Jonas Brothers - Cool, Burnin Up (Live From Saturday Night Live / 2019)


Cool & Burnin Up (Live From Saturday Night Live / 2019)

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  • MHK087


    8 hours ago

    Kevin is so happy to be there

  • ava duffie

    ava duffie

    23 hours ago

    ya,ll all cute

  • ava duffie

    ava duffie

    23 hours ago

    nick your cute

  • Assia Saadi

    Assia Saadi

    Day ago

    I love u soooooo much Joe jonas💝💝💝💝💝💝😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  • Tori Mason

    Tori Mason

    Day ago

    You can see how much Nick’s voice has matured since the release of Burning Up! Man!

  • Karla Key

    Karla Key

    2 days ago

    Love them !!!

  • Kayla James

    Kayla James

    2 days ago

    3:54 ʳᵉᵈ ᵈʳᵉˢˢ

  • Valeria E

    Valeria E

    2 days ago

    That introduction by Emma was probably the best I’ve ever seen. Even better than Sir Patrick Stewart’s “Salt and... what is this? Peppa!”

  • Maria Martin Martin

    Maria Martin Martin

    4 days ago

    red dress.

  • Franki Llamoca

    Franki Llamoca

    4 days ago

    Not a big fan. I Like some of their old music

  • Beebob Girls

    Beebob Girls

    4 days ago

    blake- Y'all are burnin up in those outfits

  • gio.


    4 days ago

    Fuck i Love watching Kevin get into the music, I'm sure he missed this even though he was so slept on. He's such a precious boy getting so excited you can't help but smile. I missed them.

  • never stop dreaming

    never stop dreaming

    4 days ago

    Joe!!! his voice..omg i’m in heaven

  • Mane Margaryan

    Mane Margaryan

    5 days ago

    Love you Kev Still waiting you to sing...😍😍

  • Abundant Life

    Abundant Life

    5 days ago

    You guys are better than ever! SNL is lucky to have you play there

  • Hassan Awale

    Hassan Awale

    6 days ago

    damn, burning up will always stand the test of time as jb's best track, majorthrowback

  • Amanda Vo

    Amanda Vo

    6 days ago

    how is the crowd not going crazy when they sing burning up

  • Ally Kurlander

    Ally Kurlander

    7 days ago

    See he STILL put that strong red dress after ten years

  • Kimberly Arana Salas

    Kimberly Arana Salas

    7 days ago

    Los amo, amo que hayan vuelto!!!

  • Chris Frank

    Chris Frank

    7 days ago

    CAR FULL OF F@660ts

  • Taylor Grier

    Taylor Grier

    7 days ago

    2:59 🤩

  • Taqwa Islam

    Taqwa Islam

    8 days ago

    I think they sound better live. I don't know why.🤔

  • Mehrad Rezaie

    Mehrad Rezaie

    9 days ago

    turn the volume up nick can't hear any thing

  • Theresa Michelle

    Theresa Michelle

    9 days ago

    I really want kevin to sing burnin up together with nick and joe

  • Zev Freund

    Zev Freund

    10 days ago

    Simply lit up 🔥🔥 🔥👌😎🔥

  • themultifacetedone


    11 days ago

    Why don't they lower the key and stop Nick from singing in so much falsetto? Or perhaps he could sing his parts an octave lower - how he sings is ridiculous.

  • Eeliz


    11 days ago

    I love how 90% of these comments are about how much Joe has improved vocally and how happy Kevin looks 😂😂 I agree with all of them

  • Jason Braulio

    Jason Braulio

    11 days ago

    Where Selena Gomez at?



    11 days ago

    I Can't Stop Containing My Love to Them.

  • I_Dawg123


    12 days ago

    The real star is Kevin, out here living his best life!!!!!!!!!

  • AuRa ProPvp

    AuRa ProPvp

    12 days ago

    I love how Kevin is mouthing the lyrics to the songs.

  • Brandon Crawford

    Brandon Crawford

    12 days ago

    Nick Jonas is one sexy M’Fer

  • Hana Melinda

    Hana Melinda

    12 days ago

    2:50 Please let me have this mature version of Burning Up 😍 I'm hot You're cold You go around Like you know Who I am But you don't You've got me on My toes (toes, toes) I'm slipping into the lava And I'm trying to keep from going under Baby you turn the temperature hotter Cause I'm burnin' up, burnin' up For you baby Come on girl I fell (I fell) So fast (so fast) Cant hold myself back (back, back) High heels (high heels) Red dress (red dress) All by yourself Gotta catch my breath I'm slipping into the lava And I'm trying to keep from goin' under Baby who turned the temperature hotter Cause I'm burnin' up, burnin' up For you baby Walk in the room All I can see is you Oh Staring me down I know you feel it too I'm slipping into the lava And I'm tryin' to keep from goin under Baby who turned the temperature hotter Cuz' I'm burnin' up, burnin' up For you baby Slipping into the lava And I'm trying to keep from going under Baby who turned the temperature hotter Cause I'm burnin' up, burnin' up For you baby

  • Halle Gosche

    Halle Gosche

    13 days ago

    Kevin’s literally there living his best life

  • Phoebe Wilman

    Phoebe Wilman

    13 days ago

    Nick's mic just seems much quieter than Joe's

  • kaitlyn bennett

    kaitlyn bennett

    14 days ago

    I love how happy they look you can tell they’re having a blast! 😘❤️❤️😘

  • Paloma Cabello

    Paloma Cabello

    14 days ago

    amooooo af

  • bethlovecat


    14 days ago

    on dec can't wait to see you guys😍

  • bethlovecat


    14 days ago

    Well I am you're biggest fan and I want the jonas brothers to come and perform in India at manipur in imphal I would be so glad to see you and you will be most welcome in India pls pls accept this I beg u guys 😃

  • Cherie Grant Johnson

    Cherie Grant Johnson

    14 days ago

    cracks me up though , how they act like they are doing all the strings, when it's all the guy's in the back.. just saying!

