Jonas Brothers - Chasing Happiness (Official Trailer)


Chasing Happiness is our new documentary that tells our story from the beginning to the reunion that inspired our upcoming album “Happiness Begins”.
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About Chasing Happiness:
Chasing Happiness is a story of brotherhood. From humble roots as Pastor’s sons in New Jersey, through their meteoric rise to fame, the Jonas Brothers’ bond was unshakable- until a surprising and painful breakup led Joe, Kevin and Nick down very different paths. With deeply personal interviews, previously unreleased footage and exclusive music, this is the Jonas Brothers as never seen before.
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  • Las Aventuras de Betza

    Las Aventuras de Betza

    2 days ago

    in spanish please!

  • Leyla B.L.

    Leyla B.L.

    6 days ago

    No matter how hard it gets the Jonas brothers always support each other!

  • Elika Mohebbat

    Elika Mohebbat

    7 days ago

    1:35 the way Kevin was left out on that hug 😂😭 Lonely Kevin really is still the best meme 😂

  • Kayla Pate

    Kayla Pate

    8 days ago

    L wish they would tour Australia l love then so much ❤️

  • Midajah Chione

    Midajah Chione

    9 days ago

    Watched it..... Loved it....... Mwaaaah....... You're the best........ Kevin wanna watch you sing.... ,😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  • Los Plebez

    Los Plebez

    10 days ago

    Ya yee

  • Verta Franco

    Verta Franco

    11 days ago

    0:16 so cute 😍❣️❤️

  • galaxy wolf

    galaxy wolf

    15 days ago

    Frankie jonas: am i a joke to you

  • Shivwani Anand

    Shivwani Anand

    24 days ago

    When Sucker came out and their back!!

  • Amit Bundela

    Amit Bundela

    27 days ago

    Aw! So emotional

  • DiDi DiViNe

    DiDi DiViNe

    29 days ago

    Thank god y’all got back together! Blood is thicker than water in this case! Your wives knocked some sense into y’all and said wtf are y’all doing, apologize and reunite and start making music like when you were young!

  • imhot984_msp


    29 days ago


  • Sonyeosin naeun

    Sonyeosin naeun

    Month ago

    “It wasnt about money, isnt about fame, it was, brothers” Love is always sweeter the second time around. I am loving a much stronger Jonas Brothers this time ❤️

  • Surbhi Sharma

    Surbhi Sharma

    Month ago


  • Your favorite Oompa Loompa

    Your favorite Oompa Loompa

    Month ago

    I’m glad they got back together

  • Suzanne Price

    Suzanne Price

    Month ago

    Just watched and it was suprisingly good

  • Prachi Singh

    Prachi Singh

    Month ago


  • Josh Wynn

    Josh Wynn

    Month ago

    I swear there was 4 of them

  • Taehyung Kni

    Taehyung Kni

    Month ago

    0:30 song title please?😍

  • Taehyung Kni

    Taehyung Kni

    28 days ago

    @Josselyn XV thank you☺️

  • Josselyn XV

    Josselyn XV

    28 days ago


  • Kerry Moody

    Kerry Moody

    Month ago

    They are soso cool

  • hehu hehovsky

    hehu hehovsky

    Month ago

    Amazing movie, great that you got that released and showed to the people that famous ones are also humans just as everybody else. Great seeing you guys happy, All the best!

  • GoldenDonut 618794

    GoldenDonut 618794

    Month ago

    Is it just me or are you guys the best people ever? I’ve always wanted to meet you guys. You’re the best

  • Doof Meier

    Doof Meier

    Month ago

    I accidentally clicked on the film on Amazon prime, because I thought: Yup sounds interesting... I totally overread the fact, that is was about the Jonas Brothers. But I think it was very interesting. Regretted nothing.

  • Kassandrannn Farnworth

    Kassandrannn Farnworth

    Month ago


  • Angela Shrum

    Angela Shrum

    Month ago

    Just watched this documentary and it hit me in the feels. I wasn't a fan in the younger years but I am now. You guys are incredible and underrated. Thank you for sharing your stories and your talent. Family is most important. 🤗

  • Yves Mendez

    Yves Mendez

    Month ago

    Sibling goals

  • Sarah sallay

    Sarah sallay

    Month ago

    watched it, absolutely loved it

  • sad weeb

    sad weeb

    Month ago

    Omg i cried!

