Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon STUNS With Original Audition Song "Almost Heaven" - American Idol 2019 on ABC


Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon sings original song "Almost Heaven" in his American Idol audition.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.


  • Dankey Kang

    Dankey Kang

    Day ago

    I was friends with this guy in highschool and could've told you then he was american idol material

  • Travis of Bickley

    Travis of Bickley

    Day ago

    As beautiful and as well written arranged and performed as We All Fall in Love Sometime

  • Jerlemi2


    2 days ago

    Chords were hauntingly great

  • tomas olaerts

    tomas olaerts

    4 days ago

    He reminds me of Eddy Vedder, simply beautiful

  • Gejum Potom

    Gejum Potom

    4 days ago

    Best original song in any talent show ever!!!

  • Ghostcatcher64


    4 days ago

    His performance was really amazing ! What a voice x) !

  • jana skibo

    jana skibo

    6 days ago

    You be you! you are amazing, dont let anyone tell you that you don't belong!! Amazing 👌👌 👌😍

  • Philip Tooley

    Philip Tooley

    7 days ago

    Answer to your question about homos in heaven is in Romans. Im sure you havent read it

  • Mark Youneva

    Mark Youneva

    7 days ago

    How do people reconcile "god created man in his image", "man cannot be gay", and "only god can judge?" It's no wonder they have to conclude that it's a lifestyle -- some arbitrary decision or choice. What a shame in 2019. Let people live and love who they wish when it's consenting and of appropriate age.

  • Matthew Pagano

    Matthew Pagano

    7 days ago

    Wait Jeremiah DIDN'T win??!!

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Gaurav Mishra

    8 days ago

    How come he or Alejandro didn't win:(

  • Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson

    8 days ago

    I can so relate to this song!!!;) It's bring tears to my eyes!!! GOD bless!!

  • ASAP WillyWarmer

    ASAP WillyWarmer

    8 days ago

    Am not crying! You are!😭

  • NinaB0307 T

    NinaB0307 T

    9 days ago

    Song made me cry!!! It was raw and a smash hit!

  • Joe E

    Joe E

    9 days ago

    I thought Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

  • Jade Burigsay

    Jade Burigsay

    10 days ago

    Duet with Adele please



    10 days ago

    This dude is dope, that song is a hit.. almost heaven

  • Aung Ko

    Aung Ko

    11 days ago

    I need this on iTunes.

  • Blue Eyed Mischief

    Blue Eyed Mischief

    12 days ago

    Hes an amazing singer

  • Jay Tobin

    Jay Tobin

    12 days ago

    How amazing is he defiantly a special talent can’t help but smile every time he sings hopefully he makes it

  • Ivan Hunt

    Ivan Hunt

    13 days ago

    Beautiful song.

  • K B

    K B

    14 days ago

    Wow what a beautiful preceptive to write a song

  • KevinKnox Playlist

    KevinKnox Playlist

    14 days ago

    0:05 This simple yet perfect grammatical response to "how are you?" Isn't being appreciated like it needs to.

  • aubug5


    15 days ago

    He stayed in Hollywood, couldn’t stand going back to his dads church, no freedom to pursue his perversions. He’s doing the bathhouse circuit trying to get “a-head.”

  • Kate Burger

    Kate Burger

    16 days ago

    i just love red heads

  • Robert Straatman

    Robert Straatman

    16 days ago

    His parents are totally nuts, Just saying.

  • Kevin Purificacion

    Kevin Purificacion

    18 days ago

    This guy deserved to win. OMG I need this song on my crying-while-alone-playlist on Spotify.

  • Nazish Pavon

    Nazish Pavon

    18 days ago

    I've lost count of the number of times I've played this song. It's evergreen song. I hope he continues to release hits one after another. Good luck to you !

  • J. Ho

    J. Ho

    18 days ago

    When i first started watching the auditions on AI 2019, i was like hmmmm.... okay it's not bad.... then came Jeremiah and that was it for me!! Goosebumps and tears🤗😢. That was why i started chasing the episodes seriously. God bless this young man. I want and hope he will make a solid living with this precious gift of his. It is said you can chose your friends but not your family. Well, one can make a new family, if that is what it takes. Best of love and fortune Jeremiah! 🙆‍♀️💌🇬🇧

  • Chase Hicks

    Chase Hicks

    18 days ago

    Just amazing.... That's all YOU can say:). . .

  • TexasGolfDude


    20 days ago

    What was the guitar for..?

  • Sydney Howard

    Sydney Howard

    20 days ago

    I love this so much. Listened to 10 times today.

  • Callie Marson

    Callie Marson

    20 days ago

    And of course yeehaw boy Lame Hardy won the entire show over people like Jeremiah who had actual artistry and individuality. Classic America.

  • Fredy Tua

    Fredy Tua

    21 day ago

    Keren banget..very good

  • Dawn Maher

    Dawn Maher

    21 day ago

    I'm from the UK and I have been watching on catch up. I am so shocked for me he should of been the American Idol 100% from day 1! So original and unusual. I agree with alehando 2nd place. Would never of thought Laine would win but... I'd say Lacey 3rd

  • Agustin Brown

    Agustin Brown

    22 days ago

    Im sorry but I'm might be deaf because I couldn't understand it really

  • Marcelo #803

    Marcelo #803

    23 days ago

    GREAT song

  • Gre Gre

    Gre Gre

    24 days ago

    I think this was the best performance of the whole season

  • Iain Forbes

    Iain Forbes

    25 days ago

    This young man is brilliant, what more can I say. The full package.

