Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan talk World Cup victory l GMA


Coach Jill Ellis and players Julie Ertz, Rose Lavelle, Alyssa Naeher, Carli Lloyd and Crystal Dunn chat about their big win and what fans can expect next. READ MORE:
What to know about the US women's soccer team New York City ticker-tape parade
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  • HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster

    HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster

    17 minutes ago

    In 2017 the USWNT lost 5-2 to The FC Dallas under-15 boys squad. YES. You read that correctly. They lost to a bunch of 15 year olds and younger.

  • Skip Jack

    Skip Jack

    Hour ago

    Rapinoe keep your political views to yourself no one cares about your trashy self your going to hell for being a homosexual

  • Joseph DiBiase

    Joseph DiBiase

    2 hours ago

    Julie Ertz should be the face of the team , she has the most talent and she’s a sweetheart , not like that self centered Megan “look at me” Rapinoe, she’s a total buchiach

  • Curt Stolpe

    Curt Stolpe

    2 hours ago

    I'm glad Rapinoe didn't run her foul mouth in front of those little kids. She's such a low-class disrespectful slut.

  • Zofoblues Zofoblues

    Zofoblues Zofoblues

    4 hours ago

    Joke Right ?

  • Joe Hernandez

    Joe Hernandez

    4 hours ago

    Megan looks like Pauly Shore.....

  • Kelli Wildman

    Kelli Wildman

    5 hours ago

    They are a disgrace to our country

  • Hello Goodbye

    Hello Goodbye

    6 hours ago

    Megan - Public Speaking 101 lesson on how not to give a speech to the world in NYC. 1.) No cursing; 2.) Not take the podium in an obvious drunken/high state; 3.) Allow other team members to speak for a change, and allow them to speak freely when they do and not be forced to parrot her agenda; 4.) Allow opposing viewpoints and have the courage to speak to media who might not always agree with her fuzzy pay gap math/anti-Trump viewpoint; 5.) Practice what she preaches (in particular "Talk less, listen more."); 6.) Speak for all kids, not just girls, as it implies that boys do not matter (they do not in her eyes) - it would also help expand the team's fan base beyond little girls; 7.) Speak in a more humble tone and less of an "Ain't I Great, oh yeah, the team too" manner 8.) As this represented the ideal moment to bring her message to the world, a more prepared speech was in order, beyond her "Heyyyy, yo, Heyyyyy yo, what to say, um, heyyyy, yo, heyyyy yo" ramble. 9,) Quit using the same slide rule that feminists used to calculate the now universally debunked gender pay gap. 10.) One might expect this level of immaturity from one of the 22 year old players, but never from a 34 year old co-captain. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to act like an adult when the moments call for such behavior.

  • BlahBlah Blah

    BlahBlah Blah

    8 hours ago

    They should've congratulate and ask the coach first

  • Marcelo Flit

    Marcelo Flit

    8 hours ago

    Y la migra haciendo estragos en la calle



    10 hours ago

    Rapinoe needs to be fucked in the arse. What a vile rancid POS! AINT NO WAY YOU WILL EVER BE PAID THE SAME AS MEN!! And stand up when your National Anthem is being played you unpatriotic skank!

  • Pee Geezee

    Pee Geezee

    12 hours ago

    Let's be honest the USA shouldn't even have made the final, England outplayed them and were robbed. Sport and corruption eh.

  • Rocafella Plaza82

    Rocafella Plaza82

    12 hours ago

    Doesn't go to White House, proceeds to GMA and Jimmy Kimmel??? You sure showed Trump, Megan!!!

  • Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump

    12 hours ago

    They ALL need/deserve a good pu$$y grabbin'. #metoo

  • Ayub Moses

    Ayub Moses

    9 hours ago

    Hhhhhhhh 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  • Julian B

    Julian B

    13 hours ago

    Who is the girl on the left side standing up in the back, 3rd from the left?

  • Giofanni Rahman Dhuha

    Giofanni Rahman Dhuha

    14 hours ago

    Berhalter is watching....

  • Daniel Schmidtka

    Daniel Schmidtka

    15 hours ago

    Rapinoe has turned more people away from supporting this team than she ever brought in as fans. Congratulations!

  • Stokesbury


    16 hours ago

    As an American, and a Father, I SALUTE the NETHERLANDS TEAM (players, coaches, staff and all their fans) for not only their performance in the 2019 world cup, but most of all, for their behavior, poise and decency. The manner in which the DUTCH players conducted themselves is a remarkable example of how to act. Act with dignity and respect for one's Country, Anthem, Flag, and all their fellow country men and women. A Country which afforded them the privilege and honor to represent it, play the sport they love, and to compete. Well done NETHERLANDS!. You are CHAMPIONS, not only on the soccer field, but also in LIFE. DUTCH PLAYERS, you are an example to millions of girls (and boys) around the world!. An example of true sportsmanship, humility, citizenship and character. Cheers from North Carolina!