  • sheba de vera

    sheba de vera

    Month ago

    i've watched this already and it made me cry. and after that went to capitalsummertimeball2019 watched them perform and then i just bought a ticket again for their concert,, omg.. now im a fan..! hahah

  • Evelin And max

    Evelin And max

    Month ago

    The think that I hate about it is that I can’t watch it on prime!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ursula Demion

    Ursula Demion

    Month ago


  • annu rajeev

    annu rajeev

    Month ago

    I'm so happy they are back, very inspiring story

  • Ewart Ledesma

    Ewart Ledesma

    Month ago

    Its good to hear that ...Ive been a fan of jonas brothers since the camp rock was release... I LOVE THIS BAND ... GOODLUCK GUYZ... WE ARE HERE SUPPORTING YOU, FROM PHILIPPINES :)

  • Tassia Collins

    Tassia Collins

    Month ago

    I was sitting at home watching TV all alone so tired of routines the day goes on and on so I pick up the phone call everyone I know say there's gonna be a party the music here we go you gotta live to party bust you move every body's in the groove tell the dj to play our song are you ready to rock and roll gotta live to party bust your move every body's in the groove LIVE TO PARTY who remembers the Jonas show in 2009 just me ok

  • Aidan Brent Tanlimco

    Aidan Brent Tanlimco

    Month ago

    Anyone here after Rollercoaster and their new album?

  • Miguel dela Rosa

    Miguel dela Rosa

    Month ago

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Drawberyl


    Month ago


  • Angie Creations

    Angie Creations

    Month ago

    Frankie's still on the back like: "can i be now in the band?" xD

  • Liv M

    Liv M

    Month ago


  • Arya Budi

    Arya Budi

    Month ago

    i thing it's goog if you make a movie about jonas brothers journey

  • CyberShockZero


    Month ago

    I dont even like the jonas brothers but like fuck

  • Lynna Sablan

    Lynna Sablan

    Month ago

    LOVE IT!

  • Sofia Oliveira

    Sofia Oliveira

    Month ago

    Dream Come True God Bless you Guys

  • Ingrid Garcia

    Ingrid Garcia

    Month ago

    I just wanna say that something changed when I saw Joe's face talking about Nick's decision 😢 I don't feel the same for Nick anymore. I know that it's past now, but something got broken here in my heart.

  • Angelica


    Month ago

    The documentary was so good! I loved it so much! It had me in tears at a couple of points, laughing at points, but I loved every minute of it.

  • Gavin Plays

    Gavin Plays

    Month ago

    Coming out tomorrow

  • SecretGamer 7

    SecretGamer 7

    Month ago

    I started seeing the Jonas Brothers and let me telll you ..I love wathing them . I do wounder will sophie turner actually be in a miusic bid i hope so !!!!!!!! xxx

  • Carolina Vanega

    Carolina Vanega

    Month ago

    Aún sigo llorandoo



    Month ago

    Please make more new songs. Cool and sucker are the best songs in my playlist!!! Lots of love from the Philippines ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mia Carter

    Mia Carter

    Month ago

    I could cry..

  • Ariana Molina

    Ariana Molina

    Month ago


  • Mau zo gao Goa

    Mau zo gao Goa

    Month ago

  • Natasya


    Month ago

    It’s like an adventure

  • Benjamin Foster

    Benjamin Foster

    Month ago

    weirdly i watched the entire the movie and really enjoyed it. some really important messages and reflection that we can all take a note from.

  • Maria José

    Maria José

    Month ago

    Incredible!!! 🥰🥰

  • Surbhi Pagaria

    Surbhi Pagaria

    Month ago

    Kevin has my heart.

  • Surbhi Pagaria

    Surbhi Pagaria

    Month ago

    Just finished watching it and it was beyond what I had expected from it. So inspiring so beautiful. At the end of the day Family is forever ❤️

  • Izabelle Jones

    Izabelle Jones

    Month ago

    Plz don't tell me I'm the only one watching this in bed at 2AM getting really emotional and excited about the documentary

  • Bethann Mcdonald

    Bethann Mcdonald

    Month ago

    How do you watch stuff on Amazon prime video?

  • Savannah Israel

    Savannah Israel

    Month ago

    Does ANYONE know the song at :31?? The melody is driving me crazy, I swear I've listened to their entire discography and can't find it

  • Melissa Caramanico

    Melissa Caramanico

    Month ago

    I think it's on their new album coming out

  • ZuRriX


    Month ago

    I want to watch this.

  • My Friend Aj

    My Friend Aj

    Month ago

    Nick looks so buff is gross

  • Daniel Aguilar

    Daniel Aguilar

    Month ago

    What is the song at :24?

  • Michael Purcey

    Michael Purcey

    Month ago

    Have a happy holiday and kiss my fury butt

  • Noorjahan OT

    Noorjahan OT

    Month ago

    This gives me hope that 1D will get back together 😇

  • Mia Thompson

    Mia Thompson

    Month ago

    I can’t wait for sept 14 I’m counting days

  • You know my name

    You know my name

    Month ago

    What’s the name of the song at 0:30

  • Lolilo Hkhjgi

    Lolilo Hkhjgi

    Month ago

    A new song i think

  • Yash Sharma

    Yash Sharma

    Month ago

    Nothing ever starts overnight ......bitches Overnight we r a band....fuck u

  • Jerry Perry

    Jerry Perry

    Month ago

    Brothers can’t break up ,❤️

  • Kathy Garay

    Kathy Garay

    Month ago

    Finally, a documentary of connect 3 ❤️😂

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