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    12 minutes ago

    Shot on a iPhone

  • 최진우


    18 minutes ago

    I wont leave you bro

  • Rebecca Martin

    Rebecca Martin

    58 minutes ago

    this guy tyler the creator funny smart cool and making my ears laugh and happy now!!😜



    Hour ago

    0:41 When your prom date cancels on you at the last minute 😔

  • X Ghostly

    X Ghostly

    2 hours ago

    When you get in trouble with yo mom and she say bring me the belt 0:41

  • shwezz 5

    shwezz 5

    2 hours ago

    00:00 - 00:40 , singing "please don't leave me now) 00:41 running away

  • Xbox Protogen

    Xbox Protogen

    3 hours ago

    When you haven't cleaned your room and Mom comes in with the belt 0:41

  • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound

    Yousavedbro Heaven Bound

    3 hours ago

    Jesus Christ has ultimate control in see cameras to be set free from the puppet strings of the enemy of our souls the puppet master of depression and defeat. think about it people if these people who you look to entertain you? Why do many of them turn to drugs and suicide and die so early? A life without Jesus Christ as life of torment. Dead people do that things without Jesus Christ we are spiritually dead turn to Jesus Christ and be made alive be made ALIVE be fruitful

  • Andreitex


    4 hours ago

    When all the comments start with “when” @ 0:41

  • Felipe B

    Felipe B

    5 hours ago

    Lol 0:30

  • HeyImLyric


    5 hours ago

    0:32 me when epic gave us back the drumgun

  • Masutā


    6 hours ago

    Mom: clean your room or no video games Me: 0:31

  • Quran


    6 hours ago

    When the song started and Tyler was doin that white bop dance I was rolling lol 😂

  • xxx Jahsus

    xxx Jahsus

    7 hours ago

    Boys locker room: *exists* Boys: 0:30

  • Aerochalklate


    8 hours ago

    the "eeeee" reminds me of fuckin gay xerxes rebirth in 300 rise of an empire

  • норм кор

    норм кор

    8 hours ago

    The best on the album

  • dali moon

    dali moon

    9 hours ago

    When you're heating something up in the microwave at 3am and you try to hit the stop button before it starts to peep 00:41

  • Zeus


    9 hours ago

    0:41 Me running out the house cause Igor started a fire and burned the house down 🔥🏠🔥

  • Slept Nation

    Slept Nation

    10 hours ago

    this the pinnacle of humanity

  • Damn Dam

    Damn Dam

    10 hours ago


  • anonymous no name

    anonymous no name

    10 hours ago

    Me and my friends: 0:28 *making noise in the middle of the night" my mom: what the hell is all that noise Me and friends: 0:41 *running back to bed like nothing happen*

  • kai nicole

    kai nicole

    10 hours ago

    my dog: *eats something* me: what’s in your mouth my dog: 0:41

  • A vicious Little queen

    A vicious Little queen

    6 hours ago

    stop stealing peoples jokes damn

  • I do stuff too

    I do stuff too

    11 hours ago

    Acting a fool then running away?same

  • I do stuff too

    I do stuff too

    11 hours ago

    Mood asf

  • Toxic Pixel

    Toxic Pixel

    11 hours ago

    so we’re just ignore one of the guys ran away at 0:33

  • ostrommen22


    12 hours ago

    Igor just saved hip hop



    13 hours ago

    the wigggg😭😭😭

  • Wordless Reaction

    Wordless Reaction

    13 hours ago


  • angel crespo

    angel crespo

    13 hours ago

    Satanic music wake up folks Repent from your sins and turn to Jesus Christ.

  • Floatin On Mars

    Floatin On Mars

    11 hours ago

    Why are you in the comments if you a "Christian" shouldn't you be in the gospel comments🤔🤷

  • Left Nut

    Left Nut

    12 hours ago

    The devil consumes my smegma, father help me

  • Frank Palma

    Frank Palma

    14 hours ago

    0:46: lowkey Eric Andre trying to find a wall to run into.

