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MARINA - Handmade Heaven [Official Video]


My new album Love + Fear is out April 26. Pre-order now:
Listen to Handmade Heaven now:

Director - Sophie Muller
Production Company - PRETTYBIRD
Co-Founder UK / Exec Producer - Juliette Larthe
Head of Production / EP - Hannah May
Producer- Sophie Brooks
Local Production Services - NAFTA Films
Line Producer - Helen Lõhmus
Production Assistant - Sissel-Maria Mägi
Location Manager - Kenn Rull
Assistant Location Manager - Krisjan Daniel Esko
DOP - Evgeny Bystrov
1st AC / Focus Puller - Kaarel Tiidus
DIT - Sanna Rink
Gaffer - Indrek Raag
Stylist: Elle Fell
Hair - Ben Moth
Makeup - Adam de Cruz

Special thanks to the following filmmakers for the use of their timelapse flower footage -David de los Santos Gil; and from “Spring” c/o Jamie Scott
Commissioner: Dan Curwin


  • Dustin Nguyen

    Dustin Nguyen

    Hour ago

    Michael Jackson tease? No offense, I love Marina SO MUCHHHH ✨♥️✨♥️✨♥️

  • Aliejha Cullick

    Aliejha Cullick

    Hour ago

    I really wish she kept “The Diamonds”

  • Kimmie


    2 hours ago

    queen 😔

  • Fernando Sales

    Fernando Sales

    2 hours ago

    "blue butts forever" ...

  • nelson alves

    nelson alves

    2 hours ago


  • Aja's Deathdrop

    Aja's Deathdrop

    3 hours ago

    wait, what happened to "and the diamonds"?

  • arsemonkeys147


    3 hours ago

    isn't it great to have true "one offs" in pop music!!!! LEGEND!

  • Jahebe


    3 hours ago

    What happened to “the diamonds”?

  • Ricardo Avilés Sánchez

    Ricardo Avilés Sánchez

    3 hours ago

    Desde "Disconnect" parece que no sabe a dónde ir, pero en "Handmade Heaven" parece que va encontrando su camino.

  • Amber M.

    Amber M.

    5 hours ago

    handmaid's tale 😮

  • Zoe Shehata

    Zoe Shehata

    6 hours ago

    I'm seeing you in September and I'm so excited for it that I almost regret buying tickets because it's so far away and I'm impatient. Anyways love ya, queen.

  • Liam Crawford

    Liam Crawford

    8 hours ago

    1,7 mio views is very disappointing.. so not fair. This deserves 170 mio!

  • SebastianDavid RY

    SebastianDavid RY

    8 hours ago

    Esto si es Musica 🤩🤩😍😍

  • Douglas Bueno

    Douglas Bueno

    8 hours ago

    amoooooooooooo ❤️❤️❤️☄️☄️☄️

  • Luna V.

    Luna V.

    9 hours ago

    This is a great breakup song for some reason. Marina's songs have so much meaning and pureness to them. Love her so much ❤️

  • Alan Vickers

    Alan Vickers

    9 hours ago

    Kate Bush vibes

  • dime girl

    dime girl

    9 hours ago

    i can’t believe i’m seeing marina in october... i cant wait for this new album

  • Kanu Faujdar

    Kanu Faujdar

    10 hours ago

    She made Narnia come alive again....💞💞💞

  • Matty_A94


    11 hours ago

    Her voice is just something else!! 🔥👏🏼😁

  • alondra castro

    alondra castro

    12 hours ago

    *Every time this song plays in a ad i stop to listen like its the national anthem!* IM PROUD.

  • Fazira Ridzuan

    Fazira Ridzuan

    12 hours ago


  • FleurVougelProductions


    12 hours ago

    Am I trippin or did the views get snatched?!

  • kodaloid


    12 hours ago

    I swear the quality of these tracks keep getting better and better!

  • Elena Macenzzim

    Elena Macenzzim

    13 hours ago

    Can’t wait when MermaidMotel will do an edit!

  • Ghost 98

    Ghost 98

    13 hours ago

    Huge fan of Marina. Deserves WAAAY more attention.

