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Today we're taking oobleck and trying 4 things we've never done before- putting it in dry ice, dropping it from 40 feet up, putting it in a vacuum chamber and a deep fryer.
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  • Cerberus IC

    Cerberus IC

    21 hour ago

    0:11 seconds cue the ali-a intro

  • Im a Mug

    Im a Mug

    22 hours ago

    What If they deep fry the oonleck then put dry ice in it then put it in a vacuum chamber

  • gary zombie

    gary zombie

    23 hours ago

    Can a egg survive in Oobleck in a balloon drop from a high height

  • Golden Flame

    Golden Flame

    Day ago

    Thats amazing

  • Nathan taylor

    Nathan taylor

    Day ago

    Could you try encasing fireworks or firecrackers in oobleck and see if it reacts or contains the explosion?

  • gary zombie

    gary zombie

    23 hours ago

    It acts as a solid making it a lot louder also makes huge mess it's fun

  • Ben 610

    Ben 610

    Day ago

    Can you try putting lots of expanding foam into water balloons, party balloons, and the long thin twisty animal balloon type?

  • Strawberry Stravaganza

    Strawberry Stravaganza

    Day ago

    Can you run on Ooblek

  • Inky sans

    Inky sans

    Day ago


  • Bitchmetoo DaFuq

    Bitchmetoo DaFuq

    Day ago

    Drink every time he says ooblek

  • Addwiko Nugroho

    Addwiko Nugroho

    Day ago

    oobleck and deep fryer -> Cireng

  • Kshitij Sharma

    Kshitij Sharma

    Day ago

    What did that nuke did ? Japanese: 9:25

  • gonzal1482


    Day ago

    What would happen if u had a fan on oobleck and slowly touched it?



    Day ago

    It's Shrek's swamp!!!!

  • Brown Mocha

    Brown Mocha

    Day ago

    O wow... I didnt know it had a name

  • Degrxeeツ


    Day ago

    Love the vids Make this blue if you agree v

  • Древний Укр

    Древний Укр

    2 days ago


  • itsme christy

    itsme christy

    2 days ago

    Miss c. Where are u?

  • Zachary Zimmerman

    Zachary Zimmerman

    2 days ago

    Have fun cleaning that up! 😂

  • Father A. A. Gabriel

    Father A. A. Gabriel

    2 days ago

    It's "The bog of eternal stench" without the bad smell... unless you count the smell of Nate, on the lift in the hot hot sun ! LOL

  • Martin aus

    Martin aus

    2 days ago

    413 likes from the upside down

  • Jay Anthony Benatero

    Jay Anthony Benatero

    2 days ago

    Bullet vs ublack



    2 days ago

    Does anyone else want to see oobleck in a blender or is it just me?

  • Bat Man

    Bat Man

    2 days ago

    Can you make thermite infused orbeez and stick a fuse in them and lite it? Please try. Tkor is awesome👑👑

  • Keondin Perry

    Keondin Perry

    2 days ago

    In Mother Russia OObleck plays with humans



    2 days ago

    Put a coconut in a vacuum chamber

  • Akuma Forging

    Akuma Forging

    2 days ago

    Can you put magnetic powder in ooblek or thermite

  • DinoMasterFire Rising

    DinoMasterFire Rising

    2 days ago

    get outta mah swamp!

  • King Whyvern Dragoon

    King Whyvern Dragoon

    2 days ago

    Oobleck in a blender? What would it do?

  • King Whyvern Dragoon

    King Whyvern Dragoon

    2 days ago

    Yo Oobleck can be a lethal murder weapon. Say you threw oobleck at a person it would knock them out cuz it’s a solid, but as soon as people try to find what killed him, the oobleck will turn into a liquid. Saying he got hit by a hard object is true but there is no hard object. Only Oobleck, that weird puddle on the floor.

  • King Whyvern Dragoon

    King Whyvern Dragoon

    2 days ago

    Green pancakes

  • Kelvorax


    2 days ago

    So here’s the real question... Do you eat Oobleck or do you drink it?

  • Santo Mathew

    Santo Mathew

    2 days ago

    Hit it with a hammer

  • Santiago Barrera

    Santiago Barrera

    3 days ago

    Make an ooblek pool

  • Yiwen Ma

    Yiwen Ma

    3 days ago

    oobleck word infinite

  • chris bowman

    chris bowman

    3 days ago

    are you to dating

  • stupid and I know it

    stupid and I know it

    3 days ago

    Green chicken nuggets lol

  • Luis c

    Luis c

    3 days ago

    Make a chute

  • Daeshaun009


    3 days ago

    You should try oobleck in a variable speed blender. Start it on slow and work up to high speed.

