My Weird Trip to the UK


The UK was great and i had a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it


  • gardenixu '

    gardenixu '

    58 minutes ago

    4:48 Now this be a 🗿 moment.

  • Al- Sirat

    Al- Sirat

    Hour ago

    jaiden. I love you. if I were neighbour. I would definitely hang out with. you. your video is dope.

  • Madeline Scruggs

    Madeline Scruggs

    Hour ago

    Just put a tracker on your wallet

  • /\FredBear On Stage\/

    /\FredBear On Stage\/

    Hour ago

    u know ur dog video and u mentioned gabe the dog grumpy cat also died pretty recently

  • oliver dc

    oliver dc

    Hour ago

    hey you look like my aunt

  • LittleMissyo3o


    2 hours ago

    *I'm the few percents of people who watched Jaiden on my Ds.* (Lmao

  • duve chan

    duve chan

    2 hours ago

    Am I weird or did the guy totally flirt with jaiden and she didn't notice because of his bad social skills?

  • fsoon yoog

    fsoon yoog

    2 hours ago

    That guy was the one but you let him slip through your fingers

  • Harokoro


    2 hours ago

    Nothing: Literally nothing: Not a single thing: Jaiden: PeE oN mY wAlLeT

  • Bazuka stopmotion studio

    Bazuka stopmotion studio

    2 hours ago

    but the brain has the brain cell eating grass at elementary school!!! (also, wisdom juice you drank at japan)

  • Music Meister

    Music Meister

    2 hours ago

    2:36 Jaiden: It was really nice, especiallysinceIdidn'thavetopay.

  • Tatiana Pandalake

    Tatiana Pandalake

    2 hours ago

    *but I thunk it*

  • William_ FlameHek

    William_ FlameHek

    3 hours ago

    When shrek saw someone on his swamp 0:47



    3 hours ago

    Want sum crumpets and tea m8?

  • Edsel Ortiz

    Edsel Ortiz

    3 hours ago

    The finest of content.

  • Isn't this Ironic

    Isn't this Ironic

    3 hours ago

    Everyone: "So I peed in my wallet" comments Jaiden : *so I peed in my wallet*

  • Falco Boy Ukelele

    Falco Boy Ukelele

    3 hours ago

    and no one knows this guy is pewdiepie uncover

  • Sister Sqwa Gaming!

    Sister Sqwa Gaming!

    3 hours ago

    Jaiden i know you love james I will keep it a secret hehehe *tells everyone* hehehe yep I won't tell any one

  • Giraffesketch


    3 hours ago

    So you didn’t flush the toilet ..

  • Nikola Kotur

    Nikola Kotur

    3 hours ago

    How old is she?

  • Yo Sup

    Yo Sup

    4 hours ago

    Jaiden: I only serve the most quality content for you. Also Jaiden: 👏🏻 So I pEeD oN mY wAlLet

  • Yo Sup

    Yo Sup

    4 hours ago

    SouljaPad, SouljaPhone, SouljaPods, SouljaBook Pro etc. You count it

  • Sugar Monkey

    Sugar Monkey

    4 hours ago

    Did no one realize that her phone said “weirdo detected”

  • Lauryn Howell

    Lauryn Howell

    4 hours ago

    Imagine if he (weirdo) finds this video

  • Gavyn Johnson

    Gavyn Johnson

    4 hours ago

    all girls are selfish, kind of true, but saying that to someone that you just met, far stretch. i wouldn't expect someone to say that even as a male human. im typing this while watching, and even me, the socially awkward WEIRD (don't forget autistic and don't fell bad i know it) wouldn't try to start a conversation.

  • Joshua Fry

    Joshua Fry

    4 hours ago

    2:07... why does that picture remind me of T.K.O from the show ok ko?

  • Harry Potty he goes potty Yeet

    Harry Potty he goes potty Yeet

    5 hours ago

    Me watching jaiden my grandma walks in My grandma: *gaaaaaasp* what did she say!? Me: gobber My grandma: trunk that off! Me: why My grandma: because gobber means peepee! Me: :l

  • NegativeNevets


    5 hours ago

    That guy was the one but you let him slip through your fingers

  • Animal World

    Animal World

    5 hours ago

    Pls make a book of your live Like if you agree

  • Captain Lemon Egg

    Captain Lemon Egg

    5 hours ago

    “I thunk it” ~Jaiden BTW I'm Aiden so nice name

  • Flutterwolf pink ฅ'ω'ฅ

    Flutterwolf pink ฅ'ω'ฅ

    5 hours ago

    Okay he's a jerk

  • jakeytv jtv

    jakeytv jtv

    5 hours ago

    Jaiden see russian animators Media looser Dobryak and Найс

  • Draffyre


    5 hours ago

    can't relate lol.

