Manziel Mania, 9 Straight Pro Bowlers Picked, & More! | 2014 NFL Draft 1st Round


Check out one the most interesting first rounds in NFL history!
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  • Cameron Demler

    Cameron Demler

    16 days ago

    Justin Gilbert had more interceptions in this college highlight package than his entire NFL career. Oh Cleveland 😂😂

  • Yohei Mito

    Yohei Mito

    20 days ago

    When the Browns had 4th pick and traded it and ended up with Justin Gilbert , Kwaun Williams an undrafted cb in 2014 played and contributed better than him Drafted Manziel in the 1st round despite having higher grades to Carr and Garrapolo ( 2 qbs preferred by OC Kyle Shanahan ) but the owner Jimmy Haslam get in the way and make Manziel the pick . Sucks to be a Browns fan but i'm glad we got John Dorsey and he is doing a fantastic job so far building this team and waking this sleeping giant franchise

  • kalel 311

    kalel 311

    21 day ago

    I am so glad the Cowboys passed on Johnny Manziel, they avoided disaster but it was worth the wait for Dak Presscott just a few years

  • Tyler Dail

    Tyler Dail

    Month ago

    If the Draft as taught me anything, Rams should avoid OT #2, Cards QB at 10, and Browns QB #22

  • Milsurp Mike Channel

    Milsurp Mike Channel

    Month ago

    Dee Ford cost the Chiefs the Super Bowl last year. Really the only good pick from that draft for the Chiefs was the Canadian Doctor in the 6th round.

  • donald deluxe

    donald deluxe

    Month ago

    rams got Donald but dallas got the only guard to match him.

  • Lakeside Lakers Fan

    Lakeside Lakers Fan

    Month ago

    Funny how they chanted Johnny but he turned into a bust but when Baker their saviour was picked it was all like oh here comes the next Johnny Football

  • leerey14


    Month ago

    Bortles and Watkins 3rd and 4th. Yikes.

  • Tracti0n


    Month ago

    The only recent draft class to rival 2011

  • Noah’s Arkwood

    Noah’s Arkwood

    Month ago

    BillsMafia: YEAH WE GONNA GET MACK LETS GOOOOOO Steve Rogers:😬

  • Tom Reichner

    Tom Reichner

    Month ago

    I love what Mayock says at 10:40 ..... hilarious!

  • Ezyphantom


    2 months ago

    Poor Browns.

  • Sha B

    Sha B

    2 months ago

    mayock on point....

  • Coolquip43


    2 months ago

    Imagine if the Rams had drafted Mack at 2 and Donald later...

  • Vegito Z

    Vegito Z

    2 months ago

    That Marcus Smith pick still hurts

  • Emiliano Zapata

    Emiliano Zapata

    2 months ago

    Damn, Mike Mayock is a true psychic. Wouldn't be surprised if Clelin Ferrelp turns out to have the best career out of his draft class.

  • Johan Sinquimani

    Johan Sinquimani

    2 months ago

    If Rams would’ve taken Mack they would be the best team in the league

  • MGBillionaire


    2 months ago

    Man we would have nailed this draft if we didn't pick Rashedege Hageman and Dezmin Southward ... yuck.

  • todd long

    todd long

    2 months ago

    Johnny manziel's BIGGEST Moment in the NFL .....Walks on Stage Holds up his Jersey .....After that .......FLOP ...Crash ...& Burn ....BE PROUD JOHNNY FOOTBALL .....

  • Alejandro Muñoz

    Alejandro Muñoz

    2 months ago

    9:13 Raiders Select one of the Greatest of his Time. 4 years later we get rid of him 😭😭 I’m still in utter disbelief over that trade. Even doe I love what we have gotten out of it

  • Leo Hernandez

    Leo Hernandez

    2 months ago

    8 advertisements smh

  • Compton 187

    Compton 187

    2 months ago

  • Animal Crew

    Animal Crew

    2 months ago

    The Texans could of had Mack and Watt😧

  • Compton 187

    Compton 187

    2 months ago

    but instead a underachiever

  • Sammy Morton

    Sammy Morton

    2 months ago

    F’s for shazier

  • Mo Salah

    Mo Salah

    2 months ago

    People hate on Johnny but he was my favorite athlete of all time. He was so exciting to watch🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Gage Jernigan

    Gage Jernigan

    2 months ago

    Eric is way better with the colts bc Stafford never throws to TEs -eagles fan

  • noahshively


    2 months ago

    Khalil Mack would b a huge surprise Lol now it would of been a no brainer

  • Eliot Edward

    Eliot Edward

    2 months ago

    What if the rams got Mack and Donald?

  • PJE Turner

    PJE Turner

    2 months ago

    Justin Gilbert wavy AF

  • Rice Waster Aleks

    Rice Waster Aleks

    2 months ago

    Chargers of san diego FeelsBadMan

  • Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia

    2 months ago

    Little did they know Manziel was a bust

  • D VanHoose

    D VanHoose

    2 months ago

    Yeah but except Blake bortles

  • Ace Solomon

    Ace Solomon

    2 months ago

    Dave Gettleman took note of the Bills in this draft when passing up on Josh Allen

  • Mogul Joe

    Mogul Joe

    2 months ago

    Rams would've won the Super Bowl with Mack.

