Making My Own Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity


HI SISTERS! You all know that I am absolutely obsessed with Starbucks Pink Drinks, in fact, I order one every single day. In today's video, I decided to see if I could actually make my entire order... from scratch. Enioy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Aiden Andrejczak

    Aiden Andrejczak

    15 hours ago

    this is the worlds GAYEST MOTHER FUCKER

  • Clarissa Jaramillo

    Clarissa Jaramillo

    15 hours ago

    Omg 😯 sis u r 1 on trending 🖤🖤❤️❤️🔐🔐

  • A Fellow Doge

    A Fellow Doge

    15 hours ago

    yup this is rosanna pansinos kitchen they said it actually is

  • Aurun Bhattarai

    Aurun Bhattarai

    15 hours ago

    James Charles just touched you Like to undo

  • Kayli York

    Kayli York

    15 hours ago

    well i was going to go but get who can't because you are not coming to tennesee this sister

  • Araadhya Jain

    Araadhya Jain

    15 hours ago

    9:18 when my mom tells me I have a test tomorrow

  • andrew valencia

    andrew valencia

    15 hours ago

    Why is this on trending

  • MaddieC.


    15 hours ago

    Where did James get his strawberry adidas Hoodie?? I love it sm!💞 someone plz respond



    15 hours ago

    The last digit of the amount of likes is your restaurant. 1 = Starbucks 2 = McDonalds 3 = Wendy’s 4 = Arby’s 5 = Jack in the Box 6 = Red Robin 7 = Domino’s 8 = Subway 9 = Dairy Queen 0 = Papa John’s Comment what you got

  • Icy Five

    Icy Five

    15 hours ago


  • elizaheyy Cel

    elizaheyy Cel

    15 hours ago

    Omgee ME while baking

  • Evan Dobbins

    Evan Dobbins

    15 hours ago

    Our baby is #1 on trending

  • Caitlin :)

    Caitlin :)

    15 hours ago

    this video was so fun

  • Beth O’Neill

    Beth O’Neill

    15 hours ago


  • Anaya Vyletta

    Anaya Vyletta

    15 hours ago

    Cant wait till u come meet in in Canada😘

  • beaknoyes


    15 hours ago

    Should I try the pink drink?

  • Phlat


    15 hours ago

    Gays 🤢

  • Natalia Aguilar

    Natalia Aguilar

    15 hours ago

    “That slaps”.... my bay are heart 💔

  • Oof• Jordyn•

    Oof• Jordyn•

    15 hours ago

    My birthday is in July! My mom is thinking. About buying me vip!

  • Telia King

    Telia King

    15 hours ago

    That's dumb the antecedents should be at least $30-40

  • bebbz. azsh

    bebbz. azsh

    15 hours ago

    Sister james you NEED to add Hawai’i on your tour list. sister tour for a real one!!

  • Being.Sophia


    15 hours ago

    nobody: starbucks workers: yOu mAdE It WRonG

  • Ash M

    Ash M

    15 hours ago

    Come back to Sydney. I MISS YOU!!!!!!

  • Madison Jacoway

    Madison Jacoway

    15 hours ago

    Omg finally someone’s coming Tulsa, Oklahoma!

  • Ava Vanwezel

    Ava Vanwezel

    15 hours ago

    I will see you on tour

  • Hannah Hames

    Hannah Hames

    15 hours ago

    Gersh dernit I live in Canada. I'll still look out for those sneak peaks of the tour from other people online when the time comes around! Lol

  • frustrated frog

    frustrated frog

    15 hours ago

    set "hi sisters" as my alarm in the morning. woke up and thought it was james charles. thank god i have apple care plus.

