Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Kim's Baby Bombshell to Kris Jenner


Kris Jenner had the ultimate Mother's Day surprise as Ellen brought out Kourtney Kardashian, her kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and Kim's children, North, Saint, and Chicago. Kim was noticeably absent as Kourtney revealed to her mom that Kim's surrogate is in labor, and her fourth child is on the way!


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    youtube viewer

    Hour ago

    reign kills me everytime

  • Saharahandkaisa4L Airjordon

    Saharahandkaisa4L Airjordon

    10 hours ago

    Rain is so cute

  • El ena

    El ena

    11 hours ago

    Reigns...personality is goals

  • Donna


    15 hours ago

    Is Chicago a living doll or what....so so cute



    22 hours ago

    Omg Chicago is so cutee

  • loulou yanis

    loulou yanis

    22 hours ago

    Can't wait for them to grow up and have their own show!

  • allison muszynski

    allison muszynski

    Day ago

    Reign definitely has adhd. I know kids are normally uncensored and excited but from what I've watched on the show, that child needs to be reigned in! (pun intended)

  • stine watson

    stine watson

    Day ago

    Reign: What the heck is everybody talking about? 😂😂😂

  • H B

    H B

    Day ago

    The little one in her arms is adorable lol. They're all adorable!

  • Genesis Madrigal

    Genesis Madrigal

    Day ago

    Iol the girl😂

  • Izv Isv

    Izv Isv

    Day ago

    I was dead at that north head WEST hahahaha

  • Gabriela Cruz

    Gabriela Cruz

    Day ago

    Whos kid is rehennys ?

  • Leila Parvana

    Leila Parvana

    2 days ago

    Reign and Saint are so much like their dads! Also can we appreciate how darn cute Chicago is 😩😍

  • Gjenete Paloja

    Gjenete Paloja

    2 days ago

    aahww saint is so cute en beautifull😍😍😍

  • Saved Jackson

    Saved Jackson

    2 days ago

    Saint is so gentle, he wait for every body to sit down then he sat down.

  • Just Notice Me

    Just Notice Me

    2 days ago

    That is so watermelon

  • Marjorie Pope

    Marjorie Pope

    2 days ago

    Did Reign say no hello from me, omg he's so Scott

  • Marjorie Pope

    Marjorie Pope

    2 days ago

    Saint has Kanye's personality

  • Marjorie Pope

    Marjorie Pope

    2 days ago

    So they are really trying to ignore Reign but he's not to be ignored 🤣🤣🤣 he's Scott when he's under the influence 🤣🤣🤣 omg I'm loving him

  • gollythislolly


    2 days ago

    He legit said “i itch my buttox “ 😭😭😭😭😂

  • Sharon Arinze

    Sharon Arinze

    2 days ago

    Reign is goals hahahahahaha

  • k 7

    k 7

    3 days ago

    Is that all her real kids?

  • Bine U.

    Bine U.

    3 days ago

    "but I need candy!" *awwww* cute 😍😱

  • Lacey Currie

    Lacey Currie

    3 days ago

    Is rain a boy haha

  • Dave McDonald

    Dave McDonald

    3 days ago

    You need to calm down😂😂😂chill out😂😂😂

  • Alex -

    Alex -

    3 days ago

    Reign: **hears candy...*** Also Reign:CANDYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Alex -

