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  • x0x0BRANDYYBABYYx0x0


    8 hours ago

    Someone, pls tell me abt the hoops she’s wearing! I can’t find them anywhere!

  • wednesday


    Day ago

    Never seen someone that talks so much lol

  • Jannat Queen

    Jannat Queen

    Day ago

    Anyone else here after the Jaclyn Hill drama?☕

  • Brittney Brommels

    Brittney Brommels

    2 days ago

    Jaclyn you are for sure hands down one amazing Beautiful soulful woman! I absolutely love ❤️ how you are so real , honest, , an just pure loving an beautiful inside an outside 😊 i hope someday I can meet you !!! I also wanted to say I love how you do your makeup N I can’t wait to get one of your pallets. I just got back into make up the short story short I was in a horrible relationship for five years and wasn’t allowed to wear make up wasn’t allowed to dress up. So I moved it states I found myself I have a boyfriend now who lets me just be me and so now I’m getting back into make up I’m watching you and a few others on USdownload I just absolutely love it. I don’t have an your pallets yet but I will soon. Sorry such a long story but I know all about the depression and the anxiety and the horrible things that happen you know in life. Anyways just wanna say I love you girl you rock my socks off LOL 😉 Love Brittney brommels

  • Diana Fronsdahl

    Diana Fronsdahl

    3 days ago

    I can't imagine having her life with my anxiety, etc... I'm doing well right now too, it does really come & go. But if I was doing all sorts of crazy stuff like her, it'd be so much harder.

  • Diana Fronsdahl

    Diana Fronsdahl

    3 days ago

    Fallout 76, & JH... great pair, lol! 😁

  • Ashleigh Woolley

    Ashleigh Woolley

    4 days ago

    The real question you should be answering is why you think it's ok to sell dangerous products?

  • Courtney Lirette

    Courtney Lirette

    4 days ago

    Omg chance is my favorite like die hard.. like since the beginning.... yaaaaaasssssssssss

  • romanova311


    5 days ago

    How about choosing to work on yourself and your relationship? Why would you tell people to leave their relationship? Maybe that person is their destiny? Start teaching people good things. Instead of useless rant

  • Ashlyn Yorel

    Ashlyn Yorel

    3 days ago

    She never said leave your relationship nor did she both anyone. She simply was saying not to avoid or ditch your dreams because of a man.

  • Souli So

    Souli So

    5 days ago

    Love u Jaclyn from day one ♥️♥️ I started learning how to do my makeup step by step during watching ur videos from 2014 till now and now I’m a makeup artist because of u I get inspired by the most beautiful talented girl thank u for sharing ur makeup techniques with us and this is my IG Makeup acc : Souli_makeupartist

  • Alexandra Hammond

    Alexandra Hammond

    5 days ago

    I miss you so much Jaclyn ... all your post and everything .. please come back

  • Nikki &Jordan

    Nikki &Jordan

    6 days ago

    At 20mins taking about Doritos love them but I'm a stoned know what taste good nacho cheese Doritos an put them on plate an put shredded cheese on them an put sweet baby rays on them put them in the microwave for about a minute and they'll come out amazing!!!!! Yummm 💨💨🤤😛

  • Melody's Vanities

    Melody's Vanities

    6 days ago


  • Crystal Paul

    Crystal Paul

    8 days ago

    How is that she's her happiest only when someone loves her? Thats one thing I've noticed. Right after Jon she went for the next guy who appealed to her, mentally. Like... you're not ready. You just got out of a 9 year marriage. Confidence only when someone is loving you, is called co-dependency. Probably the reason why her and Jons marriage failed cause they were both co-dependant and i guess she put a lot of effort to make it work... but it takes two hands to clap.

  • w p

    w p

    9 days ago

    That damn nose....it literally looks like a hideous penis!

  • M F

    M F

    10 days ago

    What lip color is this ?!