  • violingurl37


    25 days ago

    The song writing is amazing and the timbre of his voice just blows me away. Reminds me a bit of a more accessible Antony and the Johnsons.

  • Stephanie Williams

    Stephanie Williams

    25 days ago

    Sweet Jeremiah, there is most certainly a place for you, not only here in this world, but in heaven by God's side. ❤❤❤

  • miz F

    miz F

    26 days ago

    I I probabaly watch this at least once every few days..I pray no matter what he shows the world his gift!!!!!❤❤🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌

  • Giana Landucci

    Giana Landucci

    27 days ago

    He is very good at singing🎤

  • Clarisa Wheeler

    Clarisa Wheeler

    28 days ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying. That song is going to touch so many people.

  • Lee Wood

    Lee Wood

    29 days ago

    You are amazing Jeremiah, hope you come to Australia to perform one day.

  • Tori Hollar

    Tori Hollar

    29 days ago

    Omg this gave me goosebumps 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love this so much so raw and beautiful

  • rivetingglance


    29 days ago

    Made me cry...just amazing talent and such a beautiful heart!

  • Albert Pierrepoint

    Albert Pierrepoint

    29 days ago

    Should have won,. SHAME

  • elle zhav

    elle zhav

    Month ago

    if you're looking for a good singers, you can find them in church

  • Lelley C

    Lelley C

    Month ago

    He was totally robbed of being the winner .. His talent is the best I’ve ever seen on American idol .. I’m devastated he was my favourite ... I’m Watching from Australia 🇦🇺 unfortunately we can’t vote 😔

  • Laurence Flores

    Laurence Flores

    Month ago

    This season had soo many great singers. But for me, this guy was pure talent. His voice was effortless and tone & pitch were on point and natural. He should have won.

  • Laurie Lewis

    Laurie Lewis

    Month ago

    Love you... Bravo!!!! There is a place in heaven for you :)

  • Angela Braga

    Angela Braga

    Month ago

    Disappointment!!! Never!!! Frustrading!!! Kate, Who are You? What role did You do? 😔

  • I Z A B E L L E

    I Z A B E L L E

    Month ago

    So special ! This voice ❤️

  • Diane Davis

    Diane Davis

    Month ago

    Jeremiah, just because you feel something, doesn't mean you should follow it. I might feel attracted to 5 different men for instance but I can't give way to it, so don't think that because you are attracted to people of the same sex that you are supposed to follow it.

  • SuperGoodbar


    8 days ago

    Oh, you are the one being disrespectful. Here you have a brilliant artist showcasing his talent, and you are trying to put him down by making ignorant comments about his private life. Utterly disrespectful and totally out of place. You’re obviously having issues with minding your own business. Now, that’s something YOU should work on.

  • Diane Davis

    Diane Davis

    23 days ago

    @Lucaasss Do you not see how unkind and intolerable is your response to me? Do you normally result to bully tactics or is it only because you know that you are not in the right? You clearly believe that you have jurisdiction over me to put me down for not being in agreement with you. Do you not see your inconsistencies or are you really that obtuse?

  • Lucaasss


    23 days ago

    Youre a disgusting individual, imposing your beliefs upon others, treating them as fact. Why not let him be happy, let him live a normal life pursuing what he likes just as you pursue what you like. What gives you the jurisdiction to tell him what he can and cannot like?

  • Diane Davis

    Diane Davis

    26 days ago

    oh..and disrespectful ....I didn't disrespect you, but it shows you have issues that you might want to work on.

  • Diane Davis

    Diane Davis

    26 days ago

    So you don't believe in 1st amendment rights and are now openminded?

  • Jon


    Month ago

    This guy should've won no doubt

  • AngieCherie


    Month ago

    We are blessed to have you Jeremiah. You're awesome.

  • Nicole Angel

    Nicole Angel

    Month ago

    Wow...I just came across this kids audition after watching his finale performance with Katy that had came up in my suggested videos. You damn right Katy when you said "He don't need to be no janitor!" That is ridiculous! This kid is super talented and sure don't need to be mopping church floors and picking up trash for a living! God blessed him with that big beautiful voice for a reason and someone needs to give him a record deal already, or he needs to be in NYC on Broadway! He would be perfect for Broadway actually. He's got the perfect look and sound for it. Regardless this kid is going places, and I hope he has a long career somewhere in industry. I also loved his original song too.

  • Seventh Dacuycuy

    Seventh Dacuycuy

    Month ago

    I really really love it Bro.. So beautiful.. God Bless ❤❤

  • Thachanon Dk

    Thachanon Dk

    Month ago

    i love him. he's an inspiration. thanks Jeremiah :)

  • A Li

    A Li

    Month ago

    Bless you brother!

