Luxury Modern Small Home Built In Suburban Backyard

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Hidden in the back yard of a bustling suburban neighbourhood is a remarkable small family home. A sanctuary and haven designed to give the family a better quality of life, and yes, the swimming pool is larger than their house.
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Wanting something different for their family, Dan and Marnie were inspired by tiny houses and minimalism and wanted to choose a different lifestyle for their family. With a large backyard, the couple decided to construct a new, small home for themselves to enjoy.
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The design of this small home, located in Sydney is modern and perfectly suited to Australian life. Centred around outdoor living and the fantastic feature swimming pool, this home utilises some very clever small space design ideas inspired by the tiny house movement to create a compact home which is functional, beautiful and perfectly meets the needs of this young family.
I hope you enjoy the video tour of this luxury small home. You can follow the journey of this minimalist family via their instagram: and vis their website:
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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langsyton
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud
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  • Praise Worship

    Praise Worship

    Hour ago

    Positively geared? Definition I found; "By definition, a positively geared property is one in which the difference between rental income and rental expenses is positive..." So, what does he mean?

  • Naomi Edwards

    Naomi Edwards

    Hour ago

    love it!

  • Praise Worship

    Praise Worship

    Hour ago

    I heard that people are maimed or killed by nail gun accidents every year. It's probably not a good idea to let small children play with them - even supervised.

  • Truth Inspector

    Truth Inspector

    2 hours ago

    great setup

  • Taug1000 taug

    Taug1000 taug

    4 hours ago

    I am sorry but 400k is way too much for a tiny house. You presented much more exquisit houses for much less. And if you spend 400 k there should also be bigger rooms for the children when they're going to grow up to Teenagers

  • nicolas gerrald

    nicolas gerrald

    6 hours ago

    So let me get this straight. They built this tiny house behind their normal house. They rent the normal house to afford the tiny house. How dumb is that? They're sooooo cool tho. Che bruh. Tiny house fad.

  • Anisha Shabnam

    Anisha Shabnam

    7 hours ago

    Every video is special in it's own way with Bryce's words at last... And that's what makes me into tiny house culture...

  • Rah


    7 hours ago

    400,000 wtf?

  • M Silas

    M Silas

    7 hours ago

    This house is soo cute but as the girls get older how’s that room going to work ?

  • Lucky Lex

    Lucky Lex

    7 hours ago

    I choked at the 400 thousand comment. There are so many tiny homes with even more features then this one that came in way cheaper! I hope I heard that number wrong because they got taken for quite a bit even though it is lovely and well done

  • chapman


    7 hours ago

    This tiny home is exceptional. It show how a house a bit larger than a trailer can add a lot of design possibilities that makes it a very comfortable and cosy living. It is sort of like a little mansion. What makes to so spacious and not claustrophobic is the larger outer space. I dont know how it will fit when the kids become teenagers but I wish it will work well. Thanks Bryce, good job presenting this jewel.

  • Maxim Ovchin

    Maxim Ovchin

    8 hours ago

    it's called "my kids live in a closet" lmao

  • Sergio Braga

    Sergio Braga

    9 hours ago

    Awesome home!

  • Hawk Wrangler

    Hawk Wrangler

    11 hours ago

    How much was it???

  • ramin ahmadi

    ramin ahmadi

    11 hours ago

    they wasted the 50% of the land for pool that only 4 month of year its be used

  • Luminati


    11 hours ago

    Wait, why did Vsauce leak his own house's location?

  • Jr. March 99

    Jr. March 99

    11 hours ago


  • Jackie Mc

    Jackie Mc

    12 hours ago

    This space is amazing and gorgeous! I need one like it! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Wayamean


    12 hours ago

    This is by far my favourite tiny house because it's creative for the kids and functionally comfortable.

  • Oscar Barrera

    Oscar Barrera

    12 hours ago

    Is that... a golliwog?? 13:54

  • May-Britt Digre

    May-Britt Digre

    13 hours ago

    Wonderful Tiny Home ... Awsome Video to look at

  • Oldmoses94


    14 hours ago

    Did they just throw the cat into the shot every time? :D

  • romanista lazialle

    romanista lazialle

    14 hours ago

    First comment ever for me without trolling : What I love the most in this House is the Familly

  • liam's music

    liam's music

    14 hours ago

    Such a nice young family home. But as the children get older this space will need an extension.

  • Caterina Cevallos

    Caterina Cevallos

    14 hours ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do a video about your own house!!!!

  • mena94x3


    15 hours ago


  • Tobias Ommer

    Tobias Ommer

    16 hours ago

    Can't believe my flat is the same size as that house. Really goes to show what a little ingenuity can do.