  • againme1


    14 hours ago

    Proportion of likes and dislikes... Unreal, everyone loves Marina

  • Cup Noodles

    Cup Noodles

    15 hours ago

    Can someone recommend me some really unknown marinas songs?

  • Leo Franco

    Leo Franco

    10 hours ago

    Obssesions, seventeen, Evol, rootless

  • Leo Franco

    Leo Franco

    10 hours ago

    MISS Y, Scab and Plaster, Jealousy

  • purpleriri


    15 hours ago

    She is baack and i Am HAPPY

  • Ali Idrizi

    Ali Idrizi

    15 hours ago

    director: would you like to use effects marina: i am

  • Lonely Vagabond

    Lonely Vagabond

    15 hours ago

    Marina in the womb : God, what talent will I have when I'm borned? God in handmade heaven : Yes.

  • Athinas Victory

    Athinas Victory

    15 hours ago

    It could be prayer... Γειά σου Μαρίνα!

  • Nicole B.

    Nicole B.

    18 hours ago

    wh what happened to the diamonds??

  • Shahid Shoaib

    Shahid Shoaib

    18 hours ago

    You have an amazing voice! you should try catchy lyrics and good music and beat! then it will be too much good!

  • NΔ PΔZ

    NΔ PΔZ

    19 hours ago

    Te amo, Marina!

  • Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas

    19 hours ago

    Still a goddess!

  • erisdoodle


    19 hours ago

    Oh it's been so long!!

  • JKeener0


    20 hours ago

    Marina I have so much respect for you and your music. You're a true artist, and I'm thankful for all the time and thought you put into your work. Every single song you release reminds the world that you're truly passionate about music, and I just want to say thank you.

  • Katherine Gabrielle

    Katherine Gabrielle

    22 hours ago

    Worth the wait ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gabriel Malizon

    Gabriel Malizon

    22 hours ago

    how many times will this music video change its thumbnail

  • bRoNzE pLAyeR

    bRoNzE pLAyeR

    22 hours ago

    back for my daily dose of antidepressants

  • Kvothe


    23 hours ago

    I swear half of the views are only mine.

  • Chloe Hetherley

    Chloe Hetherley

    Day ago

    This is beautiful 💞

  • Ty Leps

    Ty Leps

    Day ago

    I'm sorry is this Lorde's channel or MARINA's? >:(

  • Stephen Faherty

    Stephen Faherty

    Day ago

    Rather lovely

  • Hikikomori Girl

    Hikikomori Girl

    Day ago


  • Nick TheSaved

    Nick TheSaved

    Day ago

    This deserves more views!

  • Live On

    Live On

    Day ago

    but.. where are the diamonds

  • Dorothy Hakim

    Dorothy Hakim

    Day ago

    This is heaven

  • TheCaliMack


    Day ago

    I suddenly feel blessed.

  • flαѕк With class

    flαѕк With class

    Day ago

    Got my LOVE+FEAR tour tickets! I'm. SO. ready.

  • smol fedora

    smol fedora

    Day ago


  • Jakub Pietrzyk

    Jakub Pietrzyk

    Day ago

    This song is like almost my life , just wainting in shool to go to forest

  • Central Vibes

    Central Vibes

    Day ago

    So happy that a greek talent has rised up that much. Love from Greece sweet heart :)

  • Maigo jõgi

    Maigo jõgi

    Day ago

    Kreeka-Walesi kaunitar külmas eestimaises ilus. Kahjuks video on üsna kesiselt kokku lõigatud. Aga lugu ja eestimaine ilu on olemas!

  • Freddy Medina

    Freddy Medina

    Day ago

    Why do I never heather on the radio?

  • Freddy Medina

    Freddy Medina

    Day ago

    Sid she a solo act now? What happened to the diamonds?

  • Afif Karim

    Afif Karim

    Day ago

    This song keeps remind me of homemade dynamite..even there’s no any connection on it

  • Summer Cooper

    Summer Cooper

    Day ago


  • Glue Huffing

    Glue Huffing

    Day ago

    Is it about handjobs?

