MORDEO SEASON 1 SUPERCUT | Crypt TV Monster Universe


Many hunger for the Mordeo's power, but when a handful of girl scouts accidentally complete the ritual, will the desperation to escape be enough to get them out of the woods?
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Episode 101 Credits:
Director/Writer/Editor: Ben Sottak
Producer/AD: Mike Sheptock
DP: Steve Russell
1st AC: Jeff Robertson
SFX Makeup: Kat Ruhl
Gaffer: Shaun Weber
Art Director: Chris Eifler
Production Designer: Courtney Porter
Production Sound: Kat Jirles
Scipt Supervisor: Jameson Rick
Sound Editor & Mixer: Hunter Berk
Composers: James Newberry & Trey Toy
Colorist: Andrew Francis
Sam Cutler
James Jelkin
Episodes 102-104 Credits:
Co-Writer & Director: Ben Sottak
Co-Writer: Steven Russell
Producer: Matt Kramer
Production Company : Surrender Pictures, LLC
Creative Producer: Mike Sheptock
Casting: TBD Casting LLC
Concept Artist: Ben Garriga
Direction Department
Assistant Director: Zachary Griffin
Storyboard Artist: Danny Donahue
Camera Department
Director of Photography: Steven Russell
1st AC: Griffin Yu
2nd AC/DIT: Pedro Alberto
Photographer: Christopher Squier
Production Department
Production Manager: Gregory Cole
PA: Justin James Knoepfel
PA: Warren Chevalier
PA : Tom Morrison
Audio: Brian Blum
Art Department
Art Director/ Wardrobe Asstistant: Alejandra Parody
Production Designer / Wardrobe: Courtney Lauren Porter
Key Grip: Dale Dunbar Bancroft
Swing Best Boy Grip/Electric: Kiel Perez
Gaffer: Christian Cobo
Hair and Make-Up
SFX Hair & Make-Up Artist: Krystle Feher
“Mordeo Mask" Fabrication by: Neslon Cooper
Editor:Ben Sottak
Sound Mixer/Designer: Hunter Berk
Sound Mixer/Designer: Rob Reider
Colorist: Ryan Shovey
VFX: David Seekamp
Pick up shot: Lexi Sloan
Jasmine Johnson
Jeremy Elliott
Mary Bonney
Anthony Mugnolo
Meghan Moroney
Gabriel A. Montoya
Sam Cutler
Dan: Leo DeFriend
The Butcher: Samuel Dunning
Linda: Kea Trevett
Mordeo: James Jelkin
Jen: Caroline Smith
Angela: Maya Jacobson
Nancy: Andrea Figliomeni
Hitchhiker: Bobby Douglas Burns
The Stranger: Benjamin Sheedy
Crypt's mission is to tell monster stories that bring the world closer together. We believe scary stories unite us and help us face our most powerful emotions. We want to create the next generation of iconic monsters -- with you and for you. Follow us @CryptTV everywhere and find your #MonstersWithin #CryptMonsterUniverse #Mordeo


  • Crypt TV

    Crypt TV

    2 months ago

    What would YOU offer to the Mordeo Queen?? It's your last chance to belong to her and snag one of the remaining Mordeo tees here!

  • Joselle Bolden

    Joselle Bolden

    10 hours ago

    I love the shows. You guys are awesome I love Crypt TV make more videos

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    Любен Атанасов

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    Spoder Men

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    @Hitoshi Shinsou you shall pay for what you have done 😢

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    Spoder Men

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  • Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz

    Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz

    7 hours ago

    SMDH Boy you went into that ritual with the wrong attitude that is why you weren't chosen also you appear quite weak no backbone.

  • Dreams And love

    Dreams And love

    8 hours ago

    6:36 Why did I laugh???

  • Clinton Pendleton

    Clinton Pendleton

    10 hours ago

    So is the mordeo the wendigo?

  • Kevin El crack

    Kevin El crack

    10 hours ago

    Malardoo broo

  • Clinton Pendleton

    Clinton Pendleton

    14 hours ago

    Dude, it looks like a super fun and chill time having your insides ripped out and feasted on...NOT! o_O

  • Bike Sport

    Bike Sport

    15 hours ago

    Q filme é esse alguem sabe o nome?

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    gatinha fofa mine craft Moreira freire

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    Как же неудобно когда плохо знаешь английский

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    EZ_- VisionYT

    Day ago

    1:23 to 1:31 best roar

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    Lalas :v

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    Me gustaría que este canal hiciera películas de terror, serían poca madre... Son los mejores

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    Ewwwwwwwwww scarbos

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  • Катюша Ируткина

    Катюша Ируткина

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    Как фильм называется аууууууу???? На русском есть

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    дядя пендаль

    Day ago

    Чтоб вы все повыздыхали.больные ублюдки.

  • Joshua Andrews

    Joshua Andrews

    2 days ago

    I personally think that the mordeo from the first episode are scarier than the current ones

  • Amira Ayman

    Amira Ayman

    2 days ago

    It's amazing

  • LeeBron


    2 days ago

    ни хуя себе кино

  • Soloman 5k

    Soloman 5k

    2 days ago

    low budget horror

  • Алексей Пошехонов

    Алексей Пошехонов

    2 days ago

    Есть этот фильм с переводом на русский?

  • billy brown

    billy brown

    2 days ago

    I’m confused. Y did the first guy change and the second guy who wanted to change was killed. I thought u changed wen u consumed human flesh , does it have to be out of desperation or wen u have no other food source.

  • Letty Litardo

    Letty Litardo

    3 days ago

    No te entende ni v3ĞÅ nose ingles :""(

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    fornite 2019 xslayder și zzlynx și supercell

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  • JrDn KWC

    JrDn KWC

    3 days ago

    if that demon stood infront of me. one part of me would want to run but the other would want to stay

  • Sameer Couchman

    Sameer Couchman

    3 days ago

    Why would the owner of this movie make this movie to scary and I would offer that monsters big peas of meat

  • Sameer Couchman

    Sameer Couchman

    3 days ago

    The one of the movie why you make it too scary it is too scary

  • Angel Mendoza

    Angel Mendoza

    3 days ago

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  • WBDS Is daddy

    WBDS Is daddy

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  • Edward Eguia

    Edward Eguia

    5 days ago

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    6 days ago

    Very interesting

  • mainraj fatima

    mainraj fatima

    6 days ago

    Why was he eating that man? Why that man who was being devoured was talking?? He was dead isn't he?

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    6 days ago

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  • Lou Yardley

    Lou Yardley

    6 days ago

    Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing more of this. Does this mean that I belong to the Mordeo now?

  • Pamela santos Cabrera

    Pamela santos Cabrera

    6 days ago

    Haber si entiendo ,si muerdes el dedo de alguien y te lo comes entonces te conviertes en eso cool

  • Ed 0

    Ed 0

    6 days ago

    That book was from sfc bc i saw sfc's simbol but what is that book from sfc doing in thid movie?

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  • roger holt

    roger holt

    7 days ago

    This is how many people had nightmares after this I V

  • roger holt

    roger holt

    7 days ago

    Omg m this is so scary.

  • roger holt

    roger holt

    7 days ago

    Guess who is having nightmares tonight. Better get some clean sheets.

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    وين عرب 😅😅😅

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