Leaving Things In Windex For A Month

Do Slim Jims explode or turn everything red when left in Windex for a month? GMM #1546
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  • Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morning

    5 days ago

    See what happens when we leave each other alone for a day!! instagram.com/tv/Bxc-sYFgTQU/?hl=en

  • xd - SilkySlicc

    xd - SilkySlicc

    2 days ago

    Rhett were u in woody woodpecker just asking

  • xd - SilkySlicc

    xd - SilkySlicc

    2 days ago


  • Lil Princess Isis

    Lil Princess Isis

    2 days ago

    Yay youre coming back on my birthday!

  • Nephilim 2k18

    Nephilim 2k18

    3 days ago

    They become, a, loner 🤔

  • Dusty Ninja 01

    Dusty Ninja 01

    4 days ago

    If you want to eat something in this category of leaving things in ... I suggest mountain dew probably a month old boiled egg

  • Andrew McAllister

    Andrew McAllister

    Hour ago

    Bigger brains aren't necessarily a good thing it would cause immense ICP.

  • Minnikboy


    3 hours ago

    They changed there intro again?!

  • Bill


    8 hours ago

    Rhett and Link need a talk show

  • Stove Harvey

    Stove Harvey

    10 hours ago

    Link said it was may 17th 2019, when this video was uploaded on may 14th 2019.

  • Dylan Rex

    Dylan Rex

    10 hours ago

    Do lotion left on a shelf

  • Wildcats 19

    Wildcats 19

    10 hours ago

    Literally nobody: Serial killers: 5:23

  • Ann Weber

    Ann Weber

    10 hours ago

    Now I like none of the foods anymore

  • AJs Vape Shack

    AJs Vape Shack

    11 hours ago

    Do it go on do it Www.groutdaddy.biz

  • Wyatt Seaman

    Wyatt Seaman

    11 hours ago

    Hello leave stuff in whiskey then eat it

  • /\ Dat Frog /\

    /\ Dat Frog /\

    11 hours ago

    When someone dies, It's a good mythical mourning.

  • efg_exotics


    11 hours ago

    why did link randomly start feeding rhett strawberries?😂😂

  • Emily Plays-Gamez!

    Emily Plays-Gamez!

    12 hours ago

    Think about it, they did this a month ago. So, did they time travel to get here? Conspiracy Theory? Or GMM Magic?

  • AUSTIN Williams

    AUSTIN Williams

    12 hours ago

    “Windex is not for drinking “ Welp

  • FaZe UltraSnipes

    FaZe UltraSnipes

    12 hours ago

    Im wondering what the lambs parents would think if they saw their childs brain in a bottle of windex?

  • TheHitman Gamer

    TheHitman Gamer

    12 hours ago

    What about things in oil for a month

  • Mitchel Sankow

    Mitchel Sankow

    12 hours ago

    Leaving stuff in laundry detergent for a month

  • Kenny Amesquita

    Kenny Amesquita

    12 hours ago

    Hey june the 1st is my birth day so Ꭷℴ ℱ :D I'm turning 14 so i can't wait for The new episodes (╯°□°)╯ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



    12 hours ago

    5:48 Rhett really reminded me of Chris Hemsworth

  • kavondre


    12 hours ago

    lmaooo , anyone catch them talking about the clermont twins 😭😭😂😂

  • Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    13 hours ago

    1:16 wEvE DunN coCe

  • Kinsey Wood

    Kinsey Wood

    13 hours ago

    “ your idol is watching from afar “ I immediately thought their watching the video Lol

  • Jules Morton

    Jules Morton

    13 hours ago


  • Was Poppin mates

    Was Poppin mates

    13 hours ago

    why is link wearing the most sad shirt ever? hahah lol

  • Morgan Goldade-Lesnak

    Morgan Goldade-Lesnak

    13 hours ago


  • Jemeriah Bargeman

    Jemeriah Bargeman

    14 hours ago

    1:16 Look at Rhett’s face 😂😂

  • lil slav boi

    lil slav boi

    15 hours ago

    “thanks for clarifying.” lmmaooo

  • slippery snake

    slippery snake

    15 hours ago

    12:33 fortnite juice drink it

  • Callan Roper

    Callan Roper

    16 hours ago

    I met this chick and liked her, I found her sticking her fingers into a pigs brain and playing with it, she jiggled a chunk in front of my face... this was two weeks after we met.

