Kenyon Martin's beef with Tim Thomas includes 50 Cent, cash-slapping, and a kid's birthday party


Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas weren't exactly NBA superstars. The Knicks and Nets have never had what you'd call a great rivalry.
But those two players, playing for those two teams, have one of the stranger beefs in recent NBA history. It started with a hard foul on Thomas in a playoff game (and not even one committed by Martin), continued with an extremely dumb war of words, and resurfaced recently with some spicy podcast appearances and even a potential boxing match. Al Harrington and his children got involved, 50 Cent got involved ... it got weird.
Produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
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  • Xerox0928


    Day ago

    Truce is not a peace.

  • JawaPunter


    2 days ago

    Kenyon Martin’s life is saying “I’m a grown man”, but acting like a little child.

  • Michael T. Mathews

    Michael T. Mathews

    3 days ago

    Still no Michael Crabtree Aqib Talib beef video

  • Winsorvy


    3 days ago

    Beeeeeeeef. Edit: eh this 🥩 was 3/10 🥩

  • Tony Anello

    Tony Anello

    4 days ago

    It seems like K-Mart has spent his entire life trying to convince people he's a tough guy. Remember when he made the Knicks where all black to the Celtics playoff game in 2013? Or when he got racial with Lin (who owned him), and then bringing up an old feud on Woj's podcast after the beef was already squashed.

  • Mya The Bee

    Mya The Bee

    5 days ago

    This the lamest one you guys have ever done...WNBA can't compare to this.

  • Klinton Wheeler

    Klinton Wheeler

    6 days ago

    Good show but this beef was lame.

  • Jazzguitar00


    9 days ago

    There’s some Knicks bias here, no one wants to hear about Tim Thomas

  • CaseyJones718


    10 days ago

    They asked K mart wat fugazy means and he said Tim Thomas

  • Craig Grayson

    Craig Grayson

    10 days ago

    Seth Rosenberg is the only guy I listen to his voice is more compatible to my 👂 then the rest! 🤷🏽‍♂️ when he speaks its like I’m listening to a story! this guy could have his own documentary shows on any sports network

  • DARE


    10 days ago

    i literally wasted 10m minutes and 25 seconds.

  • Mel Vino

    Mel Vino

    10 days ago

    I had a bigger beef with the crossing guard when I was in grade school...smh

  • Mel Vino

    Mel Vino

    10 days ago

    Biggie smalls -vs- Anthony

  • OmegaMan


    10 days ago

    Tim Thomas looks like Tony Farmer, the basketball player who fainted in court during sentencing

  • Gumbo Jambalaya

    Gumbo Jambalaya

    10 days ago

    Beef is when your moms ain't safe up in the street

  • MA


    11 days ago

    He was my favorite player in college at the time and I was so pissed when he broke his leg.

  • Sook S

    Sook S

    11 days ago

    The host is lame and he makes it all sound stupid

  • Black Nerd Dante

    Black Nerd Dante

    11 days ago

    You finalized greatly.

  • *C[]\/\/B[]Y NOiR*

    *C[]\/\/B[]Y NOiR*

    11 days ago

    That and G-Unit

  • A Crazy Diamond

    A Crazy Diamond

    12 days ago

    Do Kenyon Martin vs Jeremy Lin.

  • Austin Birch

    Austin Birch

    12 days ago

    Do one on the 80s Pistons with literally anybody

  • Julio Gambino 2x

    Julio Gambino 2x

    12 days ago


  • Tao Forte

    Tao Forte

    12 days ago

    Dame vs Russ is about the closest thing to beef in today's NBA and that's more like a tuna salad.

  • arlichar11


    13 days ago

    this is sad... im surprised anyone would even know tim thomas lol i mean he was decent... but kenyon a legend... or at least way more recognized accomplished!

  • Cq Thatdude

    Cq Thatdude

    13 days ago

    Damn.....I thought it was BEEF, when i started watching it. Weak

  • Greatness S

    Greatness S

    13 days ago

    Alonzo mourning vs Larry Johnson

  • Caleb Schmidl

    Caleb Schmidl

    13 days ago

    I know there not big names but it would be cool if you could go over the Matt Lagos vs Cincinnati Reds Beef

  • Nick Scott

    Nick Scott

    13 days ago

    Looking for baseball beef? Jack Morris & Dennis Eckersley

  • reekgotti


    13 days ago

    @SB Nation could u give me a Michael Jordan Isiah Thomas beef video please

  • Kris Wit it

    Kris Wit it

    13 days ago

    Tim Thomas is a liar lmfaooooo

  • Dee flow

    Dee flow

    13 days ago

    Sick of these pro athletes thinking they gangster, y'all nigguhs blessed, walking around like yall can rumble neither one of them chumps can fight, both hiding behind their payed posse

  • Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson

    13 days ago

    Kenyon was Beefing with several players

  • Yazeed Yair Bey

    Yazeed Yair Bey

    14 days ago

    Keyon actually has hands...ask Corey Maggette.