  • Boo Manchu

    Boo Manchu

    16 hours ago

    Damn Strahan, they must have backed the brinks truck up to get you to do this garbage show.

  • Eire Saoirse

    Eire Saoirse

    16 hours ago

    Womens football is comical....

  • Let us Reason

    Let us Reason

    17 hours ago

    Pay equity? Well how much money do they bring in?

  • E.T. Lounge

    E.T. Lounge

    18 hours ago

    Soccer is evil.

  • Ben


    18 hours ago

    Yea sorry you don't rep me or my flag that you stomp on. Couldn't care less. I wish and ally of the United States won. Because this politicized grandstanding virtue signaling horse shit is pathetic.

  • Frank Castle

    Frank Castle

    18 hours ago

    Hope the whole team dies in plane crash

  • Human Clone

    Human Clone

    19 hours ago

  • 85passthru


    19 hours ago


  • peter burry

    peter burry

    19 hours ago

    DORKY CHANT... DORKY CHANT... DORKY CHANT .... You'll never be world champions at fan culture

  • Silverio Rebelo

    Silverio Rebelo

    19 hours ago

    women play completly SHIT football, slow, with no technic, with continuous massive failures in kicking dribling passing defending. And then, because these GREAT women players won some world trophee against equally great women players, they come out demanding 'equal pay'....

  • camthejock


    20 hours ago

    Afghanistan would b a great place for Megan to go and start up a soccer team and empower all those oppressed women. Since the US thing isn't working out for her

  • Sabeer Uddin

    Sabeer Uddin

    21 hour ago

    I didn’t find soccer in fifa....

  • Amy Houghton

    Amy Houghton

    22 hours ago


  • Dante Jimenez

    Dante Jimenez

    22 hours ago

    Lo bueno para México es que los hombres aún valen verga 😂

  • Just Cliff

    Just Cliff

    22 hours ago

  • Frank Cicero

    Frank Cicero

    23 hours ago

    Purple commie pig should have been a BJ

  • Margaret Cronin

    Margaret Cronin

    Day ago

    Rapinoe is such an empty vessel, who improves everytime she keeps her stupid mouth shut

  • Vincent Hart

    Vincent Hart

    Day ago

    Most people don't care, no matter how hard the j ew media tries to shove it down our throats.

  • Matthew Young

    Matthew Young

    Day ago

    The three lions are better

  • eddyvideostar


    Day ago

    All the invective attacks against the women of this great US football team are disgraceful and inappropriate. From the comments I am reading, many are misogynistic, homophobic, discriminatory and anti-American. Their football is great. They deserve their accolades and applause. ------------ They are much more well known than their male counterparts, who collapsed *before* the World Cup's sweet-sixteen rounds. The men's game is going backward, whilst the women move forever forward. I bid them all of the best hurtling other teams going forth on their conquests for more victories.

  • Michael Weston

    Michael Weston

    Day ago

    Exile them to Cuba, since they HATE America so much, BEAT IT!

  • JJ KK

    JJ KK

    Day ago

    FACT: The majority of these chanting people still won't go to women's soccer games. Prove me wrong.

  • Aaron Zimmerman

    Aaron Zimmerman

    16 hours ago

    @Boo Manchu Lol

  • Boo Manchu

    Boo Manchu

    16 hours ago

    JJ KK Fact: the majority of those kids in the audience can beat them in soccer

  • suresh paul

    suresh paul

    Day ago

    These females are more of activist less with champion qualities. Fake patriots.

  • Tom thx

    Tom thx

    21 hour ago

    So excited to have usa team that lost against U15 boys! lmao

  • Kite Louma

    Kite Louma

    Day ago

    Where is carli?

  • Josh Waldorf

    Josh Waldorf

    Day ago

    F these women. I found out that they were actually beaten by 15 year old boys in an exhibition. The press of course won't tell you because of their hubris.

  • ubbgn


    Day ago

    So excited to have usa team that lost against U15 boys! lmao

  • ubbgn


    5 hours ago

    @BootlegFightVideo U might find it but I know some tried to delete the footage!

  • Aaron Zimmerman

    Aaron Zimmerman

    16 hours ago

    @BootlegFightVideo also lost to the u17 usbnt 8-2, granted these were just scrimmages, but the second one was with their starting squad in preparation for the 2015 WWC. And even if they are just scrimmages, how could the best team in the world possibly lose to a bunch of boys, and by those margins? Not hating just facts

  • Aaron Zimmerman

    Aaron Zimmerman

    16 hours ago

    @BootlegFightVideo 5-2 back in 2015

  • BootlegFightVideo


    16 hours ago

    Can't find a box score. Which game?