  • De Caprioo

    De Caprioo

    14 hours ago

    Category:Education 👌

  • Alex Silva

    Alex Silva

    14 hours ago

    0:32 that random ass lightning strike😂😂

  • Robert Gomez

    Robert Gomez

    15 hours ago

    Me when I hear the door open and find out it’s her dad 0:41

  • simmone smith

    simmone smith

    15 hours ago

    0.34 This is how I want my Film Premiere to be 🤙🏾

  • skoi.exe


    16 hours ago

    Does the album cut off like that too?

  • bryan obee

    bryan obee

    16 hours ago

    0:30 Me up at 3 a.m 0:40 me when my mom catches me up at 3 a.m.

  • shirin naidu

    shirin naidu

    16 hours ago

    _you have the friendliest hair i've ever seen_

  • Kemp Got Skillz

    Kemp Got Skillz

    17 hours ago

    White kid when he says nigga in class 0:41

  • de la Cruz

    de la Cruz

    17 hours ago

    0:41 when Brazil President is called to debating

  • BLD808


    18 hours ago

    0.034 seconds after i was born my dad : 0:41

  • Mobile Games Gamer

    Mobile Games Gamer

    18 hours ago

    I don't know why but this man a genius

  • Bradley Griggs

    Bradley Griggs

    18 hours ago

    Tyler, the Creator truly is a national treasure. Is that Goon des Garcon rapping at the end?

  • Enter Name

    Enter Name

    18 hours ago

    0:41 when run

  • Jacori Huddleston

    Jacori Huddleston

    19 hours ago

    When you have a doll and yo mom comes in with a belt 0:00

  • Jacori Huddleston

    Jacori Huddleston

    19 hours ago

    When you got bad grades and your mom comes in with a belt 0:41

  • Karl Johnsen

    Karl Johnsen

    20 hours ago

    0:31 when your autism kicks harder than me during beating my meat

  • Buna508


    20 hours ago


  • Kennedi Jordan

    Kennedi Jordan

    21 hour ago

    Girl: I’m pregnant and the baby is yours Boy: 0:41

  • Ms Latoya

    Ms Latoya

    22 hours ago

    My comment is different

  • Yae


    22 hours ago

    0:28 the demons I see dancing in the corner of my room during sleep paralysis

  • UltimateVersionMOL


    22 hours ago

    Her: “Come over” Me: “I can’t” Her: “My parents aren’t home” Me: 0:41

  • funny bunny

    funny bunny

    22 hours ago

    "She's gonna be dead, I just got a magic wand" - Thanos while picking soul stone

  • zeze4three


    23 hours ago

    When u realize that 0:41 meme is better than the 0:42

  • B Brooks

    B Brooks

    23 hours ago

    0:34 my guy just got uninterested huh?

  • B Brooks

    B Brooks

    23 hours ago

    Yo imagine when he plays this song at concerts??? 0:28 is going to cause biggest/shortest mosh pit

  • John Russell

    John Russell

    Day ago

    I don't typically listen to music like this and have never sought out Tyler, The Creator's music but these recent album clips have been appearing on my Trending list. I've watched almost all of them now and have concluded the man is a musical genius. I'm glad I discovered him.