  • Jess


    16 hours ago

    I don’t think the fortune cookies had anything to do with the fortunes being fine. Windex just doesn’t dissolve paper.

  • Random Bubble

    Random Bubble

    16 hours ago

    WHOOO eats their fortune cookie like that?!?

  • Justin Felty

    Justin Felty

    16 hours ago

    Drug dealers be like dang so that’s a faster way of making crack

  • marie m

    marie m

    17 hours ago

    Rhett making gummies disappear is just hilarious😂😂😂

  • Red Wasp

    Red Wasp

    18 hours ago

    Mythical summer starts on my sis bday wow

  • Hypezz


    18 hours ago

    Aka murdering random things in windex by intoxicating them.

  • DeZire TITann

    DeZire TITann

    19 hours ago

    You ever just start feeding your boy Rhett some strawberries

  • InsaneTacoz


    21 hour ago

    Hello random strawberries

  • Eva Møller

    Eva Møller

    21 hour ago

    The shelf that we leave things on. How creative...

  • ATF Role playing

    ATF Role playing

    23 hours ago

    but it’s night

  • IdkWhatToPutHere


    Day ago

    They should try soy sauce

  • Âïmee


    Day ago

    13:08 the lamb was literally brain washed by them 😂

  • Candy Colon-Rivera

    Candy Colon-Rivera

    Day ago

    Lmao “..completely dissolve like an Instagram models lip filler when she runs outta sponsorships” OooOoOoOOOooOoOoOoOh! 😲

  • Candy Colon-Rivera

    Candy Colon-Rivera

    Day ago

    The fact that groutdaddy.biz is actually Link scrubbing tile.... 😂😂😂 Gosh I love GMM

  • Max Browning

    Max Browning

    Day ago

    yas i finally got them all right without second guessing myself

  • IC3_ _ATL

    IC3_ _ATL

    Day ago

    This ain’t pg

  • Edde21


    17 hours ago

    IC3_ _ATL the stated a while back its not suppose to be

  • o k

    o k

    Day ago

    𝓦𝓱𝔂 𝓭𝓲𝓭𝓷'𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓶𝓮 𝓲𝓷 𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓮𝔁 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓪 𝓶𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓱????

  • Chara Dreemurr

    Chara Dreemurr

    Day ago

    Link: "wedding bells are in a close friend's future..." Rhett: "you will soon gain something you have always desired..." Me: . . . **inhales reeeeeal slow**

  • Chara Dreemurr

    Chara Dreemurr

    Day ago

    A couple o' cool guys... Giving each other food... Doing what dey do cause they're *NOT GAY*

  • Night wolf

    Night wolf

    Day ago

    10:00 Rett: someone you admire is watching from afar Me: YOU ADMIRE YOUR FANS!! You look up to us to be there for you!!! Me: sorry 😢😭

  • a pleb

    a pleb

    Day ago

    leaving things in raw eggs for a month!

  • vernii mirnii

    vernii mirnii

    Day ago

    “ and you’re going to disappear and you’re going to disappear and you’re going to disappear” *lol alright thanos*

  • Daniel Speake

    Daniel Speake

    Day ago

    Have skrillex do your theme song next time.

  • Lucca McWilliams

    Lucca McWilliams

    Day ago

    *Rhett and Link feeding each other* Me: *SCREACHING*😍

  • Lucca McWilliams

    Lucca McWilliams

    Day ago

    What happens when you leave gummy bears In Windex? Me: first of all, Levi is disappointed. Second of all the gummy is still edible according to my bff😂

  • Larissa Rain

    Larissa Rain

    Day ago

    I ate lamb brain once and it is not the texture you would think. It is actually super mushy not the texture of a slim Jim

  • Cassady Luv

    Cassady Luv

    Day ago

    It’s not just windex, it’s all liquids . Gummy bear will grow. It absorbs the liquid such as water which makes it grow.

  • Randiriel


    Day ago

    Every single time I watch one of these leaving things in things videos I forget about Link feeding Rhett strawberries until he grabs one and I invariably cackle

  • hcehcitcoor


    Day ago

    Soy sauce?

  • munge master juse daddy

    munge master juse daddy

    Day ago

    Leaving things in tide for a month

  • Triest Wright

    Triest Wright

    Day ago

    This segment is so interesting, and I love the descriptions!