  • ubbgn


    Day ago

    So excited to have usa team that lost against U15 boys! lmao

  • ubbgn


    Day ago

    So excited to have usa team that lost against U15 boys! lmao

  • tonelow5


    Day ago

    These women are truly fuckin ugly I’ve seen some hot soccer women but Jesus Christ USA women 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Russian women’s soccer team puts these ugly broads to shame 😂😂😂😄😄😥😥🤪🤪 Russian love ❤️ forever

  • yo yo boss

    yo yo boss

    Day ago

    rose lavelle is the next star

  • Mike Knight

    Mike Knight

    Day ago

    Can't get behind these America hating cunts...

  • Nico Stefano

    Nico Stefano

    Day ago

    That equal pay shyt don't belong in sports because women don't make much revenue plain and simple but I start to believe that these libtards are lacking some thinking

  • Roy Paul Carter

    Roy Paul Carter

    Day ago

    She doesn't deserve to represent our great country. To much showboating look at me stuff I am so great how did they ever play the game without me. No one watches women sports period.

  • K W

    K W

    Day ago

    They got beat by a boys 15 and under team. Yeah, they're really good. Lol. What a joke.

  • Kat Wallingfordton

    Kat Wallingfordton

    Day ago

    A GREAT GROUP OF WINNERS.......All sitting with THE WORLD'S BIGGEST LOSER!!! Why does the Purple Headed Freak have the trophy......Trophies are for WINNERS!!! Pass it along to someone who is ACTUALLY A WINNER!!! DOUCHEBAG!!

  • thewizboy


    Day ago

    Megan is a show boating attention NARCISSIST who is an embarrassment to America. Ungrateful unappreciative un-American unworthy eyesore on the dregs of humanity. Anti American piece of Shit she is. Fuck this unhinged unamericsn Katy Perry side show freak. TRUMP 2O20 !🇺🇸.

  • Viktir E

    Viktir E

    Day ago

    When asked how to get equal pay she literally said lets move past justifying it and just do it. Brilliant. I'm sure they're all ecstatic that the pink haired lesbian who wears sunglasses indoors is doing the talking. Let some of those other lesbians speak for a change!

  • ten daibon

    ten daibon

    Day ago

    Search "MESSI" and then see if you deserve "equal pay". Bitches

  • morrel ebissa

    morrel ebissa

    Day ago

    USA women play well in soccer than the men. Same to China. Congrats to them

  • Tom thx

    Tom thx

    21 hour ago

    USA women soccer all lesbians who hate the world. Congrats to struggling lesbians all over the world.

  • Phillip Chetta

    Phillip Chetta

    Day ago

    Can't stand that dyke Megan Rapinoe! She disrespected our President. I will never support them!!!!!!

  • Hippy Ken

    Hippy Ken

    Day ago

    I didn't watch this nor will I watch any sport because you knock America...

  • darkness descends

    darkness descends

    Day ago

    Nasty liberal whores

  • I Love The 80's

    I Love The 80's

    Day ago

    that is not a team USA....that is a sorry ass fake shit crap ass TEAM! led by a lezbo shit talking STUPID DUMB CUNT! rotten to the core evil role model...THE NEXT TRUMP HATER THAT WILL GO BURNING DOWN IN FLAMES!...

  • Jonathon Lemus

    Jonathon Lemus

    Day ago

    Crystal Dunn and Rose Lavelle, breakout stars of the World Cup

  • Wahyu Rafditya

    Wahyu Rafditya

    Day ago

    Love alyssa naeher so much. She is so humble

  • Sandra W

    Sandra W

    Day ago

    Proud of you all I lost my dream in football when I hurt my knee as you say soccer

  • johnny d

    johnny d

    Day ago

    I cant stand that "girl" with the dyed hair ,selfish attention seeking cunt

  • Joe Esparza

    Joe Esparza

    Day ago

    Well how can you demand equal pay , when the revenue brought in by women's soccer is not even close to mens soccer? The stupidity is overwhelming! Get over yourselves, you were beat by a bunch of teenage boys!

  • TheDalaiLamasGlasses


    Day ago

    What money should they be paid with?? You get paid the money you bring in....basic economics. You want a percentage of the mens teams money? You want tax payer money? I'm sorry you think you should be paid more but the people who spend money on soccer dont agree, otherwise they would buy merchandise and tickets and they sorry ladies

  • carmen Mo

    carmen Mo

    Day ago

    Great prayers.......👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘❤️❤️

  • M1


    Day ago

    Who gives a ratsass about soccer? Much less women’s soccer, it’s laughable. 🤣😂

  • Cameela Walters

    Cameela Walters

    Day ago

    I never new Rose lavelle was so wise

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