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Manchester City v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/10/19 | NBC Sports


Check out the extended highlights between Manchester City and Chelsea during Premier League Matchweek 26. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #Chelsea
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Manchester City v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/10/19 | NBC Sports


  • Bronny James

    Bronny James

    Day ago

    Lol Chelsea

  • TheHiddenFire SC

    TheHiddenFire SC

    2 days ago

    If you think about it, Chelsea isn’t that good

  • kaz9781


    2 days ago

    Its not even a game its simply a massacre

  • Juni bihhh !

    Juni bihhh !

    2 days ago

    3-0 in the 19th min *You have lost connection with your opponent*

  • Mido The Football Genius

    Mido The Football Genius

    3 days ago

    Very close game mates

  • 권지민


    8 days ago

    No one will move to chelsha now everyone went to la liga after losing to liverpool too

  • JP-_12 Gaming

    JP-_12 Gaming

    9 days ago

    Messi really has 50 hat tricks

  • kwebbpo1


    17 days ago

    Man city vs Chelsea is a good rivalry El cashico

  • abundio lopez

    abundio lopez

    17 days ago

    Manchester city is the best team in the world

  • Kalsang Sherpa

    Kalsang Sherpa

    19 days ago

    2:04 bernardo’s reaction to agueros goal is priceless

  • Fountain pen Boy

    Fountain pen Boy

    26 days ago

    Chelsea looks like me playing fifa 🤦‍♀️

  • chelsea osuji

    chelsea osuji

    26 days ago

    My name is chelsea

  • Money Maker

    Money Maker

    Month ago


  • Andre Sarkissian

    Andre Sarkissian

    Month ago

    This could've been like 9-0 if aguero scored in the beginning, if gabriel jesus got his penalty, and if the header on the crossbar was in lmao

  • Kirk Gardner

    Kirk Gardner

    Month ago

    Whats wrong with Keppa = gave da cup away. Chelses all the way though.

  • fart mcfart head ._.

    fart mcfart head ._.

    Month ago

    **Salty Chelsea fans have arrived**

  • buster


    Month ago

    Im broke

  • Toa Ninjis

    Toa Ninjis

    Month ago

    We all just gonna ignore Mike Dean's pose for the penalty at 5:56?

  • Joshua Makshofi

    Joshua Makshofi

    2 months ago

    I can hear Chelsea’s international fan base shrinking.

  • Joshua Makshofi

    Joshua Makshofi

    2 months ago

    Sarri lacking class at the finish.

  • Joshua Makshofi

    Joshua Makshofi

    2 months ago


  • Syanide Sy

    Syanide Sy

    2 months ago

    2:40 where’s the offsides such an easy call.

  • Syanide Sy

    Syanide Sy

    Month ago

    Ya if he is behind the last defender when the ball is played than it’s offside.

  • Deo1


    Month ago

    Syanide Sy , “Being in an offside position is not an offence in itself, but a player so positioned when the ball is played by a teammate can be judged guilty of an offside offence..”

  • cleeqoo


    2 months ago

    Whats going on with my club man smh

  • Jared L

    Jared L

    2 months ago

    David Luiz used to these kinds of defeats. Hazard to Real Madrid next season.

  • Donald Russell

    Donald Russell

    2 months ago

    Liverpool please win the league.

  • Christian Johnson

    Christian Johnson

    2 months ago

    I love seeing Chelsea lose so poorly 🤣

  • Peter Weiss

    Peter Weiss

    2 months ago

    Scarier than bird box

  • Shravan Sundar

    Shravan Sundar

    2 months ago

    Zinchenko is next De Bruyne

  • Blue eyes animates

    Blue eyes animates

    2 months ago


  • Christian Peyret

    Christian Peyret

    2 months ago

    I blame Trump

  • Myronne Langeveldt

    Myronne Langeveldt

    2 months ago

    Two weeks later I still get giddy watching this. Come on City.

  • Drigo001


    2 months ago

    Did DB really flick it that easily @ 3:15?

  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    2 months ago

    What a "Brazilian score"!

  • Hazardous Channel

    Hazardous Channel

    2 months ago

    Man City a spammer

  • Raul Zamarripa

    Raul Zamarripa

    2 months ago


  • AD FO

    AD FO

    2 months ago

    Who’s hazard ???

  • Hammer 103

    Hammer 103

    2 months ago

    Kante and hazard should leave for themselves and david luis should levae for Chelsea

  • Devarsh Borah

    Devarsh Borah

    2 months ago

    Aguero is best striker in the premier league without a doubt

  • I met.Josef.Martinez

    I met.Josef.Martinez

    2 months ago

    Kante didn't deserve this...

  • just joel

    just joel

    2 months ago

    They don't even have to try to score lmao. They just shoot

  • just joel

    just joel

    2 months ago

    Hazard, what a player. No wonder he doesnt pass the ball to his teammates. He def need to leave chelsea asap

  • イアン


    2 months ago

    Watching Hazard running with the ball all alone without proper support is just painful. Free him!

  • Jeylani Megenow

    Jeylani Megenow

    2 months ago

    3-0 in 18 mins

  • Fast Diy Junkie

    Fast Diy Junkie

    2 months ago

    This was a crime scene never seen before and I'll be filling a police report.

  • Brady Truong

    Brady Truong

    2 months ago

    Chelsea needs to have another good goalkeeper, and a better player of midfielder and attacker.

  • Jiangarang


    2 months ago

    My players in ultimate team: 1:05 My opponents players: 2:01

  • jordan salvador

    jordan salvador

    2 months ago


  • 505


    2 months ago


  • Marvin5587


    2 months ago

    Why isn’t 3:09 offside?

