OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  • flareflex


    2 minutes ago

    @MKBHD So I got mine on 5/17 /2019 everything works really well exept for one thing which is with Google Now. Everytime i go to my news feed and click on a link the page just hangs. Happens in Google Now and in the chrome news feed. Have you had the same issue?

  • lante07


    30 minutes ago

    Quick question from an iPhone user: Can you remove those three touch buttons at the bottom of the screen? Since this phones allows gesture based navigation.

  • Triger dent

    Triger dent

    47 minutes ago

    the funny thing is that he didn't even mention the 48-megapixel sensor is from Sony, which every company is using in their own way

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Kyle Cordiano

    52 minutes ago

    If you need a Camera Mod to make the phone take better photos, then get the phone that the Mod was modeled after.

  • Andrei


    55 minutes ago


  • M.


    Hour ago

    When are you putting hands-on on the Asus zenfone 6?

  • SanziL Madye

    SanziL Madye

    Hour ago

    How did u test urself with the 90fps thing... How do u know u can tell the difference...

  • SanziL Madye

    SanziL Madye

    Hour ago

    It's not about how fast the transition looks....

  • Antonio G-P

    Antonio G-P

    Hour ago

    OMG but dose macros tho.

  • Mighty Spirit

    Mighty Spirit

    Hour ago

    How to you pronounce your name

  • Jee Cee

    Jee Cee

    Hour ago

    Is this phone already 5G features?

  • Collection Of Random Videos 100

    Collection Of Random Videos 100

    2 hours ago

    plus bargain hunters can check on amazon to see if they can get for cheaper

  • bhanu rawat

    bhanu rawat

    2 hours ago

    Just wanted to ask onething...... is it better for gaming than samsung s10 plus??

  • Yuan-Chi Chou

    Yuan-Chi Chou

    2 hours ago

    Where is Zenfone 6?

  • pony stereo

    pony stereo

    2 hours ago

    smart person never buys chinese phone. lol

  • Jon Delano

    Jon Delano

    3 hours ago

    seems to me 1+ just moved the needle in the smartphone space.

  • Josh Comfort

    Josh Comfort

    3 hours ago

    Heh, curved glass makes cases pointless. Mom has a huge crack on her s7 edge from it landing at a bad angle. She rarely drops it.

  • Tech And Gaming With Yash

    Tech And Gaming With Yash

    3 hours ago

    Mkbhd is a super duper guy man he is silly cool . By the way how do you edit your videos

  • ahmed soliman

    ahmed soliman

    3 hours ago

    I think it would be interesting to see your take on the asus zenfone 6 :)

  • Imran Naseer

    Imran Naseer

    3 hours ago

    Hello marques. i wanted to know if u can unlock the oneplus 7 pro by fingerprintscanning through an additional screenprotector on your screen?

  • Paritosh Srivastav

    Paritosh Srivastav

    4 hours ago

    Do the Asus Zenfone 6 next please? Thank you.

  • carlos hill

    carlos hill

    4 hours ago

    You and Flossy Carter are the only electronic reviewers I listen to

  • Zarorithajay Ham

    Zarorithajay Ham

    4 hours ago

    Picked up a Slick Wrap Skin

  • Dani Chen

    Dani Chen

    5 hours ago

    I can see myself breaking the camera off

  • Ali Zafar

    Ali Zafar

    5 hours ago

    Would games that actually perform above 60 FPS be benefited by the 90hz refresh rate? I heard that if it's at or below 60 FPS, the 90hz doesn't really matter then?

  • Cătălin Radu

    Cătălin Radu

    6 hours ago

    don't you ruin the battery life if you charge it before it goes really low? (is that this a myth?) let's talk about that

  • Rajat Bansal

    Rajat Bansal

    6 hours ago

    Or boycott them this time so they start selling for cheaper next time

  • Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar

    6 hours ago

    Your Videos Are Worth watching at 1080 P . Because of Rich Quality !

  • Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar

    6 hours ago

    Ye! , 24FPS Sucks . & I hate 24FPS video. Don't know why People Still stuck with 24 FPS ? 30fps is Much better .

  • Vicky Vignesh

    Vicky Vignesh

    7 hours ago

    Redmi 🔥🔥🔥

  • rafael martinez

    rafael martinez

    7 hours ago

    Love this phone, can someone link when someone drops Google camera mod

  • GMT


    7 hours ago

    Bruh my country sucks, not available here.

  • Morgan TV

    Morgan TV

    8 hours ago

    This is perfect for me

  • Wayne Low

    Wayne Low

    9 hours ago

    I am actually curious, Erica and Davelee reported 6-7 hours of battery life but you advised half of theirs. What may caused the difference?

  • ranndino


    9 hours ago

    Even my OnePlus 6 is so fast and responsive that I often launch apps by accident because my finger got close to the screen.

  • Pokemon tcg opening Mario and Michelle

    Pokemon tcg opening Mario and Michelle

    10 hours ago

    I don’t like this phone I’ll stay with Samsung

  • Null_ 203

    Null_ 203

    10 hours ago

    ROG phone, RedMagic 3 and BlackShark had 90hz oled before OP7P

  • Mau PS

    Mau PS

    12 hours ago

    Even the "Weakest" part of 1+7Pro is considered the "strongest" in many other phones. I'll say it again: 1+ is becoming the king of smartphones, its only a matter of time until they rule this market if they can still keep their affordable prices or make them even lower.

  • Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un

    8 hours ago

    If they stayed with their low price, they had to compete with other brands like xiaomi

  • aldotheapache1000


    13 hours ago

    Come on Marques. I need that blue wallpaper with the triangle. It's like the tri force and my favorite color. Please hook a loyal fan up with a link or something. Please!

  • Jose Esparza

    Jose Esparza

    13 hours ago

    The phone is also 800 bucks if you don't have an account with your service provider

  • Jose Esparza

    Jose Esparza

    14 hours ago

    I saw 6 mins of this video went to go buy this phone now am finishing the rest of the video on the OnePlus 7 haha

  • Ahmed Gouhmid

    Ahmed Gouhmid

    14 hours ago

    probably the best for the money but don't overhype it the flagships are still overall better

  • Abdul Gafoor

    Abdul Gafoor

    14 hours ago

    You do always talk about the camera quality of Google pixel, what do you think of the camera of OnePlus 7pro? Is it better than pixel?

  • Crictical Ninja

    Crictical Ninja

    14 hours ago

    Do you know? That Samsung has made that one plus 7 display

  • Meng Ze

    Meng Ze

    14 hours ago

    No comments on stupid front camera? Solid commercial vid

  • Tomáš Bludovič

    Tomáš Bludovič

    14 hours ago

  • mr bad man

    mr bad man

    14 hours ago

    check out the zenfone 6 pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ehsan Uk99

    Ehsan Uk99

    14 hours ago

    Thanks MKBHD good job



    15 hours ago

    Who's here after Huawei was snapped out of Android existence

  • Winfried


    15 hours ago

    Just here to tell you, Zenfone 6 wins this round

  • Ali naeem

    Ali naeem

    15 hours ago

    Please no lies Didn't expect from you🙁

  • Faisal Anwar

    Faisal Anwar

    16 hours ago

    MKBHD - it appears you have been "PEID" 😂 Don't forgot to mention the sponsorship next time!

  • David Aiyedun

    David Aiyedun

    16 hours ago

    Samsung lover but this phone is super crazy... the 90hz refresh rate is superb

  • Эдем Мр.

    Эдем Мр.