  • Snow //daily videos

    Snow //daily videos

    15 hours ago

    How do I block yt channels

  • Gabby Dodd

    Gabby Dodd

    15 hours ago

    Number 1 on trending? We see you sister

  • Henesis_alice


    15 hours ago

    He made a violet drink it’s supposed to be the strawberry açaí mix 😭

  • Bob Cat

    Bob Cat

    15 hours ago

    Rosanna who? never heard of her only know sister James the baker 🍰😍

  • Just Olivia

    Just Olivia

    15 hours ago

    i wish u sold tickets for canada :(

  • gigi queen

    gigi queen

    15 hours ago

    My eyes are burning whenever I watch these videos

  • Aubrey Holguin

    Aubrey Holguin

    15 hours ago

    Every Wednesday morning I get a venti Pinkity Drinkity on light ice with lemon cake. DELICIOUS!🤪💓ly James💓💓

  • Thomas Ridge

    Thomas Ridge

    15 hours ago

    Drink piss transphobe

  • Mileigha Sanders

    Mileigha Sanders

    15 hours ago

    I’m literally crying I want to see you so bad

  • Mileigha Sanders

    Mileigha Sanders

    15 hours ago

    I’m sister crying

  • Sun Moon & Stars

    Sun Moon & Stars

    15 hours ago

    if you would have Google Starbucks pink Drink copycat recipe it might have turned out better if you followed the recipe

  • Kira Ingram

    Kira Ingram

    15 hours ago

    Vanilla iced latte and lemon loaf.

  • ciana vedo

    ciana vedo

    15 hours ago

    This kitchen reminds me of Jenna and juliens kitchen!

  • Sheyla Ruiz

    Sheyla Ruiz

    15 hours ago

    This proves that you must stick with makeup!!!😂💄☕

  • Viktoria Ngo

    Viktoria Ngo

    15 hours ago

    4:13 I knew right away it’s drew😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rae Connell

    Rae Connell

    15 hours ago

    Can you plz add Dallas

  • Evan Blandford

    Evan Blandford

    15 hours ago

    I have no clue why I clicked on this video cause I do not like James Charles but i do have to give it to him this was a good video

  • emma anderson

    emma anderson

    15 hours ago

    louis is my new favorite

  • Monet Wilson

    Monet Wilson

    15 hours ago

    When he said “HE HE😁” 5:24 I died

  • its hannah

    its hannah

    15 hours ago

    Babe its because u bought the berry refresher and not the strawberry lol.

  • issy armstrong

    issy armstrong

    15 hours ago


  • Pink DIY Master

    Pink DIY Master

    15 hours ago

    O yes Sister James💞

  • Gela Gamboa

    Gela Gamboa

    15 hours ago

    Remember Pamela Swing lol

  • destiny rinker

    destiny rinker

    15 hours ago

    You made the violet drink with passion tea fam. Violet drink is very berry hibiscus sub water for coconut milk add berry inclusions. To make the pink drink you need strawberry acai sub water for coconut milk add strawberry inclusions. Also your supposed to put it in a shaker then pour it out btw. Source: I was a Starbucks barista.

  • Karly Geris

    Karly Geris

    15 hours ago

    I love videos like this sister❤️. This made me laugh so hard😂. Love you💞

  • Nina Zuckerburg

    Nina Zuckerburg

    15 hours ago

    we all love a *silly sister* James

  • Tatianna Cordoba

    Tatianna Cordoba

    15 hours ago

    Also I love that ur doing more videos that are a little different ! So cool!❤️

  • R. Talib

    R. Talib

    15 hours ago

    He’s not coming anywhere close to where I live. I’m Sister sad :/ Love you James

  • Madala Xiong

    Madala Xiong

    15 hours ago

    Are u a girl or a boy???😕😕😕😕

  • Bob Ross's pocket squirrel

    Bob Ross's pocket squirrel

    15 hours ago

    James!! Do cranberry juice and sweetened coconut milk!!! much cheaper and actually pink

  • Zoe Mitchell

    Zoe Mitchell

    15 hours ago


  • Danny Chava

    Danny Chava

    15 hours ago

    Sis.. Ill tell you what you did wrong. (I work at Starbucks and make Pink Drinks pretty much daily so don't @ me) But you used Berry Habiscus and Passion Tea instead of the Strawberry Acai juice thats what we use to make a pink drink. How we make it is with the juice the coconut milk and a scoop of strawberries and ice and we shake it so its gets mixed well and then we serve we don't add water or anything. And I don't know about other stores (hopefully not) but the "Starbucks way" of making this drink should be the same in all stores there shouldn't be a different way into making a drink unless if a customer customizes the drink to their liking. As I said we get trained to make the drinks the default way Starbucks wants. lmfao sorry for the paragraph.. No hate btw....