  • trentuno sabato

    trentuno sabato

    2 months ago

    Pep had all sarriballs in his pocket.

  • HattrickGOAL


    2 months ago


  • Dawson Cooke

    Dawson Cooke

    2 months ago


  • tekashi 69

    tekashi 69

    2 months ago

    Arguero had he finished all his finishes he would have score 5-6 goals in this game crazy right ?!?Against Chelsea !!

  • John Jules

    John Jules

    2 months ago

    Chelsea coach stupid why play without willians? Who gonna keep the ball for you?

  • the islander

    the islander

    2 months ago


  • BigTimeSpider


    2 months ago

    "There is no passion..... in this club!" best reaction ever.

  • Lam rof

    Lam rof

    2 months ago


  • WillSon


    2 months ago

    #21 is my favorite

  • msdogooder


    2 months ago

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  • Pedro Vieira

    Pedro Vieira

    2 months ago

    When City lost 2-0 at the Bridge everyone thought Chelsea were on to something..... This 6-0 could have easily been 8-0 or more.

  • Julian Aviles

    Julian Aviles

    2 months ago

    man this atmosphere for a club is super poison

  • Louis Oddie

    Louis Oddie

    2 months ago

    Agüero knew he had to step it up after that miss, he didn’t let that miss effect the rest of his game. What a brilliant performance by the blues!

  • mg ushin

    mg ushin

    2 months ago

    Not enough credit for man city's goalkeeper.. amazing saves

  • El Chompiras

    El Chompiras

    2 months ago

    The problem is Jorginho, David Luiz playing in a back 2, and having Kante playing in a advanced midfield role when obviously he’s a beast playing as a defensive midfielder. Also Chelsea hasn’t found a striker ever since Drogba left.

  • Daddy


    2 months ago

    3rd goal wasn’t offside ?🧐

  • Ricky Romero

    Ricky Romero

    2 months ago

    Chelsea got bodied

  • Pega sus

    Pega sus

    2 months ago

    Jamaicans shine everywhere we go. Big up Sterlin

  • Jesus Trejo

    Jesus Trejo

    2 months ago

    Chelsea without morota

  • alex2309


    2 months ago

    5:59 Is that Madonna officiating the match? Quick everybody, Strike a Pose!

  • Bearman22


    2 months ago

    Hazard and Kante deserve better

  • A Franklin

    A Franklin

    2 months ago

    Higuaín is gonna transfer again 💀

  • Twentyfoh


    2 months ago


  • Earth Walker

    Earth Walker

    2 months ago

    I know the sport is played by both genders, but it really makes me happy when I see women in the stands cheering on

  • theomahaguy78


    2 months ago

    Maurizio Sarri bad loser...

  • theomahaguy78


    2 months ago


  • Krisham Ray

    Krisham Ray

    2 months ago

    Can I join Chelsea FT, I haven’t played football in my life. I think I’ll be a great fit.

  • Irish Atheist

    Irish Atheist

    2 months ago

    Thanks for 4th 🔴🔱🔴🔱🔴

  • randomtopictuber 2

    randomtopictuber 2

    2 months ago

    I love man city but how was the third goal not offside??

  • AssyrianKing4ever


    2 months ago

    To think you have a solid defense with Luiz presence is wrong to begin with.

  • Johnny Marin

    Johnny Marin

    2 months ago

    Chelsea, there is not excuse for this lose. What in the actual fucks mate

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez

    2 months ago

    wasn’t the 3rd goal offsides ? !!

  • E. E

    E. E

    2 months ago

    I don’t really like soccer or Football whatever you guys call it so I understood nothing in this video

  • James Kamara

    James Kamara

    2 months ago

    I’m watching fifa 19

  • Juwon Shomade

    Juwon Shomade

    2 months ago

    you kow the win is so big if it is 11th trending in the usa

  • Leonardo Pozo

    Leonardo Pozo

    2 months ago


  • Antonio Sevilla

    Antonio Sevilla

    2 months ago

    Worst decision for hazard saying no to Real Madrid. He ain't going anywhere with Chelsea. No trophies No nothing.

  • juan r

    juan r

    2 months ago


  • Repent, Ye

    Repent, Ye

    2 months ago

    ourforgiveness. c*o*m Gods strength is made perfect in my weakness. And my faith is made stronger through my trials.

  • Sunconurelotl Boi

    Sunconurelotl Boi

    2 months ago

    Kick the ball ⚽️ I have been in bed 🛌 a long weekend

  • Dylan Schuelke

    Dylan Schuelke

    2 months ago

    Was waiting for a De Bruyne goal 😩

  • Edward


    2 months ago

    Honestly Higuaín was Chelsea’s most dangerous player during this match

  • Peshwaz Waise

    Peshwaz Waise

    2 months ago

    Allah is The Creator, Jesus follows Islam, don't give pork to kids, listen to Quran

  • JazzToast


    2 months ago

    I don’t know soccer rules

  • fonseiu


    2 months ago

    Lmaooooo this gotta be the most funniest comments on yt

  • Ajo8562


    2 months ago

    4-0 27 minutes in. God this is gonna get worse isn’t it edit: 6-0 ok that’s bad

  • Courtney Kaiser

    Courtney Kaiser

    2 months ago

    That’s an oof for Chelsea

  • Amir Akbari

    Amir Akbari

    2 months ago

    This video should have been uploaded on pornhub

  • Victor Mendoza

    Victor Mendoza

    2 months ago

    1:06 what Agüero does in the national team

  • Michael Castellano

    Michael Castellano

    2 months ago

    Aguero is insane!!!

  • Nobby


    2 months ago

    wouldnt even shake the mans hand, coward

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