Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video

Taken from JRE #1322 w/Reggie Watts:


  • Stephen N

    Stephen N

    15 minutes ago

    Why not show the damn video??

  • Nevys Nova

    Nevys Nova

    30 minutes ago

    The next spin off. “ Family UFC” 🤡🤡

  • Mic Magellan

    Mic Magellan

    2 hours ago

    ...joe my guy. Do you think THEY set this up. Like you said Playin Bad Guitar? Choke out Dude..? No charges yet? Gotta luv Hoods. Did anything happen? Nope! Dumba$$es

  • emul123


    2 hours ago

    Government paying for them to go to Disney now? Asking for a friend.

  • MuMu124


    3 hours ago

    That was A1 entertainment man

  • Charlie Hufft

    Charlie Hufft

    4 hours ago

    And you're just as bad Rogan. Say something intelligent for once. This is why I stopped watching you. You have no convictions and change your opinion based on whats popular or who you have on the mic. You could be using this platform for GOOD but instead you just normalize it.

  • Jeremy Bettis

    Jeremy Bettis

    7 hours ago

    That's funny, you act like if you got spit on you wouldn't do anything because it's "just water". Fuck that, you'd be losing teeth.

  • Endless Mars

    Endless Mars

    8 hours ago

    Joe "You don't want anybody choking you to death with your own jacket" Rogan

  • D Budai

    D Budai

    9 hours ago

    Fucking trash.... wow. I never knew I could smell a fight vid

  • Samplejuice


    12 hours ago

    Where's the police? I was looking for chief Bogo and/or Judy Hopps to show up. In all seriousness, I hope they give the guy on the red shirt a long time in jail. Wow security suck at Disney

  • Smoove808


    12 hours ago

    Fighting is a natural and primal instinct no matter what the technique or lack there of. The guitar comparison was a good attempt at an analogy, but it doesn’t quite equate. This is the kinds of thing people will resort to in a fit of rage and anything goes. So you have to get over yourself on that one Joe. Not being a dick. Just saying that most people don’t “fight”.

  • Wyatt B

    Wyatt B

    12 hours ago

    Spitting in some1s face is actually considered assault in Canada

  • Rock Ade

    Rock Ade

    13 hours ago

    Ahh black people think they are all gangster rapers you stupid fat fucks . And I am ethic

  • The Derp

    The Derp

    14 hours ago

    this some ghetto shit lol

  • David Forte

    David Forte

    14 hours ago

    Spit in my face I'll knock your teeth out

  • all sports doctor tyson

    all sports doctor tyson

    15 hours ago

    “The white man's happiness cannot be purchased by the black man's misery” and the "The Black man's happiness cannot be purchased by the white man's misery" In Hell only! No one's in Hell anymore, just scroll below and see, they are all on USdownload! and in the Media! Peace I'm out!

  • Ann Williams

    Ann Williams

    16 hours ago

    This is pathetic that you and other crew found this so funny. Women being punched, children crying. You guys need to get a crip. Unbelievable

  • missrissa37


    17 hours ago

    Joe a man's man😂😂😂😂😂

  • roberto bravo

    roberto bravo

    17 hours ago

    I thought that was Wakanda....

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

    17 hours ago

    And how much does it cost to get in that joke of a place now days and for what? To put up with that around my children, Sorry Disney I'll pass....

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

    17 hours ago

    That so sad around kids like that have some discipline for God sake, disgusting. And if your going to engage it help if you had a clue. learn how to throw a punch. Nothing like a thumb to the throat to drop you like a sack of potatoes. Love your show brother!

  • Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra Brado

    18 hours ago

    Joe Rogan wouldn’t have made fun of women getting hit if the women were white . Most of his audience is white men and he knows he would lose his audience.

  • Mark Casas

    Mark Casas

    20 hours ago

    Straight out ghetto no class at all.

  • The What!!?

    The What!!?

    21 hour ago

    This is America

  • Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith

    21 hour ago

    Notice how Joe Rogan only does fluff shit now? He was neutered and told to stay " woke"

  • Border_Collie7


    22 hours ago

    Joe Rogan podcast is going down hill in my opinion they don’t show the vids anymore and use more clickbait titles more than before

  • Kenneth Dokus

    Kenneth Dokus

    22 hours ago

    That's the first thing I said they fight like Sissy's. They don't know how to throw a punch. That's fighting101.

  • Jef Mangelschots

    Jef Mangelschots

    22 hours ago

    Off all the commentary in the world on this footage, Joe Rogan must be the only one that criticizes their fighting technique.

