JOKER - Teaser Trailer


Joker - Teaser Trailer - In Theaters October 4


  • Dennis Pierre

    Dennis Pierre

    20 minutes ago

    That's it WB....This is a great trailer! Please don't give us 5 other trailers and 50 tv spots. Just leave it at this. Don't need to know or show more. This will due till October.

  • Krystal Harwood

    Krystal Harwood

    Hour ago

    Arthur fleck is a freak, Miss Fleck was also a freak...coincidence

  • Ezrah Molina

    Ezrah Molina

    Hour ago

    This is one of the best trailers I have ever seen

  • Brennan Gulseth

    Brennan Gulseth

    Hour ago

    Looks like a good movie though I doubt the this guy could top Heath Ledger

  • Ranin Siawsh

    Ranin Siawsh

    Hour ago

    man i get the feeling his acting will even be better than the legendary ledger

  • my crazy life

    my crazy life

    Hour ago

    After suicide squad official announcement: Jared leto as Joker? Not a bad choice dc. First official joker photo released: What the f**k is this bulsh*t? Teaser is released: HE SOUNDS EVEN WORSE THAN HE LOOKS!!! Official trailer: ok not bad. Trailer 2: NOT BAD AT ALL! You’re really turning this around New comic con Trailer: THIS IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC! Before suicide squad: I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS!!! ESPECIALLY HOW JARED LETO DOES AS JOKER!!! After Suicide Squad: WTF WAS THAT?!! 3 years worth of a deep depression over jared joker 2018 Joker Movie announcement: Joaquin phoenix huh? Good choice. I swear todd philips if you screw this up i’m gonna- 2019 trailer drops: Jared who?

  • Efraín VR 666

    Efraín VR 666

    Hour ago

    Esto me ha hecho llorar. 😂😭😅😅 Ahora estoy con una sonrisa.

  • TRM - تي آر أم

    TRM - تي آر أم

    Hour ago

    40M Views in the first week 12M Views in the first tow month Life!, why don't you smile at this trailer?

  • Liam Harte

    Liam Harte

    2 hours ago

    100 days to go

  • William Coffey

    William Coffey

    2 hours ago

    Most tasteful and greatly edited teaser there ever was

  • OuS Zx

    OuS Zx

    3 hours ago

    i promise that i'll watch this movie every day

  • Svenny 1995

    Svenny 1995

    3 hours ago

    Whats the track playing in this teaser? Song title is "smile", but all that i can find through the internet is two singers - Nat King Cole and M.Jackson. Both of their voices isn't in this video! Could someone give a tip, please?

  • aestheticpablo


    3 hours ago

    I love it

  • vladimir abaysvili

    vladimir abaysvili

    3 hours ago

    I think joker is more better

  • GG Sacomani

    GG Sacomani

    3 hours ago

    If you downvoted this your either dumb or an SJW upset Joker hasn’t been changed into a Black Asian Lesbian Transgender Non-Binary Gay Woman!

  • the question

    the question

    4 hours ago

    Marvel Fan: I like Captain marvel!!! Dc Fan : How old Are you kid?

  • Jai Srivastav

    Jai Srivastav

    4 hours ago


  • Wild Dude

    Wild Dude

    4 hours ago

    I'm supporting Joker on it you know , just cuz people around us sometimes is just a PIGS And the only way to calm them down , kill....

  • Ritvik Arya

    Ritvik Arya

    4 hours ago

    43k people disliked this. ME: WHY SO SERIOUS ?

  • Usha Waghmare

    Usha Waghmare

    4 hours ago


  • Joshua Yang

    Joshua Yang

    5 hours ago

    Emperor commodus!

  • sponge bob

    sponge bob

    6 hours ago

    Now this IS a villain not some purple ass.

  • sponge bob

    sponge bob

    6 hours ago

    I have watched this unhealthy amount of times

  • Dungeon


    6 hours ago

    I wil fuck u

  • Ben Danklen

    Ben Danklen

    6 hours ago

    I hope batman makes a cameo in the end

  • Expand Pussy

    Expand Pussy

    6 hours ago

    Gamers rise up

  • Hitagi 26

    Hitagi 26

    6 hours ago

    I think that kid is bruce wayne

  • marvelousdcgeek 97

    marvelousdcgeek 97

    3 hours ago

    It is.

  • Dungeon


    6 hours ago

    Shut up motherfuker

  • #DC #Marvel

    #DC #Marvel

    7 hours ago

    Marvel: Mr. Joker, I dont feel so good.

  • Ansh Dogra

    Ansh Dogra

    7 hours ago

    This is gonna be good .

