Kalank | Official Trailer | Varun | Aditya Roy | Sanjay | Alia | Sonakshi | Madhuri| Abhishek Varman


‘Kalank’ is an epic romantic drama of six enigmatic, esoteric and wistful characters entangled in the search of love but separated by the dichotomy between the two worlds of Husnabad, a town in North India.
Set in a re-imagined 1945, ‘Kalank’ is a story of how the strongest of borders, boundaries or stigmas can be overcome by the pure power of love.
Sanjay Dutt as Balraj Chaudhry
Aditya Roy Kapur as Dev Chaudhry
Varun Dhawan as Zafar
Alia Bhatt as Roop
Sonakshi Sinha as Satya Chaudhry
Madhuri Dixit as Bahaar Begum
Screenplay & Directed by Abhishek Varman
Produced by Karan Johar, Sajid Nadiadwala, Hiroo Yash Johar & Apoorva Mehta
Co-Produced by Fox Star Studios
Kalank to release ‪on 17th April 2019‬.
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  • Suma Haridas

    Suma Haridas

    11 days ago

    trailer is beautiful superrrr❤️😘😍

  • pankaj chaudhary

    pankaj chaudhary

    Month ago

    Kya koi kalank movie dekhna chahta hai. Mere channel par. Agar chahte ho toh like kro. Agar 100 se upar ho gaye toh movie upload karunga

  • Abhaya Sharma

    Abhaya Sharma

    Month ago

    Kalank abhi kaha lgi hn??plz jaldi reply de??🙏🙏

  • susreeta mazumder

    susreeta mazumder

    Month ago

    Superhir tha movie ka trailer

  • Ruma Das

    Ruma Das

    Month ago

    Aditya Roy Kapoor, you Rocked in Kalank. You have a lot of potential, always shine !

  • Amrul Sk

    Amrul Sk

    Month ago

    Wow bahut acchi dealer Thi Varun movie legal Rahe Tumhare Jaisi Alia Bhatt Varun ka bahut accha roll hai

  • Alone Lover

    Alone Lover

    Month ago

    varun looking sexy 🔥...

  • Kirti Varshney

    Kirti Varshney

    Month ago

    KALANK nahi chutiyapa hai ye picture piya

  • Premlata Rayeen

    Premlata Rayeen

    Month ago


  • Praju vada

    Praju vada

    Month ago

    waste money worst movie

  • Momo Mimi

    Momo Mimi

    Month ago

    I really want to see this film this film is top and Varun win Oskar i think it's love story with some butiful things wohhooo we love you Varun 😄😄😃😃💕💕💕🌹🌹I love the music it's good and fantastic

  • mukesh soni

    mukesh soni

    Month ago

    Ek or tatti movie Hd h bollywood

  • Shahnaaz Shaikh

    Shahnaaz Shaikh

    Month ago

    Movie upload karo na koi

  • Neel Biswas

    Neel Biswas

    2 months ago

    totally the movie is of full of bull shit the only pillar on which its still standjng is arijit singh each nd every single moment he proved that without his contribution nd obviously shreya ghoshal's ghe film is rubbish( ek ka biwi bolta hai dustri aurat se shadi karo aur jo dusri biwi woh ek affair karta aur jiske sath wo affair karta hai uska maa ke sathe pehle wale ladke ka bap ka affair rehta aur woo lady purane pyaar ke liye conspiracy karta aur beh*nc*od ye dekh ke sala ladkiyaan roh rahin rahe...) * dont want anymore kalank on bollywood

  • Mie Eizron

    Mie Eizron

    2 months ago

    Great Movie,Today im watching in cinema. Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  • ash tek

    ash tek

    2 months ago

    Dharma productions should hire movie experts from Hollywood to make big movies.... this movie is shit basically

  • My Life

    My Life

    2 months ago

    Bakwas tareen movie. Karan you are a flop director and a flop producer. Your dad was good and u will never take his place. You are just a wanna be English person.