    Alex -

    3 days ago

    Kim’s kids are so chil like their mom I’m shook

  • daenerys


    3 days ago

    Reign is just the tiniest Scott dissick. 😂

  • Jenlisa Kim manoban

    Jenlisa Kim manoban

    3 days ago

    Omg saint is adorable



    3 days ago

    Mason has a Louis Vuitton fanny pack!! I’m shook

  • Anushka Tiwari

    Anushka Tiwari

    3 days ago

    Cute kids 😍

  • 100000 Subscribers without any videos

    100000 Subscribers without any videos

    3 days ago

    I was looking at reign the hole time 😂❤️

  • Gabby


    3 days ago

    Chicago Is So Adorable 😍😍 Kim’s Twin

  • Ethan & Happy Gamez

    Ethan & Happy Gamez

    3 days ago

    i loveeeeeeeee saint he is so cute

  • Adrionna Roberts

    Adrionna Roberts

    3 days ago

    3:19 me to my baby cousin 😂

  • Lisa Min

    Lisa Min

    3 days ago

    Reign said her name 3x 😂😂

  • Rianna Saiz

    Rianna Saiz

    3 days ago

    I love kourtney so much she’s so nice unlike the other Kardashian’s/jenner

  • yaritza


    4 days ago

    Reign talks just like scott!😂

  • Rachelle Acosta

    Rachelle Acosta

    4 days ago

    they all so grown up since the last time I saw them on USdownload

  • al p

    al p

    4 days ago

    Love how Ellen's set look like the Epstein-island

  • Anknock Mayom

    Anknock Mayom

    4 days ago

    4:05 (Rain) “No more”,...!!..”I’m done with this conversation”...!!😂😂😂

  • ꧁unicorniovirtual꧂


    5 days ago

    The way kourtney touch REIGN'S LEGS 🤬🤬

  • Vy Lê

    Vy Lê

    5 days ago

    Reign is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  • Humble One

    Humble One

    5 days ago

    Reign is off the chain!

  • Mina Tarki

    Mina Tarki

    5 days ago

    Rainy is soooooo cute

  • Zoha Syed

    Zoha Syed

    5 days ago

    Chicago just looked very worried loll!!!

  • Mara Willman

    Mara Willman

    5 days ago

    soooo cute



    5 days ago

    Reign is a whole mood

  • Sim Wei Ren

    Sim Wei Ren

    6 days ago

    @TheEllenShow What is the title of the song at the start of the video ?

  • Lolgirl Hehe

    Lolgirl Hehe

    6 days ago

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Ellen: move west north

  • marie gaude

    marie gaude

    6 days ago

    Courtney de tout le clan Kardashian elle a toujours été ma préféré car elle sais se faire discrète et gentille et j'adore sa façon de s'habiller c'est une de les idel

  • Abigayle_the_queen


    6 days ago

    North looks a lot like Kanye😂

  • Joanna Herodotou

    Joanna Herodotou

    7 days ago

    Reign is too hyperactive, and Kris said she would give him more cake, he will probably hit the ceiling with too many sweets!!!!

  • Velerie Yeong

    Velerie Yeong

    7 days ago

    The boy looks just like Scott disick

  • Tarh Nagang

    Tarh Nagang

    8 days ago

    Mason is really embarresed..eith reign

  • Lalala 123

    Lalala 123

    8 days ago

    3:20 «this human is adorable, and he is fire» Saint has the best hypeman😂

  • Sophia Youboty

    Sophia Youboty

    8 days ago


  • Daisy Milliken

    Daisy Milliken

    8 days ago

    3:02 Mason is so done with Reign 😂

  • Kenzy Magdy

    Kenzy Magdy

    8 days ago

    Are we all gonna ignore the fact that Chicago, saint and north are matching ,they are all wearing purple North:purple dress Saint:purple sweatshirt Chicago: purple dress under white cardigan

  • Leticia Castillo

    Leticia Castillo

    9 days ago

    She pinched him lol

  • Gabbie


    9 days ago


  • Vanessa. Vargas

    Vanessa. Vargas

    9 days ago

    Saint is so adorable. HIS SMILE IS JUST ♡

  • Sharon Ezra

    Sharon Ezra

    9 days ago

    I am in LOVE with Saint!

  • kLoE *

    kLoE *

    9 days ago

    chi & saint are so gorgeous i can’t 🥺

  • Finn49


    9 days ago

    Mason is so mature i love Saints quietness and the one on her lap whats her name ❤️

  • elmundoparami


    9 days ago

    Finn49 her name is Chicago

  • ac fulay

    ac fulay

    10 days ago

    Reign just like scott 😂😂

  • Pandu Miharja

    Pandu Miharja

    10 days ago

    Mason is almost as tall as kourtney!!! I can't believe it

  • xeinlix


    10 days ago

    Where’s dream tho?

  • Leah


    10 days ago

    “I’m *DONE* with this conversation!” 😂

  • Christine Talks Freedom

    Christine Talks Freedom

    10 days ago

    What you like about your grandma? Reign: Chicken 🐔 chicken 🍗 chicken 🐓 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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