  • C Har

    C Har

    11 days ago

    It’s a love hate relationship with Jaclyn

  • Emma Fisher

    Emma Fisher

    13 days ago

    Ok but it’s funny, #76-no excuses! Oh, the hair on my lipsticks is from the gloves we use. And also the black spots on my lipstick are “oxygen bubbles”.

  • Leanne Nolan

    Leanne Nolan

    14 days ago

    I love her facial expressions!!

  • Kei Limepie

    Kei Limepie

    14 days ago

    The irony of her saying "no excuses" is a tattoo she wants to get LOL girl, sit down. 🤚

  • S Akhtar

    S Akhtar

    14 days ago

    Can we get a perfume or makeup collection? LIKE THIS COMMENT TO GET THE ATTENTION ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kei Limepie

    Kei Limepie

    14 days ago

    No lol

  • Batina NesCafe

    Batina NesCafe

    15 days ago

    JH .. you're always in my prayers ..I'm so wanting you to be on top and prove all the haters wrong.. you can do this girl... YOU CAN!!

  • Jennifer Harris

    Jennifer Harris

    15 days ago

    Gurl....you look like a queen. A drag queen.

  • Katie Songbird

    Katie Songbird

    16 days ago

    This is the Jaclyn I subscribed to and I missed you soo much... I love you and I’m so happy and proud of you. As someone who suffers from PTSD, depression and anxiety and an eating disorder, I really appreciate what a positive influence you are.

  • GorillaPlayingSax


    16 days ago

    JAclyn, i have a question! :) Why are you so manipulative and a con artist?

  • Bailey Alexis_XO

    Bailey Alexis_XO

    16 days ago

    Love you Jaclyn😍❤️😊

  • Stephanie Miller

    Stephanie Miller

    17 days ago

    We love seeing you like this!!! You look so genuinely happy!!! We love you and support you 100%!!! Remember it’s not our mistakes that define us but how we rise after falling. Can’t wait to have you back!!!

  • Trina B.

    Trina B.

    17 days ago


  • Meri B

    Meri B

    17 days ago

    Do meds help u? Be honest because a lot of us take it for anxiety

  • Harlynn2194


    17 days ago

    Wait since you’re not married anymore you’re not a hill

  • Heather Adame

    Heather Adame

    19 days ago

    So did she not list products? Or do you have to be on computer to get full description? I know probably a silly question to most but I’m not a USdownload guru, and curious about the products. 😬

  • Tabytha Morig

    Tabytha Morig

    17 days ago

    Honestly Jaclyn is lazy that way and never lists the products she uses. Unless it’s something with her name on it she’s selling like her morphe Collabs or hairy lipsticks.

  • Gold Skin

    Gold Skin

    19 days ago


  • jasper booth

    jasper booth

    19 days ago

    She looks like she lets dogs fuck her dumb face

  • Maria Holguin

    Maria Holguin

    20 days ago

    Ohh the thing about the phone call with your dad made me cry 😢 he walked away a few weeks ago and for some reason I feel like he’s dead, like I’m grieving. But he’s very much alive with a new family and I think he’s happy but none of his kids are. And like you I wish I would of just shut up and not argue

  • Avilia Lapin

    Avilia Lapin

    21 day ago

    You videos are super entertaining, in a fun way. With all the drama going on I don't judge you as a person because we all make mistakes. I do judge your actions. You need to honestly own up to your mistakes and honestly apologize without blaming anyone or giving a million excuses.

  • Taylor Penthouse

    Taylor Penthouse

    22 days ago

    She is not normal



    22 days ago

    idk why you've so many haters. But tbh, I admired you and your work. Just keep going and do your best!

  • Klov99


    23 days ago

    I love your videos and I can’t even imagine how you are feeling with all that is going on now. I’ve followed you for years and watched how you have grown. I’m wishing you much strength during this difficult time.

