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I got a lot of requests to do another blooper video. Here are some funny moments from the last year!
1) Baking Bloopers:
2) Bloopers with Mo:
3) Bloopers with Guests:
4) More Bloopers:
5) Nerdy Nummies Bloopers:
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I hope you enjoy today's new #Blooper video! There were many Behind the Scenes #BTS clips and #Funny moments. I really love making these blooper videos!
What was your favorite blooper?


  • Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino

    2 months ago

    I hope you enjoy this new Blooper video! What was your favorite clip 😂❤️

  • parvintle


    7 days ago

    Ooo i cant choose

  • Adleigh Ross

    Adleigh Ross

    16 days ago

    Rosanna Pansino I’m in the petite squad too I’m ten and I look like a 5year old



    29 days ago

    When you are laughing after burp with husky

  • Melakia Carter

    Melakia Carter

    Month ago

    Rosanna Pansino I don’t usually get texts so it’s probably my mum/mom



    Month ago

    @Lilyplays RBLX hahahahahahahahaha =)

  • Alexis Arce

    Alexis Arce

    7 hours ago

    More bloopers

  • Noah Tate

    Noah Tate

    Day ago

    I love you so much Rosanna can you please do another Russian Piping Video

  • Aaron Mays

    Aaron Mays

    3 days ago

    Love your vids

  • pey pey

    pey pey

    4 days ago

    7:19 when I have a sleepover with my best friend and we try to fix each other 😂😂😂

  • pey pey

    pey pey

    4 days ago

    when she said "I apologize in advance bc it's gonna be loud" I was waiting for her to pass gas lol

  • Bailey Squad

    Bailey Squad

    4 days ago

    Gender isn’t the only thing getting revealed today! - Rosanna Pansino 2018-2019

  • Caelyn Troester

    Caelyn Troester

    4 days ago

    captin marvle

  • Alyssa Gonzales

    Alyssa Gonzales

    4 days ago

    PLEASE collabe with the odd ones out ppppllllllzzzzzzzz

  • Alyssa Gonzales

    Alyssa Gonzales

    4 days ago

    Your think have more subs than the odd 1 is out

  • Caelyn Troester

    Caelyn Troester

    4 days ago

    hey ro i'm a big fan of NERDY NUMMIES. ;)

  • Rachel Eley

    Rachel Eley

    5 days ago

    5:30 that is so totally me!!! 😂😂

  • Isho Izo

    Isho Izo

    7 days ago

    love u

  • Sabrina Noor

    Sabrina Noor

    8 days ago

    Hi Rosanna your bloopers are so funny

  • Addisyn Kostzer

    Addisyn Kostzer

    8 days ago

    Ro you should use the intro for the bloopers to start every video.

  • Dr.Raj Kumar Singh

    Dr.Raj Kumar Singh

    9 days ago

    Mo: "Gender isn't the only thing revealed in this episode...." Ro:"IT'S MY LEFT BOOB!!"

  • Tamia Madera

    Tamia Madera

    11 days ago

    I made cookies today

  • Tamia Madera

    Tamia Madera

    11 days ago

    Your so funny I wanna bake with you

  • Carolina Camara

    Carolina Camara

    11 days ago

    can you do a video where you see fans comments on your vids

  • Carolina Camara

    Carolina Camara

    11 days ago

    your so nice and amazing i love you so much you are an insparation to me you make me laugh with so much happiness i wish you and your sister the best

  • haresh gunasegar

    haresh gunasegar

    12 days ago

    11:45 I thought her make-up was gonna be destroyed

  • TØP


    12 days ago

    This is by far the best bloop vid of them all 😂👏🏻

  • Funky Munky

    Funky Munky

    12 days ago

    Ro is literally the cutest cinnamon roll on USdownload

  • Madd Shumaker

    Madd Shumaker

    12 days ago

    My favorite clips were the burping clips. There so funny!!!!

  • Naomi Akerman

    Naomi Akerman

    14 days ago

    11,257,552 subscribers! DAMN, RO!