    Day ago

    0:41 When James Charles invites you to his house

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Day ago


  • macdoesit is a gay queen

    macdoesit is a gay queen

    Day ago

    asap rocky: i know you just put out an album, but what about wangsa- tyler: 0:41

  • Sara Poole

    Sara Poole

    Day ago

    0:41 me running when my best friend is telling my crush i like him

  • Sara Poole

    Sara Poole

    11 hours ago

    Floatin On Mars kewl

  • Floatin On Mars

    Floatin On Mars

    11 hours ago


  • David Hansen

    David Hansen

    Day ago

    when its 3. am and your playing minecraft and ur mom comes in: 0:41

  • The real Bean Ghvh

    The real Bean Ghvh

    Day ago

    When my uncle enters my berdroom 0:41

  • Derrick Roseman

    Derrick Roseman

    Day ago

    _roll_ _the_ _dice_

  • colin canton

    colin canton

    Day ago


  • shenandoah johnson

    shenandoah johnson

    Day ago

    I wish there was a whole genre based on this song

  • BuScUiTs n GrAvEy

    BuScUiTs n GrAvEy

    Day ago

    I literally just got a notification for this video wtf



    Day ago


  • MK Productions

    MK Productions

    Day ago


  • Roc Solid

    Roc Solid

    Day ago

    God bless that Mary j Blige wig

  • father jyp

    father jyp

    Day ago

    Sir, you are the father. 0:41

  • Semaj Smith

    Semaj Smith

    Day ago

    My brother: Did you go in my room? Me: 0:41

  • ZephMakesVideos


    Day ago

    0:26 me when it gets lit

  • A vicious Little queen

    A vicious Little queen

    Day ago

    When your cooking and the oil starts to splash 0:41

  • RoRo Royourboat

    RoRo Royourboat

    Day ago

    Nobody: My Father when I was born: 0:41

  • Kien Yee Tan

    Kien Yee Tan

    Day ago

    when Tyler tells rocky he licks braids rocky: 0:41

  • chris berkley

    chris berkley

    Day ago

    Where is he going😤😭😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • ArixWolfhard l

    ArixWolfhard l

    Day ago

    Sheesh nice music bro

  • FartFaceJone


    Day ago


  • TTF El Wando

    TTF El Wando

    Day ago


  • Htx.Fuzion


    Day ago

    Tyler got the music vid idea from this vine

  • Elissa Rosato

    Elissa Rosato

    Day ago

    You're my hero

  • M A T T I E

    M A T T I E

    Day ago

    “what do you have?!” “A KNIFE!!!” “NO” 0:41

  • Ya Boo Noah

    Ya Boo Noah

    Day ago

    When your girl says she’s home alone 0:41

  • Lil'IloX


    Day ago




    Day ago

    0:41 when you’re laughing at your siblings getting beat then your mom looks at you

  • Idkhowtokms


    Day ago

    0:41 Me two hours after I swallow 20 Benadryl pills and the crab spiders start talking to me

  • Idkhowtokms


    Day ago

    Shits fire

  • bomb boi

    bomb boi

    Day ago

    Every one talking about :41 but what about the guy in the crowd at :33

  • Romans 6:23

    Romans 6:23

    Day ago


  • BundiGaming


    Day ago

    0:41 when your dad comes home and you haven’t cleaned the dishes

  • アンダグロフアルマン


    Day ago

    Когда ты Игорь и тебя заебали стебы русских фанов на тему названия альбома 0:41

  • vikster ,

    vikster ,

    Day ago

    lmao tyler wyd

  • Water Boy

    Water Boy

    Day ago


  • Daryl King

    Daryl King

    Day ago

    0:41 is so funny lmao.. like where are you going?? lol

  • Narutoking327


    Day ago

    Tyler drop all the videos. I'm impatiently waiting for them. I wanna mosh pit with them.

  • Sweets Valentine

    Sweets Valentine

    Day ago

    Anti-vaccination people: my kids arent vaccinated Everybody else: 0:41

  • shahd jbara

    shahd jbara

    Day ago

    wyatt's there casually dancing to a song about him

  • Conner Cheney

    Conner Cheney

    Day ago

    Baby: Goo Goo Ga Ga Dads: 0:41

  • Judah Graham

    Judah Graham

    Day ago

    0:41 me when running to foot locker when the new Jordan’s drop

  • Syresin


    Day ago

    0:41 when a straight guy sees James Charles in public

  • Semih A.

    Semih A.

    Day ago

    Rocky killed it

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