  • imacprouser sam

    imacprouser sam

    17 hours ago

    She is not minimalist, no way lol

  • ikbal kilinc

    ikbal kilinc

    17 hours ago

    That is most awesome place i hv ever seen, loves

  • Risking Life Romance

    Risking Life Romance

    17 hours ago

    Brilliant idea! What a beautiful beautiful house!! 👍👍👍

  • kanni 69

    kanni 69

    17 hours ago

    Who's the *ARCHITECT*

  • Sw eet

    Sw eet

    18 hours ago

    Did they say it cost $400,000.00 to build a pool and a pool house? Holy crap. Sydney is freaking expensive! Absolutely amazing space, though and so smart to create two homes on one lot...and so many clever features! Just gorgeous!

  • Ben Evans

    Ben Evans

    18 hours ago

    "There are lots of reasons white people decide to downsize"

  • a girl who like to eat

    a girl who like to eat

    20 hours ago

    ilove this!! this is so coooool!!😍😍 but it think it must be change when ur girl grew up. but this is really cool ilove it.

  • Faunaviolet


    20 hours ago

    I wish I was that cat.

  • Santi Rof

    Santi Rof

    20 hours ago

    Dream House

  • Kristine Willems

    Kristine Willems

    21 hour ago


  • deep


    22 hours ago

    Mostly women feel the urge to go little home aye? Men follow. Makes me thinking....

  • MrMagooo


    22 hours ago

    They could add bedrooms above the pool.

  • brownthunder


    22 hours ago

    The poor girls are never gonna be able to sneak any boys in😂😂

  • weng santos

    weng santos

    23 hours ago

    all i can say is love love love^^

  • Hyper Eric

    Hyper Eric

    23 hours ago

    400,000 wtf just buy a house

  • Mr_CrapStream


    Day ago

    ''We rent out the big house, it really helps pay down the mortgage'' ...why... Why didn't you just pay the mortgage off of it instead of building another house on the lot.

  • Robert Butow

    Robert Butow

    Day ago

    Freakin sweet

  • Pao Rodriguez

    Pao Rodriguez

    Day ago

    Such a lovely house everyone enjoys it even the cat 💜

  • Marina Doulcier

    Marina Doulcier

    Day ago

    Goosh it looks like the tiny house and the lifestyle as I imagined for myself ! ( except having childrens )

  • Daddydevitoo


    Day ago

    Hey Vsauce. Michael here

  • J


    Day ago

    The house is nice but it's the pool that makes it. At night it's gorgeous...the lighting is beautiful. I would feel like I was on vacation looking out to the pool. Love it!

  • kahari b

    kahari b

    Day ago


  • mara cohen

    mara cohen

    Day ago

    How to buy bluprints/design?

  • Jill Jenn

    Jill Jenn

    Day ago

    Love the house.. but what's up with the mammy doll?

  • David Caddock

    David Caddock

    Day ago

    Cat approves of the furniture.

  • Mrs Homemaker BD

    Mrs Homemaker BD

    Day ago

    This home is like dream home..they are doing great job 👏👏👏👏

  • Betty


    Day ago

    I love this house! So perfect for the family and everything you need is there! :)

  • Lucia Rivas

    Lucia Rivas

    Day ago

    Esta hermosa la casa y se ve muy comfortable y con mucha Luz. Felicidades!

  • Alozie Chijioke

    Alozie Chijioke

    Day ago

    Wow. Money perfectly well spent

  • Spiritisalive1


    Day ago

    All I got excited about was they Marie Kondo'd their wardrobe. Lol

  • Gassen


    Day ago

    hate the "active" interviewing style, i want to meet the people, let them show the space.

  • sikerow


    Day ago

    Why did i hear ”there are lots of reasons white people choose to downsize”

  • Bari Martin

    Bari Martin

    Day ago

    Why not just keep ur regular size house and be minimalist in that house and just down size there. Could have changed everything design wise there too as well. Like a whole other construction kinda just seems over the top.

  • HillMarie Leon

    HillMarie Leon

    Day ago

    You want to see a tiny house? Come to nyc, they only pay like us$2,000 monthly 😂😂 but they are all over the place.

  • Jinkzhy Playz

    Jinkzhy Playz

    Day ago

    nice house but her voice pisses me off

  • Nina Animator

    Nina Animator

    Day ago

    I'm your biggest fan from the middle east. I wish you bring your creative way of the tiny house to our community. we are suffering from wars and rent in safe countries is above 3k USD :(

  • SamraNaveed


    Day ago

    Can someone plz make me this house in Canada :(

  • Bryant Ng

    Bryant Ng

    Day ago

    Love the accent!

  • Imelda Atieno

    Imelda Atieno

    Day ago

    I love the house Love from Kenya 🇰🇪

  • hewwel


    Day ago

    Your wife is so calm and quiet wonderful, and your home is beautiful.