  • thenameisair


    2 months ago

    It seems there is competition between Thugs of Hindostan and Kalank which one is worst film?AdityaCand KaranJ are definitely chaddibuddies.Sirs script script script please

  • Mirwias Khan

    Mirwias Khan

    2 months ago

    Agar movie mai alia nahi hota to ajj cinema wale ko mardeta hats off too her performance movie ki story to 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Harshit Sonkhla

    Harshit Sonkhla

    2 months ago

    Aditya awesome aashique star back

  • Hannan Ahmad Qureshi

    Hannan Ahmad Qureshi

    2 months ago

    Upload rajwadi oodhni....ASAP

  • Noraiz Akera

    Noraiz Akera

    2 months ago

    Yh movie relaese o gae hy ya ab hni

  • numan atif

    numan atif

    2 months ago

    i am fan of varun or alia

  • numan atif

    numan atif

    2 months ago

    sir level h

  • Misbah Kanchwala

    Misbah Kanchwala

    2 months ago

    Aditya .... the best

  • Jiren sama

    Jiren sama

    2 months ago

    Getting ram leela vibes

  • B D

    B D

    2 months ago

    Sir soty 2 kab aa rahi

  • Dhawal Dhabalia

    Dhawal Dhabalia

    2 months ago

    Whom do you think alia will be in the last Like for varun Comment for adi

  • Zaara Ahmad

    Zaara Ahmad

    2 months ago

    Aditya Roy kapur 😍 Stellar 😘

  • kashinath shelke

    kashinath shelke

    2 months ago




    2 months ago

    It will be a blockbuster movie if it dont clashes with endgame...

  • noob 123

    noob 123

    2 months ago

    What a film 😭😭 I'm so excited for this film to see it

  • Eric Dangol

    Eric Dangol

    2 months ago

    Is that kriti sanon 1:40

  • Vikram Simkhada

    Vikram Simkhada

    2 months ago

    Loved it

  • Entertainment W0rlD

    Entertainment W0rlD

    2 months ago

    Aadi t00k the wh0le trailer on his sh0ulders al0ne, inspite 0f being multi starrer M0vie and als0 appearing sanju and madhuri the fam0us j0ri fr0m (sajan) m0vie really after a l0ng time.... Still 99 percent c0mments are just f0r Aditya r0y kap00r..... Aditya r0y kap00r g0t his first award fr0m his fans Audience😯😯 ......Any 1 varun dhawan fan here ??? wh0 is just exciting t0 watch (KALANK) f0r Aditya r0y kap00r n0t f0r varun dhawan 😘😘😘😘😘

  • white flowering

    white flowering

    2 months ago

    Omggggg . He's coping slb ramleela hhhhhhhhhh NOT EVEN CLOSE

  • Prashant Ajay

    Prashant Ajay

    2 months ago

    Jabtak shale ye chakke producer rahenge na tabtak Bollywood kabhi nhi sudharne wala....

  • Saddy Naz

    Saddy Naz

    2 months ago

    Adis urdu ...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Balbeer kumar

    Balbeer kumar

    2 months ago

    Har ek movie me controversial seen rakho chain jeene nahi doge........Tum log to security ke bich rahte ho lekin ham aam insan...... Hindu-muslim pe picture banani hai as friend banao jeena marne tak dikhao ekta aur aapas me jodne wali picture banao naki hindu ladki aur muslim ladka wo ladki shadi shuda....Aisa kyo karte ho sab pata hai.......Dange bhadkane wale seen dalo apne khoob note chhapo.......Ghabrao mat tum bollywood walo ko sudhara jayega.......Tkt n lekar........ Aisa kyo karte ho kyo....N kiya karo aisa Hindu-muslim me ekta ho aisi picture banao.....Ek nahi hajaro lakho movie banao magar...... Tolerance type ki n banao...Nahi to sabak sikha diya jayega.......... #JAI SHRI RAM..... JAI HIND

  • Saurabh bhatt

    Saurabh bhatt

    2 months ago

    And love u karna sir this my content number 7460947817 hellp me sir plz plz plz plz

  • Saurabh bhatt

    Saurabh bhatt

    2 months ago

    Plz hellp me karna sir

  • Saurabh bhatt

    Saurabh bhatt

    2 months ago

    Hy good karna sir

  • SaiyanABlazeNinja


    2 months ago

    Damn, this would be good with Shahrukh or Hrithik, the settings & vibe is cool, but the actors are just below average.

