Purgatony Episode 07 - Holy Roller, Holy Diver


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Tony Pergatelli is a low level bureaucrat in Purgatory - a claims adjustor for Death. Day in and day out, Tony reviews the files of the newly dead and decides singlehandedly whether they’re approved or denied to get into Heaven. He’s unqualified, unsure of himself and unbelievably burdened by the weight of his choices. It’s just one thing after another!
Tony finds out that everyone in the office has been betting on whether he sends his clients to Heaven or Hell, and gets pressured to “fix the game” when his popularity grows and they’re all betting on certain outcomes.
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  • Eilidhpetrina Vann

    Eilidhpetrina Vann

    8 minutes ago

    1 no rubbish in the bin

  • Bravo 53

    Bravo 53

    57 minutes ago

    Yo why is tony friend change color when she came in

  • Bob the Builder

    Bob the Builder

    Hour ago

    Was that guy with the knife northern irish or scottish?

  • Bowling Pin

    Bowling Pin

    2 hours ago

    episode 8 is already out and it is in youtube so yea

  • p nuggs

    p nuggs

    3 hours ago

    Someone leaked purgatony episode 8 I don't know who it is but I thought this might be useful or something

  • Genesis David

    Genesis David

    3 hours ago

    That baby is basically stewie

  • Rebecca Matthews

    Rebecca Matthews

    4 hours ago

    Death is the best character

  • Sakellariou Dimitris

    Sakellariou Dimitris

    4 hours ago

    If you're making an episode on Hell, I suggest you show it to us just as it is described in Dante Alligheri's "The Divine Comedy". You know, the 9 circles, the depiction of Lucifer as a three headed beast etc.

  • dayton koonce

    dayton koonce

    5 hours ago

    😏 And that is how it’s done. How to piss everyone off and have fun while doing it. 😏😏😏

  • Ted Clermont

    Ted Clermont

    8 hours ago

    This was a very enjoyable episode. Fuck everyone at that office lol

  • noa H

    noa H

    8 hours ago

    tony is the best character

  • green shirtguy

    green shirtguy

    9 hours ago

    Holy diver, youve been down too long in the midnight sea

  • Devld22


    10 hours ago

    2:38 and 7:09 reminds me of the first mission of mw1 lol

  • Feddy Hernandez

    Feddy Hernandez

    12 hours ago

    Seeing tony win brought back my faith in humanity Also the end credits are funny i still cant tell if deaf is better than tony

  • I’m Essentially Dead

    I’m Essentially Dead

    13 hours ago

    Somebody already posted ep 8 somehow, idk how that could happen but I saw it.

  • Imperfect Fractals

    Imperfect Fractals

    14 hours ago

    I'm literally just waiting for Tony to come into death's office and death being...indecent. Don't get any ideas, deviantart.

  • Miks_ gold

    Miks_ gold

    14 hours ago

    1:37 Who else noticed that Max has diferent hair color and clothes?

  • You know Me already

    You know Me already

    16 hours ago

    8/10 not enough chad Bradley

  • Lore Zero

    Lore Zero

    16 hours ago

    Tony wins



    16 hours ago

    I made a slideshow to show you how much i care.

  • Crazy Brothers

    Crazy Brothers

    16 hours ago

    Please add more theyre great thanks soo much for purgatony.

  • Glocken Fist

    Glocken Fist

    17 hours ago

    I’m glad he finally won something

  • Knife Game

    Knife Game

    17 hours ago

    Are you guys working on 8?

  • that 22 channel

    that 22 channel

    17 hours ago

    The worst caricature is Chad the best is death and Tony's ok

  • Inferno Savage

    Inferno Savage

    18 hours ago

    This has to be a reference to trolley Tom the game

  • Subset


    19 hours ago

    So nobody seen Tony point the middle finger at the demon and angle 2:28

  • Udester Swag

    Udester Swag

    19 hours ago

    My favorite episode so far Dat succubus doe🥵

  • Adam McDonald

    Adam McDonald

    21 hour ago

    The soul shredder is fake, Tony died in a building collapse, and death wears a sombrero.

  • Mystic The bad

    Mystic The bad

    22 hours ago

    I thought tony would have an easy on until 7:35

  • BabyCocoMan


    22 hours ago

    Anybody else notice the dildos in the prize table

  • Godofdeath Takerofsouls

    Godofdeath Takerofsouls

    23 hours ago

    We want more purgatony

  • Space Pirate

    Space Pirate

    23 hours ago

    Max introduction was pretty cool and his loyalty to his friend tony is also cool

  • Ethan Hudson

    Ethan Hudson

    23 hours ago

    You should have tony judge sad Larry in a cold open

  • Felicia Taylor

    Felicia Taylor

    Day ago

    I love that even Chad Bradley backs out of the situation. Lol!

