Microblading My Scalp For Balding


Zach gets a tattoo on his scalp to help make his hair look fuller and the transformation is insane! Tune in for Part 2 of Zach's Hair Journey this Saturday, 7/13 @ 8am PT where Zach will undergo FULL hair restoration surgery.

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  • O N I X

    O N I X

    19 hours ago

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is what a beta male looks like

  • NES 83’

    NES 83’

    19 hours ago

    Shaved my head completely, grew a beard, never looked back.

  • Scorinitron


    19 hours ago

    Didn't try going bald? Throw in some contacts and go for the Vin Diesel look.

  • bcnonken


    19 hours ago

    Nah this some ratchet shit compared to hair follicle plugging

  • EL-Bee London

    EL-Bee London

    19 hours ago

    He actually doesn't need to do this. He is OK the way he is! 💕

  • Ellie Schantz

    Ellie Schantz

    19 hours ago

    1:21 no pun intended

  • Michael Angel

    Michael Angel

    19 hours ago

    I am so blessed with a head full of hair.

  • DJ Ivan PK

    DJ Ivan PK

    19 hours ago

    It’s called Scalp Micropigmentation NOT microblading.

  • J3B


    19 hours ago

    Time for some tough talk. You're fighting a losing battle. Your best long term strategy is to embrace it. Losing one's hair is a dying social stigma. It just doesn't really matter so much anymore.

  • Kayla Drogosch

    Kayla Drogosch

    19 hours ago

    Lay ur edges

  • Owlsnickers


    19 hours ago

    Its going to look like trash when he fully goes bald

  • CoCo Nut

    CoCo Nut

    19 hours ago

    Derma rolling / Mirco needling. Do it!

  • Sean Ferree

    Sean Ferree

    19 hours ago

    Is it too late for me to try this? 😁

  • Iceican


    19 hours ago

    shave your head and draw it on with sharpie

  • Sean Ferree

    Sean Ferree

    19 hours ago

    No kidding 😁😁

  • Julian Batista

    Julian Batista

    19 hours ago

    The try guy tries getting a procedure done to his scalp know as “microblading” to stop balding

  • Travis CnR

    Travis CnR

    19 hours ago

    He should’ve used a Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  • JasmineSkyy


    19 hours ago

    Why not get For Hims?

  • TestMeatDollSteak


    19 hours ago

    I think he'll come to regret this decision before too long. He's going to lose his hair, regardless, and now, when it's finally gone, he'll have a bunch of black shit on his scalp that doesn't wash off and doesn't look like hair. Better to just shave it all off and embrace the baldness. Start working out, if the skinny + bald combo makes you feel self conscious. Much easier to alter your physique than to disguise the fact that you're bald.

  • zoes3810 zoes3810

    zoes3810 zoes3810

    19 hours ago

    Zack's face while he's inhaling laughing gas 😂

  • X


    19 hours ago

    8:06-8:09 he just drank the coke bwahahhaa he’s like “hah bitch, get on my level”

  • Erik Westerveld

    Erik Westerveld

    19 hours ago

    Jesus christ dude. Losing your hair is painful?!?! I don't think the losing the hair is the problem. I'm assuming you have your health that's the most important part. As far as what you look like... dude you need to transcend that. Live life for YOU, not others.

  • Michael Angst

    Michael Angst

    19 hours ago

    this is a waste of time. Any female with half a brain would be able to tell he is balding by the way his hair looks at the front

  • Soccergirl 1212

    Soccergirl 1212

    19 hours ago

    What will happen when your hair turns grey when you get old or you bald all the way? Like with the tatoo

  • brayan gomez

    brayan gomez

    19 hours ago

    Is that not gay Jared

  • Jose Moreno

    Jose Moreno

    19 hours ago

    Man balding was my worst fear then I decided to say screw it I'll just shave my head

  • Ralph Deep

    Ralph Deep

    20 hours ago

    monoxadil...12% ....lazer .....daily ....look in 6 months blam.....hair

  • bigusdickus


    20 hours ago

    Today on The Soy Boys...

  • Smashn Ben

    Smashn Ben

    20 hours ago

    Shave it and forget about it

  • J J

    J J

    20 hours ago

    These people telling you you're beautiful "no matter what" are talking shit. You can be ugly if you choose. You're not though. You're pretty handsome. You're hair looks pretty normal. I dunno. I think you see it different to others I guess



    20 hours ago

    But eventually you’ll have to embrace being bald this is only temporary

  • Gerald Trudeau

    Gerald Trudeau

    20 hours ago

    Dude, work on your security issues, not your hair.

  • A1 Tv

    A1 Tv

    20 hours ago

    Shout out to all my receding Brother

  • d0ct0rwh00ves


    20 hours ago

    My husband (29) is going bald, so his remedy to it was just to shave it all off. I mean, ALL off. Down to the scalp. At first, I hated it, but now... it's kind of *growing* on me.

  • d0ct0rwh00ves


    20 hours ago

    "I'm gonna take this head on-" did he just

  • tcnascar1


    20 hours ago

    2019 and there is no answer to loosing or restoring your hair.