  • Jamal Nasir

    Jamal Nasir

    2 months ago

    @19:22 an old school looking phone with a cord. How the fuck does that happen in 2014?

  • TylerCrossWrestling


    2 months ago

    Whew, super happy the Rams went with Donald.

  • GOAT clips

    GOAT clips

    2 months ago

    Jesus this draft was loaded

  • Doc Holiday

    Doc Holiday

    2 months ago

    Khalil Mack, Derek Carr, and Gabe Jackson. Raiders actually crushed this draft

  • wyatt


    2 months ago

    raiders drafted mack and carr, and then fuckin trade mack wtf

  • Babs Checkett

    Babs Checkett

    2 months ago

    dang I'm sad, Ryan Shazier's career ended so fast

  • Babs Checkett

    Babs Checkett

    2 months ago

    I know it's been a year but it's weird to hear Khalil Mack was on the Raiders

  • Babs Checkett

    Babs Checkett

    2 months ago

    idk why New York gave away Odell

  • Babs Checkett

    Babs Checkett

    2 months ago

    I always thought the Browns had the first pick and chose Manziel, whoops. Boy was I wrong

  • Lochlan Comer

    Lochlan Comer

    2 months ago

    bro when they cowboys seen Zach Martin they were so disappointed because they wanted Johnny. but now I think their happy they didn't pick him

  • Majin Drew

    Majin Drew

    2 months ago

    If my Jags would have taken Khalil instead... :(

  • zone5breezy


    2 months ago

    Ewwww we could’ve picked Aaron Donald over Jake Matthews 😱😱😱 holy shizniE Dimitroff how do you have a job? Oh yeah the Julio grab! He’ll be the Falcons GM til he retires like Ozzie Newsome, at least the picks have been getting better with Quinn around.

  • Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson

    2 months ago

    Beast Draft!!

  • boosted_rt13


    2 months ago

    Now we all see why Manziel went late, young and a bust!!!

  • Creepy Closet

    Creepy Closet

    2 months ago

    I'm a big cowboy fan and 31:40 is the reason why most of the fans don't know shot about football. They didnt like the martin, frederick, or vander esch picks so that says it all

  • Jarrett Shaw

    Jarrett Shaw

    2 months ago

    Can't see Barry's face behind that microphone lmao.

  • Wyo Drifter

    Wyo Drifter

    2 months ago

    No one screwed up their pick worse than the eagles. That bum out of Louisville

  • Johnny Randall

    Johnny Randall

    2 months ago

    Mayock always on point

  • Johnny Randall

    Johnny Randall

    2 months ago

    Why couldn't atl get mack

  • Windyy


    2 months ago

    I miss the Manziel hype even though he was kinda trash but we got baker

  • JessTube


    2 months ago

    There was so many good players in the first round and Cleveland picked the two worst in the draft 😂😂😂

  • TheJeremyCupp


    2 months ago

    Watkins over Mack.... Smh

  • TJ D

    TJ D

    2 months ago

    2014 high school class was good also

  • EchelonNYK


    2 months ago

    Imagine trading up for Sammy Watkins

  • Tubal Cain

    Tubal Cain

    2 months ago

    RIP Ryan Shazier.

  • chibifirestorm


    2 months ago

    he's not dead

  • ItsAlexKoy


    2 months ago

    Damn Aaron Donald was a steal

  • Ezequiel Mizrach

    Ezequiel Mizrach

    2 months ago

    That’s tuff Watkins and Bortles over Mack

  • Sasha Sauber

    Sasha Sauber

    2 months ago

    lol its funny to me how the title says "Manziel Mania". Why is Manziel still relevant and is in the news? He's been out of the league for almost 5 years. Why the fuck is his name in the media?



    2 months ago

    This draft class was loaded damn

  • Your mom dot com

    Your mom dot com

    2 months ago

    It’s so funny how Johnny manziel I guess did drugs on purpose to get out of Cleveland. That’s how bad Cleveland was this couple of years

  • Bailey Reichert

    Bailey Reichert

    2 months ago

    Can’t believe my Jags passed on Aaron Donald Khalil Mack OBJ Mike Evans just to make a few great job JAGS I love you guys but you fucked this pick up

  • Eric P

    Eric P

    2 months ago

    Mack should’ve been 1st overall

  • J. Gomez

    J. Gomez

    2 months ago

    They said Mack over Clowney would be a suprise lol....

  • KnuckleCracker7


    2 months ago

    26:12, “this time against Amari Pooper!” 😂

  • Sauce Money

    Sauce Money

    2 months ago

    Raiders had a great draft, thanks for Mack

  • Ryan Wow

    Ryan Wow

    2 months ago

    I remember how much praise the Browns got after the 1st round of this draft. Turned out to be a terrible draft for them. If your team is getting hated on by "experts", don't listen to them. Only time will tell if players pan out.

  • Jason Cueto

    Jason Cueto

    2 months ago

    Cowboys before were upset of Manziel getting passed on, now we have Zack Martin, the best guard they've had since Larry Allen

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