Kevin Owens rants against Shane McMahon: SmackDown LIVE, July 9, 2019


After being thrown out of the arena, KO crashes SmackDown LIVE and goes on a tirade against Shane McMahon.
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  • LJ Palor Cruz

    LJ Palor Cruz

    Hour ago

    Now stunner, soon he will have a beer to spill on Shane's face πŸ˜‚

  • Carson The Dabber

    Carson The Dabber

    2 hours ago

    Kevin Owens the new cm punk potentially

  • Much Greens

    Much Greens

    4 hours ago

    Kevin Owens had to have been taken under CM Punks wing

  • hakim ssesanga

    hakim ssesanga

    4 hours ago

    Am so sick of Shane McMahon calling himself the best in the world is such a crup

  • Josh Wolford

    Josh Wolford

    6 hours ago

    WWE sucks now especially because of Shane McMahon

  • linden bowles

    linden bowles

    8 hours ago

    shane mchamon is the worst and he his the worst i the worid

  • Supeh Star

    Supeh Star

    8 hours ago


  • Mister Zane

    Mister Zane

    10 hours ago

    Stone cold called.... you know what he said

  • Marty McDonald

    Marty McDonald

    12 hours ago

    Hey, nice pants!

  • akram DΓ©lla Nostra

    akram DΓ©lla Nostra

    13 hours ago

    I know this is weird but I have a crush on Kevin 😍

  • Majkl Brambora

    Majkl Brambora

    13 hours ago

    true af

  • Vanda Dy

    Vanda Dy

    14 hours ago

    WWE lied about listening to the fans

  • Justice Update

    Justice Update

    14 hours ago

    Kevin is right, shane is just a succesor of his dad industry. Shane both as commisioner & wrestler performs arrogantly wasting many time of another wrestler. Shane just a loser without help of elias & mcintyre

  • Erick Miranda

    Erick Miranda

    14 hours ago

    Pipebomb 2019

  • Musa Abid

    Musa Abid

    15 hours ago

    OH MY GOD!! *Kevin Owens* is _THE BEST THING_ going on in WWE.. *_Push him to the moon_*

  • Km Metheme

    Km Metheme

    17 hours ago

    How do you spell Shane Micmac BIG BIG BIG LOSER AND JERK

  • Mr Leon The Smirfy

    Mr Leon The Smirfy

    17 hours ago

    Kevin Owens should have asked: hey Shane what was it like for the undertaker brother kane to beat u alot in 2003 and tied you to the ring post πŸ˜€ Would have loved to see Shane friends the mean street possie.

  • erich Wagenknecht

    erich Wagenknecht

    18 hours ago

    to bad it's scripted..but at least tthey know how we feel. they just don't care

  • drunkenwatZ 2004

    drunkenwatZ 2004

    19 hours ago

    Canada (Fight Owens Fight) Chicago (Best in the world) Texas (3:16)

  • Rigo Rondo

    Rigo Rondo

    19 hours ago

    Stop rebooting the attitude era and fully enbrace the new 1, period!!!

  • عاطف Ψ§Ω„Ψ¬Ω‡Ω†ΩŠ

    عاطف Ψ§Ω„Ψ¬Ω‡Ω†ΩŠ

    19 hours ago


  • Pup Staket

    Pup Staket

    19 hours ago

    He is the new cm punk.

  • Litler


    19 hours ago

    Kevin Owens first pipe bomb

  • one_ hunnid_bc

    one_ hunnid_bc

    20 hours ago

    Wwe is desperate ,they are now staging pipe bombsπŸ˜”smh.....

  • Spike V1

    Spike V1

    10 hours ago

    And idiot marks like you are calling it a pipebomb - Punks was a shoot, owens was a scripted work and fools like you keep falling for it

  • one_ hunnid_bc

    one_ hunnid_bc

    20 hours ago

    This ain’t no pipe bomb,too fake..... cm punk’s was more convincing.....πŸ˜”πŸ˜”smh

  • Clayton


    21 hour ago

    Kevin Owens’ promo is a rampage!

  • Jemaine Trotter

    Jemaine Trotter

    21 hour ago

    Thank you Kevin for telling the truth the McMahon’s are destroying the company enough is enough.πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

  • Chase Hansen

    Chase Hansen

    22 hours ago

    I agree Shane is getting way too much TV time but it’s because no one else has been able to step up and evolve their character and work their way to the top as a top heel in the company

  • Ka!eb Farrar

    Ka!eb Farrar

    23 hours ago

    Shane mcmahon is a qutip and drew is a qutip and it's time for them rest in peace

  • Shmosh Dave 89

    Shmosh Dave 89

    23 hours ago

    Ko has nun on cm punk

  • Jared Kartinyeri

    Jared Kartinyeri

    Day ago

    kevin looks good. looking healthy

  • Official Tru-Dru

    Official Tru-Dru

    Day ago

    Kevin Owens finally got his Wake up call!

  • DaSkarekrow


    Day ago

    the only thing that would of made this the best ever would been if Kevin would of said I'm going to AEW (i know he isn't) but just to put the icing on the cake.... great promo! Enough of Shane already!

  • David Krakenberg

    David Krakenberg

    Day ago

    We want Liv Morgan!!

