My Gangster Girlfriend | Episode 2 | Gacha Life Mini Movie


Hello Meek Squad Here is the Episode 2!!!
The scenes are getting intense in this episode.!!!
If you haven't watch Episode 1 Click The Link to watch:
Anyways enjoy watching!!!
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Thank you for Watching!
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    XDDDDDD the part when Rukia went into the house

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    I finally know the name of rukias dads gang name it’s smurf gang

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    2:35 OML SO FUNNY

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    That was cool

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    9:58 Idk why this was so funny. I’m so immature lol

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    Rukia: I don’t want the backstreet gangsters to see meh Backstreet gangster: Sees Rukia*

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    1:23 w-was that ayami in the back????!!!!

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    I was like fight them RUKIA!!!! Part two: awwww I was hoping to let Rukia kick their butts

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    Can I ask something Why are you writing pov after a name

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    2:10 name of the song????????? O really love it!!

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    Your not a ganster I can shoor you up with that drive bt.

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    1:28 - did that girl in the background just move???

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    2:38 that kick tho

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    And play sad music

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    *when raine shows her room* Me*if I was r I would be like dis 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

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    10:00-10:02 me: *watch* *ANY SEC* *laugh and fart*

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    I hate drama but this is such good content

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    What happened to Rukias hair? No w iits pure blue.

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    *try the cajin club sandwich-*

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    Song name at 7:12

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    Rukia x Mikio

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    boys is not all ways weak dummy only on ur stuff

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    That's funny, my brother's name is actually Vash. What a coincidence, Yes he was named after Vash Stampede or Vash the Stampede

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    Lol when the teacher fart

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    5:36 the trophy looks like it says β€œ#1 noob” xD

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    it does

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    Rukia: *uses smokecreen* Wow it is very affective!

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    At 3:35 at laughed my life away cause of that scream (。┰ω┰。) α΄Έα΄Όα΅›α΄± ᡞᴬ α΅›α΄΅α΄°α΄±α΄ΌΛ’ β”Œ|Β°Π·Β°|β”˜

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    that was the best video ever

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    *In episode 1 Raine introduced Rukia to his brother Vash and before Raine took Rukia to meet him, he told Rukia that Vash was a gang leader, and they all went out for ice cream.. Please stick with your first episode, and keep on from there. I got very confused, so I decided to remind you.*

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