Today we're finding out who knows Olivia better: her boyfriend Sam OR her work boyfriend Shayne?
Leave a comment and let us know who you think is gonna win!
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  • Olivia Sui

    Olivia Sui

    6 days ago


  • Vilivagod


    2 hours ago


  • Itz_EmeryYT


    14 hours ago

    **faints\** ...j-just Sui O-Oliva **hyperventilating starts**

  • Jasmine Zhao

    Jasmine Zhao

    23 hours ago

    Olivia Sui I’m not a boy

  • UND3R6R0UND 01

    UND3R6R0UND 01

    Day ago

    Subscribe to MrBeast

  • Miss Mia

    Miss Mia

    Day ago

    Olivia Sui i’m your girlfriend

  • Hi Im a person

    Hi Im a person

    Hour ago

    So your work boyfriend is Courtney,your work girlfriend is Shane,and your real girlfriend is sam

  • Me Me

    Me Me

    Hour ago

    I love stains laugh

  • Daniel McEntyre

    Daniel McEntyre

    2 hours ago

    Is that geff from the Goldbergs

  • Anna Lee

    Anna Lee

    2 hours ago

    im 100000% sure me and olivia are the same person?

  • Anna Lee

    Anna Lee

    2 hours ago

    dude we all know that olivia would be kanye

  • Mason Hill

    Mason Hill

    2 hours ago

    Why is Sarah the best?

  • Mc Joey

    Mc Joey

    3 hours ago

    2 years

  • Taryn Sears

    Taryn Sears

    4 hours ago

    Sam and Olivia are adorable!

  • Mckell Harrop

    Mckell Harrop

    4 hours ago

    Is Sam that guy from the Goldbergs?

  • Cai Maneclang

    Cai Maneclang

    4 hours ago

    next, I think u should do shaynes work gf, Courtney, and one of Shaynes exes. :) im just suggesting....

  • safraz mohammed

    safraz mohammed

    4 hours ago

    Courtney and shayne make a good couple

  • TheHusky Snowball

    TheHusky Snowball

    5 hours ago

    Olivia is scared of butterflies.... you are so lucky you are not together with me cause here where I live.... Its butterflies EVERYWHERE..... And they are not small XD

  • Hunte Brice

    Hunte Brice

    8 hours ago

    5:43 how dare you make fun of my country

  • Wolfie Girl

    Wolfie Girl

    9 hours ago

    You guys should invite Sam for a try not to laugh

  • MajorAlex1


    9 hours ago

    Who else doesnt like butterflies

  • azozz alsheha

    azozz alsheha

    10 hours ago

    I thought she was lesbian or something

  • WDC Art .Co.

    WDC Art .Co.

    10 hours ago

    How is Keith not Olivia’s work wife?

  • fan girly

    fan girly

    13 hours ago

    Lmao this video made me laugh sm luv ya guys

  • Bunny Pineapple

    Bunny Pineapple

    17 hours ago

    I punched the notification bell and cracked my screen protector

  • Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    17 hours ago


  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump

    17 hours ago

    She a hoeeeeeee

  • Strez 92

    Strez 92

    17 hours ago


  • Calista Hayward

    Calista Hayward

    17 hours ago

    Who knows Sam better? Olivia or Shayne??

  • Retropony


    20 hours ago

    I just saw Sam and Shayne in the Goldbergs for the first time ever today. I didn't even know they were on the show... But I got sooo excited because it's like I know you all as my friends! I've been watching Smosh since 2005 and you guys have seriously helped me through so much. So thank you for being my family all these years

  • LuckyRaunus


    20 hours ago

    They are both from the goldburges

  • Hayley's Comet

    Hayley's Comet

    20 hours ago

    F this it is shayn and cortny and then Olivia is alone and Keith is gay with Noah Like if u agree

  • No.


    20 hours ago

    The Goldbergs? What’s the connection here?