  • Timot Series

    Timot Series

    7 hours ago

    Just take my money i want to see this movie already

  • leahcism ovaslok

    leahcism ovaslok

    8 hours ago

    I feel like this movie may end up being one of the greatest films of all time

  • ZapsterPlayz


    8 hours ago

    This trailer itself deserves a oscar

  • Britney Danise

    Britney Danise

    8 hours ago

    I want Jared Leto to play joker

  • Josef Salama

    Josef Salama

    9 hours ago

    Lol I just got free 2 tickets first IT chapter 2 and Joker 🤡🤡

  • Jaylen Jackson

    Jaylen Jackson

    9 hours ago

    I wonder if Joaquin is actually left handed as he’s seen in writing in the journal or is that just a nuance he’s doing for the character - the joker is left handed

  • Ayaz Evlioğlu

    Ayaz Evlioğlu

    9 hours ago


  • Rene Balbuena

    Rene Balbuena

    9 hours ago

    This is a reflection on our joke.

  • Dasuki Ahmad

    Dasuki Ahmad

    9 hours ago

    This is really good but i always wanted Arkham Origin Joker to be a thing. Just me?

  • Fabricio Domingos

    Fabricio Domingos

    10 hours ago

    De Niro is going to die there LIVE 🔫

  • Saif Bakri

    Saif Bakri

    11 hours ago

    As much as I love heath ledgers joker this joker actually looked more like a clown irl anyone agree???

  • hollyweirdflex


    11 hours ago

    who made this trailer?! i just want to talk with him/her.

  • Eon Daone

    Eon Daone

    12 hours ago


  • Cosmo Coralles

    Cosmo Coralles

    12 hours ago

    The most famous comic book villain in the world finally has it's own movie.

  • A.Edwards NYCTA

    A.Edwards NYCTA

    12 hours ago

    This trailer made more money than captain Marvel

  • Tiberian Fiend

    Tiberian Fiend

    12 hours ago

    All the teen boys must be happy for OMGSERIOUS DARKMEANSFORADULTS Joker.

  • Veenod Shivaji

    Veenod Shivaji

    12 hours ago

    Do batman in cameo appearance ??

  • marvelousdcgeek 97

    marvelousdcgeek 97

    3 hours ago

    1:48 there's little Bruce Wayne. And the dude talking about masked cowards is Thomas Wayne.



    13 hours ago

    Will there be a Harley quiin in this movie!?



    Hour ago

    Skit DotCom That will be very nice 👍

  • Skit DotCom

    Skit DotCom

    6 hours ago

    HARRY GAMER she may appear at the end of the movie as Harleen Quinzel

  • himynamestito _

    himynamestito _

    14 hours ago


  • Nabhan 0125

    Nabhan 0125

    14 hours ago

    Org indonesia yg nonton absen dlu yuk

  • Brandon Martin

    Brandon Martin

    15 hours ago

    That walk at 2:07..... closest thing Mark Hamills mad genius realized on screen

  • The Prodigy

    The Prodigy

    15 hours ago

    Please don't disappoint, the trailer is too good

  • Fikri Fadillah

    Fikri Fadillah

    15 hours ago

    Who will win the Oscars? Avengers with crossover characters Vs One smiley boi

  • sydney thegreat

    sydney thegreat

    15 hours ago

    the make up is not right but the story is epic

  • Anupam Pradhan

    Anupam Pradhan

    15 hours ago

    i bet i bet if oscar had trailer category...this trailer would have get an Oscar... man man what a masterpiece silver screen product

  • Fer14


    16 hours ago

    Hay alguna relación entre el joker de Joaquin Phoenix y el batman de Robert Pattinson?

  • C Gigi

    C Gigi

    16 hours ago

    Joker 💚🧡❤️

  • Fahmi Viratama

    Fahmi Viratama

    16 hours ago

    Crime make batman Society create Joker

  • Nicholas Velasquez

    Nicholas Velasquez

    16 hours ago

    It looks like it's the story of Heath Ledger's joker.

  • Bipulbivab Mohapatra

    Bipulbivab Mohapatra

    16 hours ago

    J for Joaquin J for joker

  • Mohammad Ashi

    Mohammad Ashi

    17 hours ago

    Wow this green goblin movie looks great

  • SWAGLORD McGuyver

    SWAGLORD McGuyver

    17 hours ago

    Is this the joker from batman? Nevermind I watched the trailer.

  • juan villalobos

    juan villalobos

    17 hours ago

    Joaquin gonna give heath a run for his money

  • Bloop


    18 hours ago

    I'm expecting one of the darkest plots in a while, I'm really hoping I'm not disappointed.