  • Milagros Essentials

    Milagros Essentials

    21 day ago

    Klov99 this is nice! Thank you for spreading positive vibes. Have a beautiful day ❤️

  • Tanisha Renae

    Tanisha Renae

    23 days ago

    With everything going on, on social media i hope all is well with you always loved your content you’ve taught me a lot 💜💜

  • BeGlamorousByLindsay


    24 days ago


  • PlanetSleaze


    24 days ago

    “He’s smarter than me.” Yeah, most people have an IQ above 80.

  • Christine Boyd

    Christine Boyd

    24 days ago

    Your great...you and your fan club there...

  • Lizzy xo

    Lizzy xo

    24 days ago

    My friend told me hey you know Jaclyn Hill? I’m Iike no... send sends me her IG I see cute shihtZus and this gay hubby of hers. Yup how could she not see he’s gay af lol

  • Mamma Lin

    Mamma Lin

    25 days ago

    Try the nacho cheese Doritos with honey mustard

  • Liza Romero

    Liza Romero

    27 days ago

    39:45 Wait I thought she said she can’t fly over the ocean...

  • labarbi5


    27 days ago

    Anybody know what lashes are those

  • Lucy Arias

    Lucy Arias

    28 days ago

    CBD organic skin care products facebook.com/groups/1738602639576152/?ref=share

  • Kela Kelz

    Kela Kelz

    28 days ago

    She will always act cheap and poor no matter how rich she is

  • MaxGr33nfan


    29 days ago

    The Mexican way of eating cheese Doritos is putting lemon & TAPATIO 😋😋😋

  • Mary Markovski

    Mary Markovski

    29 days ago

    Can you please send me a pallet! So hard to get in Australia 😩

  • Sharon Emsley

    Sharon Emsley

    29 days ago

    She seems genuinely happier

  • Kat Coul

    Kat Coul

    Month ago

    None of this matters now with the fuzzy lipstick fiasco✌

  • Cynthia Sanchez

    Cynthia Sanchez

    Month ago

    GIRL. That lemon trick is a classic Latin pull! Try it on everyyyyything. Especially fruit 😛 you’ll thank me later!❤️

  • Luscious Ce

    Luscious Ce

    Month ago

    Idc what anyone says i love Jaclyn Hill her lipsticks got tampered with by a hater who wanted to see her fail

  • Robyn


    12 days ago


  • Kiara Merino

    Kiara Merino

    Month ago

    Omgggggg yessssss bora bora is my favvvv place to look at n wish I could visit there.

  • Hola Ross

    Hola Ross

    Month ago

    Chanel chance is life

  • S-J Thompson

    S-J Thompson

    Month ago

    With all the face work and that harsh nose contour she totally reminds me of The Nun! I can't un-see it now.

  • Gramme B

    Gramme B

    Month ago

    It’s already been done. It was called “Glamour Shots” back in the 80’s.

  • Angela Middendorff

    Angela Middendorff

    Month ago

    You have to try Jalapeño Popper Doritos...They Are Amazing!!!!

  • Kiki Chon

    Kiki Chon

    Month ago

    Whaaaaat?! Havent even heard of it ...now I'm on the search!

  • mjbaybgurl


    Month ago

    Girl...you are so high maintenance. I LOVE IT!! ❤😄

  • Ariana 4 life

    Ariana 4 life

    Month ago

    She was doing her foundation for like a hour😂

  • universal love

    universal love

    Month ago

    She’s a drunk

  • māythé b

    māythé b

    Month ago


  • māythé b

    māythé b

    Month ago

    recall *

  • māythé b

    māythé b

    Month ago

    * recall

  • māythé b

    māythé b

    Month ago


  • māythé b

    māythé b

    Month ago


  • Shaan Muttathil

    Shaan Muttathil

    Month ago

    She wanted to be a actress for sure. And she still wants to be a actress. For sure

  • Rose McCormick

    Rose McCormick

    Month ago

    Who jackie



    Month ago

    what foundation did you use in this video?

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