  • Okla Flusa

    Okla Flusa

    Day ago

    Trying to be like c m punk

  • Corey Ward

    Corey Ward

    Day ago

    Wwe is a joke anymore and Kevin is speaking the truth and the McMahon only care about TV RATINGS

  • chellz chellz

    chellz chellz

    Day ago

    CM Punk 002 on the real!

  • Steve mk

    Steve mk

    Day ago

    I saw a paper that is ritten on it sub 2 kip clips

  • Shaukat Ahmad

    Shaukat Ahmad

    Day ago

    I saw a sign that says sub 2 kip clip

  • zz tops death

    zz tops death

    Day ago

    Kevin owns speak up about Shane O Mac he takes Way too much time on TV some others wrestlers don’t even to get there Debut πŸ˜‡

  • Tyere Reed

    Tyere Reed

    Day ago

    That promo from Kevin Owens was one of the BEST promos I've seen in a long time. That promo was right up there with CM Punk's pipebomb promo from 2011 on RAW, and The Miz's Talking Smack promo on Daniel Bryan from 2016.

  • simeon windeth

    simeon windeth

    Day ago

    I miss Kevin Steen So much.

  • droid4D


    Day ago

    New generation of WWE fans This ain't scripted. Or is it? WWF Attitude Era fans none of This is scripted they had the creative freedom to say what ever

  • SolidWilled


    Day ago

    Oh ok. This clip is on the offical wwe channel. I think I can safely it's a work now, heheheh. Looking forward to the future in WWE.

  • Carlnj74


    Day ago

    Cool moment. The fact that he looked directly into the camera makes it more real.

  • NengFDX


    Day ago

    I wonder why Shane McMahon wants that stupid intro...every time he comes to the ring. It makes me sick to the stomach!!! Show some respect Shane!

  • Paul Ybarra

    Paul Ybarra

    Day ago


  • Eric Jablonski

    Eric Jablonski

    Day ago

    WWE needs to stop tryin to make Kevin Owens a stone cold let Kevin be Kevin Owens and let stone cold be remembered as stone cold

  • Gregory D. Robinson

    Gregory D. Robinson

    Day ago

    To those who sides with Shane, he became the "best in the world" when the Miz "rolled over" in his match and helped Shane win his, instead of Shane go out and win it outright.

  • Kyle Hessler

    Kyle Hessler

    Day ago

    I wonder how much of this is scripted

  • droid4D


    Day ago

    All of it they just gave him more to say

  • Samir Ahmed

    Samir Ahmed

    Day ago

    Shane McMahon is a stupid ediot

  • Robert Medina

    Robert Medina

    Day ago

    This is Corny asf

  • Samir Ahmed

    Samir Ahmed

    Day ago

    Pipe bomb

  • Kristoforus Pratama

    Kristoforus Pratama

    Day ago

    I think it would be a riot by number of superstars against shane later just like what happened with TNA when Bubba put Dixie into the table in the end of the story

  • Gardner Raymond Moats

    Gardner Raymond Moats

    Day ago

    KO pl go to AEW Now you do better than WWE

  • javaid mahboob

    javaid mahboob

    Day ago

    Kevin Owens was 100% true & Shane couldn't bare that, anyway..πŸ™„

  • Crazy CousinKA

    Crazy CousinKA

    Day ago

    Thanks kevin atleast someone sees the light

  • Mason Baughan

    Mason Baughan

    Day ago

    I dont care kevin owens is the greastest their ever was

  • θ’γ‚‰γ—γ¦γ―γ‚γΎγ‚Šε₯½γγ˜γ‚ƒγͺい!


    Day ago

    Its a work. not a real pipebomb.

  • Joseph Cordaro

    Joseph Cordaro

    Day ago

    When he says he will smash his head on the stupid table I can't help but think of Botchamanias I am the table lol

  • TechnicalScience


    Day ago

    New cm Punk and stone Cold kevan owens😍😍😍

  • Simphiwe Jali

    Simphiwe Jali

    Day ago

    Kevin Owens always reminded me of CM Punk i guess those similarities are finally showing. CM Punk 2.0 vs Authority finally happening.

  • trinity trinity disouza

    trinity trinity disouza

    Day ago

    Kevin thoughts 100% true πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌβ˜Ί

  • Nades


    Day ago

    Not as good as Paul heymans or cm punks by was still great to watch

  • William Bolden

    William Bolden

    Day ago

    I may not been a huge fan of Kevin Owens but he definitely spoke the real truth about How Shane claims β€œthe best in the world” dude went off like β€œSCAR” from the Lion King he didn’t give a Damn! He told just like it is!!



    Day ago

    That’s a good script

  • Tika Devi Baral

    Tika Devi Baral

    Day ago

    The best promo ever

  • shubham vyas

    shubham vyas

    Day ago

    CM owens mannnnnnn :)

  • Neil Kenneth Lozada

    Neil Kenneth Lozada

    Day ago

    Maybe he wants to get fired so that he can shift to AEW.

  • Krish Chawla

    Krish Chawla

    Day ago

    Kevin owens turning to stone cold, just waiting for a every week stunner from owens to shane

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