  • J B

    J B

    Day ago


  • Oscar Diamandis

    Oscar Diamandis

    Day ago


  • Oscar Diamandis

    Oscar Diamandis

    Day ago

    Te Amo

  • emrys


    Day ago

    this has made my day my lovers. happy trails

  • Helena Rosenberg

    Helena Rosenberg

    Day ago

    This song is amazing. I was listening to it and while watching the video, felt really at peace and at home. And what turns out is, the filming location is at my home country! Truly great!!!

  • Kiei Luahi

    Kiei Luahi

    Day ago

    The way she says paradise. Love it. lol

  • Melissa Min genglin

    Melissa Min genglin

    Day ago

  • Sophia Baranova

    Sophia Baranova

    Day ago

    Marina was the artist that my dead best friend loved the most. I love her too and it means everything that she is back and I'm crying .... thank you

  • Prebd Cng

    Prebd Cng

    Day ago

    Angel singing in heaven

  • isaquiel cavalcante

    isaquiel cavalcante

    Day ago

    come to BRAZIL

  • 404 Not found

    404 Not found

    Day ago

    I gasped when I saw this in my recommendations !!

  • Virtual Dream Oracle

    Virtual Dream Oracle

    Day ago

    I stumbled upon this, this is something hard to find, it's taken over, my entire mind and I'm listening to it on repeat * hehe

  • Dear Deer

    Dear Deer

    Day ago

    Первое прослушивание: И этого я ждал? Второе: Переслуашю-ка, это же Марина... Третье: БОЖЕ ЭТО ШЕДЕВР!

  • Ahhh Yeahhh

    Ahhh Yeahhh

    15 hours ago

    Первое прослушивание: Шедеврише

  • Gosling


    Day ago

    Did she lose her diamonds?

  • Georgie Van Schoor

    Georgie Van Schoor

    Day ago

    This song makes me so happy



    Day ago

    Oh Marina 😎😎😍😍😍😍😍

  • iskandargasm


    Day ago

    *2099 anyone?* ♡♡♡♡♡

  • iskandargasm


    Day ago

    queen lana brought me here, queen supporting queen. ♡

  • gaetano Cupani

    gaetano Cupani

    Day ago


  • Joyce C

    Joyce C

    Day ago

    0 defeitos, quem concorda respira

  • Hugo


    Day ago

    Marina is one of those artists who give you positive energy and more with her voice.



    Day ago

    most beautifull woman on planet

  • Kaelyn :3

    Kaelyn :3

    Day ago

    I die every time I hear her angelic voice



    Day ago

    Mr krabs is pleased. R R R R R R(laugh)

  • Rosa Aeradel

    Rosa Aeradel

    Day ago

    very nice and sentimental

  • сапфир _

    сапфир _

    2 days ago


  • Insert channel name Here

    Insert channel name Here

    2 days ago

    You aged so fricken well😱 Your my inspiration. My name is also Marina too 😋

  • sheco


    2 days ago

    nightcore 🏃‍♂️

  • darkcowofthenorth


    2 days ago

    Why is this not at 2mil views yet??

  • Dayana Tejera

    Dayana Tejera

    2 days ago

    This song is so beautiful! Your voice is so angelic! 💜💜💜

  • Gabriel Diniz Braga

    Gabriel Diniz Braga

    2 days ago

    Marina só faz hino!!!

  • Casey Ecker

    Casey Ecker

    2 days ago

    Anyone else feeling some Kate Bush vibes with this music video? Can’t wait for the whole album to drop ❤️

  • Victoria Possante

    Victoria Possante

    2 days ago


  • Homicidal_seal 69

    Homicidal_seal 69

    2 days ago

    Omg you’re soooo good ❤️❤️❤️

  • MCRroxas


    2 days ago

    Handmade? God's hands?



    2 days ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Marina └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  • stay away

    stay away

    2 days ago

    in love

  • Marinos Pitsillos

    Marinos Pitsillos

    2 days ago

    Cutest video ever ♥️😍

  • A I T A N o S H I

    A I T A N o S H I

    2 days ago

    she's the most amazing artist and i was waiting for her to come back with he art

  • spooky boi

    spooky boi

    2 days ago


  • A I T A N o S H I

    A I T A N o S H I

    2 days ago

    i own you my life

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