  • frowblooha


    22 hours ago

    Sorry but they are a bunch of savages. The dude in the red shirt punches like a bitch too. Was waiting for one of the women to drop his stupid ass.

  • MusicFan 15

    MusicFan 15

    23 hours ago

    At least these people will be represented a lot more in upcoming woke Hollywood films.

  • drol nogard

    drol nogard

    23 hours ago

    Throw em a basketball

  • andy roo

    andy roo

    23 hours ago

    joe rogan with hairy in another long you been like that fake joe,

  • # Johnny 5

    # Johnny 5

    Day ago

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks to the black community for all of their wonderful contributions to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans in the area, due to the caring upkeep of their properties, and of course being such respectful neighbors and role models for the youth. The American black neighborhood is just a small example of what they have achieved from their enthusiasm of self-improvement, through sheer hard work and self-reliant "can do" nature. Without their industrious drive we would surely be much poorer as a nation. Did I mention their calm, peaceful and measured disposition, especially in public? (Scary Hobo)

  • Kreepy Pasta

    Kreepy Pasta

    Day ago

    Like Rogaine ever got in a ring. Little Manlet.

  • evan browne

    evan browne

    Day ago

    Terrible technique, classic Joe.

  • Keith Cramer

    Keith Cramer

    Day ago

    It's funny how their was no mention of this fight or vid on the mainstream news. But if it would been any other race.... well u know. Such hipochrits

  • John Dough

    John Dough

    Day ago

    Joe Rogan is upset he wasn’t there to telecast it.

  • Ryan TheAllKnowing

    Ryan TheAllKnowing

    Day ago

    Black people...

  • Rogered Moore

    Rogered Moore

    Day ago

    Is this not a promo for the new Little Mermaid?

  • S He

    S He

    Day ago

    Updated text book edition Mature readers only.- THIS IS NOT A BRAWL! , The Caucasoid-Caucasian often misinterpret the actions of the Mongoloid and Negroid races, they often become hysterical as to the true happening of the event. This is a Black Bull Gorilla disciplining the troop( troop a group of Apes) women folk in the family, this helps keep them in line. You people need educate yourselves, go watch the Discovery Channel and you will see "Gorillas in the Mist", the male dominant male Ape (Alpha male) whips all the females and subdues any challenges by any up and coming males who challenges his authority. That is why when the police wanted to bring charges they all said nothing happened its was just another walk in the park, a family misunderstanding. In white families the white women often talk back to their men folk and will quickly tell them "put your hands on me" and I will call the Police".. In the hood this is not acceptable and when she spat in is face, I knew then she was going to get hands laid on her multiple times. I also knew the Alpha Male* would not let that action go unchallenged. I have studied Gorillas in the Mist and authored the Book" Gorillas in the Hood" , a qualitative study and understanding of the Dominant Male in the hood" writing numerous comparative papers on the subject. If necessary I will certainly testify in court on behalf of the defense, but for now let it suffice to say "That this was not, and is not, family abuse as the layperson sees it as seen by the untrained eye i.e, the many off colored comments (no pun intended). Au contraire, rather this is a form of family cohesiveness. What appears as a brawl is in actuality a disciplined and controlled action by the Alpha Male..-...*The Alpha Male in the hood, is also a Bull in bed, a Stallion of sorts, and with few exceptions extremely well endowed. They have even been recorded as having penile erections measuring upward of 10 -18 inches in many well documented films by the white species. This Bull like Gorilla is a "Prize Bull" and the females know it. It has been recorded when intercoursing, this Male, this "Bull Gorilla" will thrust wildly and deeply into the female vagina and any and all of her orifices.The female will hold the buttocks of this bull with a strength as of yet unmeasurable, this results in a full Thrust, a pounding of her vagina ensuring a full and forceful ejaculation of sperm into her love canal. For those of you who are interested in desiring to know more's about the mating rituals of this fascinating species read my text book edition titled " GORILLAS IN THE HOOD AND UNDER THE HOOD" - (Social Anthropologist, Dr. Mohammad Goldstien, PHD) co-authored by Dr. Quong Dong of Beijing University of the African Study Institute.

  • C.C. Rider

    C.C. Rider

    Day ago

    sorry Joe, as good as yer show is, and as much hilarious entertainment there is on y/t from the likes of you, bill burr, stanhope and others, THIS is the funniest shit i've seen this year. other than the fact that i would burn my money before i ever give another dollar to disney i would loved to have been ring side for this ghetto showcase. p.s. the chick with the red hair and big boobs was hot AF.