  • Cherie Grant Johnson

    Cherie Grant Johnson

    14 days ago

    I'm 64 and I be digging on these guy's, they are so good since they got back together...

  • Jhosselim Cabrera

    Jhosselim Cabrera

    14 days ago


  • my naphsha

    my naphsha

    15 days ago

    I’m feeling really nostalgic right now ...I’m in the clouds floating...someone please slap me back to reality before I get carried away

  • Tricia Kah

    Tricia Kah

    16 days ago

    Kevin should at least get guitar solos here and there since he doesn't even sing anymore. I used to like his comedic timing on their tv series, I'm surprised he didn't dive much into that during their break.

  • Noelia Sucetti

    Noelia Sucetti

    16 days ago


  • Maja Markovic

    Maja Markovic

    16 days ago

    Who is that woman in the beginning before the song and which episode is this?

  • Reese Mims

    Reese Mims

    17 days ago

    Kevin is the energy of this trio he looks so happy and I’m loving it 😂❤️👏🏽

  • Kaylin 123

    Kaylin 123

    17 days ago

    Is that the drummer from dnce

  • Kaylin 123

    Kaylin 123

    12 days ago

    BearyRusher thanks wasn’t sure but thought it was ☺️

  • BearyRusher


    12 days ago

    Yeah he worked with JB before DNCE was formed. Now that JB's back, he continues working them.

  • Adriana Marques

    Adriana Marques

    17 days ago

    Tão maravilhoso ver meus meninos se divertindo. Tão feliz por tudo isso ♥️😭

  • Shreyas Vishwanathan

    Shreyas Vishwanathan

    18 days ago

    i need a studio re release of burnin up! am i the only one??

  • HO BI

    HO BI

    19 days ago


  • Adriana Delval

    Adriana Delval

    19 days ago

    I love Kevin even though he doesn’t sing. ♥️♥️♥️

  • The Rock Just Layed The Smackdown On Your Candy Azz

    The Rock Just Layed The Smackdown On Your Candy Azz

    19 days ago

    Jonas brothers made a huge comeback and there coming for Taylor’s head. Next in line we’re waiting for Big Time Rush.

  • Lucia Bastias

    Lucia Bastias

    20 days ago


  • Isabelle D

    Isabelle D

    20 days ago

    i cant be the only one who noticed that nick lowkey dropped something like a scrap of paper @3:01

  • Brenda Palacios

    Brenda Palacios

    20 days ago

    Yes joe and nick sounded amazing but can we just take a moment to appreciate Kevin he looks so happy he truly looks like he’s having the time of his life there performing with his brothers and I couldn’t take my eyes of of him he had me hyped throughout this whole performance obviously joe and nicks voice had me hyped to but Kevin’s vibe just made me feel so happy

  • lililoves caylus

    lililoves caylus

    21 day ago

    the first 18 seconds of burnin up= porn.

  • Brittney Geller

    Brittney Geller

    21 day ago

    I've missed them so much they were my everything😭😭😭😭 I'm so happyyyyyy they are back ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mariah Michaels

    Mariah Michaels

    21 day ago

    What the heck did Nick drop on the ground (3:01)? It came out of nowhere, funny how he non shantly drops it...LOL

  • Macie Smith

    Macie Smith

    21 day ago

    3:00 ;)

  • Bria Robinson

    Bria Robinson

    22 days ago

    They still got it!

  • Audrey Millyn

    Audrey Millyn

    23 days ago

    CrAzY about joe😍

  • nartuo29


    23 days ago

    Joe sings so well! keep on slaying son!

  • Paula


    24 days ago

    3:00 ughhhhhh

  • Cyn Mann

    Cyn Mann

    24 days ago

    Joe=best vocals🔥🔥🔥 Nick's got the swagger😏😏😏 But Kevin is the coolest in every way😎😎😎

  • Alex Palma

    Alex Palma

    24 days ago

    I’m here just for Joe and Kevin!!! WUAOH!!!

  • #HeyJay


    25 days ago

    Listen, Joe and the intro to Burnin' Up... their voices have matured in such a mature way that all of this works.

  • Diva Blvd

    Diva Blvd

    25 days ago

    2:57 That point on....I'm a kid again. No turning back. I will forever be jumping around my living room, embarrassing my family

  • Erica Altabano

    Erica Altabano

    25 days ago


  • Daily Dose of Lynz

    Daily Dose of Lynz

    26 days ago

    Wow their voices sound amazing!!

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