  • Em power

    Em power

    Day ago

    I love this home but the bed playpen looks hazardous. I’m scared it will snap or trap the little ones in. Also they could have down size the livingroom or kitchen for more space in the kids room

  • Nurshafa Humaira

    Nurshafa Humaira

    Day ago

    i love the idea you put the speaker outside so you can watch movies in the swimming pool

  • Office Marion

    Office Marion

    Day ago

    I love this family oriented tiny home. it is very versatile and will allow to customise as their needs change. Well thought out space!

  • arielzshell


    Day ago

    I love this house! And love the pool, the windows, I could totally live in this

  • Joseph Todoroff

    Joseph Todoroff

    Day ago

    they dont have any friends.

  • Durrell Robinson

    Durrell Robinson

    Day ago

    "... three levels..." Yeah, but what's that doll on the right about at the 13:10 mark?😒

  • Jon D

    Jon D

    Day ago

    I love this ! Probably wld for myself add another replica bedroom shower toilet for guests and also somehow adapt.that bedroom for kids so you cld change it as they get older or the second guest room becomes theirs etc

  • Jon D

    Jon D

    Day ago

    400 seems steep ?

  • Kingdom Things

    Kingdom Things

    Day ago

    I could live in the patio/ pool area. I have a vision of a floating bed 😁...

  • smashbits amianoits

    smashbits amianoits

    Day ago

    I dont want to sound like I'm a bit pickier to much, but there's so many red flags with this setup for there kids to get hurt. Little kids with no fence around the pool, a play area under the adults bed if that thing collapses you got a hurt kid and lastly the baby on the bellow 2 girls beds? Earth quake or unstable top boards means 1 dead baby.

  • Mishner


    Day ago

    Shes so ugly

  • Ronne D. Jones

    Ronne D. Jones

    Day ago


  • Ginny Monroe

    Ginny Monroe

    Day ago

    Question: I love your home; so wonderful, what was the build cost? thanks. the build cost was 400K

  • jurukiki


    Day ago

    oh no that golliwog doll :-( 14:00

  • Green NVy

    Green NVy

    Day ago

    jurukiki Yep a racist symbol.

  • GeauxBig007


    Day ago

    Did he say, $400,000!! The idea of small was small $ but my god.

  • Amnda


    2 days ago

    It keeps getting better and better

  • Roxanne C.

    Roxanne C.

    2 days ago

    The only thingI don't like, the bedroom , it is so tight for the children. It will be very tight in 5 years.

  • Ever García

    Ever García

    2 days ago


  • Katie Krachenbergs

    Katie Krachenbergs

    2 days ago

    Isn’t this just an apartment

  • Jitan Reang

    Jitan Reang

    2 days ago

    Hi i am from India Ooo what a house what’s the cost of the house sir

  • Deemond H

    Deemond H

    2 days ago

    Beautiful house. But check out @ 13:54 and I really wish they would not have had that doll there. It is a very unpleasant caricature to people of my racial background. 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Green NVy

    Green NVy

    Day ago

    meatstickk Ever heard of blackface and minstrel shows? If you are trolling or simply blind towards overtly racist symbols, then I don’t think there is much any of us can do in helping you see it for what it truly is.

  • meatstickk


    Day ago

    I see a doll. How many people see it as anything else? Mind explaining what is so racist about it?

  • Green NVy

    Green NVy

    2 days ago

    Deemond H I agree! That golliwog doll has a very racist history that many people in the comment section seem to be blind at recognizing.

  • Khurshid IsHere

    Khurshid IsHere

    2 days ago

    Only one bathroom

  • Linen Gray

    Linen Gray

    2 days ago

    Only a couple of things. First no pool safety for young children. The tree behind them must be a bear for keeping the pool clean. Last how do you keep Australian critters out of such an open house? The cat makes it look like they built the house for it. I cannot wait until they have two teenage daughters fighting for that bathroom.

  • Pumpkinbeautyx


    2 days ago

    This is so great

  • Nima Diki

    Nima Diki

    2 days ago

    Wow Such an amazing 🏡 house

  • fzzypurpleturtle


    2 days ago

    I’m so jealous of that home! Whoa!

  • Kate VRob

    Kate VRob

    2 days ago

    Pool party

  • Mario


    2 days ago

    really cool, but how would the kids live up there when they grow older?

  • Deniz Uzun

    Deniz Uzun

    2 days ago

    Where is the building code mandated laundry tub and washing machine? Since it's not an apartment is this categorized as a Granny Flat? Asking for a friend...

  • Truong Anh Thu

    Truong Anh Thu

    2 days ago

    Small house, that's such a cool idea

  • Bigdangleeballs


    2 days ago

    I would never give up my very large house for a pokey shoe box like that. My bath is bigger than their paddling pool.

  • Raquel Sioson

    Raquel Sioson

    2 days ago

    So amazing house love it

  • Cristina H

    Cristina H

    2 days ago

    Best tiny house ever, lovely home, lovely family

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