  • prafullit medi

    prafullit medi

    3 days ago

    What would happen to a complete electrical circuit in a vacuum chamber?

  • Rose Wolf

    Rose Wolf

    3 days ago

    what if you got a bunch of chalk dust and put it in a balloon then dropped it from the lift? i feel like it'd be pretty to watch

  • Dum Neptune Bacon

    Dum Neptune Bacon

    3 days ago

    Can you freeze dry oobleck???

  • Sami Brey

    Sami Brey

    3 days ago

    can you make magnetic ooblek

  • Diederik Klopper

    Diederik Klopper

    3 days ago

    If you mix up a bunch of this stuff, will you be able to walk on it?

  • Marty.R Woodcock

    Marty.R Woodcock

    3 days ago

    I'm not sure how "oobleck" is a common word for it. I've always heard of it as slime. T.K.o.R. are the only people I've heard calling it oobleck.

  • Rafa Lemus

    Rafa Lemus

    3 days ago

    Unspeakable also did make oobleck in a pool

  • Masin Gillespie

    Masin Gillespie

    3 days ago

    You made the bog of stench with the dry ice

  • Spirit Keeper

    Spirit Keeper

    3 days ago


  • vanessa pontillano

    vanessa pontillano

    3 days ago

    What happens if you boil soda and taste it and see if it tasted the same.

  • Killian Holm

    Killian Holm

    3 days ago

    Put oblek in a blender

  • Rae Gamez 57

    Rae Gamez 57

    3 days ago

    You guys should make homemade mirrors and put them in fire, liquid nitrogen, and all the things you can think of. I’ve wanted to see this for 2 years please make it happen ilysm

  • anna the dog owner

    anna the dog owner

    3 days ago

    Nate:"im going to pour oblek into the bow" Me:more like a skooping it

  • Mikus Miķelsons

    Mikus Miķelsons

    3 days ago

    Can you try beton in vacuum? Strength test vacuumed beton VS normal beton

  • Rod C

    Rod C

    3 days ago

    You should put some dry ice powder in candy mixture or molten candy to see what happens

  • FusioN_Fox


    3 days ago

    can someone tell me what happened to the other guy the one i subscribed to

  • jahlia salmon

    jahlia salmon

    3 days ago

    you should deep fry slime

  • Colin Chi

    Colin Chi

    3 days ago

    the green oobleck chuck from the deep fryer looks like a mutated chicken Mcnugget

  • Chillest Of the Chillz

    Chillest Of the Chillz

    3 days ago

    Can you do comparing things with flower and water to ooblek for example microwaving them or using a blow torch to burn them

  • jc peralta

    jc peralta

    3 days ago

    Put dry ice in the deep fryer

  • william cutsforth

    william cutsforth

    3 days ago

    maybe eat it?

  • Doppelgamer Reactions

    Doppelgamer Reactions

    3 days ago

    Try ro mix oobleck and lava

  • Nanny Fill

    Nanny Fill

    3 days ago

    If you change the water with another liquid will it still turn into oobleck

  • Kyle Stewart

    Kyle Stewart

    3 days ago

    You should try to deep fry freeze dried food

  • Domenick Smith

    Domenick Smith

    3 days ago

    Try and walk on a pool of ooblek to see if it will actually hold you up

  • Build it Break it

    Build it Break it

    3 days ago

    Deep fry dry ice

  • Estela Ibarra

    Estela Ibarra

    3 days ago

    Can you fill an inflatable pool and walk on top of Oobleck?

  • Raza Swagg

    Raza Swagg

    3 days ago

    You guys should do some experiments on kinetic sand

  • cameron helesten

    cameron helesten

    3 days ago

    Can you cook food with steam?

  • Laceyd710


    3 days ago

    Deep fried obleck looks like a green chicken nugget!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😃😃😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤔🤭🤢🤮😶😐🤫😅🤨😏

  • evilcanofdrpepper


    3 days ago

    ooh do super high juggling with ooblec so it liquefies in the air between throws!!!

  • The Best Gamer

    The Best Gamer

    3 days ago

    Can you liquid nitrogen a paper?

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