  • The One

    The One

    15 hours ago


  • KrazyKat1011123


    15 hours ago

    Hey middle school girls

  • maddie & khloe

    maddie & khloe

    15 hours ago

    i really wish that you would come to tennessee😭😭

  • Zen ?

    Zen ?

    15 hours ago

    Wtf is it the first in tendance ?!?!?!?!?!

  • Addi Hoban

    Addi Hoban

    15 hours ago

    I started crying when I heard he wasn’t coming to my state

  • Amelia B

    Amelia B

    15 hours ago

    14:40. Me when I eat school lunch

  • honeytimeslimes


    15 hours ago

    I can’t go I’ll be at the Billie Eilish concert 😭😭

  • jose pena

    jose pena

    15 hours ago


  • Tyler Moore

    Tyler Moore

    15 hours ago

    Why can’t he go to Washington state😩😩😩😩😩

  • jose pena

    jose pena

    15 hours ago

    It my mad bro

  • Voltz YT

    Voltz YT

    15 hours ago

    Hitler has left the chat.

  • Duck Studios

    Duck Studios

    15 hours ago

    This guy is so weird, every time he says "HEY SISTERS" it makes me suicidal

  • Gina Youtube

    Gina Youtube

    15 hours ago

    “I decided to come down stairs to the kitty kitchen” and that’s the tea sis

  • brianna bean

    brianna bean

    15 hours ago

    Sister James you made the Violet drink with the passion and very berry you have to have the strawberry to make the pink drink!!! Poor baby I love you

  • Sophia C

    Sophia C

    15 hours ago

    When that alarm went off I jumped off of my bed it was an instinct for waking up and it’s scary

  • jemma swanson

    jemma swanson

    15 hours ago

    “we literally shut down entire centres, it was really good and fresh”

  • jose pena

    jose pena

    15 hours ago

    Sorry 😐

  • Grace Nguyen

    Grace Nguyen

    15 hours ago

    james: *literally has a net worth of 12 mil* producer: yah ingredients were like $47 james: biTCH WHAT NO

  • Just Jade

    Just Jade

    15 hours ago

    Hi sister! Guess what? You’re on #1 Trending Page, Sister!

  • gaming twins

    gaming twins

    15 hours ago

    James next time go to canada my friend is there and she's your biggest fan

  • Helayna The Dancer

    Helayna The Dancer

    15 hours ago

    can u plssss come to australia no one ever comes here

  • :Holy Joonie:

    :Holy Joonie:

    15 hours ago

    47 dollars.. James: NoOo!

  • NoodleBoy 01

    NoodleBoy 01

    15 hours ago

    Wth is this guy

  • Tofunmi Olujitan

    Tofunmi Olujitan

    15 hours ago

    james i keep replaying this video cause you look so freaking pretty today. like youre normally bomb asf but in this video there's just something about it

  • in progress

    in progress

    15 hours ago

    Y'all I thought he got a boyfriend

  • My Username

    My Username

    15 hours ago

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  • Sharkisha The OG

    Sharkisha The OG

    15 hours ago

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    Payton Gonzales

    15 hours ago

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  • you're mom

    you're mom

    15 hours ago

    His going to defend America if China or Russia attacks

  • Grace Noelle

    Grace Noelle

    15 hours ago

    James Charles introducing everything like Masterchef for 20 minutes straight

  • William Wright

    William Wright

    15 hours ago


  • courtney millar

    courtney millar

    15 hours ago

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  • TypicalLoser


    15 hours ago

    Can I have that Gatorade

  • Peyton K

    Peyton K

    15 hours ago

    it says #1 on trending for me right now! lol go sister James!!

  • maria Johnson

    maria Johnson

    15 hours ago

    So inspiring

  • Prince Zariel

    Prince Zariel

    15 hours ago

    Was anyone’s super blurry at the beginning

  • ISABELLAs beauty Vlogs

    ISABELLAs beauty Vlogs

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  • Lxahhh


    15 hours ago

    Clicked on the video and waited till the exactly video will start

  • Matti Thomason

    Matti Thomason

    15 hours ago

    i love your videos i been here for a long time i been here for 1 year i love your videos .

  • lexxthanzero


    15 hours ago

    Sister VIP? should be Sister SIP (super important person)!

  • Sylvia Stokes

    Sylvia Stokes

    15 hours ago


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