    16 hours ago

    Субтитры пожалуйста )

  • arthur staal

    arthur staal

    17 hours ago

    Phones are getting too fragile imho, the old xperia Z line was rugged as hell while also being glass (flat displays are way stronger, no matter the gorilla glass version). Just make flat surfaces with a "lip" on the edge, and you won't have to use a bulky cover for it. Also it's phones that are over €1000 that are ridiculously expensive, this price isn't low, it's adequate.

  • carlosfer2201


    17 hours ago

    Oneplus One $300-350, Samsung and iPhone of those days $600-700 Oneplus 7 Pro $670, current Samsung and iPhone $900-1000 Sounds about right. And for anyone saying there's the S10e and the XR, there's also the Oneplus 7 at around $500, just not for the US yet.

  • Amogh Hiregoudar

    Amogh Hiregoudar

    17 hours ago


  • DeadAtrocity


    17 hours ago

    I am so tired of curved glass and rounded corners.

  • Toofan Habib

    Toofan Habib

    17 hours ago

    I own this phone and it's ahhmazing. I have quality Bluetooth headphones and it sounds spectacular so the headphone Jack is not an issue for me. The camera is pretty damn good for everything, but I guess if your job is based on your phone photo quality and video Samsung and iPhone would be the better option. The fast charging is insane, 20 minutes and I'm back up by 50 percent. Selfie cam is cool. Screen looks spectacular, but I can understand how the curve could be polarizing to some. I got used to it and love it now. For the price he is right this slams the competition.

  • Juan-Carlos M. François

    Juan-Carlos M. François

    17 hours ago

    Dream phone right there!!! Tech enthusiasts dream phone😍😍

  • Scott McDonald

    Scott McDonald

    18 hours ago

    Curious, why do you seem to always review phones on 100% brightness which from what I can tell seems to lead to quite often saying battery life is not all that great?

  • Mario Cepo

    Mario Cepo

    18 hours ago

    This phone has the potential to be the best phone in 2019, because it has the best overall package(great display, stereo speakers, good camera, lovely design) at the moment!! The only problem could be its phablet size, especially for small hands like mine!

  • Spiros Pandis

    Spiros Pandis

    19 hours ago

    I'm sorry but why aren't we talking about the chin...

  • Tyler Stites

    Tyler Stites

    19 hours ago

    This very well may be the phone that converts me from years of Iphones...!

  • Minh Giang

    Minh Giang

    19 hours ago

    Please review Asus Zenfone 6

  • pharder1234


    19 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the enjoi deck?

  • Liam Scully

    Liam Scully

    19 hours ago

    markass brownie

  • gopi s

    gopi s

    20 hours ago

    I like the backside fingerprint scanner than indisplay ☺️

  • TheUtgardian Channel

    TheUtgardian Channel

    21 hour ago

    lmao that nice after the price hahaha

  • akrav1983


    21 hour ago

    I guess I would get addicted to 90 hertz too, but right now I'm addicted to the headphone jack. So it's S10+ for me.

  • popothebright


    21 hour ago

    300k popups on the front-facing camera? Say 10 video calls per day... 3650 per year... You're good for 82 years.

  • Ehsan Parvez Kazi

    Ehsan Parvez Kazi

    21 hour ago

    Amazing review.. Can you please help me with the mobile gaming as this doesn't have a headphone jack will there be non sync between the A/V... for eg while playing PUBG... I use Bose Soundsport. I have Nexus 6P now (bought after watching your review) and I found A/V sync issue on PUBG

  • Broads in Africa

    Broads in Africa

    21 hour ago

    Where does one plus save the money btw? Marketing id assume

  • First to Last

    First to Last

    21 hour ago

    4k dislike,,,, what a resulation

  • Archie Andrews

    Archie Andrews

    21 hour ago

    I dont even notice the difference between my 120Hz iPad vs my 60Hz iPhone. lol

  • Thomas Bonde Pedersen

    Thomas Bonde Pedersen

    22 hours ago

    For me only two of the lenses work. The 3x seems to be cropped from the 48mp. Is anyone having this issue?