  • Yung Renny

    Yung Renny

    14 days ago

    Tim Thomas from Paterson, N.J he definitely got them hands

  • Quintus Howard

    Quintus Howard

    14 days ago

    I played Ball against K. Martin he bout everything he says!! And imma Tim Thomas fan Also.. K. Martin & Michael Jacks bad due coming out the D.

  • Verse Wonder

    Verse Wonder

    14 days ago

    I love beefs that don’t end in gunfire



    14 days ago

    I see why kenyon martin didnt live up to expectations. He was too busy beefing with tim thomas. Smh

  • I Am The Culture tv

    I Am The Culture tv

    14 days ago

    I forgot Tim Thomas even existed... He was decent

  • The Duke

    The Duke

    14 days ago

    Kenyon Martin aka Athletic Joe Budden

  • The Duke

    The Duke

    14 days ago

    Bro, I thought Tim Thomas was gonna be that guy!!! But he never really cared. 😂😂😂

  • bhargavmr1


    14 days ago

    Ali and Frazier

  • KennyD


    15 days ago

    Kenyon Martin sounds like a fake tough guy. It’s always the loudmouths that cant back it up.

  • ToneUP


    15 days ago

    “I know you are but what am I?” Lol this is definitely a throwback line 🔥😂

  • ARQ


    15 days ago

    Kenyon Martin was a physically dominate player, Tim Thomas was highly skilled finesse forward. I don't believe for one second Thomas coulda whipped Kenyon Martin

  • Ryan Melnick

    Ryan Melnick

    15 days ago

    Mike piazza roger clemens

  • JoshieGemGodd


    15 days ago

    well to be honest this beef was pretty big at the time...

  • Zan Ex

    Zan Ex

    16 days ago

    So no beef

  • Cappa


    16 days ago

    3:35 what's going on here?

  • Dr Phot

    Dr Phot

    16 days ago

    It’s Fiddy!

  • Ciraiv South Texas

    Ciraiv South Texas

    18 days ago

    we really need to do Waka & Gucci beef history

  • Tony Hakim

    Tony Hakim

    18 days ago

    Do KD and Russ next. BEEFY BEEF

  • Kevin Hamilton

    Kevin Hamilton

    19 days ago

    Bad Boy Pistons vs Everyone or Rudy Tomjanovich vs the guy who punched him

  • WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ?

    WhatAreYouGonnaGainFromIt ?

    19 days ago

    Could you do Kerrigan and Harding or some other figure skating beef?

  • Pen-ju-in


    19 days ago

    Draymond Green vs Steven Adams kiwis

  • Moegee123 Nunny

    Moegee123 Nunny

    19 days ago

    This was real af...guns n all....i was partying heavy around that time...the clubs wouldnt let each of them in if the other was present...bodyguards n all...tim had a kung fu master with him as a bodyguard at 50 party facts...04



    19 days ago

    Cam newton vs. Kelvin Benjamin

  • Junior Lovell

    Junior Lovell

    20 days ago

    As far as a player skill set Thomas was the better perimeter threat and wing defender but Martin was better in the paint on both sides of the ball . From the beef aspect this is nothing more than diet artificial pretenda thug beef lol !!!!!

  • Dear Rebekah

    Dear Rebekah

    20 days ago

    I love Seth host omg 🥰🥰🥰

  • ava brandon

    ava brandon

    20 days ago

    Where’s Michael Crabtree and Talib he snatched his chain on live tv 😂

  • Mike Carnegie

    Mike Carnegie

    20 days ago

    Glorifying two black men beefing. Typical divide and conquer tactics

  • Kevin Bertalotto

    Kevin Bertalotto

    20 days ago

    Mike Carnegie not by THEY tho

  • MrTUBEular10


    22 days ago

    This was unseasoned beef. No flavor.

  • Henry Mark Binahon

    Henry Mark Binahon

    23 days ago

    kobe-shaq, pip-zeke, jordan-barkley

  • Goat Boy

    Goat Boy

    23 days ago

    If You’re Able To, Can You Do The Beef Between Ronda Rousey And Miesha Tate?😬

  • Dre Bean

    Dre Bean

    23 days ago

    Beef history between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate

  • The Anti Pac

    The Anti Pac

    23 days ago

    Chris Bosh vs his mama/

  • The Anti Pac

    The Anti Pac

    23 days ago

    Mike Ditka vs Ricky Williams

  • Jasper Jamm

    Jasper Jamm

    23 days ago

    Do Westbrook and Dame lol

  • Stlye Love

    Stlye Love

    23 days ago

    Tim Thomas is a fugazy of Draymond Green😂

  • kk


    23 days ago

    Anybody else keep seeing random dots on the screen and think their phones dirty?

  • raggaeldestro


    23 days ago

    Y’all don’t let the light skin fool you. K-Mart would break that fool.

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