  • The Lightning Brony

    The Lightning Brony

    Day ago

    1:19 Was that Harald Bluetooth? If so, nice history reference! :D

  • Audanius Vesuvuis

    Audanius Vesuvuis

    Day ago

    3:31 my uncle during my nan’s funeral

  • Eva Dobre

    Eva Dobre

    Day ago

    I really want a video where Freddie Mercury appears!

  • Little Sapphire

    Little Sapphire

    Day ago

    12:59 *HAHAHA Tony wins! TONY WIIINS!*

  • Eeuwe Heegstra

    Eeuwe Heegstra

    Day ago

    Waait if angels. Dont have Dicks or something why is er a toilet???

  • Anthony Carlton

    Anthony Carlton

    Day ago

    i wold send him to haven because of that crazy angle with a knife

  • Ando Purwanto

    Ando Purwanto

    Day ago

    You need any paper clips tony? YoU WaNt Me tO SuCk ThaT DicK ShLuRP I laughed so hard at that moment

  • robby gamerfam

    robby gamerfam

    Day ago

    five star seires

  • Sgt Corgi

    Sgt Corgi

    Day ago

    "Be careful she's a succubus" "She'll suck my what!?"

  • Spicymemes Games

    Spicymemes Games

    Day ago

    In episode 8 Tony dies

  • Zeeshan Shariff

    Zeeshan Shariff

    Day ago

    On September 20th explanation should make an episode where tony has to deal with 300,000 dead people from area 51

  • ZombieX13


    Day ago

    Oh man that was fucking awesome

  • SerenityM16


    Day ago

    What’s funny about the Chinese finger trap is even knowing the trick to it, it’s a bit of a maneuver to get out

  • tundra spirits

    tundra spirits

    Day ago

    i would have given a third to the dude so he would leave me alone and another third to the succubus....

  • Riley Penn

    Riley Penn

    Day ago

    Tony: “oh hey there lil baby” “DrIp To HaRd”

  • Space duck of dreams

    Space duck of dreams

    Day ago

    @jessie B what I meant was that explosm entertainment has better standers than that

  • rage comic boi

    rage comic boi

    Day ago

    New character coming soon PAMBELA EASLEY



    Day ago

    Man, It's a bummer there's just one last episode left to this cynical happiness... Gonna miss the series real bad :(

  • Isa Gaica

    Isa Gaica

    Day ago

    Monday,, 3:31

  • XxadensegalxX 13

    XxadensegalxX 13

    Day ago

    I am a time traveler Next episode we know how tony dies His girlfriend and also that the soul shredder was a coffee machine

  • BlazingHornet


    Day ago

    0:42 bin is full 0:45 bins empty

  • Jack J Johnson

    Jack J Johnson

    Day ago

    Fyi, someone stealing your content. Hope you see this, I didn't know where to post this. usdownload.net/item/video-tLgvws_LTGA.html

  • Tessa Martin

    Tessa Martin

    Day ago

    Not gonna lie. Max creeped me at first, but i like him now.

  • Indigo Monroe

    Indigo Monroe

    Day ago

    Tony is a pretty cool character

  • Spider Man

    Spider Man

    Day ago

    Death is the best 😂

  • StormStriker


    Day ago

    Best episode by far!

  • Bendyboy 43

    Bendyboy 43

    Day ago

    dose nobody notice that max looks different on 1:37

  • RedDragon 12

    RedDragon 12

    Day ago

    when u bet on one thing that no one has bet for a million Tix Tony:Stonks!

  • Clutch InHD

    Clutch InHD

    Day ago

    EVERYBODY GO TO 1:38 he has normal skin

  • Brian Welch

    Brian Welch

    Day ago

    was 8 already deleted

  • Laurence Yu

    Laurence Yu

    Day ago

    1:36 Why is the hair purple on the guy to the right?

  • Caroline Drum

    Caroline Drum

    Day ago

    Max's hair changes for a sec

  • Retarded Mario Bros 64

    Retarded Mario Bros 64

    Day ago

    That was funny at 3:32

  • Ryder Koch

    Ryder Koch

    Day ago

    Hey hey, we say little person tony.

  • Winged programme Hero626

    Winged programme Hero626

    Day ago

    Look into my eyes tony where sharing a moment lamf9 hahahahaa

  • Scott MakesGames

    Scott MakesGames

    Day ago

    Death is no doubt the best character! xD

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