  • Ew lol

    Ew lol

    6 hours ago

    7:58 Jaiden: *BUT I THUNK IT*

  • Milo


    6 hours ago

    You could probably sell that wallet for at least more than you bought it for.

  • Drowned Glitch

    Drowned Glitch

    6 hours ago

    Cause I'm a gorl

  • French Frye potato

    French Frye potato

    6 hours ago

    So... We gonna talk bout dem Pwediepie references?

  • deadmeme_lover OwO

    deadmeme_lover OwO

    6 hours ago

    "He didnt even fly out the window like in that one video" ~ jaiden

  • Jesus Cortez

    Jesus Cortez

    6 hours ago

    Hi jaden heh 😄 Look I just looked at markipliers video look I just want you do me a favor Look at how far you have come people love your vidros just know when your down in the dumps just remember how many people love you for who YOU are never forget that alright thanks I know your a good person thanks pal love your videos bye now 😌



    6 hours ago

    I laughed so hard when i realized the "i peed on my wallet" statement was true

  • me notyu

    me notyu

    6 hours ago

    pee is supposed to be good for the tanning process of leather. learned that from an indie comic in the 90s so you know its true

  • Jasmine Lacross

    Jasmine Lacross

    6 hours ago

    Ok so is no one gonna talk about how she said that she had to use the bathroom and that’s when he wallet fell out into the toilet. But in order for it to still have been there she would have had to NOT FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET

  • Unicorn Lover

    Unicorn Lover

    7 hours ago

    Did anyone see watch she had on her phone XD

  • Lps Cherry

    Lps Cherry

    7 hours ago

    6:47 Weirdo detected XD

  • Gacha city

    Gacha city

    7 hours ago

    You really improved your drawing good job 🙂 sorry I'm late

  • AaricBro.


    7 hours ago

    Jaiden I have a question: Did you flush the toilet when you peed on your wallet?

  • Star Gacha

    Star Gacha

    7 hours ago


  • Colorsplash996


    7 hours ago

    I don’t think he hates women he just think they’re all selfish.

  • First last

    First last

    7 hours ago

    Just for laughs and gags 0:24

  • newguy371


    7 hours ago

    "It was up my nose the whole time!" On a serious note, I highly recommend people get a wallet that goes around your neck when you travel.

  • Ayden And Clovey

    Ayden And Clovey

    7 hours ago

    Jaiden I saw an ad for your “merch store” I guess on a video I was watching.

  • Sushi Shit

    Sushi Shit

    7 hours ago

    Jaiden's Next video: "How James confessed to me and we got together"

  • novaledo the king

    novaledo the king

    7 hours ago

    Wait so do you not flush toilets (oh wait your scared of loud toilets)

  • idaligarciaespinosa


    7 hours ago

    Also your vids

  • idaligarciaespinosa


    7 hours ago

    You are awesome 😃

  • Achmad Budi prasetyo

    Achmad Budi prasetyo

    8 hours ago

    @amadele picture is kinda spooky

  • Random gaming

    Random gaming

    8 hours ago

    This is some clearly Hersey

  • Camilo Hernandez

    Camilo Hernandez

    8 hours ago

    I can’t stop watching this vid it’s so good UwU

  • Wednesday Adams

    Wednesday Adams

    8 hours ago

    Thank you for the early birthday gift! Considering I only got a LEGO set, it’s nice to get a great gift a whole day early.

  • Timeless Brawl

    Timeless Brawl

    8 hours ago

    1:05 who noticed "virginity" 😂😂

  • Soraya Elofson

    Soraya Elofson

    8 hours ago

    if u like animating search flipanim :3

  • FNAF and Anime

    FNAF and Anime

    8 hours ago

    I don't like purses and stuff so I put my wallet in a backpack that I also carry my 3ds in.

  • Honey Gacha

    Honey Gacha

    8 hours ago

    Jaiden I made you a speedpaint

  • Akmal Komradz

    Akmal Komradz

    8 hours ago

    Jaiden :so i pee on my wallet Horny teens : 😏

  • Dan The Watermelon Man

    Dan The Watermelon Man

    8 hours ago

    Airports are safe unless u are in cod modern warfare

  • drago black

    drago black

    8 hours ago

    and people mock wallet chain users....