  • conrad coco

    conrad coco

    20 hours ago

    I’m 16 going to be a junior in high school. My hair is thinning and receding already to the point where every time I shower I lose so much hair. I’ve kinda just accepted I’m going to be bald when I’m 20 but it’s hard every single day at school being one of the only kids out of 6000 to have a receding hairline. Thx for this vid btw :)

  • MathematicPony


    20 hours ago

    wish the before and after shots were shot with the same camera and lighting conditions

  • Haole Grows

    Haole Grows

    20 hours ago

    Nice, that way when you officially go bald, you'll have shit ton of dots on your head

  • Alexandria Baker

    Alexandria Baker

    20 hours ago

    I would've also been interested in Zach getting a lace front 👀👀

  • o1deep killao

    o1deep killao

    20 hours ago

    My hair got thin I just went ahead and shaved it and it looks great

  • Vince J

    Vince J

    20 hours ago

    What’s gonna suck about getting that hider on your scalp is when all your hair recedes completely your going to have those filled in dots on your scalp. He said, it’s cause of testosterone, your basically too manly for your hair to handle, good saying. Let it be, it’s natural.

  • tipoomaster


    20 hours ago

    "When you notice you're thinning, you've already lost 50% of your hair"...Well fuck, that's terrifying.

  • Sasafrass


    20 hours ago

    soy boy

  • Lloyd Perez

    Lloyd Perez

    20 hours ago


  • Flushhed


    20 hours ago

    his hair loss is due to low testosterone

  • PaleAlejandro


    20 hours ago

    You need to learn to be happy with yourself, and stop trying to be what you aren't, because all you're doing is setting yourself up for failure by intentionally finding new ways to hate yourself. You're balding. Who the fuck cares? Grow the fuck up. What are you going to do when your hair continues to recede? Or when your hair begins to gray? Have you even thought this through?

  • Mr.Angry


    21 hour ago

    Just do a buzzcut like a man

  • Paris Sanders

    Paris Sanders

    21 hour ago

    Omg my trypophobia

  • Matthew Hunter

    Matthew Hunter

    21 hour ago

    What's in the head is more important than what's on it.

  • eve


    21 hour ago

    aw he has such a baby face

  • phsopher


    21 hour ago

    Why do they have a caduceus on the door? Is this some secret, Hermes-worshipping sect? Cool ad therwise.

  • Raccoon


    21 hour ago

    you are going bald because your skin is stretching gradualy and the hair follicles at the front can't be in a fixed position. the skin is failing because your jaw (base of the face) is receded making the skin stretch because you didn't have a proper tongue posture by doctor mike mew.

  • Jordon


    21 hour ago

    So instead of accepting nature like a real man, I'm going to permanently tattoo my skull so I end up looking even worse in the long run. Alrighty then..

  • Grandpa' Antheny

    Grandpa' Antheny

    21 hour ago

    I thought it said “microwaving” my scalp.

  • Bowser from Sonic

    Bowser from Sonic

    21 hour ago

    That's bs about him having excess testosterone because they tested the try guys and he had the lowest testosterone level of all of them on top of the fact all of them had abnormally low levels

  • neogeoriffic


    21 hour ago

    You'll still never get laid! LOL

  • Apple Smith

    Apple Smith

    21 hour ago

    What about when his hair turns grey? Will the spots on his scalp remain?

  • ApatheticEuphoria


    21 hour ago

    This is sad. Just shave your head and build some muscle. You sad sad pathetic manlet.

  • Talia Donaldson

    Talia Donaldson

    21 hour ago

    I'm so curious how much something like this costs

  • b5150b2012


    21 hour ago

    What about when it all falls out ? He about to have dots all over his hair

  • Isabel Cruz

    Isabel Cruz

    21 hour ago

    Awesome 👏🏻

  • Dave Bander

    Dave Bander

    21 hour ago

    You could have taken the "most secure way" to stop hairloss: finasteride. Hahaha...

  • Tay Tay

    Tay Tay

    21 hour ago

    “”Your hair basically can’t handle it” -Doctor sips juice -me crackles

  • WackedOutWillyWonka


    21 hour ago

    Zach... get a man weave:))

  • leesly B

    leesly B

    21 hour ago

    Try collagen peptides

  • ToriKooo


    21 hour ago

    what when u get really bald? u will have that tatoo on your head lmao

  • Samantha Stark

    Samantha Stark

    21 hour ago

    so like the hair guy is bald lol

  • Bd from the 213

    Bd from the 213

    21 hour ago

    What’s going to happen when all of the hair falls out?

  • 1337azaltuth


    21 hour ago

    watching this as a female in my 30s with bald spots that started to appear already in my early 20s, this is depressing -._-.

  • Matt Fenlon

    Matt Fenlon

    21 hour ago

    Sod all of that, just buzz it off and get on with your life.. That said, I'm glad I have a nice-shaped head.

  • Matt Fenlon

    Matt Fenlon

    20 hours ago

    I wasn't judging, I was expressing my relief that I look ok when buzzing it all of. Good job really; started thinning in my early 20s!

  • Orome


    20 hours ago

    Well good for you. Not everybody does. So why are you judging him for doing something else about it?

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