Mom Still Unsure of What Creature Was in Her Driveway

The mom whose security camera captured creepy footage of what appears to be Dobby the house elf from the "Harry Potter" series told Inside Edition she's still freaked out by the video. The footage has social media in overdrive speculating what the creature is. Mom Vivian Gomez told Inside Edition that she's "not sure" what it is. Asked whether it could be her 9-year-old son Bobby, Gomez replied, "I wouldn't let him out at dark by himself."


  • Nickolai Gypsy

    Nickolai Gypsy

    7 minutes ago

    it doesnt seem like a alien. aliens would be more stealthy- however it could have been someone who is drunk so there is something here to be alerted too.

  • Keven Ortega

    Keven Ortega

    26 minutes ago

    How my alien gonna dance after I pick him up from Area 51 in a space coupe

  • BTSvjung :lol

    BTSvjung :lol

    28 minutes ago


  • Lovely Ness

    Lovely Ness

    45 minutes ago


  • golden lanniii

    golden lanniii

    Hour ago

    guys sorry that was just me walking back home from a friend's house

  • Savior Goat Lord

    Savior Goat Lord

    Hour ago

    Oh sorry, that's just my new pet alien I got from area 51. He dont bite

  • jewjew abrams

    jewjew abrams

    2 hours ago

    Bobby took his mamas blunt

  • Antonio Antonio Hernandez

    Antonio Antonio Hernandez

    2 hours ago

    we think it is a 👽 alien

  • Nuria Tingkahan

    Nuria Tingkahan

    2 hours ago

    it's dobby the free elf

  • Gerard Playz PG3D

    Gerard Playz PG3D

    3 hours ago

    Dame tu cosita?

  • jacob din

    jacob din

    5 hours ago

    0:34 did it just disappeared?!? 😲😲

  • MC BOY

    MC BOY

    5 hours ago

    Fake lol



    6 hours ago

    It's maddie ziegler performing Sia's music video.

  • sorida ching

    sorida ching

    6 hours ago

    Maybe that an alien with the underwear on it head and looking for more underwear and making chinken dance when it went to stranger house

  • Rachel Howie

    Rachel Howie

    6 hours ago

    It’s Dobby

  • yuze tan

    yuze tan

    7 hours ago

    Oh I know him face is you kid go OUT

  • Evelyn Vang

    Evelyn Vang

    7 hours ago

    ET is that u 😂

  • Wolfymoonlightx gacha

    Wolfymoonlightx gacha

    7 hours ago


  • F We

    F We

    7 hours ago


  • ItsZ'ianLIFE


    8 hours ago

    Area 51 let a alien escape lol

  • Aithan Godinez

    Aithan Godinez

    8 hours ago

    Probably the Area 51 alien

  • rin len

    rin len

    8 hours ago

    *ok who the hell raided area 51 early and didn't take care of their alien!*

  • Princess Mayika

    Princess Mayika

    8 hours ago

    When I saw that footage, I choked on my spit.

  • AMIR 7100

    AMIR 7100

    8 hours ago

    That's was a alien come from area 51 more reason to storm into it

  • peachy etherealmin

    peachy etherealmin

    8 hours ago

    It's an alien from area 51 duhh

  • Scarlett Valdes

    Scarlett Valdes

    9 hours ago

    Wtf is that?!?!

  • John Johnny

    John Johnny

    9 hours ago

    Dobby leaving her house after clapping her cheeks

  • Skully 5544

    Skully 5544

    9 hours ago

    give him a sock and he will go away

  • C o f f e é

    C o f f e é

    10 hours ago

    Me walking to the kitchen after being in my room for 15 hours

  • Bunleng 234

    Bunleng 234

    10 hours ago

    me and the boys raid area 51 one alien is goofy outside he escape

  • AaliyahZchannel


    10 hours ago

    *the alien from area 51*

  • John Woods

    John Woods

    10 hours ago

    My Area 51 friend leaving the station

  • Itsjustbillie eilish

    Itsjustbillie eilish

    11 hours ago

    Thats me when i escaped from my parent's house when im in a rush with a underwear on my head.

  • Riza Gaviola

    Riza Gaviola

    11 hours ago

    Omg! Is like a alien

  • MariaReynoldsWrap


    11 hours ago

    Oh uh that definitely wasn’t my alien from Area 51-

  • oh frick

    oh frick

    12 hours ago

    My alien walking out of area 51 with his invisible alien friend.