  • Justin Kim

    Justin Kim

    8 hours ago


  • Falcon Heavy10playz

    Falcon Heavy10playz

    8 hours ago

    I thought it should of flushed down the toilet then I realized it is to big to fit down the hole... That sounded rong I need to stop talking .



    9 hours ago

    Go Android apple sucks

  • DarkX •.•

    DarkX •.•

    9 hours ago

    Ummm Jaiden If you flushed the toilet your wallet would be gone sooooooo you didn’t flush the toilet 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mochi Milk

    Mochi Milk

    9 hours ago

    I opened the video to where I left off and the first thing I hear is “totally pee on it” 😂😂

  • Jacobi Brown

    Jacobi Brown

    9 hours ago

    His going to be mad if he sees this vid

  • MoonlightGamer Playz

    MoonlightGamer Playz

    10 hours ago

    So... I P E E D O N M Y W A L L E T

  • Fox XD

    Fox XD

    10 hours ago

    6:46 Jaidens phone said *WEIRDO DETECTED*

  • Jake Holditch

    Jake Holditch

    10 hours ago

    Did she flush?

  • Winter Rocks Studios

    Winter Rocks Studios

    10 hours ago

    That guy must of liked you

  • Joy Chang

    Joy Chang

    10 hours ago

    First time watching ur animation and i love it😊

  • William gaming

    William gaming

    10 hours ago

    Me and my friend watchis you're videos.😀😀😀 (So if my friend is watch this video and see this comment plz comment🙂🙂)

  • Puee Pie

    Puee Pie

    10 hours ago

    See you guys next month

  • Solos 365

    Solos 365

    10 hours ago

    So you don't flush?

  • Massivefilthyboi Here!

    Massivefilthyboi Here!

    10 hours ago

    I think the scraggy dude drank some of the swamp water in Shrek's swamp.

  • Jacob Fischer

    Jacob Fischer

    10 hours ago

    that was great

  • KayaKiwi


    10 hours ago


  • deoo iopg

    deoo iopg

    10 hours ago

    On Jaidens list of things not to lose she lists “virginity” I mean... shes not wrong

  • Tactical Player

    Tactical Player

    10 hours ago

    90% of comments: *about Jaiden Peeing on her Wallet* 10% of comments: *anything else* Me: Have a good day! :)

  • chase foster-adams

    chase foster-adams

    11 hours ago

    Oof. The creepy guy looks a lot like me without my glasses

  • mersaedeze


    11 hours ago

    jaiden is the only person i know who understands why purses are a hassle and why not to carry one.

  • Jerome Lacsina

    Jerome Lacsina

    11 hours ago

    pee pee

  • Tiffany Roach

    Tiffany Roach

    11 hours ago

    hey jaiden how do i start to become an animator i do draw but idk how to start animation. do i need to go to collage? what software good for beginners? (i have no supports no family to rely on so im all alone i wasn't sure to ask this sense u probably get asked then a lot

  • TheGoldNarwhale Kid

    TheGoldNarwhale Kid

    11 hours ago

    Not to stress you Jaiden animations, but your face is on the internet. Edit: you had a face reveal in the video titled: why I don’t show my face, that I didn’t finish. So this is awkward 😑

  • SUB To pewdiepie and mr beast

    SUB To pewdiepie and mr beast

    11 hours ago

    “So I pEeD On My WaLlEt” -Jaidan

  • Berta Hernandez

    Berta Hernandez

    11 hours ago

    Are you and theodd1sout dating?

  • Gigi G.

    Gigi G.

    11 hours ago

    4:55 Hahaha idk why I love that part sm

  • Beet Cinema

    Beet Cinema

    11 hours ago

    Jaiden: has a list of worst things to lose in other countries List: number 2 is virginity

  • RaNdOm DerPy

    RaNdOm DerPy

    12 hours ago

    Wait, did you not flush..

  • Madaline Plata

    Madaline Plata

    12 hours ago


  • Sol Crim

    Sol Crim

    12 hours ago

    Losing virginity in a foreign country is really common, especially for affairs

  • Animal Lover

    Animal Lover

    12 hours ago

    Jaiden I have an app called ZooPix and it’s like a Instagram or Facebook only for animals and u can post your pets like ari I have MANY accounts

  • G l i c k

    G l i c k

    12 hours ago

    why is slazo talking to wallet pee girl



    12 hours ago

    Ok,I need a vote 🗳:kill my self or have my in-laws come over: if you picked kill my self should I? 1.boom booms stick to my mouth hole2.learn to tie a noose:3 let in-laws do it for me when they come over and give me an heart attack?

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