  • Angel K

    Angel K

    21 hour ago

    Oh I’m just having fun with my friends

  • yoyogamer208_*PUBG mobile gaming* _

    yoyogamer208_*PUBG mobile gaming* _

    22 hours ago

    Courtney is so cute😍

  • Mousedapple Does a thing

    Mousedapple Does a thing

    23 hours ago

    Holdup, both her boyfriend and work boyfriend act in the Goldbergs. WTF, J.T.P

  • you know who

    you know who

    23 hours ago

    Shayne and courtney

  • Segal central

    Segal central

    Day ago

    Courtney + shayne = cayne or shourtney Olivia + Noah = Ooah or nlivia

  • Kedwardo RandomS

    Kedwardo RandomS

    Day ago

    You just know Olivia’s gonna have a heart attack when some random kid knocks on her door dressed as a butterfly for Halloween 😂

  • Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    Day ago

    I love when sams on cause he’s like a little child, he just looks around the world like “woah it’s the world” I love it

  • Lo


    Day ago


  • Iwa L

    Iwa L

    Day ago

    He NAILED Shayne's laugh XD

  • Alli Allialli

    Alli Allialli

    Day ago

    the only thing i was thinking was ''why are you saying he´s your boyfriend, Geoff would never cheat on Erica!''

  • Skye


    Day ago

    I love how she hates that Shane is always right, but he got the question wrong.

  • Bina Newman

    Bina Newman

    Day ago

    I tried punching the notification Bell but it didn't work.

  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts

    Day ago

    They should have done wife( Courtney ) vs boyfriend

  • Vedanta Singh

    Vedanta Singh

    Day ago

    Wtf is a work boyfriend

  • Cassie Rowsey

    Cassie Rowsey

    Day ago

    Courtney FREAKIN millEr is the funniest person on Smosh pit pet

  • Simone Anthony

    Simone Anthony

    Day ago

    I actually ship Olivia and shayne

  • David Frederickson

    David Frederickson

    Day ago

    Noah- "all i want is anthony all i want is anthony all want is anthony" lol

  • Kailey Rose

    Kailey Rose

    Day ago

    Another idea Courtney and her work sister Ian and her real sister Karrie

  • Whalen Abbott

    Whalen Abbott

    Day ago

    OH MY GOD. I've seen him in other Smosh videos but never realized that he was the guy from Project Almanac. I freaking love that movie

  • **Welcome to hell **

    **Welcome to hell **

    Day ago

    I wanted shayne to say John Oliver for the bear one so bad

  • Fox King

    Fox King

    Day ago

    We do have fun then I dress up like a bear... Are we going to ignore this

  • TheBenster 12

    TheBenster 12

    Day ago

    I just love how some of the comments is about damien and shayne ship 😂

  • TheFrenchBoi Gaming

    TheFrenchBoi Gaming

    Day ago

    They didn’t blur Sam swearing nice

  • real madrid

    real madrid

    Day ago

    I love how shayne laughs at his jokes

  • Carlos spicey weiner

    Carlos spicey weiner

    Day ago

    To say the truth Olivia is my least favorite Smosh member

  • chase noneya

    chase noneya

    Day ago


  • R A T F R I E D

    R A T F R I E D

    Day ago

    *buss down*

  • the marshmellow thing

    the marshmellow thing

    Day ago

    I think it can work between Shayne and Sam They have same opinions , somewhat same handwriting and what else do you need

  • Milesss Adona

    Milesss Adona

    Day ago

    *holy sh*t i thought her real boyfriend was shane hahahhahahah*

  • Jude Xerxes Herbolario

    Jude Xerxes Herbolario

    Day ago

    I now ship Shayne and Sam.

  • Laura Koppens

    Laura Koppens

    Day ago

    i ship courtney and shayne

  • Derrick Faulkenberry

    Derrick Faulkenberry

    Day ago

    The John Oliver guess for the teddy bear shouldn't have counted

  • Benjamin Mathews

    Benjamin Mathews

    Day ago

    6:37 I was going to say the EXACT SAME THING!! Laughs at his own jokes! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • #Luke


    Day ago

    3:49 They got EXCITED

  • a person

    a person

    Day ago

    Plot twist! Sam hooks up with Shayne.

  • Peter Allen

    Peter Allen

    Day ago

    Doesn't Sam act in the ABC show the goldbergs and that's where he met also Shayne?

  • Anthony Nansel

    Anthony Nansel

    Day ago

    Are we all one person

  • McSoi


    Day ago

    I feel bad for anyone that's not Shayne.

  • Jacob Seager

    Jacob Seager

    Day ago


  • Elijah Smith

    Elijah Smith

    Day ago

    Sam tries to make a joke about Olivia cheating and gets totally ignored😂

  • Charlys Life

    Charlys Life

    Day ago

    Matt Bradley and Jeff

  • Jenifer Perez

    Jenifer Perez

    Day ago

    I miss the old smosh :(

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