  • K H

    K H

    2 months ago

    Without Srk Karan johar nothing

  • shailesh lambe

    shailesh lambe

    2 months ago

    it's copy or similar as movie laal pathaar (1972)

  • Stubborn Chandio

    Stubborn Chandio

    2 months ago

    Sirf 1 million views film bhi chutiyape waali lagrahi hai 🙄

  • Sharbani


    2 months ago

    Very bhansaliesque

  • vijay kumar

    vijay kumar

    2 months ago

    Alia aditya varun madhuri mam sanjay sir It was brilliant trailer best of luck for movie

  • LSK 360

    LSK 360

    2 months ago

    They saying this will compete with avengers 4 lol

  • Shreya Yadav

    Shreya Yadav

    2 months ago

    Can't wait for dis!!😘😘😘😍😍

  • XYZ


    2 months ago

    90% of the comments are about Aditya.. 😉..nailed it 😍

  • Ali Shahnawaz

    Ali Shahnawaz

    2 months ago

    Again love jihad film. Why Bollywood giving so much importance to Muslim and making them as a lead or hero? Looks like hindus are emotional fools and happy to compromise with their own religion. Bewakoofiyan hindus

  • bckaaa Limbu

    bckaaa Limbu

    2 months ago

    Adity roy waiting

  • Arsal Afzal

    Arsal Afzal

    2 months ago

    I m waiting this movie for sanjy dutt...super hero in Bollywood

  • abs


    2 months ago

    i saw Kunal khemoo's one scene but very intense and strong!! his name is not appeared anywhere...sheer unfair

  • devesh tomer

    devesh tomer

    2 months ago

    Bc...love jihaad dikha rhe h ye Bollywood wale

  • Ahsan Rajwani

    Ahsan Rajwani

    2 months ago

    Aditya Roy Kapoor and kunal khemu to be the take aways!

  • ayan tahir

    ayan tahir

    2 months ago

    1:56,the best scene

  • SuperKing604


    2 months ago

    Where in India does this take place? Is aditya kapoor married to sonakshi in the movie and then takes a 2nd wife.

  • Hasnain zafar

    Hasnain zafar

    2 months ago

    Mjy trailer full bakwas laga ha dekh lena movie flop hogi

  • Usman Mahmood

    Usman Mahmood

    2 months ago

    Varun shouldn't be in the movie.

  • Sheeraz Ali Ali Shoro Sheeraz

    Sheeraz Ali Ali Shoro Sheeraz

    2 months ago

    Mind blowing Super hit

  • Pareshay Dil

    Pareshay Dil

    2 months ago

    Last train scene amazing pore trailor me ye scene dil ko lagi 💘

  • Pareshay Dil

    Pareshay Dil

    2 months ago




    2 months ago

    kalank nahi , yeh kanjar khana hai , karan Johar GAY ki paidaysh.

  • Megan Niju

    Megan Niju

    2 months ago

    0:09 Alia looks so beautiful.

  • TrancinYouu


    2 months ago

    So the movie is basically aditya gets married second time to alia after sonakshi for some reason..and alia falls in love with varun..seems like they gave out the ending in this trailer where aditya is uniting varun and alia

  • Tahir Ahmed

    Tahir Ahmed

    2 months ago

    Excellent all characters so fit in their so tough roles...Big movie...wonderful story of love and pain but lot of gain....Aliay, Madhurii G., Sonaskshi, Varun, and great Sanjay Dutt....super hero and heroines .

  • h v

    h v

    2 months ago

    who else is only watching for aditya

  • jaspal singh Miani

    jaspal singh Miani

    2 months ago

    sanjay baba 👍🏻

  • Ezra Von Hindenburg

    Ezra Von Hindenburg

    2 months ago

    Im ONLY watching it for the legendary, Queen, Madhuri.