  • faseeh shah

    faseeh shah

    14 days ago

    plz make DIY lip balm

  • Lynda Castonguay

    Lynda Castonguay

    15 days ago

    I love 13:31

  • GuineaPigLovver 101

    GuineaPigLovver 101

    16 days ago

    I love you Ro

  • Alexis Valadez

    Alexis Valadez

    18 days ago

    You need to do more bloopers because they are the only thing that makes me laughs and smile 😊

  • hnager


    18 days ago

    Bloop bloooop bloop

  • ARTsome Together

    ARTsome Together

    20 days ago

    More asmr please

  • Julia


    20 days ago


  • ActualAspie _

    ActualAspie _

    20 days ago

    Laughed so hard I cried! I'll always be a Ro-mantic!

  • Elsa Perez

    Elsa Perez

    22 days ago

    2:21 to 2:25 she looks so adorable

  • Batsu


    23 days ago

    am i the only one who thought that the beginning was a bloopers clip ._.

  • Don’t watch this channel 1003

    Don’t watch this channel 1003

    23 days ago

    Y’all need to have a baby

  • Sariah Bowman

    Sariah Bowman

    23 days ago

    That was hilarious. Congratulations on another amazing milestone. 😄

  • racha antaki

    racha antaki

    24 days ago

    Do eat it or wear it like if you want to Not asking for likes just want them to see

  • Natalie Lam

    Natalie Lam

    25 days ago

    7:05 whoa ro family friendly

  • Noralyn Salibad

    Noralyn Salibad

    25 days ago

    Ro:"bye and thank u for watching **hits Mo's boob** oh sorry I hit your boob" Mo:"it's cool" best memory of memory lane ever

  • Brittany Conway

    Brittany Conway

    26 days ago

    The Molly Hiccup ™ is always my favorite.

  • Shovunizim Cordiforio

    Shovunizim Cordiforio

    26 days ago

    Rosanna 😀 Pansino! You know I'm seriously laughing 😂 at the entire 😜 video 😆 like Um u'm, 😐 in love with the funny 🙄 stuff I've ever 😛 seen 😲 right now I'm 😝 laughing...

  • Jordyn Leannn

    Jordyn Leannn

    26 days ago

    Just want to say, Ro’s dad has a majestic mustache

  • Elisha Mallari

    Elisha Mallari

    27 days ago

    Did she wear Laurenzside merch

  • Samantha Williams

    Samantha Williams

    27 days ago

    I love you

  • Lex Hart

    Lex Hart

    27 days ago

    I love 12:58!!!!

  • Marshall Jackson

    Marshall Jackson

    28 days ago

    Make a dog cake that looks like Cookie! It would be so awesome! I love your videos Ro! PS tell Cookie I said hi!

  • HatariSaratoga


    28 days ago

    So, I’m on Netflix watching Nailed it and...YOU WERE IN IIIT!!!

  • Kurniasih Aprian

    Kurniasih Aprian

    28 days ago

    Baking power

  • Simone Bautista

    Simone Bautista

    29 days ago

    Ha! Ha! Ha! SOOO FUNNY😂😂

  • Jacqueline Bromley

    Jacqueline Bromley

    Month ago

    Yay congratulations Ro! I can tell just by your videos that you put so much hard work into them! In my opinion your should be the top most subscribed channel on youtube. I love you so much Ro and your personality!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Matthew Hebditch

    Matthew Hebditch

    Month ago

    💖 love 💕 💖 you so much

  • Evan Montoya

    Evan Montoya

    Month ago

    13 minutes of Ro being the most iconic person ever.

  • WolfSythe


    Month ago

    Congratulations We love your vids

  • Funnydylan


    Month ago

    1:39 I couldn’t stop laughing at his laugh lol 😂

  • Vishal gupta

    Vishal gupta

    Month ago

    i like this video too much and ennjoy so..................

  • outdatedpidge


    Month ago

    1:34 Justine would be proud

  • Aishath Beenish

    Aishath Beenish

    Month ago

    Congrats Ro

  • Metzli’s world creation

    Metzli’s world creation

    Month ago

    I was laughing though the hole video

  • Awi Puppers

    Awi Puppers

    Month ago

    “Click the bell and ring the subscribe” Ro said lololol

  • Jared Barber

    Jared Barber

    Month ago

    6:53-6:59 So true

  • Lacey Rasmussen

    Lacey Rasmussen

    Month ago

    this is my ADHD right here

  • itz*ya*girl*kendall*


    Month ago


  • Nora Davis

    Nora Davis

    Month ago

    Hey roseanna you are amazing and such a great cook and foodie love you ro😍😍😍

  • ryudragon7


    Month ago

    Ro is so adorable, even her burps are cute.