  • AnnzeL


    Day ago

    Now youre going to disappear... x10...im going take a windex bath for a month, brb.

  • TheChickenWingMaster


    Day ago

    10:00 - 10:03 we’re watching from afar

  • Autumn TheDog

    Autumn TheDog

    Day ago

    Why was I eating while watching this

  • Ya trumpet player Emma

    Ya trumpet player Emma

    Day ago

    5:43 if a girl is wearing a clean one and she starts her period, that's what it looks like

  • Solangelo Shipper 002

    Solangelo Shipper 002

    Day ago

    Leaving a lamb brain in Windex for a month comes with a crazy surprise. Rhett: “This is how you make crack?”

  • wompwompwomp leelee

    wompwompwomp leelee

    Day ago

    this is my first comment ever!! hi everyone :)

  • Fatih Alija

    Fatih Alija

    Day ago

    Please do baking soda next

  • Dalton Jacobs

    Dalton Jacobs

    Day ago

    Why were you randomly eating strawberries

  • Ana Vines

    Ana Vines

    Day ago

    When your birthday is June 3rd!!!!! 😁😁

  • jennifer Wooten

    jennifer Wooten

    Day ago


  • Matthew Murphy

    Matthew Murphy

    Day ago

    Try gasoline next

  • Kitsune Elie

    Kitsune Elie

    Day ago

    I love how link politely feeds Rhett strawberries

  • ricky roach

    ricky roach

    Day ago

    Will it Link? Rhett finds a replacement for Link

  • Pat gameing and stuff

    Pat gameing and stuff

    Day ago

    Eating skills 10/10

  • Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips

    Day ago

    I love that groutdaddy.biz actually works hahaha

  • Reverse-Eobard


    Day ago

    U said windex is not for drinking what about eating

  • NekoLover07


    Day ago

    OOooOOOOO how about you leave things in Perfume/Colon for a month?

  • lovesmusic916


    Day ago

    Rhetts zealous laugh at 5:17. He enjoys it so much much.

  • Hit the Gamer

    Hit the Gamer

    Day ago

    Opps windex isnt for drinking

  • Zero


    Day ago

    5:35 COUGHHH

  • Kevin Benoit

    Kevin Benoit

    Day ago

    Next episode, do sodium metal in water for a month!

  • Kate Lynch

    Kate Lynch

    Day ago

    I guess you could say they brain-washed it

  • Crazy


    Day ago

    anyone else immediately look up groutdaddy.biz and see that... photo¿

  • Hefro x

    Hefro x

    Day ago

    Link reminds me of a sim 😂

  • Anastasia Walter

    Anastasia Walter

    Day ago

    Fun to play with not to eat

  • Cally mears

    Cally mears

    Day ago

    Lol he just randomly fed him 😹😹 strawberries 🍓

  • cheezyburger 4

    cheezyburger 4

    Day ago

    I honestly miss watching u guys

  • lil kidO_O

    lil kidO_O

    Day ago

    Dont dat it

  • HeeWon Kim

    HeeWon Kim

    Day ago

    whats. a. slim. jim.

  • L i z a

    L i z a

    Day ago

    On the next episode of Good Mythical Morning: "It's time to ask the age old question. *Will it crack*

  • Beg 030507

    Beg 030507

    Day ago

    I really shouldn’t be eating while watching this 🤢😫

  • Clawdeen Wolf

    Clawdeen Wolf

    Day ago

    "that one was soaked in windex" *AHHHHH*

  • Clawdeen Wolf

    Clawdeen Wolf

    Day ago


  • Wolf queen _789

    Wolf queen _789

    Day ago

    I like how rhet is just eating the strawberries and not knowing what they are but trusting link

  • Brooklyn Beall

    Brooklyn Beall

    Day ago

    The best thing to put his glasses in

  • k kurova

    k kurova

    Day ago


  • aster endimes

    aster endimes

    Day ago

    ok neighborhood nimrod's pretty good

  • Vanessa Do

    Vanessa Do

    Day ago

    someone actually made a groutdaddy.biz page for Link

  • Jett Rolewicz

    Jett Rolewicz

    Day ago

    my friends dad went t collage with you guys

  • Megan Vrabel

    Megan Vrabel

    2 days ago

    As being sick right now you literally made my whole day!

  • jacmeade


    2 days ago

    Also, #FTMS.

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