  • Alya ‘Aathira Jasmine

    Alya ‘Aathira Jasmine

    Month ago


  • Raquel Lamarre

    Raquel Lamarre

    Month ago

    A new Star is born. So different. I love it

  • Jeff Kessel

    Jeff Kessel

    Month ago

    Get this dude on spotify.

  • Rachel Vale

    Rachel Vale

    Month ago

    Maryland Nation. I love this song.

  • PRnKC


    Month ago

    He's a Star! I can't wait to purchase his first album.

  • Angelicia lyngskor

    Angelicia lyngskor

    Month ago

    Why'd they play mystery of love it made me cry😭

  • Karis


    Month ago

    1.7K ppl were too amazed by his voice and hit the wrong button

  • Isabelle Lund

    Isabelle Lund

    Month ago

    I can’t get over this

  • Vienna Austria

    Vienna Austria

    Month ago

    The real winner

  • jrmaddu1


    Month ago

    This song gave me chills, goosebumps everywhere, hair standing up on the back of my neck

  • Jeremy Lee Nadeak

    Jeremy Lee Nadeak

    Month ago

    Love no matter what....he is one of my idol inspired me as new youtuber ...

  • Yadiel Vega

    Yadiel Vega

    Month ago

    The true winner of American Idol.

  • Daniel Harrison

    Daniel Harrison

    Month ago

    He was clearly the most talented and blessed vocalist this season that was robbed beyond belief, however I am so happy he didn't win, first now he can do as he pleases, but also the amount of hate he would have got for beating AA like Laine is now, he would never deserve that, he is too pure and incredible to have that weigh on him, thank you idol for introducing me to this vocal beast! #teamjerforlife

  • lisa koola

    lisa koola

    Month ago

    why he didn’t win ? gawd you people let the good looking ones gets all the credits i’m not saying his bad looking

  • xgn fluffy

    xgn fluffy

    Month ago

    Even tho he didnt when he needs to be sending a recording to some record labels he can and will go down as one of the greats

  • Catherine


    Month ago

    I never really care too much about these shows, like I don’t really care who wins. Jeremiah is the only contestant on this show in the years that I have been watching that has really made an impact on me. His voice brings me to tears

  • Andrew Brown

    Andrew Brown

    Month ago

    Should have won. I started boycotting the show after they didn’t save him

  • Jondy White

    Jondy White

    Month ago

    As a gay you’re called by God to a higher calling of chestity, purity and innocence. Just stick to God’s law. You’re a beautiful soul. And very good song. Don’t let the devil takes your God given talent for his evil purposes. Music industry is satanic unfortunately

  • Robbie


    Month ago

    I need this song on itunes or spotify please!!

  • behindtheballfield


    Month ago

    pretty positive i have watch this at least 100 times

  • My-Anh Lê

    My-Anh Lê

    Month ago

    To all the people disliking this video: what the hell man

  • Carlie DelGuzzo

    Carlie DelGuzzo

    Month ago

    If y’all think this is good you should sss him ain’t with LU praise worship group. In my opinion, it shows off his vocals better there than here on idol.

  • PM Teresa

    PM Teresa

    Month ago

    I've watch this video 3 times. I really love the song, and his voice...

  • AmauriBR


    Month ago

    What about the flat in Nashiville? But not for an year ‘cos his carrear is going to fly high very soon! 🚀

  • Xkrules


    Month ago

    reminds me of country roads

  • Kyle Wilk

    Kyle Wilk

    Month ago

    Amazing screw haters

  • Harry K

    Harry K

    Month ago

    He's ok but that's just my opinion maybe write songs for people good luck to him.

  • Anna Biebs

    Anna Biebs

    Month ago

    I can feel the sadness rolling of his voice :'

  • Azman 77

    Azman 77

    Month ago

    Don’t worry buddy Heaven is a life state not a place so you can find that anytime anywhere

  • Mia Tyler

    Mia Tyler

    Month ago

    So gutted he was voted off Alejandro madison n jerimiah were my fav X

  • Mia Tyler

    Mia Tyler

    Month ago

    Spelt it wrong but ain’t nobody got time for that

  • Bugsy Siegel

    Bugsy Siegel

    Month ago

    The Weasley Family

  • minymoo97


    Month ago

    for all of you looking for a way to listen to this on repeat: watch the version on his channel!

  • Anna Biebs

    Anna Biebs

    Month ago

    He said he was gay n the background music is Mystery of Love ( soundtrack of call me by your name). We STANN

  • jayon101


    Month ago

    When he was singing I thought of a early Elton John he sounded amazing he really captured the moment 💎💖

  • Slueshii Gaming

    Slueshii Gaming

    Month ago

    So who wins I’m joking don’t spoil I’m not done with the season

  • guxt65


    Month ago

    He should have won. Period.

  • iidafh aild

    iidafh aild

    Month ago

    But can he sing a song highway to hell? 🤔🤔

  • Daniel Windham

    Daniel Windham

    Month ago

    You are lyrically gifted as well as musically talented. We aren’t here to condemn but to love and uplift one another.

  • Jude Villeta

    Jude Villeta

    Month ago

    Ughhhhh one of the best voices

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