  • Eedd X

    Eedd X

    Day ago


  • Aslan Gibi Adam

    Aslan Gibi Adam

    Day ago

    Raise your hand, if you come here after DeenShow. 👋

  • tannacy jack

    tannacy jack

    Day ago

    Pure class 👏👏

  • tannacy jack

    tannacy jack

    Day ago

    All praise to the lord ! When Allah plan things,no one can change it.

  • the truth

    the truth

    Day ago

    as mexicano respecto por Julián he needs a reality check after charló fight this is the true you dont change cause off the money just be you

  • XChristian Now Saved by Allah

    XChristian Now Saved by Allah

    Day ago

    Alhamdulillah ( praise be to God )made me tear up wallah ( by God ) when he was trying to speak. May Allah grant him victories in this life and after

  • Adel Lousafna

    Adel Lousafna

    Day ago

    الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام إنشاء الله بطل العالم الحمدلله ا

  • akim Ben

    akim Ben

    Day ago


  • Truth


    Day ago

    الـــحــــمـــــد لــــلــــه 😊

  • Persija Jakarta

    Persija Jakarta

    Day ago

    Gue suka kata terakhirnya Wiliam..takbir... Allahuakbar

  • Hosay Noori officail

    Hosay Noori officail

    Day ago

    Ramadan mubrak

  • Abid Ahmed

    Abid Ahmed

    Day ago

    Love you

  • Suleyman Demiray

    Suleyman Demiray

    Day ago

    Congrats my bro Julian . Ramadan Mubarak to you too.. So proud of you..

  • Martin Hansson

    Martin Hansson

    Day ago

    Allah hu Akbar! (God is the greatest) ☝️alhamdulillah and Ramadan Mubarak my brother❤, you deserve it. Greetings from Sweden.

  • Ahmad Abdeljabbar

    Ahmad Abdeljabbar

    Day ago

    Ramadan Mubarak to you too brother and to all of us 👍 may Allah accept

  • hassan shehzad

    hassan shehzad

    Day ago

    Alhamdulillah Ramadhan Mubaarak my brother in islam

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