  • melina romero

    melina romero

    Day ago

    Joe Rogan wouldn’t have made fun of women getting hit if the women were white . Most of his audience is white men and he knows he would lose his audience.

  • Steven Tracy

    Steven Tracy

    Day ago

    No mention that these people are black... no mention of how violent and angry black people are disproportionately as well as the disproportionate number of crimes that blacks commit relative to their population. it's more important for Joe Rogan to pretend that he is down with the blacks rather than be truthful about what is going on in our country concerning the black race. of course it's not the entire black race that are like this but most black people are.. no mention of any of it from Joe Rogan. Two idiots rambling on about technique. all sorts of people in the vicinity of these animals had children that witnessed the violence. Joe Rogan is a piece of trash...

  • Nonsense PoopyPants

    Nonsense PoopyPants

    Day ago

    Spitting is the highest sign of affection amongst the wachatu's :)

  • Lowkey asab

    Lowkey asab

    Day ago

    Radio stations need to stop giving away Disney land tickets

  • MyAssGrabsHairInTheSHOWER


    Day ago

    Hey! I know them!!! They were at Denny’s the other night!

  • 4thtroika


    Day ago

    Someone left a cheeseburger on the kitchen table again.

  • Blackoutt 300

    Blackoutt 300

    Day ago

    Spitting on someone is actually considered assault. The more you know.

  • Victor Da Silva

    Victor Da Silva

    Day ago


  • gerard abair

    gerard abair

    Day ago

    your comment are meaningless without the video. Just your arrogant opinion. What was morally right or wrong? Is fighting to be entertainment, Violence in the kand if Disney.

  • Theyungcity23


    Day ago

    Reggie had to get sexy to get invited to the show. He probably the least relevant he’s ever been right now

  • Croatian Warmaster

    Croatian Warmaster

    Day ago

    Those white people holding him down are racist neon yathzees kkk white supreeemist

  • Woke Af

    Woke Af

    Day ago

    Radiate positivety!

  • fox21231


    Day ago

    How come he doesnt mention the lack of diversity among those fighting?

  • Cali2 COOL

    Cali2 COOL

    Day ago

    The kids in their family deserve better

  • Cali2 COOL

    Cali2 COOL

    Day ago

    Hope the dude goes to prison

  • Johnny Godfuckme

    Johnny Godfuckme

    Day ago

    Fuck you Joe and fuck your wack chimp hockey team.

  • Echo Chambers

    Echo Chambers

    Day ago

    Dude just couldn’t stop bitching they wouldn’t accept his EBT Card To Get In.

  • Shadow Man

    Shadow Man

    Day ago

    Joe "lil but of water" Rogan

  • K Bec

    K Bec

    Day ago

    Mickey's mouse jail town was packed this day, with Disney's most wanted.

  • impactajuvenile


    21 hour ago

    Bunch of turn’t down beeRrrr rejects!!!! Sent down foo!

  • willieboy3011 Jonas

    willieboy3011 Jonas

    2 days ago

    Big sissy slapping women but can't land a punch on a man. He should have been beat down. What has happened that we allow this? Back in da day he would have been beaten up. Embarrassing.

  • L C

    L C

    2 days ago

    You can take the rat outta the hood but you can't take the hood outta the rat.☻

  • Dean Hudson

    Dean Hudson

    2 days ago

    Just typical negros.

  • Ned Martin

    Ned Martin

    2 days ago

    Well, after all, it was Toon Town. All that was missing was some zany sound effects and animated birdies flying outta the sista's heads whenever dude landed a punch. lol

  • Ned Martin

    Ned Martin

    2 days ago

    Well, after all, it was Toon Town. All that was missing was some zany sound effects and animated birdies flying outta the sista's heads whenever dude landed a punch. lol

  • doesnt matter

    doesnt matter

    2 days ago

    Why so many dislikes? Mouseketeers? Is there Rogan vs. Disney on the horizon?

  • Kurt H

    Kurt H

    2 days ago

    Black men beating black women and they make jokes. What a sad state of affairs. Maybe if we paid them reparations they’d behave.

  • Stevie Roby

    Stevie Roby

    2 days ago

    HaHa ! What happened to your opening when you say "punk ???" Funny!

  • kryten09


    2 days ago

    The family is now saying the fight never happened and that it's a deep fake type video. Not joking.

  • brian mazzoni

    brian mazzoni

    2 days ago

    wow thats what joe got out of that disgrace,no fucking balls and donovan mc nabb is a idiot too.

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