  • Chief Denis

    Chief Denis

    22 hours ago

    No headphone jack, no bueno

  • RiRin


    22 hours ago

    Why would you put all those kickass things into the phone if it can only last 4 hours?

  • little by little

    little by little

    23 hours ago


  • jay phil

    jay phil

    23 hours ago

    This phone is a champ hands down....great from OnePlus again...getting this for my birthday.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    23 hours ago

    aayega toh modi hi

  • Rahul Reberio

    Rahul Reberio

    Day ago

    Is it 5g?????

  • Albert Paul Fetalino

    Albert Paul Fetalino

    Day ago

    Question. Is there any gesture based navigation?

  • Anthony F.

    Anthony F.

    Day ago

    There’s been 90hz OLED displays before. The ASUS ROG Phone had it first.

  • psychomaniac189


    Day ago

    So phone is awesome, camera sucks ass. Got it

  • Toofan Habib

    Toofan Habib

    17 hours ago

    The camera really does not suck ass...I have one, it's great. If you are looking for pro quality editing then iPhone and Samsung edge it out better.

  • Razor_is_Realistic Lucky

    Razor_is_Realistic Lucky

    Day ago

    Not just me only have you discovered once Apple discovered something it gets expensive cause of it 2007:iPhone touch with ur finger $399 3.5inch 4gb 2008:3G $450 2009:3GS video $489 2010:4 facetime that's Skype for ios $499 2011:4s hey siri that's Google voice for ios $499 2012:5 2013:5s fingerpint $499 5c $199 2017:X hole screen thats an iPhone 7 with a whole screen look at it right $999 2018: XS Speed A12 $1099 And one plus never settles an makes the first whole and in glass fingerprint and fastest performance This is the future one plus 7pro takes it Samsung and Huawei is going down this year A80 and Mate 30 watch out this is the future One plus 7

  • Herman Chow

    Herman Chow

    Day ago

    Please review on the Zenfone 6. I wanna hear your take on the new innovation on the flip camera!

  • Raphael Tefera

    Raphael Tefera

    Day ago

    "It's about how tight that feedback can be" title of MKBHD's sex tape

  • Santu Chanda

    Santu Chanda

    Day ago

    Please give me thumbnail wallpaper link 👏

  • GAMannING


    Day ago

    Watching this on my one plus 7 Pro 😍❤️❤️❤️

  • GAMannING


    11 hours ago

    +David Simon I got the black one 8gb ram and 256 gb rom.😍😍😍

  • David Simon

    David Simon

    15 hours ago

    lucky!!! what color did you get? did you get the 8 or 12 ram? I'm going to get one soon😀

  • Mohammed Abrar

    Mohammed Abrar

    Day ago

    When will the in depth review comes out

  • suisiruy


    Day ago

    So well shot video. Very good job! (As always)

  • Dushan Sinx

    Dushan Sinx

    Day ago

    MKBHD You are so biased , you pretend to flatter the phone then you crush it about it's camera. Photos from one plus 7pro compared to samsung and iphone, were actually way better. Check ABSYT cameras comparison Apple junk fanboii

  • Karl


    Day ago

    No phone jack. No sale!

  • Snd Sk

    Snd Sk

    Day ago

    kasih saya dong hehehehe

  • Wayne Chang

    Wayne Chang

    Day ago

    Can you do a review for ZenFone 6??

  • robert johnson

    robert johnson

    Day ago

    After this review I ordered the OnePlus Pro 8GB/256GB model. Should have it in a few days.

  • Toppins


    Day ago

    Nebula blue. Who's ready for other colours : Gamora Green, Thanos Purple, Iron Man red.

  • Raghul Ravichandiran

    Raghul Ravichandiran

    Day ago

    Man i still suck with Moto G2😭

  • bartuszaw


    Day ago


  • Praveen Chauhan

    Praveen Chauhan

    Day ago

    aayega toh modi hi

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