  • C Gigi

    C Gigi

    18 hours ago

    this is my new jam

  • The Abrupt

    The Abrupt

    18 hours ago

    Joker reminds me of myself

  • Ross Jane Obra

    Ross Jane Obra

    18 hours ago

    Yaaay! Whoever made this one is a 👐👐👐 and heeey you must try what I tried to cook yesterday its awsomeee heres the video of how to make yema cheesecake without using oven

  • Sebazattack


    18 hours ago

    Not even lying when I say that I’ve watched this trailer at least 5 times a day since the trailer dropped.

  • TNT 0

    TNT 0

    19 hours ago

    Thumbs up for 2019 🤡

  • Yours Truly

    Yours Truly

    19 hours ago


  • zyad_ assiri

    zyad_ assiri

    19 hours ago


  • Master of the Hellish Yard

    Master of the Hellish Yard

    20 hours ago

    V i v i m o s e n u n c o r i n g a

  • pinto91101


    20 hours ago

    Academy award for best trailer editing.

  • Rusty


    20 hours ago

    dont mind me, im just watching my daily doce of the video

  • shining stars

    shining stars

    20 hours ago

    i wonder who are those 43k dislikers... art haters??

  • shining stars

    shining stars

    20 hours ago

    c'mon drop more trailers

  • kenny matthews

    kenny matthews

    20 hours ago

    I can't stop looking at this. Going crazy!

  • Tahmid Labib

    Tahmid Labib

    21 hour ago

    He is unironically a hero

  • Mlynn McCracken

    Mlynn McCracken

    21 hour ago

    Joker: Just put on a smile. Halsey: You smile asshole.

  • shiksin destine

    shiksin destine

    21 hour ago

    He used to be Jesus. Another Mr. J.

  • Nexeleron


    21 hour ago

    No orther joker movie can match with Dark Knight...

  • gohn g

    gohn g

    22 hours ago

    I always felt Ray Leotta should of played the joker sometime in his career I mean look at the guy when he smiles especially in goodfellas or the trailer in Operation Dumbo Drop (random movie but the trailer is telling) he’s just missing the make up.

  • Ivan Michaels

    Ivan Michaels

    22 hours ago

    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this trailer! One of my favourite actors of the last 20 years, fingers crossed the movie is awesome!

  • best indeed

    best indeed

    22 hours ago

    1:11 It's sad how he's trying to smile while sheding a tear also this comes out on my birthday

  • The Joker

    The Joker

    23 hours ago

    Congrats on 52 million views, next stop, 53 million

  • ItsEma


    23 hours ago


  • Josh August

    Josh August

    Day ago

    Looks like shit with some incest innuendo. I’ll pass. DC continues to suck.

  • Arvinth Kumar

    Arvinth Kumar

    15 hours ago

    Ok go watch marvel stuff

  • Eugeny Zorkin

    Eugeny Zorkin

    Day ago

    It puts smile on my soul.

  • Speed Demon

    Speed Demon

    Day ago

    Looks like garbage compared to heath ledgers performance which was the pinnacle of the Joker character along with Jack Nicholson.

  • Siddhesh Hemade

    Siddhesh Hemade

    Day ago

    2:04 It’s amazing how a sudden boost of confidence can change your personality entirely

  • Abdallah Kamal

    Abdallah Kamal

    Day ago

    That how you make a trailer

  • Ashlee T

    Ashlee T

    Day ago

    I can't wait for this movie

  • The King Pihvi

    The King Pihvi

    Day ago

    And that's how society made his villain

  • Paper Mario

    Paper Mario

    Day ago

    Please make season 3 for Batman from telltale

  • Sunny Suniar

    Sunny Suniar

    Day ago

    The world we live in is a dark place. Society shuns you. Perfection is everything. The trials and tribulations of life never ends. Sometimes a completely normal law abiding citizen could become a villain due to what they have gone through in their lives. Hes not a pychopath he hates humans for the way they treated him. You can finally understand the jokers journey this is why he is Batmans greatest enemy.

  • Sammy DeGuido

    Sammy DeGuido

    Day ago

    This might be the best trailer I've seen besides first Logan trailer

  • Tom Stein

    Tom Stein

    Day ago

    What’s the classical song in this trailer

  • Amelia Joestar

    Amelia Joestar

    Day ago

    I'm already sobbing

  • Day ago

    take this ledger's fans I'm sure you're saying heath is the best joker and you'll keep kissing in the ass just because he's dead but Joaquin has a much better laugh, he's darker, looks more scary than heath's joker.

  • Saieswar Pidathala

    Saieswar Pidathala

    Day ago

    India wants a real joker like this...........

  • BuZz Tivi

    BuZz Tivi

    Day ago

    joker ♦️

  • Pochacco Dayou

    Pochacco Dayou

    Day ago

    This time Gotham desveres the joker they ruined him

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