  • TrinitySunshine27


    Month ago

    I am so happy for you Ro!!

  • Anna Oggier

    Anna Oggier

    Month ago

    11 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!!! ur awesome ro!

  • Scot Brown

    Scot Brown

    Month ago

    10:18 in this piping bag, i've.....died. yes!

  • isabella foster

    isabella foster

    Month ago


  • Shadow wolf8319

    Shadow wolf8319

    Month ago

    Me: who ate the last cupcake Me: looks at Ro Ro: It was Husky Me: Why do you have frosting in your nose Ro: It’s my new look

  • Kawaii unicat1013

    Kawaii unicat1013

    Month ago

    Shadow wolf8319 i liked ur comment bc i fell bad for u, u only have 1 like :/

  • Sofia Morales

    Sofia Morales

    Month ago

    Hey been here since 1M

  • Sam Herrera

    Sam Herrera

    Month ago

    Ro do another closet tour

  • Shammika Fernando

    Shammika Fernando

    Month ago

    Lol rosanna is clumsy lol 😂 not to mean

  • Sydney Michelle

    Sydney Michelle

    Month ago

    hihi xoxo me :)

  • ItzAngelic Playz

    ItzAngelic Playz

    Month ago

    I bet that you had a blooper in here too.

  • Ryley Ballantine Young

    Ryley Ballantine Young

    Month ago


  • Kiana Brumbaugh

    Kiana Brumbaugh

    Month ago

    Boy I'm glad to be a part of this 11 million!

  • Nicky Khazaei

    Nicky Khazaei

    Month ago

    2:06 I laughed so much I hit my head against the radiator lol

  • patrick jensen

    patrick jensen

    Month ago

    You have a very pretty unusual name

  • Sarah Donnelly

    Sarah Donnelly

    Month ago

    this is literally, 13 minutes and 30 seconds of Rosanna just being her goofy adorable self who else thinks?

  • Lucky Penny

    Lucky Penny

    Month ago

    hilarious but i wish it wasn't so staged. seeing a person come to fix her hair and lip gloss is weird

  • Zaitun Dakane

    Zaitun Dakane

    Month ago

    You are not the real ro u are her clone

  • Splat!


    Month ago

    “Okay we’ll go on my twitter...” “Somehow I’m messaging Phil DeFranco.”

  • gukmui leong

    gukmui leong

    Month ago

    Omg Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊!!.,

  • Lovisha Ramgoolam

    Lovisha Ramgoolam

    Month ago

    This was so funnnyyyy🤣🤣bloopers part II 😍

  • Austiiee


    Month ago

    "No this was not cake this was yogurt" *thinks about it for a second* "Oh yeah." LOL I've never related to anything more in my life

  • Michal Aliyah

    Michal Aliyah

    Month ago

    Can you pleas do another vid with James and you do his makeup with backing stuff

  • Brock Boehm

    Brock Boehm

    Month ago

    Love this NEED MORE!

  • Ella De Clercq

    Ella De Clercq

    Month ago

    This video is on my bithday

  • FAQueen Love

    FAQueen Love

    Month ago

    Please Ro you should react to your first baking video

  • Douglas Johnson

    Douglas Johnson

    Month ago

    I am so glad you made this video I couldn't stop laughing

  • Steve Eng

    Steve Eng

    Month ago

    4:19 lol

  • Siaa Squad

    Siaa Squad

    Month ago

    more bloopers please

  • deloreanfan81


    Month ago

    Anyone else watch just for possible swears 😁

  • Nikki Lynne

    Nikki Lynne

    Month ago

    Burp buurrrppp

  • Senpai Stitch

    Senpai Stitch

    Month ago

    "All people are perfect" Me: Ro is perfect, including her flaws

  • Adalynn Otteson

    Adalynn Otteson

    Month ago

    hi i love u so much

  • All Amazing Joanna

    All Amazing Joanna

    Month ago

    Or can you make more Bloopers but good job for getting 11 million subscribers😂

  • Emily Kim

    Emily Kim

    Month ago

    I love it when you do blooper videos!!!

  • ckgio


    Month ago

    4:31 Does anyone think she looks like Lavender Brown? Potterheads where you at!

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