  • Nayelly's life

    Nayelly's life

    12 hours ago

    its prrobably my grandmother she acts like chicken...

  • A Fellow yeah

    A Fellow yeah

    12 hours ago

    Thats the alien I saved from area 51.



    12 hours ago

    He’s was doing the chicken dance to attract chickens because he probably hungry I mean he’s pretty skinny.



    13 hours ago

    Did the area 51 raid come early?

  • jessie burdy

    jessie burdy

    13 hours ago

    it’s the alien from area 51

  • P E A C H Y

    P E A C H Y

    14 hours ago

    Am I the only one terrified of this

  • DARPA 222

    DARPA 222

    14 hours ago

    He was looking for his father

  • fw sļèepy høe

    fw sļèepy høe

    15 hours ago

    God dammit sorry guys my alien I got from area 51 escaped the basement again...🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️



    17 hours ago

    He probably escaped from Area 51

  • PenaGelada


    17 hours ago

    It’s clearly a puppet. His movements remind a puppet. Besides the camera cuts exactly when the house ends. Could be a person controlling him from the roof

  • Alexa Campos

    Alexa Campos

    17 hours ago

    Area 51 :)

  • Bluefirewolf The floofy fur

    Bluefirewolf The floofy fur

    17 hours ago

    1:25 What the hell is that laugh? O-O

  • Jennifer’s Family

    Jennifer’s Family

    17 hours ago

    Ahhh that’s my buddy Kevin

  • Foxyy


    17 hours ago

    god damn it my alien that i stole from area 51 escaped im so sorry

  • Tanya


    19 hours ago

    Thats me at bar dancing 😂

  • Floofy chan OwO

    Floofy chan OwO

    20 hours ago

    *That feild looked like area 51*

  • Scavangerrick


    20 hours ago

    This video was from 2020 after we storm area 51

  • Carralié Alice

    Carralié Alice

    20 hours ago

    Ok no kid is that skinny

  • vaishali wellingkar

    vaishali wellingkar

    21 hour ago

    I bet that's the damito pasito alien who heard his own song at midnight near this ladie's house and started dancing

  • Furret Lps

    Furret Lps

    21 hour ago

    I'm sorry but WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE DORA,

  • The FDA

    The FDA

    21 hour ago

    That's the alien from plug walk

  • Almaas S

    Almaas S

    22 hours ago

    It could be the alien from da me coto sito from green alien dance lol 😂

  • Maisie Glover

    Maisie Glover

    22 hours ago


  • Jesse Savoy

    Jesse Savoy

    23 hours ago

    Check out my UFO/ORB video under Jesse Savoy UFO a gift for NASA

  • I want to be a water bottle when I grow up

    I want to be a water bottle when I grow up

    23 hours ago

    *It was an alien from area 51*

  • Keith Hona

    Keith Hona

    23 hours ago

    When she said when the thing was still out there it gave me the shiver's in I was scared it might be in my country now any why if there really real then I should be in tv - _ -

  • Izaacz


    Day ago

    0:04 the way he opens his legs don’t look human to me Hope it human 😕

  • Izaacz


    19 hours ago

    Mark Pain it’s look to skinny to be a Kid it’s legs looks boneless also what kid decides to dress in a suit go and sneak out

  • Mark Pain

    Mark Pain

    20 hours ago

    Alien being affected by earths gravity🤔

  • Faris Luqman Mohd Farit

    Faris Luqman Mohd Farit

    Day ago

    Neighbour: *lOoKs lIkE dObBy wAs fInDiNg SiR hArRy pOtTeR*

  • makayla


    Day ago

    this is what prompted to area 51 riot

  • иᴇкᴏ


    Day ago

    mah boi at 3am looking for beanss

  • иᴇкᴏ


    Day ago

    creeping around like noone knows think your so criminal

  • 1000 subscribers without videos : /

    1000 subscribers without videos : /

    Day ago

    When you watch *"DAME TU COSITA"* in 10hours

  • Queen Leah

    Queen Leah

    Day ago

    What is that?

  • cutie chica

    cutie chica

    Day ago

    If I saw that thing in front on my house I will be like guys bring the shoti gun!!

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