  • Mind Blowing Tricks

    Mind Blowing Tricks

    2 months ago

    Aditiya Roy Kapoor's acting skills are on another level. He's the best in the whole trailer 😭🔥🔥

  • Mind Blowing Tricks

    Mind Blowing Tricks

    2 months ago

    Best scene from 1:50 - 2:00 ! The train scene, oh my goddd! Goosebumps everywhereee! Adityaaa 😍😩 and arijt too! ❤️

  • Mind Blowing Tricks

    Mind Blowing Tricks

    2 months ago

    Best scene from 1:50 - 2:00 ! The train scene, oh my goddd! Goosebumps everywhereee! Adityaaa 😍😩 and arijt too! ❤️

  • Proma Atandrila

    Proma Atandrila

    2 months ago

    1:54💔💔💕💕 Thanks me later

  • Saw Nu

    Saw Nu

    2 months ago

    Wow 😍

  • Ajay Tiwari

    Ajay Tiwari

    2 months ago

    The only Kalank i found in this trailer is #VarunDhawan 🤣🤣🤣

  • zaIn shaH

    zaIn shaH

    2 months ago

    Ranbir se acha varun ki gf ban jati .. pagal...

  • Rahul Naik

    Rahul Naik

    2 months ago

    Adi ka expression

  • shanky music

    shanky music

    2 months ago


  • Rabin Timilsina

    Rabin Timilsina

    2 months ago

    I still can't figure out what kind of movie is this?....A fiction film? drama or musical? looks dope tho.... I will watch it anyway for Aditya 😁

  • Tulika Akhilesh Tiwari

    Tulika Akhilesh Tiwari

    2 months ago


  • Nomad Traveller

    Nomad Traveller

    2 months ago

    Varun Dhawan ... One of the most overrated actors in bollywood

  • suraj more

    suraj more

    2 months ago

    Tajmahal Of Nepotism...

  • Saima Batool

    Saima Batool

    2 months ago

    "Naajaiz Muhabbat ka Anjaam aksar Tbahiii hota hai. Whole story stands on this dialogue." Phenomenal line

  • Afaq Anwer

    Afaq Anwer

    2 months ago

    Last train scene heart touch 💓😏

  • Saud Jamil

    Saud Jamil

    2 months ago

    Varun acting is same in every movie 😕

  • Yash Haulkory

    Yash Haulkory

    2 months ago

    Another karan masterpiece after a very very long time

  • Fatimatujjahura Arin

    Fatimatujjahura Arin

    2 months ago

    I think Sonakshi has some serious disease in this movie.. Maybe that's why she wants to find someone for Aditiya, before she dies.. In the train scene Aditiya,Varun and Alia is there but Sonakshi is not there.. So maybe she was already dead...

  • ritik kaushik

    ritik kaushik

    2 months ago

    aditya roy kapoor is fab what a scene in end of trailer its amazing

  • Roshni Kashyap

    Roshni Kashyap

    2 months ago

    1:54 😂😂vfx fail

  • Nagina Afzal

    Nagina Afzal

    2 months ago

    I m waiting this movie for sanjy dutt😍😍😍😍

  • Aisha Khan

    Aisha Khan

    2 months ago

    1:40 is that kriti sanon?

  • Sir Honey Official

    Sir Honey Official

    2 months ago

    vry boring

  • Sushma Thapa

    Sushma Thapa

    2 months ago

    1:39 is she kriti sanon



    2 months ago

    Only for #Varundvn 😍😍😍

  • roohif k

    roohif k

    2 months ago

    Karan the gay say kisi baghairti ki he umeed hy.

  • jay Patel

    jay Patel

    2 months ago

    Biggest Disaster of 2019

  • Hhhh Ddf

    Hhhh Ddf

    2 months ago

    alia tanted

  • Ahmed Raheel

    Ahmed Raheel

    2 months ago

    Wow must be a clean hit of aditya thank god k koi achi film mili usay wrna to kafi badluck rhi uss k saath bollywood mn pechly Kuch arsy mn

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